How to make a WiFi signal amplifier from the outside to the inside.

How to make a WiFi signal amplifier from the outside to the inside.

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Here we are going to explain an easy-to-find trick for you to know how you can buy and install at home one ((outdoor WiFi antenna)) that you can put on the wall or window to receive Internet from afar and repeat it inside the house. This is the tutorial you were looking for since you discovered an open and free WiFi at your fingertips. Read!! And then buy these cheap WiFi antennas that you find very easy to install. We leave the direct links to the store Siliceo WiFi, follow them to buy.

If instead of a house you need for a camping, also serve you, you can put the same antennas or watch one of the special WiFi kits for caravan, motorhome, Volkswagen van, boat… Or even in a truck. Pay attention! ?

1-Buy WiFi long-range antenna

We recommend the antenna WiFi Melon N4000 because it is already a classic long distance.

Buy N4000 version with WiFi amplifier here:

WiFi Melon N4000 antenna with 10 meters of USB cable of two inputs and amplifier WiFi PW-916 WiFi amplifier is used to use the long cable of 10 meters to give you all the necessary power always.

Buy Now Melon N4000 - 33,12 EUR >

Advantages: Very cheap, easy to use and resistant to blows, rain, sunshine and everything on the street. Works with RT3070 chip WiFi USB adapter. Pnel 36DBI Exterior small size, is very discreet, you can put this WiFi antenna on the balcony or window and does not impair the aesthetics of the facade. It is more no neighbor will notice that it is a WiFi antenna, it is similar to a box or electric box. In addition you can buy this antenna WiFi on refund or with card, the shipment is fast from Spain in 24h.

Disadvantages: It is WiFi N of 2, 4Gz to 150 Mbps, this antenna is still the one that connects to the classic WiFi, if you have near networks of 5GHz you must pass to the model new Melon N519D double band, but this one does not serve to repeat with router.

2-Buy WiFi relay Router with USB

There are several models of WiFi repeater router (a classic is the ALFA R36, which also works with these antennas), but for the melon N4000 we recommend the Melon R658.

ROUTER with USB WIFI antenna

Router with Openwrt MELON R658 serves to use it as a WIFI repeater. Router for WiFi signal amplifier. The USB port is compatible with WIFI antennas and USB adaptor.

Buy Now Router WiFi R658 -  38,40 EUR >


Advantages: Powerful, easy to install, and with OpenWRT firmware. It has a USB port where you install the antenna WiFi Melon N4000 and ready.

Disadvantages: It is not suitable for models of 5GHz antennas,. The firmware is in English but it is very easy to use. If you prefer a router that is handeld in Spanish, it is better to buy the Openwrt siliceo router.

3-WiFi Amplifier for home

Now you have the Melon N4000 antenna with WiFi amplifier installed in the window and you only need four basic tips to use.

    1. Orient the antenna with the white panel facing towards the front and pointed towards the emitter point, the WiFi router that has Internet or the Hotspot or WiFi Ap. If you do not know the exact location is enough that the notes towards the direction you better receive the WiFi. You can use a software of them that measure the signal quality and test. Like for example the software Alfa WiFi scanner.
    2. Test the antenna with a computer or laptop by connecting it to USB. You can use Windows, Mac. Linux, Kali Linux, Wifislax or any program and operating system that is compatible with the RT3070 chip of the manufacturer Mediatek that uses this antenna.
    3. Connect the antenna via USB cable to the R658 router and then the LAN cable router to your computer to configure the router. You can also configure it by WiFi from a tablet or mobile, but cable is always easier. All you have to do on the router is scan the networks, choose a network and tell the password or password of the networks. If an open network does not need password. Remember that some public networks, hotels, for example have limited time or ask for access with registration. In this case the router will not be able to access the Internet.

4-WiFi Amplifier for caravan

The outdoor WiFi antenna equipment and Router R658 also you can take it on a trip, the Melon N4000 is installed frequently in caravans or bungalows, is directional and if Penza Eusas the same network to connect is fantastic the left fixed and oriented and ready. But if you move a lot, it is better a kit with antenna Omnidirecional as the Tube model of ALFA network.

Tube-U 2h with Cable: 5 meters transfer power: 27dBm antenna: N male Connector Frequency: 2.4 GHz applications: External CPE, as WIFI Receiver for roof, window, boat, caravan, motorhome, camping etc. 2-directional antenna 10dbi AOA-2410

Buy Now Tube Alfa  69,80 EUR >

Advantages: It is omni-directional, therefore it works best in caravans that s Ecan to move ry to change location. It gets the same in all directions. It is also compatible with the R658 Melon router, the Alfa R36 or the Openwrt Siliceo router repeater.

Disadvantages: As Omni antenna is less reachable.

In the 2021 Alfa Network has thought of all the fans to travel in motorhome and removed the kit WiFi alfa Netowrk Camp Pro 2. Here I leave you the details of this ki Tpor if you are interested. E Sun Kit A little expensive but it has everything for the caravan.

WiFi kit for Alfa Camp Pro Omni-Caravans

Advantages have them all and disadvantages we do not see any, even a saving by comparing everything in a unique pack. This pack also serves for home, you can put it on a roof and connect to multitude WiFi networks.

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Any ALFA WiFi antenna is always a great choice, for something is still the brand with the best opinions. To buy antennas WiFi Alfa Network look at this link from the Siliceo store.

There you have all the available models of antennas and USb WiFi adapters of original Alfa Network.

If you still have doubts, you need Help or tutorials to mount antennas home and cheap WiFi contact our consultants in WiFi Siliceo ONLINE