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Las 6 mejores antenas WiFi USB potentes para largo alcance

The 6 best powerful USB WiFi antennas for long range

I➨ In this article we will give advice about the installation of home WiFi antennas, as well as the comparison and…

Que es un adaptador WiFi, como funcionan los adaptadores WiFi USB con antenas WiFi y cual comprar

What is a WiFi adapter, how are the WiFi USB adapters with WiFi antennas and which ones to buy?

I➨ Connecting a computer to the internet via WiFi is for many reasons essential. In the same way that people…

Las 5 mejores soluciones para compartir internet móvil 3G / 4G con un router WiFi

Top 5 solutions to share 3g/4g mobile Internet with a WiFi router

I➨ We all love working with WiFi connection, it’s free, fast and all our devices have WiFi connection to surf…

Como configurar un repetidor de WIFI para ampliar cobertura WIFI en casa.

How to set up a WiFi repeater to extend WiFi coverage at home.

I➨ TENDA A301 is a Wi-Fi 300Mbps coverage Extender. It is installed Acoplándolo to a wall socket with Plug and has…

Los cuatro tipos de antenas WiFi direccionales y el alcance máximo de la señal WiFi.

The four types of directional WiFi antennas and the maximum range of WiFi signal.

I➨ In several posts we talked about the different types of powerful USB adapters, how they work and their characteristics. In…

Como instalar una antena WiFi potente en la calle para conectarse hasta 3 kilómetros de distancia y repetir dentro de casa con un router neutro

How to install a long range WiFi outdoor antenna to connect up to 3 kilometers away and repeat inside home with a neutral router

I➨ In this practical case we will configure a long-range antenna with 14DBI and 300Mbps of download speed to establish a…

Solución a problemas de conexión WiFi de los móviles, tablet y portátiles. Antenas WiFi USB para tabletas Android.

Solution to problems of WiFi connection of mobile, tablet and laptops. WiFi USB antennas for Android tablets.

I➨ If you are a user who prefers mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, to connect to Internet via WiFi, surely…