6 tips to Shop Online at Siliceo Store

6 tips to Shop Online at Siliceo Store

Updated in 2021 Blog - Reviews and guides to buy

Placing an order in a secure online store such as SILICEO ONLINE SHOP is an easy and convenient process. But it is possible that the first time you have doubts or need a contrasted opinion about the product, delivery time, forms of payment etc. For this reason we have written this guide with five basic tips to buy in the best online stores so you do not miss out when you buy online and we can favor that the buyer experience is always positive.

The advantage of the convenience of being able to buy from home and at any time using your mobile or tablet, together with the possibility of obtaining the best prices and several payment options make buying online a very attractive method to get rid of the typical stress of the queues and displacements.

Table of Contents:


1.   Read the store Blog first.

Many of the electronics and computer products have a somewhat complex handling and installation. For this reason, in the Siliceo Online Store Blog, we expand the details of the products, publish installation manuals, compare and rank the best WIFI, electronic and computer antenna products.

This blog with good buying tips is updated frequently with new products that can be purchased online. The site investigates hundreds of brands to find the perfect product, which is functional, cheap and durable. The latest high-tech devices, the most attractive gadgets or something for you to enjoy the most by installing it at home. The best part of SILICEO Blog Online Store is that each product is available for purchase. Some of the items in the store also have YouTube videos that are a complement to the Blog.

As an example we leave you this link How to set up a WIFI repeater to extend WIFI coverage at home.

2.   intermediaries are not necessary to buy. Ebay, Amazon, Aliexpres and similar are to look and not buy.

The Marketplaces, price comparators and the like are in decline. The main reason is that with the heavy commissions charged as intermediaries, which reach up to 30% of the value of the product, all merchants are forced to increase the sale of the products on the same or more percentage. Shoppers are amazed to see that all products on eBay or Amazon are more expensive than buying them directly in a reference online store that will give them many more guarantees at less cost. That’s why websites like eBay are becoming mere advertising displays. Their business now is the publicity they publish throughout their web pages, and the same happens to Amazon that has been forced to insert advertisements on its website about, above, inside and to the sides, the product sheets that create the sellers; sellers who will never charge any of those ads.

The clearest example of the decline of the global Marketplace is the drop in sales on Ebay. All Spanish merchants who previously sold on eBay no longer sell because of the brutal decline in sales within eBay. What has been said: MarketPlaces and comparators are for looking and not buying. An exception is the Google Shopping system that shows you the basic tab of the product and then takes you directly to the online store so you can buy comfortably.

3- Web page of the online store SILÍCEO how to find it and how it is used to buy:

Normally you will get to the product file directly from Google, Bing or another search engine. You can also write in the browser the main address of the web.


From the main cover you can search for the product you need by browsing the categories or by typing in the search engine the word or title of the product you want to buy in the search bar and clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

Remember any questions you have or doubt about any product you can contact us from whatsApp number appears in the bottom right of the screen. You can also contact by email or landline.

To locate the product you need you can search by product categories to buy in the online store. If you have more or less clear what type of product you need you can enter the category of the product you are interested in.

In the example below we will look for a WIFI Antenna outdoor panel, for this we click on the upper menu WIFI Long Range and in the menu appears on WIFI antennas so you will see a screen with the products available in this category. In the sidebar of the screen you can select some search filters that will help you to specify more the product. For example, you can filter by product brand or price range.

The product file: when you click on a product, a screen will appear with the complete information and detailed photos of the product, including VAT. Full description and “In Stock. All the products you see in the online store available for purchase, are in stock in our warehouse ready to ship.

By clicking on the Add to cart button the product is added to the shopping cart.



In the section of Reviews and reviews of customers Silíceo Online Store you can read the opinions of customers who have already bought and have left a comment with a vote of 1 to 5 stars. By clicking on “write your vote” you can also leave your opinion about the product and the treatment offered by the online store.

If you have any questions about the product or want to check delivery times, you can contact us in three ways:

  • By Email by clicking the Store Contact and typing your question.
  • By WhatsApp contact in Live Chat with a store commercial.
  • By landline phone during office hours.

When you have decided which product to buy, the steps to follow are simple and fast. Press the blue button Add to Cart, so a unit of product enters the shopping cart. If you need several units of the same product you can give the + / – button to add or subtract them. If you need different products you have to go to the page of each product and add them independently to the same car. Then in the upper right you will see the full cart dropdown that you have created.

In the virtual cart of the online store you can see:

  • The quantity of products. With the buttons + / – you can vary the units of the product of the purchase.
  • Pressing the trash icon will delete that product.
  • Pass to Box button. Once you decide to pay the purchase to receive your products you have to enter the store.

The process of entering the online store the first time you can do it in two ways:

  • Registering your Email and pressing the Quick Buy button – Create account. This way your email is registered and you can use it for all your subsequent purchases.
  • Join with your favorite social network. You can login with your own Facebook or Google + account, so you do not need to remember new passwords, you can re-enter with that account to see all the details of the purchase and shipping again.

When you continue you will see a tab where you can type your delivery address and it may be the same as the billing address or different. It is advisable to add the mobile phone number so that the carrier can call you or send SMS and arrange delivery time of the package.

If you are already a customer of Silíceo Tienda Online you can enter the email and password that you used previously and enter by clicking on Login. If you do not remember the password you had, click on “Password forgotten” – recover it so that the web will send you the new password.

4- How to pay Pay safely in an online store online. 

Sometimes when searching the internet for the best offer we can reach unknown and unreliable websites, my advice come out of those websites quickly, first check that the url of the site matches the web where you think you are and that your address starts with https.

The best advice is to buy only on reliable websites with SSL security that is shown with the closed green padlock icon, thus avoiding being a victim of data theft or identity.

It is also advisable to review the privacy policy and returns. Before buying in an online store, check that they have their privacy policy in a visible place and is in accordance with European regulations, these are also aspects that customers always take into account when choosing where to buy.

On the SILICEO website you can pay for your purchases with the following means:

 Credit or debit card.

VISAVerified by VisaAMEXMaster Card All cards are accepted. Secure SSL payment gateway system without Commissions. It works with VISA, Master Card, American Express, Maestro.

 Cash on delivery upon receipt of your order.

Bank and cash on delivery You place your order on the web, and select payment by Cash on delivery. This way the purchase is registered, it is sent by urgent so that it arrives to you the following day and you comfortably pay in hand to the messenger that gives you the package.

 Payment with paypal

PayPal You can conveniently pay with PayPal your purchases.

 Payment by bank transfer.

When ordering the purchase, the account number of the store is sent so that the payment can be made by bank. We recommend using the online transfer system of Banco Santander that does not charge commissions.

 5- What happens if I am not satisfied with my online purchase?

Attentive to this news from El PAIS: “Seven out of ten consumers are satisfied with their experience in electronic commerce, but one in four has had problems”

The OCU in the last semester of 2017 conducted a survey on the subject that according to the published report seven out of ten users declare themselves very satisfied. Also, if we go into the details, 11% of the incidents had something to do with delays of more than 10 days in the delivery. It is a pity that these buyers have bad experience that is produced mainly by buying on eBay or Amazon an Asian seller that will take up to 30 0 40 days to deliver the purchase.

But luckily the buyers have already learned to select their stores and the balance of Marketplace vs Online Store has finally opted for the side of online stores.

SILÍCEO ONLINE ELECTRONIC STORE  guarantees its customers the availability of those products in which “Immediate availability” is indicated, since we have them in our stock. In those other products where availability is not immediate, we indicate in an indicative way the time in working days that we will take to have it in our facilities to send it to the client.

For this reason the shipping costs are clear and economical

Electronic Online Store with Free Shipping: By Standard Post Package to all of Spain

Shipping Express Mail Spain Package: 2.42 EUR Up to 1Kg (+ 0.50 EUR Kg)

Shipping by Urgent Messaging 24h Spain and Portugal .: 3.90 EUR up to 1kg (+0.55 EUR kg)

All shipments will be FREE, including urgent, for purchase orders over € 75

Our return policy is to always accept the refund for withdrawal of all products in the store with an extended term of up to 30 days. To make effective a return for withdrawal you must contact the store without indicating the reason and without incurring any cost different from those provided in articles 107.2 and 108. Law 3/2014, of March 27, obligations and rights of the employer in case of withdrawal.

6   Buy in a Secure Online Store

To conclude purchase at a secure online store. How to know if it is a reliable page?

  • If items are sold and prices are clearly lower or much higher, it is normal to distrust.
  • If the page does not offer a clear address of where it is located, there is no phone, or direct WhatsApp to contact or is poorly translated to us, it will be a clear reason to get out of there.
  • Do not trust Marketplaces or eBay type comparators. A lot of embedded advertising and not very serious sellers mixed with all the others … In the end you do not know where you shop.
  • The registration, access and payment process must always be done through an encrypted and secure SSL page, remember the closed green padlock.
  • Internet searches of the name of the page should take us to a clear and concise page with all the details of the store.

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