Acebeam X70 review lanterna 60000 lumen

 Acebeam X70 review 60000 lumen flashlight

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In this review of (( Acebeam X70 )) we will try to unravel the mysteries that make the Flashlight Acebeam X70 the most desired and sought after tactical flashlight super-powerful. With 60000 lumens and a reach of more than 1.1 Km of distance there is not anything yet that is the excess in 2021. It has finally come to Siliceo store Online the first batch of the retail version and the end of the Acebeam X70, with an offer price of launch of 498 EUR , Without a doubt, this model competes in equality of conditions or even surpasses the famous Imalent MS12 that in 2020 and 2021 has beaten the records of the flashlight world’s most powerful The Acebeam X70 differs at first glance by the image of her grip attachment, that is not a handel of normal and current, as it carries a built-in centrifugal fan type “blower” to cool the flashlight when it is used on very hot days. Acebeam X70 is considered to be the flashlight for search, portable most powerful in the world, but in addition e smuy easy to use. The only user interface is a single side button metallic soft touch. In total hay10 output options, five in the Eco mode and five in the power mode, including the mode strobe.

➤ Powerful Fan “blower” cooling for the lamp.

The flashlight is powered with a battery consisting of 8 units of battery 18650 3100 Mah each. The fan, an independently-powered by a 18650 battery which is installed in the interior of the handel separate, the fan is located just above the fins of the heat sink of the head and blows cool air through the slots of dissipation to help cool and avoid overheating.

➤ The user interface of the flashlight, a button is enough.

The flashlight Acebeam X70 surprised because it takes just a single push button. Located on the side is a button metal circular which functions as a user interface simple but effective. Possibly the simplistic design is meant to be a flashlight easy-to-use, rugged, and with a price very content in the environment of 500 EUR. If the X70 took more buttons, screens lit and more electronics surely the price would have soared to over 600 EUR. Accessories of the Lantern X70 in Addition to the asa fan, carries the following accessories:

  • Suspension strap, is a strap on color green, to be carried hanging from the shoulder for ease of transportation.
  • O-rings replacement + Allen wrench for maintenance.
  • Charger wall outlet of 220 V
  • Adapter plug cigarette lighter car for the drive input 12 V DC. This second charger is a fantastic idea as the flashlight is clearly designed to be used by the rescuers and professionals of search and rescue, and police, so that is one way of keeping the flashlight charged in an ambulance, patrol car, fire truck, or boat.
  • The transport box with zipper is a great advantage. The flashlight X70 and all of the accessories listed will fit in the box gooseneck with a zipper with enough space par amore accessories or a small flashlight, if necessary.

ACEBEAM X70 TOTAL Flashlight acebeam x70 FULL PACK



Video review and Umboxing of the package ACEBEAM X70

There has been much debate about the Flashlight Acebeam X70 Vs Imalent MS12. The two flashlights are the most powerful in the world and they have common features. It may seem that you’ll never need a flashlight so powerful, or that it is too expensive or that it will be difficult to handel. It is also possible that you are decided to buy one of these flashlights but still haven’t seen it, and would you like to touch it a little and see all the details before you buy it. That is why in the team of Siliceo Online we have developed this small 10 minute video recorded of a jerk so that you can see no tricks or effects, the reality of this super flashlight Acebeam X70. In the video, in Spanish, in addition to give you an opinion and show the various features, explain how to mount the battery, how it works, the fan, as it engages the handel and how to turn it on with the button use. The video and photos is the best option to test this flashlight because it is not sold in any physical store in Spain, the sale is exclusively available through  Web Silieo Online Store on this link: If you decide to buy it enters the buy link, or contact us by phone or WhatsApp=644325286


Technical data sheet for the Acebeam X70

The Turbo mode maximum is 60000 lúmnes that when it heats up the bulb to low mode turbo normal that still has 25,000 lumens. In addition, the X70 can keep that up for about 8 minutes and the High mode with 18,000 lumens can be maintained for about 55 minutes so much more helpful. Even the mode of Ultra-low-with 625 lumens is a special one, the X70 can maintain that output for 24 hours. Not long ago, this would have been a great amount of light to regular flashlight. Since Acebeam made the official presentation of the X70 all the forums and blog is outstanding for its great quality and facílicdad of use. The X70 can be recharged with 2.5 amps, which makes the battery can be cargar in about 3 hours. ACEBEAM X70 ANSI Lumen 60,000.00 Flashlight need incl. battery pack x 1 LED type XHP35 the central focus + 12 LED last generation XHP70.2 (useful life of + 50,000 hours) Flashlight type launcher: Distance from the beam 1115 m Works with a built-in rechargeable battery that combines 8 x 18650 batteries

  • Eco-mode X70:
  • Ultra-Low: 625lms, 24 hours;
  • Low: 3250lms, 5 hours;
  • Med: 8000lms, 2 hours;
  • High: 15000lms ~ 11000lms, 40 minutes + 15 minutes;
  • Turbo: 35000lms ~ 15000lms, 2 minutes + 1 hour;
  • Strobe light: 10000lms, 3.5 hours;
  • Power mode X70:
  • Ultra-Low: 625lms, 24 hours;
  • Low: 3250lms, 5 hours;
  • Med: 8000lms, 2 hours;
  • High: 25000lms ~ 16000lms, 8 minutes + 48 minutes;
  • Turbo: 60000lms ~ 15000lms, 55 seconds + 50 minutes;
  • Strobe light: 10000lms, 3.5 hours;

Battery indicator with colored lights:

  • When the voltage is below 12V, it is red light;
  • When the voltage is below 11.5 V, it’s a red light flash;
  • When the voltage is below 10.5 V, it will turn off.

X70 can be charged with the charger of AC 220 V / 240 V equipped, or the car charger of DC 12v. The power indicator built-in RED means in charging and GREEN means fully charged. The load current is 2.5 A and the charging time is 3 hours. Indicator external battery to the fan of the dissipation of the head: When the indicator is GREEN, the battery is in full capacity; When the indicator is RED, the battery needs to be changed or charged. Size (mm): 280.85 (length) x 116.0 (head diameter) x 51 (tube diameter) Weight: 1819g (with battery pack) maximum Intensity of beam: 311000cd

✅ Features of flashlight professional

  1. Waterproof: 10 meters submersible.
  2. Body structure of aircraft-grade aluminum with finish, anti-abrasive hard-anodized premium type III
  3. Tempered glass lens, ultra clear with anti-reflective coating, which achieves a light transmission of 98,3%
  4. Circuit board design intelligent highly efficient for maximum performance and a long execution time
  5. Design of fan system heat dissipation external cooling most effective in the body of the flashlight
  6. Light output of temperature-controlled intelligent for the safety of the user
  7. Tempered glass lens, ultra clear with anti-reflective coating, which achieves a light transmission of 98,3%;
  8. Reflector smooth for maximum light output and maximum distance of the beam highly focused;
  9. Aerodynamic design of the body with knurled tactical for a firm grip.



Other torches high power from the brand Acebeam are the X80 and the Acebeam X45 as can be seen in this ranking of the best LED flashlights 2021.

Conclusion: evolution of the X45 until the X70.

The 60,000 lumens are a reference that can only be used for a little over a minute, but the Acebeam X70 is an evolution of the Acebeam X45 improved and able to maintain the incredible to 16,000 lumens for over 48 minutes constant. This flashlight Acebeam X70 is something that’s really disproportionate, power output and battery capacity. It is fantastic, amazing, one last bright, white light, more lumens that the Sun itself the X70 turns the night into day. In the Maximum mode or Turbo, produces 60.000 lumens actual audited by ANSI / FL1, with a distance of the beam of 1115 meters and the only way that Acebeam can make this useful by adding a fan and a handel. If you are interested to buy flashlight d traveled powerful ACEBEAM enters directly into the purchase link or chaz a query for WhatsApp(644325286) to SILICEO ONLINE STORE authorized dealer of Acebeam in Spain.