The 3 cheapest directional WiFi antennas of the 2018

When you want to connect to a WiFi network located outside your home it is necessary to install a outdoor WiFi antenna. The main function of this type of WiFi antennas is that we can connect to any desktop or laptop in order to connect to a WiFi network located beyond the outside wall of our house. These cost-effective and easy-to-use models are connected via USB, and have a USB cable of 5 meters up to 10 meters long enough to be able to find the best location and then use them by USB from the computer.

These models of wireless outdoor directional antennas can scan all the networks close to their location in an approximate radius of 100 meters and also reach networks up to 900 meters/1500 meters that are emitting with sufficient power and without Bars on the way. If we are fortunate to be located in an attic or upper floor, with buildings of lesser height around, we will be able to reach the maximum distance in WIFI connections.


1.    Melon N519 the best antenna WiFi long range panel outside of 2018.
2.    Alfa Network UBDo-nt8 CPE external USB
3.    Antenna WIFI Alfa AWUS036NEH with directional indoor Panel.

1-Melon N519 the best antenna WiFi long range panel antenna, the best of 2018.

The Melon N519 performs very well in terms of functionality and versatility. Its scope is extraordinary, and for its relation quality price is the best receiver antenna WiFi long range as it meets the requirements that most users request to receive remote wireless signals.

Directional panel antennas are the best practical solution for home use, as they are affordable and are ready to withstand water and heat to the outside. The models presented in the 2018 are sufficiently versatile and powerful to be able to place them on the outside of the house to use them even as GRTIS access to the Internet. There are a lot of users who get with one of these antennas, in a completely legal way, receive the distant signal of some public Hotspot or WIFI access point that is in a radius of up to 1500 meters. Another example is the allowed access to a WIFI network of a friend or relative. If you have a bar in front of the house, you have shared the WiFi password of the router, or your neighbor is your friend why not use that WiFi network to surf free internet from home? In this case you need an outdoor WiFi antenna like these.

Melon N519 36DBI chip RT3072 300Mbps antenna WIFI panel for outdoor
Buy Melon N519 36DBI chip RT3072 300Mbps antenna WIFI panel for outdoor 34 EUR free Shipping > >

No doubt the most striking is its reach that reaches up to 900 meters away, more than enough for most of the needs of an average user. The model N519-10m is sold in a pack with a cable of 10 meters that allows to be able to install the antenna where it is needed, looking for the exterior location that is more free of obstacles and walls.

The USB connection is a great advantage over professional antennas that use network cable or coaxial, because the USB is compatible with all computers and with some WIFI relay router.

Melon N519 is presented in a pack that includes a fully directional outdoor panel antenna with a very concentrated opening angle at about 36 º, which allows pointing directly to a specific objective and go further. Inside the antenna is welded a high power WIFI adapter with Mediatek RT3072 chip with two power amplifiers system PCBA board with 4 layers PCB, which reach up to 2000mW, getting a much more stable internet connection.

We like the powerful WiFi antennas so the Melon N519 can be bought at the best price and with urgent delivery in 24h, in the online store of SILICEO. Silicon in addition to offering you the best price to buy cheap also gives you ease of payment service and today is one of the best online payment cash on delivery.

Use and installation advice for melon N519: With melon N519 and similar models with 10 meter long cable USB It happens sometimes that the connection is cut because it is very powerful and some computers do not give good power. As best works is using a desktop PC with rear USB ports that connect directly to the motherboard, because the front USB ports of some desktops or some modern laptops may not have enough power

If your N519 gives problems of feeding on the computer that you usually use you can solve it in two ways:

  • Connect a mobile Charger with USBN port to a plug and then to the secondary USB cable D ELA antenna
  • Buy the PW916 USB Melon amplifier designed specifically to amplify the USB cables of the WIFI antennas.

The N519 WIFI receiver adapter stands out for:

  • The price is very tight and cheaper than other models of panel with less performance.
  • It can be installed both indoors and outdoors. It withstands rain and corrosion without problems. It’s not a gadget, but a real WIFI reception team. The package includes revolving metal support.
  • Easy installation, within reach of the average user. Once installed instantly starts to receive the WIFI networks of the environment that depending on the location in any city is between 50 and 200 networks available.

As we have said you can use the outdoor WiFi antenna to connect to your computer, either desktop or laptop in order to have a better reception of the signal inside the house.

But great advantage is that this model N519 the antenna you can connect directly via USB to the router SILICEO OPENWRT USB, so you can use it as a WIFI repeater so that you connect with a computer, you can connect at the same time all computers and stoppage You WiFi from the house.

The N519 is designed to be placed on the outside of the house to have a greater range, because in this way the physical elements like the exterior wall or metal blinds of the house do not interfere in the reception of the signal so it is easier to receive the Wifis of networks L Ejanas. In addition the 10-metre USB cable that incorporates the antenna gives enough game to locate it on the wall or window that best possibilities of reception.

Other models of outdoor WIFI antennas:

Below we show the characteristics of other of the best long range WiFi antennas that we can buy and are of similar characteristics to the MELON N519 we have detailed in more detail. You are also able to meet the external function, long range and possibility to connect to SILICEO OPENWRT USB router.

2-Alfa Network UBDo-nt8 outdoor CPE WIFI USB

The UBDo is a long-range WiFi antenna, with an exterior design of the prestigious Alfa Network brand. It is certainly another of the best WiFi antennas for the outside or inside of home that will allow us to receive the remote WiFi signal in an effective way. An alpha antenna is always a great choice.

Initially with regard to design is very similar to the Melon N519 its design is focused for the use of exteriors so if you want you can use it for this purpose, has a cable of 8 meters If you need to make use of it. If you need more meters you can add an active USB extension cable of 10 meters more. (The maximum total USB cable that a computer can support does not exceed 20 meters as the power supply lapses and the device can be turned off.

Similarly if you want to use it to have it connected directly to the computer by the USB port, you can do without further complications and have it on the table because after the basic assembly you can make use of its wide base to hold on the table.
The chip using Alpha’s UBDo is the Mediatek RT3070 of 150 Mbps. It also supports all Windows operating systems including Windows 8 and Windows 10, Linux 2.6 and Mac 10.3 (4, 5, 6). This UBDo model is also one of the most used with WIFI audit software such as Wifislax, Kali Linux, Dumpper, WiFiWay etc.

Alfa UBDo-Nt8 is a long-range external access point for 2.4 GHz wireless networks with power 2000mW for WIFI. It has a 12dBi planar antenna built into the watertight box. It’s great for detecting a WiFi signal from far away. It is recommended to mount the device to the outside on a post pointing towards the signal you are trying to capture.

The reference UBDO-NT is an antenna wifi Alfa UBDO-nt8 External 2000 MW 12DBI to this antenna is a long-range WiFi network adapter that offers excellent signal reception, with an integrated 12 dBi directional panel antenna.

41.00 EUR (VAT Inc.) Free Shipping

You can also easily install a per to per WIFI network. For example, we can install this wireless adapter on two separate computers to connect to each other. Communication between the two computers is what is known as a network of Ad-Hoc mode. Ubdo-nt8 Box comes with:

• Access Point Alfa UBDo-Gt8

• 8-meter USB Cable with USB connectors.

• Two post clamps for mounting

• CD with user manual, user guide and drivers features

• Output power: 30dBm

• Receiver Sensitivity: IEEE 802.11 g-76dBm to 54Mbps IEEE 802.11 b-92 dbm to 11Mbps

• Antenna: High quality 2.4 GHz 12dBi Panel antenna

3-Antenna WIFI Alfa AWUS036NEH with directional Panel for interior.

The scope of this model is less than the others described above. The Alpha AWUS036NEH antenna with 7DBI panel is round between 200 and 300 meters, but is enough to connect from inside the house to all the nearby networks. It can be located on the table, with the notebook screen clip or stuck to the window with a suction cup so you can take the remote WiFi signal in a simple way after connecting the USB to the computer.

Alfa AWUS036NEH antenna WiFi USB RT3070 with portable 7dbi directional panel
32.00 EUR Free Shipping.

KIT with Alfa Network USB WiFi adapter with RT3070 chip and with 7DBI’s APA-M04 directional panel antenna. It is a portable WiFi directional antenna ideal to take everywhere or to use it at home every day.

In the case of a laptop, which usually has an internal adapter, it is recommended to turn off the internal WIFI so that no interference or failures occur in the reception of the signal. The AWUS036NEH also incorporates the necessary drivers for proper operation. Also the Alfa’s own software like the Alfa WIFI scanner. It also works with WiFi security audit systems such as software: Dumpper, Wifislax, Backtrack, Beini and with the different operating systems that we find in the market such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

The data transfer rate is in the 150 Mbps which will also be depending on the signal strength received for optimum performance. Connectivity also allows connection via USB port 2.0 or USB 3.0 so the connection to desktops or laptops is easily done.

Alfa launched this product, model AWUS036NEH 7 years ago but remains one of the most sold in 2018. This is a 802.11 n wireless USB adapter with a maximum output power of 1 watt (i.e. 1000 MW). This is a single-band 802.11 n 1T1R adapter (2.4 GHz) with maximum transfer speeds of 150 megabits per second (Mbps).

The 7DBI panel antenna version enhances the range and converts it to a panel WIFI antenna for indoor use. This model is connected directly to the computer without using a cable and has a smaller form factor but also supports USB extension cable up to 20 meters.

The usual use of this antenna WIFI Alfa with RT3070 chip is to improve the connection to the home router if the signal arrives weak where we have mounted our computer, thanks to this adapter will greatly improve the capacity of reception. This will be observed quickly in our selection of WiFi networks from windows and we will see that many more appear to be able to connect and to use usually see that the signal of the intensity that reflects the icon in Windows will be increased with Many more green stripes on the scale.

For more information about The best powerful and long range WIFI antennas Read this article > >

How to set up a WiFi repeater to extend WiFi coverage at home.

TENDA A301 is a Wi-Fi 300Mbps coverage Extender.

It is installed fixed to a wall electric plug and has the advantage of having a fast Ethernet port 10/100mbps., quick configuration button with WPS and external antennas to emit more power.

It stands out for the two external wifi antennas of orientable 2dbi that make the emission of WiFi more powerful and has more scope than other relays WiFi without antennas.

It allows to extend the coverage of your Wi-Fi network to areas where you currently have no reach. The Plug and the power supply are integrated into the device, which is why no installation is required because the plug itself is the same as the support.
In addition, the device has an Ethernet pueto, so, in addition to performing the repeater function, extending the network coverage, “allows the cable connection of a device.” It can be configured as:

  1. Client Mode Tenda A301
  2. Acces point mode WIFI transmitter AP Tenda A301
  3. Router or repeater mode Tenda A301

The N300 A301 Wireless Universal Range Extender is designed to extend the reach of the current wireless network and improve coverage to eliminate the “deadlock”, giving you freedom of roaming anywhere in the house and access to the Internet. With a wireless performance of up to 300Mbps, it is ideal for streaming videos and online games. The product was specifically designed to be plugged into an outlet and combines very well with any environment. It also provides an Ethernet port for connecting wired devices such as Blu-ray player, game console, DVR and Internet TV.

Wireless speed N, data rate up to 300Mbps
Compatible with 802.11 b/g/N Devices
Built-in Ethernet port for connecting devices with cable
Supports WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encryptions
Easy installation with no need to insert CD
Wall plug design for flexible placement
2x 2.5 DBI External antennas for optimized coverage
Push & Connect — instantly expand the reach of the current wireless network to enjoy increased mobility at home by pressing the Extend button.

How to configure the TENDA A301 repeater

The wireless WIFI range amplifiers are devices that act as the main router’s range amplifier. They can be configured without the need for cables as they work by WIFI.

To start using it first connect your WIFI amplifier to an outlet that is within the range of your router’s wireless network. After using any Wi-Fi compatible device, for example, laptop, tablet, mobile etc., consult the list of available networks and connect to the WIFI repeater. If you cannot see this network, you may need to reset the range repeater. To do this, simply press the reset button of the range amplifier for at least 10 seconds while the A301 router is turned on.

Start a Web browser to enter the router configuration page that in the case of the TENDA A301 is this: then enter the default password: admin and click OK. When prompted, enter your wireless network password and click OK, then wait for the settings to authenticate your password and press save to have the router restart and everything will be ready.

An alternative and faster method is to use the Extend WPS button of the router TENDA A301, first press the WPS button of the main router and then the Extender button of the router TENDA, a few seconds the two router are linked by WIFI and the route R A301 will start working as an amplifier from where it is located.

Hardware features TENDA A301
802.11 n/g/b, IEEE 802.3/802.3 u wireless Standards
Plug type EU, US, AU, UK
1 * 10/100m LAN interface
External antenna (2)
Extend Buttons Range button
Reset button
Power supply Input: AC: 100 ~ 240v; 50/60hz
Output: 5.0 v 0.7 A
LED Power, RE (Range extender), signal strength indicator, LAN
Dimensions (L * W * H) mm 110 mm * 55 mm * 39 mm
Wireless functions
Wireless Link rate up to 300Mbps
Frequency range (GHz) 2.412 GHz-2.472 GHz
Wireless Security access Control Wrieless
Wireless security: Enable/disable
Wireless Wireless Radio Function: Enable/disable
Transmission SSID: Enable/disable
Channel: 1-11
Domain Entry function
Software functions
Wireless Mode Range Extender mode
N300 Wireless Universal Range Extender Package Contents
Ethernet Cable
Quick Installation Guide
Drivers CD
Temperature operating Temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Storage temperature:-40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
Humidity operating Humidity: 10% ~ 90% non-condensing
Storage Humidity: 5% ~ 90% non-condensing
Default settings default access:
Logon Password: admin
EC certificates; FCc; RoHS

Manual Spanish router Tenda A301 WIFI repeater
In Stock 19.50 EUR buy > > > WIFI repeater Tenda A301 300Mbps…

* Tenda A301 easily amplifies WiFi wireless coverage by pressing the “Range Extender” button * Easy to configure WiFi router Tenda * Router to install on Encchufe high speed WiFi to 300Mbps * Compatible with all WiFi networks 802.11 b/g/n 2, 4Ghz.

The 3 best Alfa Network Wi-Fi routers to install with outdoor antennas

It is this ranking we will make a selection of the most valued routers of the prestigious manufacturer ALFA NETWORK. The best WiFi router of 2, 4Ghz of this comparison are selected from among those designed by the manufacturer Alfa taking into account the qualities as long distance WiFi repeaters.

The objective is to compare the characteristics and possibilities of the different WiFI router for external antenna. Many users ask us how to connect a long-range external antenna to a router and also which router is best to adapt a cable antenna and place it on the street.

For this comparison has been valued mainly the capacity to be able to configure both as points of access, bridge WiFi and client WiFi and especially the interconnectivity with cables for antenna type SMA and N also the possibility of power by PoE. The three router that we are going to compare allows to connect long-range WiFi antennas thanks to its SMA connectors because Alfa WiFi manufactures its router with detachable antennas.
If you have a router currently installed at home, you’ve probably wondered if with that router you can transmit WiFi over long distances to establish a WiFi bridge or point-to-point connection. With a simple inspection of any standard router that install the Internet companies quickly you will see that it does not have detachable antennas, nor PoE ports, and much less USB compatible with WiFi antennas. In a word, all ISP Internet companies install routers with very modern and decorative design, but in most cases, without external antennas, nor do they bring any kind of interconnectivity with other external devices. The WiFi router Movistar, Vodafone and Orange fulfill its function to give Wifia to a cassa of medium size but are not ready to transmit long distance
Fortunately the brand ALFA NETWORK technology products manufacturer specializing in wireless router and antennas that produces the best antennas and WiFi router. With the aim of being able to advise the restless users who want to take their WiFi connection beyond the walls of their house we propose to be very attentive to the multitude of possibilities that offer these three incredible WiFi router.


  1. Introduction: Why we need a router to connect to the Internet:
  2. AP121 WiFi N long-range Router
  3. Alfa Network Tube2H Router and CPE
  4. Router WiFi Alfa Network AIP-W525HU with USB

1. Why we need a router to connect to the Internet:

To define what a router is, we can start from the most used definition according to which a router is any network device that works in Layer 3 of the OSI model. The router is the hardware that directs and sorts the traffic depending on the IP address it is intended for. The router works as a “computer” has a processor board, RAM memory, internal flash memory and network connection ports. If we want to use a router with the long range WiFi receiver function, we need the router to be configured in WiFi client mode and also to connect a long range antenna or WiFi directional antenna.
With these basic features, the models that interest US add external WiFi antennas and in some cases USB connectors.

If you want to know more about what are the best types of WiFi antennas long reach follow this link >

These are the three routers of the Alfa Network manufacturer most used to transmit WiFi connections from one building to another.

2. AP121 WiFi N long-range Router

Power: PoE/12v Adapter Jack
Antenna: SMA Connector
WAN: 1x Port
LAN: 1x Port

This powerful WiFi router AP/router with PoE power manufactured by Alfa Network is perfect for use as a WiFi access point with AP/router as the 5DBI antenna is a detachable RPSMA antenna and can be adapted to any long-range external cable or antenna . It works as AP WiFi, WiFi client and bridge or WiFi repeater.

It can be fed via PoE port, so it is very useful to install it very far from the main router, on the roof or wall to connect it to a parabolic antenna type AGA2424T and link point to point to more than 15km with another WiFi router that receives with a characteristic s similar.

In addition to PoE connectivity it carries different configuration modes including the dual SSID. With this router you can set up an AP WiFi access point with two different SSID network names at once. But it not only works as a WiFi transmitter or AP router but it is also a WiFi receiver or client router. For its characteristics is the most used to make links to WiFi 2, 4Ghz from point to point to 10 km., 15 km and even more in open spaces adapting a satellite dish WiFi or Yagi and configuring two of these router, one as AP WiFi and the other as a WiFi client.

 AP121 WIFI Client Mode:

In this mode, the Routert functions as a Wi-Fi receiver adapter (i.e. a Wi-Fi client) and depends on the Wi-Fi signal from another router or access point for Internet access. The client mode is used in the following case: When you need Internet access, but a cable connection is difficult or impossible to configure between your router and another WIFI emitter.

The Ap121 has also become famous for being a router with anti-hacker design. The SPI security Advanced Firewall protects the internal host against hacker attacks.

  • * Note: Alfa Ap121 is a Router Compatible with OpenWRT Atheros AR9331 (MIPS 24Kc v 7.4)
  • ap121 WiFi Router
    Alfa Network Router for wireless client mode

3. Alfa Network Tube2H Router and CPE

Power: PoE
Antenna: N-male antenna external antenna connector
WAN/LAN: 1x port.

  • CPE/AP WiFi Alfa Network Tube2H Router…

    FREE Shipping!! The Alfa NEtwork Tube2H is an outdoor bridge (AP/CPE) that has connection for WiFi antenna of type N male. It can be connected to all types of outdoor antennas that have a female N-connector. Notable for having a built-in LAN/WAN RJ45 type port that allows PoE power.

This CPE Tube Series Router ALFA stands out for having built-in a LAN/WAN port type RJ45 that allows power by PoE.
This original Alfa Network router is both a router and an outside CPE. It works both as a WiFi access point as a customer and WiFi repeater. It is designed to work with different functions according to the need you can make of Router, AP access point, Bridge, Cleinte WiFi and bridge client.
Tube2H WiFi External Adapter Poe Alfa Network A WiFi adapter type 802.11 b/g/n AP/CPE Poe for long range. It is the ideal adaptor for outdoor use (boat, motorhome, camping, truck etc.). It can also be used in router mode, access or WISP or WiFi client. It has an antenna connector type N (female), and power supply 12v DC 220v or input for PoE. It is connected via an Ethernet cable (not included) and can be configured through the Web interface. Its transmission power is up to 27 dBm or 500 MW.

This router model is ideal to buy and attach to a WiFi Parabolica as it has N connector compatible with these large antennas, also with directional Yagi antennas.

TUBE2H Alfa Installation
Router installation graphic CPE Tube 2h

4. Router WiFi Alfa Network AIP-W525HU with USB

Power: Passive PoE/12v adapter Jack
Antenna: SMA Connector
WAN: 1x Port
LAN: 4 x Port

The model functions as an Extender/repeater or WiFi Repeater bridge compatible with all of the following powerful USB Alfa antenna models:

Compatible WiFi adapters:


You can buy WiFi antenna compatible here > >

Antenna WiFi Alfa > >
• It is also an ideal router to install it on the outside with USB cable and external USB WiFi adapters from Alfa Network: UBDO-NV/UBDO-NR/TUBE-UV/UBDO-25T
It is the ideal router to replace the old Alfa R36 that no longer works with these new antennas WiFi USB alfa.
WiFi Alfa Network Router with USB port for repeating internet of antennas and WiFi adapters of high power or for USB modem of 3g and 4g.
It stands out for its Hotspot capacity WiFi MIMO 300 Mbps 802.11 b/g/n
It is a new model of Alfa Network router that works just like the USB router Alfa R36 but also has 4 ports for Ethernet LAN and 1 port for POE injectors.

The USB port is compatible with WiFi USB adapters that carry Realtek chip RTL8812AU, RTL8188EUS, RTL8188RU, Ralink RT3572.
You can connect a long-range antenna to new Alfa< Networks models or another brand that uses those same WiFi chip and the router will repeat cable Internet and a new WiFi network. In addition s epuede to feed both with the 5v power adapter and with PoE type feeder with an Ethernet cable as long as you need.
Features of the Router Alfa AIP-W525HU
-Standard WiFi IEEE 802.11 n 2.4 GHz long-range 2×2 300Mbps MIMO Technology
-Greater coverage, long distance Router, better performance and greater sensitivity of WiFi reception.
-Power with passive PoE devices.
-Various modes of operation (Router, Bridge, AP, WDS)

AIP-W525HU USB router R36
Connection model of external router with antenna WIFI Alfa Network by USB

* * NOTE: The USB port also accepts the compatible 3g/LTE and 4g USB modems that are in the table. It works with most of Huawei’s Internet USB Modem, Vibo and ZTE.

The 4 best professional flashlights for photography and security.

Powerful LED flashlights have revolutionized the lantern market this year. In 2017 and 2018 several brands of professional lanterns as Imalnet, Acebeam and UltraFire have competed to launch on sale online stores the best and most powerful LED flashlights.

At Siliceo Online Shop, we have presented four new models of lanterns with a very competitive price, these models can only be bought in Spain in our online store.

Siliceo Online Shop is an official distributor of the Imalent, Acebeam and UltraFire brands for Spain and Portugal. These brands are the best valued by customers in the quality/price ratio.

These new models that we review here with a high number of output lumens are of quality marks and therefore the technical specifications offered by the manufacturer’s file are real, in addition we have verified in the checks and reviews of lanterns of LED by Silicon’s professional team.

The revision of the quality, power and design of the light-powered flashlights have served to verify that these LED flashlights with rechargeable lithium batteries with high-quality polished parabolic reflectors get a long-range beam and They allow professionals to have an almost inexhaustible source of light.

Here is a brief review of the four best models of very powerful LED flashlights.

Very powerful flashlights means a maximum beam of output located in the incredible figures of 16000 and 32000 lumens.


  1.  Revision of the Lantern imalent DT70 16000LM
  2.  Review Flashlight AceBeam X80 flashlight 25000 lumens red, green, blue and ultraviolet lantern.
  3. Revision of the Imalent DX80 32000 lumens Flashlight. It’s the most powerful flashlight in the world
  4. Revision of the Lantern AceBeam X45 18000 lumens.
Siliceo Online Store ®
The world’s most powerful LED flashlight imalent DX80 32000 lumens

1. Revision of the Lantern imalent DT70 16000LM

Its 8 led units of the prestigious American brand CREE XHP70 led second generation make it capable of a maximum output of up to 32000 lumens. With its advanced circuit design, the OLED display can display output, voltage and modes. Top-of-the-range rechargeable tactical flashlight with range up to 806 m. Charger and batteries included.

The handy OLED display shows the voltage, battery status, luminosity and charge. It also has a warning of intermittent overheating, which makes it easier to know at all times the status of the flashlight. It is managed with an interface of two tactile buttons, that allow a quick handling even with gloves.
Military type aluminum alloy exterior Material with hard anodized finish and very clear mineral glass lens with anti-reflective coating. In addition, the connections are gold-plated to prevent oxidation and improve electrical performance at all times. Waterproof IPX-8, withstands dives, dust and even impacts at 1.5 meters.


Imalent DT70 is a tactical rechargeable USB cable flashlight. It is a very versatile model with multi-level output and OLED screen. The OLED display can display the battery voltage, output, and charge at all times. The new high intensity led model CREE XHP70 led with aluminum OP reflector helps distribute the beam more evenly, and can produce up to 16,000 lumens. There are four levels of output, with the tactical switch button that makes it very easy to operate.

Rechargeable LED Flashlight Imalent DT70 4 led XHP70 16000 LM 700m

Rechargeable LED Flashlight Imalent DT70 4 led XHP70 16000 LM 700m

Free Shipping! Silicon introduces the new DT70 rechargeable USB flashlight. The DT70 is so powerful because it uses 4 LED spotlights with the new CREE XHP70 LED chip that develop together a total power of up to 16000 lumens, with an intensity of 123000Cd is without doubt the best flashlight of the moment. LED Tactical Flashlight with multilevel output…

239.00 EUR

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2. Review Flashlight AceBeam X80 flashlight 25000 lumens red, green, blue and ultraviolet lantern.

Acebeam X80 Flashlight Very powerful and rechargeable 12 LED CREE ® XHP 50.2 25000LMAcebeam X80 Flashlight Very powerful photo RGB 12 LED xhp 50.2 25000LM

The new model of very powerful flashlight is the Acebeam X80. A long-range rechargeable battery powered flashlight designed to serve police, military, forensic, rescue and emergency search personnel. RGB Flashlight Red, green and blue light for night photography. Ideal flashlight photographers. Ultraviolet UV light.

239.00 EUR

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Acebeam Photography RGB x80

LED Flashlight for photographers. The X80 model with red, green and blue RGB lights stands out for being a new ACEBEAM flashlight with tripod stand for photography cameras. Its multifunctional style uses a two-LED high-power bulb 25000 lumens and has an effective range of 332 meters. The X80 also includes three color LEDs (red, green, blue).

Its most innovative feature is its utility as a photographic flashlight and cinematography thanks to the compact and submersible design 30 meters. All this makes ACEBEAM X80 a perfect flashlight for outdoor, hunting and rescue and photographers looking for a technological flashlight as a very advanced lighting focus. Green or red light flashlight for hunting. With three LEDs built into the head, it emits green, red or blue lights for signals.

3.    Revision of the Imalent DX80 32000 lumens Flashlight. It’s the most powerful flashlight in the world.

DX80 32000LM imalent
Create XHP70 second generation.
High-efficiency constant-current circuit with constant brightness
Electronic anti-theft design, protection circuit.
Full charge in less than 3 hours and 10 minutes. The charger is built into the flashlight’s own body.

!! Package includes rechargeable lithium Batrias (x 8 18650)!!  Free Shipping

Imalent has chosen the best quality materials for its star model DX80. The flashlight body is made of type III anodized aluminum. The lens is ultra-clear glass with anti-glare treatment. The head is completely covered by dissipating structures almost entirely.  In the central part of the head has shuecos of air circulation to improve the design of the interior dissipative structure. The spotlight is protected by a crown-topped stainless steel attack bezel. In the head it carries the loading bay of the integrated battery pack, which is protected by a rubber stopper that avoids the entry of water. The pushbutton is very precise in its use, and the Oled display gives all the information of parameters of the flashlight.

DX80 User interface:
It has a power supply to charge the batteries without having to have a charger or to remove the batteries. Requires (model 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries that are built into the flashlight package. The package has everything you need to put it into use as soon as you receive it. The operation is very simple, has a switch on the part of the head to turn the flashlight on and off. To change the mode you just have to go by pressing the touch mode button and you will be changing mode.

It is presented in a very elegant cardboard box, to avoid blows during transport and also ideal for any gift.  Contains the box A replacement O-rings, a cover, a screen protector, the manual charging plug, warranty and as 8 batteries required to 3000mAh each.

Package Contents:

1 x DX80 imalent Flashlight
1 x Replacement O-Rings
1 x Carrying Case
1 x Plug Charger
* * Works with 8x 18650 3, 7V/included 3000mAh protected batteries. You can also buy more batteries in our store.

Imalent DX80 Powerful Rechargeable flashlight 32000LM 800 meters 8 LED XHP70Imalent DX80 Powerful Rechargeable flashlight 32000LM 800 meters 8 LED XHP70
New!    In Stock 329.00 EUR

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4. Revision of the Lantern AceBeam X45 18000 lumens.

AceBeam X45 Flashlight Powerful 16500LM 583 meters batteries includedAceBeam X45 Powerful flashlight 18000LM beam reach 622 meters batteries included

Acebeam X45 includes the rechargeable bateías 4 * 18650 High capacity IMR batteries (included) and 4 Cree XHP70 P2 LEDs, the super high performance reaches 18000 lumens and the distance reaches 622 meters.

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The best WiFi repeaters for home

In this post we will try to describe which are the best WiFi repeaters of 2, 4Ghz to share the internet in 2018


  1. Introduction
  2. Antenna panel + WiFi Router with USB
    1. OpenWRT Router with USB
    2. Router Alfa 25H
  3. CPE outside as access point or WIFi client
    1. Ubiquiti nanostation Loco M2
    2. CPE Melon N828
    3. CPE Alfa Tube 2h
  4. Plug-in WiFi repeater
  5. Conclusion: Repeat the Internet always with direct vision


If you want to repeat internet from one house to another, connect by WiFi two buildings or offices, or a friend wants to give you free internet surely you’ve wondered which is the cheapest and most effective way to repeat WiFi. In 2017 have been selling many very powerful WIFi systems that continue to use the technology of 2, 4ghz to bring a connection from one point to another. At this post we will explain in a simple way which are the antennas and router of 2, 4Ghz that you can install yourself in a homemade way and without resorting to complex installations. Thanks to this tutorial we hope to help you install a powerful WiFi relay, cheap and without resorting to technicians or installers of payment.

These long-range devices still use the 2.4 Ghz technology that has all these advantages:

  • WiFi N 2, 4Ghz is a cheap and easy to configure technology, plus it is 100% compatible with all WiFi standards
  • 2, 4Ghz is the most useful frequency for long range, has a range of reach greater than 5GHz.
  • It reaches 300Mbps speed that is enough to transmit the speed of the best optical fiber rates and for all kinds of Internet uses.

Currently the number of brands and models of chip adapters or WiFi antennas is very varied, so we have made a scheme to offer you the most practical and easy solution to install a WiFi repeater and you can buy safely and guarantee that is the Device you need at home.

2-Antenna panel + WiFi Router with USB

The most popular way to install a WiFi repeater Kit is to buy a bundle composed of a powerful WiFi antenna Melon N519 from 300Mbps with 10 meters of USB cable plus a OPENWRT router SILICEO repeater.

The antenna will do the job of receiving Internet at long distance (up to 2km) to then transmit the signal via USB cable to the OPENWRT router. This router takes the WiFi antenna drivers panel of the RT3070 and RT3072 chip so that when connecting the WiFi antenna to the router’s USB port quickly recognizes it and can repeat the signal.

With 300Mbps input and output this Internet repeater Pack router to 300Mbps with antenna Melon WIFI N519 chip RT3072 can be installed in any house, the antenna is outside and can be put in the window and the Router will create a new WiFi network inside home.

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2-1 OpenWRT Router with USB

Open-WRT router with USB WIFI antenna repeater 300Mbps Modleo SI3826 e Sun Router 300Mbps with four powerful 5dBi antennas. WiFi to the highest speed up to 300Mbps 2T2R WiFi N. Thanks to a USB connection and special firmware Openwrt with drivers for antennas and WiFi adapters powerful chip RT3070 RT3072 and RTL8187 RTL8188.

OpenWrt Barrier Breaker Router

In Stock-46.00 EUR buy NOW!!

2.2 Alfa Network AIP-W525HU with USB

The Alfa Network AIP-W525HU with USB and 2 removable SMA antennas is designed with a USB port that is compatible with USB-powered WiFi antennas. It works with all the models specified in the features such as the famous powerful antennas of Alfa AWUS036NHR and Alfa AWUS036NHV. You can work as a WiFi Internet relay at a long distance.

The USB port is compatible with WiFi USB adapters that carry Realtek chip RTL8812AU, RTL8188EUS, RTL8188RU, Ralink RT3572.
Alfa Network has designed this router to be compatible with the new models of Wifi Alfa adapters, both with the 2, 4ghz and dual-band USB antennas. One advantage is that you can feed both the 5v power adaptor and the PoE-type power adapter with an Ethernet cable as long as you need.

The model functions as an Extender/repeater or WiFi Repeater bridge compatible with all the following models of powerful Alpha antennas by USB: AWUS036NHR v2/AWUS036NHV/AWUS051NH v2/AWUS052NH/AWUS051NHS/AWUS051NH v2/AWUS036AC/AWUS036ACH/AWUS036EAC
It is also an ideal router to install it on the outside with USB cable and external USB WiFi adapters from Alfa Network: UBDO-NV/UBDO-NR/TUBE-UV/UBDO-25T
It is the ideal router to replace the old router Alfa R36.

Due to its characteristics, the Alfa Network AIP-W525HU router is ideal for campers, motorhomes and boats, since it allows you to put an external antenna in the caravan and the router inside to distribute the internet signal of the campsite, hotel or a port.

 Note: The USB port also accepts the compatible 3g/LTE and 4g USB modems that are in the table. It works with most of Huawei’s 3g or 4g Internet USB Modem, Vibo and ZTE. With this práctic Autilidad you can dock a USB modem of any telephony company such as Movistar, Vodafone, Orange or Yoigo and repeat Internet WIFI.

3-CPE outside as access point or WIFi client

A CPE WiFi by definition a local team working as Cleinte (Customer-premises equipment). The client mode is a function of the WiFi router that is used to receive a WiFi signal and transmit it by the router. Therefore a CPE is a router that can be installed on the outside to receive the WIFI signal as a client and at the same time distribute it as a router.

Below we show the three best types of CPE WiFI outdoor.

3-1 Ubiquiti nanostation Loco M2

The CPE wifi Ubiquiti nanostation Loco M2 Equipment has all the functions of a long-range WiFi antenna and a router. All integrated in a waterproof and cable-powered RJ-45 with PoE adapter 24v. Scope guaranteed by the brand of more than 5km outdoors in open spaces.

The Loco M2 WiFi antenna has a range of up to 15km from point to point 2.4 GHz. It can work like WISP which is the new technology of devices that work as providers of wireless Internet services. The WISP technology with Ubiquiti’s AirOS ® Versatile firmware enables high performance, multi-point outdoor networks. AirOS offers functions such as wireless configuration, bridge or router configuration and system management services.

Ubiquiti is the preferred brand of professional installers of WIFI CPE equipment. By est Emotive the home version Loco M2 is both powerful and professional and easy to install by any with knowledge of router configuration.

3-2 CPE Melon N828

It is a powerful 2.4 GHz outdoor CPE with 14dBi directional antenna. With the same configuration and design as the Loco M2 of Ubiquiti is a good cheap option to fulfill the role of CPE outdoor WIFI.

Weatherproof design, prepared to withstand outdoors.

The N828 is designed to work in an outdoor environment. Built with outdoor weatherproof housing and high temperature durability (-30 °c ~ 70 °c) inside hardware, the AP could work in a place with bad weather extremes. It is also resistant to sun and humidity, and prepared with electric anti-shock system.

The Melon N828 router is capable of being powered by an Ethernet cable to simultaneously send data and electricity wherever your AP can be located even up to 120m away. This function multiplies your options allowing you to place the AP in a position that is more convenient to get the best signal possible, such as on the wall or on the roof of your office.

One advantage is the system of degradation of the WIFI signal to travel over long distances which is mitigated by high sensitivity RX. Just as a loudspeaker increases the volume so that your WIFI sound travels farther, the CPE device makes the signal degradation when traveling long distances is mitigate by high sensitivity RX meaning that you can get a higher speed in Longer distances. This system works just like a high-sensitivity earpiece that allows the CPE to detect and receive the weakest signals.

MELON N828 CPE PoE 300mb WIFI AP Router

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3-3 CPE Alfa Tube 2h

The famous CPE WiFi Alfa Network Tube2H for outdoor is a router with PoE client. The TUBE2H is an outdoor bridge (AP/CPE) that has connection for WiFi antenna of type N male. It can be connected to all types of outdoor antennas that have a female N-connector. Notable for having a built-in LAN/WAN RJ45 type port that allows PoE power.

It can also be used in router mode, access or WISP or WiFi client. It has an antenna connector type N (female), and power supply 12v DC 220v or input for PoE. It is connected via an Ethernet cable (not included) and can be configured through the Web interface. Its transmission power is up to 27 dBm or 500 MW.

This tube2h CPE has the advantage bought with Loco M2 and the N828 of carrying an antenna connector that allows by means of a cable to adapt it to directional antennas like the Yagi or the parabolic WIFI AGA2424T.

CPE/AP WiFi Alfa Network Tube2H Router for outdoor PoE client

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CPE/AP WiFi Alfa Network Tube2H Router…

FREE Shipping!! The Alfa NEtwork Tube2H is an outdoor bridge (AP/CPE) that has connection for WiFi antenna of type N male. It can be connected to all types of outdoor antennas that have a female N-connector. Notable for having a built-in LAN/WAN RJ45 type port that allows PoE power.

 4-Plug WiFi repeater

 The Universal WiFi repeater is a WiFi repeater router is installed on any electrical outlet. Multiple WIFI relays can be installed to provide coverage for all rooms and floors of the house.

A WiFi repeater must be located in the right place to get the best performance. You find it difficult. To find the correct location for the repeater it carries a LED indicator to find the best location for the repeater and get the maximum bandwidth and range.
It works with any wireless router. The Eminent WiFi Repeater uses the 300N standard. This standard is compatible with all common routers. This will make the WiFi repeater universal application.

The Eminent repeater router also functions as an AP access point. An access point converts a wired network connection into a wireless signal. You are able to make use of a WiFi signal in places that you could normally use a cable connection only.

Displaying 1-2 of 2 items
  • RRepetidor WIFI Universal 300Mbps amplifier Coverage AP Client LED indicatorRápidaNUEVO View
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    Easy connection via WPS button. 300Mbps WIFI repeater very powerful. Universal LAN/WAN port and compatible with all router. Repeater, WIFI client and router as AP access point.


If you are clear and want to buy a repeater WiFi here we put the link to buy long-range wifi in Siliceo online shop the best CPE WiFi 2017 that you can buy online shop

Always choose a repeater that is very easy to install. One way to make sure is to first buy a WIFi antenna panel with 10 meters of USB cable and after testing it for several days and check that we can establish a stable long distance connection, we can buy a OPENWRT repeater compatible router for Attach it to the panel antenna.

The top 3 LED flashlights of the 2017 for lighting and doing night sports.

The Headlamps are a very practical tool because they incorporate a light to the user’s body with an elastic tape on the head.

For all people who start to do sport or night hikes, the help of a frontal LED is essential to travel on roads or dimly lit streets. The trail or running headlamps are currently compulsory in all races and night trails.

To guide in the purchase of the best LED headlamp to do sport or work, we will present several of those that give best result according to the users.

“Run Light” allow you to run at night with total visibility. The powerful LED spotlights light up beyond 30 meters, enough distance for a safe activity. The headlamp lights always in front of the runner or Walker to be incorporated to the head allow the illumination of the front of there the name of “Headlamps”.

The most important characteristics to choose a good flashlight LED are its lightness or low weight and above all the light power in relation to its autonomy. The advantage of a headlamp with respect to the traditional lantern is the feeling that you don’t have your hands occupied to allow you to exercise jobs or sports. In addition a headlamp always illuminates in front of the vision of the eyes, because when turning the head the light always focuses in front of the view.

How to buy a Headlamp flashlight that meets the demand of the most demanding “runners” and “Trail” runners.

  1. Light power, lumens. The light beam intensity of the headlamp measured in lumens will determine the power and effective viewing quality. What I have to keep in mind to buy a ffashlight LED are the minimum luminous power characteristics measured in lumens that should never be less than 120 LM. With this light is enough to light in the situations of total darkness and allows to see up to 20 meters without problems, but if we want to have more focus amplitude there are also headlamp that are located between 500 and 1000 lumens.
  2. Rechargeable battery. The battery must be rechargeable and if it is with a charger built into the flashlight itself, to be able to load it with any standard charger directly into the flashlight without removing the batteries. The autonomy of the flashlight is one of the key aspects. For Trail races and ultrabackground tests, you need to last the entire night so you will need a high capacity flashlight. The news headlapms also carry an emergency light, which is activated when the main battery is exhausted, and which is used to mark the position and be able to stop to change the batteries.
  3. Comfort of a headlamp. The best headlamp for running and for trail are those that give up to 1000 lumens with a autonomy of more than 2 hours with the same battery. In addition to this consideration, comfort and restraint must also be taken into account. A single elastic and adjustable band that surrounds the head is enough. But if we are going to exercise at a very fast pace it is recommended to have a second extra band that crosses the head from the top to helmet type headlamp.
  4. Light beam regulator. The LED flashlight for high-end running normally carry a Dimmer or Zoom that allows you to choose the type of light beam to make it longer or shorter and wider. This is an important technical aspect to determine how light power is distributed. A long beam of light will let you see up to 80 or 100 meters away; With a short and wide beam you will be able to see a larger field of vision even out of the way.
  5. Light modes and signage. Most headlamps have 3 light modes and some also intermittent or red signal lights. The powerful continuous light spends more, medium and moderate light allows some headlamps like the imalent HR20 to reach a life of 360 hours of continuous light in low mode.
  6. Rechargeable lithium batteries. Actualemtente is already unthinkable a flashlight with alkaline batteries, so lithium batteries are recommended for all cases, but not bad as a replacement to use normal batteries that we can buy at any gas station, for this reason the Lithium batteries size 18650 are compatible with normal AA-size batteries. The flashlight with rechargeable battery guarantee an autonomy are easily rechargeable with a USB charger.
  7. Red back light. This position light is very useful feature that carry high-end running  like the UltraFire XQ001. The red taillight is a mandatory light in most ultrabackground tests and mandatory for competing. The function of this light is to make itself visible to all the people or vehicles that come near us from behind

To be able to compare before buying one of the best headlamp of 2017  take a look at this comparison of products with the most outstanding features.

Rechargeable USB Flashlight 1000 lumens imalent HR-20 CRE XPL-HI CheapBuy Now €47.31
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HR20 imalent USB Rechargeable Flashlight 1000 lumens
Model: Imalent HR20
Luminosity: 1000 LM
Working time: Low 360H/Medium 16 H. /high 1 hour and 45 minutes
Battery configurations: 1 x 18650/2 x CR123 Battery
Switch Type: Click
Light controller: Rotatoriao ring from 1 lm to 1000 lm
Focus Distance: 225m
Waterproof: IPX-8 2 meters
Light weight: 46g (without battery)
Auxiliary light: headlamp flashing function
Rechargeable: Built-in USB charger

Easy to handle and adjust brightness, with rotary ring switch. I was able to adjust from 1 lumen to 1000 lumens. Fully waterproof and submersible water resistant up to 2 meters, category IPX-8. Range of light bulb up to 225 meters away. Very useful for reading with soft light or inspecting machinery. Rechargeable HR20.

Model: UltraFire XQ001
Luminosity: 800 LM
Working time: Under 8 H/High 7 H
Battery configurations: 1 x 18650/3 x AAA standard Batteries
Switch Type: Click + Automatic Sound-on/click-on System.
Light controller: Zoom with Lens
Focus Distance: 120 meters-200 meters
Waterproof: IPX-8 2 meters
Light weight: 142 g (without battery)
Auxiliary light: Front flashing function + rear red light
Rechargeable: Built-in USB charger
UltraFire XQ001 headlamp LED flashlight with sound sensor activation…

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Model: UltraFire W03-S
Luminosity: 120 LM
Working time:
Low 7-8 hours
Red light 5-6 hours
Flash 5-6 Hours
Battery configurations: 1 x 14500/1 x AAA Normal battery
Switch Type: Click
Light Controller: Button
Focus Distance: 50-100m
Waterproof: IPX-8 2 meters
Light weight: 48 g (without battery)
Auxiliary light: Front flashing function
Rechargeable: Built-in USB charger
Front LED Flashlight W03-S Rechargeable battery built-in…

This flashlight has a head with a 3w led emitter and two red LEDs. 120 lumens-notable for incorporating a rechargeable USB battery. Ultrafire W03 Flashlight. Modes: 4 high, Medium, red and emergency Flash.

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Imalent store authorized in Spain.

The four types of directional WiFi antennas and the maximum range of WiFi signal.

At this Blog we talked about the different types of powerful USB adapters, how they work and their characteristics. In all WiFi connections two elements are involved that determine the range and quality of the connection. The type of WiFi chip and its infrastructure determines the transmission speed, the frequency of 2.4 GHZ or 5GHz, the compatibility, etc., but another very important factor in the case that we want to establish a WiFi connection at a long distance is the design of the antenna.
To be able to go further with the WiFi signal we will need a directional antenna. The distance you can reach is always in relation to the size of the antenna and the angle of coverage in which you receive. What are the best WiFi panels and directional 2017? There is no precise answer to which antenna is better than another, it all depends on the use that we are going to give, since those that have a more closed angle are more directional and go farther, so that we will not be able to see the WiFi networks that remain outside that angle. On the contrary, small directional antennas have a more open angle, they can see all the networks in the environment, but they won’t get as far as the most profitable.
Do you need to connect to any Free WiFi , but it is far from home? Keep reading and you’ll probably find a way to get it.

1.   The three requirements for remote WiFi links.
2.   How wireless directional antennas work, antenna types, aperture angle and range.
3.   The AGA-2424T and AGA5828T WiFi grid satellite dishes 

Melon N519 36DBI chip RT3072 300Mbps antenna WIFI panel for outdoorNew model WiFi antenna panel 36 º opening Melon N519

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1. The three requirements for remote WiFi links.

To establish a long-range WiFi link you always need to meet 3 basic requirements. The WiFi signal can easily traverse thin walls or isolated trees, but it is more difficult to cross an entire building or a forest. With the distance there are losses of packets of data, that if we add other types of difficulties can produce the connection cut, for this reason the three requirements essential for a connection to long distance.
1.1 Direct line of sight. There can be No obstacles, buildings, walls or mountains
1.2 Elevated antenna position. On the same horizontal line as the point to bind. For example, if the antenna is on a roof and the router on a low, not occupying the same line in the horizontal will not be able to be seen for the connection. It is always necessary to locate the WiFi directional antenna, at about the same height as the emitter point
1.3 Directional antenna oriented and directed towards the WiFi transmitter. The directional antennas emit and receive WiFi signal in a single direction, so it should be oriented to that side. The smaller the aperture angle the more accurate the orientation should be. The panel antennas do not need an exact alignment, but the Yagi and parabolic panels do need to be aligned as accurately as possible. If you need to make an accurate orientation of your WiFi antenna. In this other post we talk about the various techniques of orientation and alignment of WiFi antennas.
These requirements are indispensable, first of all, if there is no direct line of sight and for example we have a building in front or a mountain you can not establish the long distance connection. And on the other hand the type of WiFi directional antenna is also determinant. With a small Panel antenna between 7DBI and 36dbi we will reach 300 or 500 meters as they have a very open angle. For more distance between 1 km and 15 km we will always need a antenna of type WiFi antenna Yagi or parabolic with a more closed angle.

To create a wireless bridge or per to per-link we will use the directional WiFi antennas. The antennas are manufactured in different sizes and shapes and can be used both inside and outside or outdoors.

2. How wireless directional antennas work, antenna types, aperture angle and range.

Next, we will describe the four models of directional WiFi antennas designed to connect via WiFi at a long distance. The directional WiFi antennas or directives are those that by their design can direct the whole frequency pattern to a single direction. A directional antenna receives and emits the WiFi signal forward, and also has a more open or closed angle in order to get even farther.
The relationship of the opening angle with the distance it reaches basically allows it to lower angle more reach. The graphical way to see it is compared to a light bulb. A bulb without spotlight emits the light at an angle of 360 º illuminates very well closely, but has very little range in the distance. The focus of a flashlight or a car headlight concentrates all the light at an opening angle of 30 º allowing to go farther, if we reduce the angle even more up to 10 º The REACH increases more, but we will not see anything on the sides.
In this graph you can see how the four types of directional antennas work and their basic characteristics:

The best directional antennas for long distance WiFi. Panels, Yagi and parabolic

2.1 Antenna WiFi Mini Panel Alfa APA-M04 with an opening angle of about 60 º is very practical for indoor use. It is a directional antenna with a very open angle to be able to see all the WiFi networks of the environment and a range of up to 300 meters with very good quality.

Panel antenna WIFI Alfa APA-M04 7dbi directional 2.4 GHz SMA

Buy Here ALFA NETWORK APA-M04 7dbi. €8.90 FREE SHIPPING!!!

2.2 Long-range Panel antenna Melon N4000. With an angle of 35 º You can locate the nets that are located outside the house to an incredible distance of 800 meters. It is completely waterproof and can be placed outdoors under rain and sun. It is the most used model for long range because its size is manageable and very easy to install.

Pack Router Openwrt USB repeater Spanish + antenna WiFi 36dbiOpenwrt WiFi SILICEO USB Router and directional panel antenna

Buy WiFi Antenna KIT 36 º opening Panel with Openwrt SILICEO router. 75.30 EUR. Free Shipping

2.3 Antenna Yagi Alfa Network AYA-2410. It is a professional model with a very closed angle of about 30 º. Its installation is a little more complex. It is recommended to connect to very distant networks, but it is necessary to point it quite accurately.

Antenna WiFi Yagi 10dbi Alfa Network AYA-2410 2.4 GHz Outdoor

Buy Yagi antenna WIFi directional AYA 10dbi. 32EUR. Free Shipping

2.4 WiFi parabolic antenna grid. By design the parabolic grid will always have a very high gain and also a very narrow beam width that makes it the favorite among professional installers of WiFi antennas.

Parabolic antenna Pack Antenna WiFi Grid 24dBi + adapter AWUS036NEH + Cable

Buy Here ALFA NETWORK AGA-2424T 24dbi. €81 FREE SHIPPING!!!

3. The AGA-2424T and AGA5828T WiFi satellite dishes 

The WiFi parabolic antenna model is the best long range antenna for point-to-point links (PTP per to per).  This is the model of wireless directional antennas for long distance necessary to carry WiFi signal in the field or in the rural world, to take the wifi of the municipal councils of the municipalities and take it for example to the domestic users that need to transfer a Signal from one specific point to another.

The WiFi satellite is ideal for someone who uses the simple WiFi repeater to focus on the signal source, as well as for someone who wants to use a combination of two access points to create a link “back Haul link”.

This AGA2424 parabolic antenna is the one that uses telecommunication services to carry internet via WiFi to clients using the technology of WiFi backhaul. This technique basically operates with the principle of a chain link that transmits point-to-point data to a central station that provides the service.

In order to support the long-range WiFi connections in open spaces, the popular Alfa Network brand has improved in 2017 its models of grid antennas AGA series, with designs for both 2, 4Ghz and 5GHz.

The most used model in the frequency of 2, 4Ghz is the Alfa AGA-2424T which stands out for the fantastic range and the ability to transmit high-speed Internet through long-range links. The first installment presents the only drawback that is the need to orient it correctly. With an angle of only 7 degrees of aperture can cause great differences in signal strength, quality and speed if we do not adjust within that angle.

The grid design is designed to allow the wind to pass and does not affect the signal performance. There are WiFi antennas of parabolic grid in both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz. Be sure to choose the frequency type of your link point-to-point, as each type of antenna will only work on the designed spectrum.

Parabolic WiFi 28DBI AGA-5828T 5.8 GHz grid antenna Point-to-point grid

Buy here Parabolic ALFA NETWORK AGA-5828T 28dbi. €68 FREE SHIPPING!!!

AGA2424T 2.4 GHz works on 802.11 b/g/n 150 Mbps/300 Mbps protocols.
5GHz works on 802.11 n/A/AC/AC2 protocols with speeds between 300Mbps and 1.3 GBPS.

 WiFi Parabolic model Gain Signal width Range approx. Frequency
AGA-2424T 24 DBi 7 degrees 3km/15km 2.4 GHz
AGA-5828T 28 DBi 3 degrees 8 km/25 km 5 GHz

Installing an external USB GPS for Windows devices or Android Tablet

Let’s explain step by step how you can install a GPS receiving antenna by USB to any Android Tablet. The tutorial is organized in these four simple installation tips:

1. Installation of USB GPS on Tablet or Windows laptop.
2. Add a GPS via USB or Micro USB OTG to an Android Tablet
3. The PL2303 GPSInfo Globalsat application and the virtual serial port on a Adroid USB.
4. Navigate with Sygic GPS maps with an external USB GPS antenna on Android.

This tutorial will be of great interest to all those who are interested in providing precise GPS position to your Tablet. If you have a Tablet that you have bought at a good price with an 8 or 10 inch screen and want to have a fantastic full screen GPS following the advice we expose below you will see that it is very easy to install an external GPS antenna on any tablet or Computer. Of course these USB GPS devices also serve to fix or improve the GPS position of the phones or Tablet that do not have much precision with the GPS, because when installing a USB antenna can be lengthened and placed in the best position possible , where you’re going to take more satellites and give the position much more accurate and faster. For example with these devices we can place the GPS antenna on the roof of the car and navigate from inside with a Tablet or mini portable big screen.

1-Installation of USB GPS on Tablet or laptop Windows.

If the operating system that we are going to use is Windows, the procedure is very simple. It is installed like any other peripheral device. The USB GPS is connected to the USB or micro USB port of the Tablet or Windows computer and automatically the system will recognize the GPS USB Globalsat adding and creating a new COM1 serial port. Then with our map software Garmin, TomTom, Google Earth or any other we configure to read the data by the virtual serial port that has been created, for example COM1 and in this way the software will move the position read by NMEA data to the maps. Just like any other GPS will give us position with precise coordinates, speed, altitude etc. You can even save routes or paths and then analyze them with your computer.

Globalsat ND-105C GPS antenna receiver by micro-USB Android GPS USB and Micro USB Globalsat ND-105C €44.30 Free Shipping

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The ND-105C GPS antenna adapter acquires and tracks satellites in the shortest possible time, even indoors. Through excellent features of low power consumption of ND-105C, specially designed for eAndroid maps applications such as Sygic, Tomtom or Google maps. ND-105C has a simple identification design is suitable for mobile, Tablet, PC or any portable device.

The advantage of the USB GPS devices of the Globalsat brand is that they transmit the data via USB adapter chip to Prolific TTL series which is 100% compatible with all Windows. Both the model ND-105C and BU-353 of Globalsat carry the most advanced chip PL2303HXD which is compatible with all Windows devices including XP, Vista, 7, and Windows 10.

If when trying to install the GPS your computer or Tablet of Windows does not detect it you can install the most updated Driver for Chip PL2303HXD of the official page of Prolific.

2-Add a GPS via USB or Micro USB OTG to an Android Tablet

These USB GPS adapters are intended primarily for laptops and Windows tablet, but the most advanced models of the Globalsat brand can also be used on tablet and Smartphone from Andorid.

The work done by this kind of devices is basically connecting to satellites and transmitting NMEA sentences via USB cable to the computer. The only thing that any computer needs is a USB port. The GPS receiver uses a USB-to-serial port converter that creates a virtual serial port that allows the operating system to read the NMEA data from the GPS. In this way the computer can read from any map software the GPS data or even save routes and POI points of interest.

This virtual port works with the Prolific USB to UART TTL PL2303 series Chip. The drivers needed to install the PL2303 serial port on Windows Linux and Mac are distributed on the Globalsat device box CD. In Android can not install drivers from CD but Globalsat in addition to thinking about computers has distributed an APP that also supports Android.

To install the USB GPS dongle adapter by USB Globalsat has designed two different models. The first is the ND-105C model with micro USB connector. The ND-105C has the shape and size of a Pendrive can be installed on any USB port also the normal size as it carries micro USB to USB adapter. This model is ideal for tablets that are to be used in the outdoor hand.

GPS for tablet Android Micro USB Globalsat SIRF-IV 353 Cable USB GPS and Micro USB Globalsat BU-353-S4 €45.40 Free Shipping

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The new package BU-353 S4 + USB to MicroUSB adapter allows this GPS to work on computers as well as tablet or PDA. BU-353 has a high sensitivity GPS, Micro USB interface, low power consumption and support with car or boat magnet. This product has SIRF IV GPS chip that can provide you with superior sensitivity and performance even in urban streets or forests.

If we need the USB GPS antenna for a car, truck or boat it is better to buy the BU-353 model that has a 150 cm USB cable that allows to install it on the roof of the vehicle or boat. The Globalsat BU-353 is rain-resistant and has a magnet support so that it is perfectly fixed on the roof of the car or on any metal. With USB to micro USB OTG adapter This model can also be connected to tablets with micro USB OTG port.

3-The PL2303 GPSInfo application of Globalsat and the virtual serial port in a USB Adroid

Once installed on the Android tablet is necessary to make very simple adaptations in the configuration of Android. The first is done in “developer Options” where it is necessary to enable “simulated locations” of Android. In the English menu this option will see it as “Allow Mock locations” which is the option that enables external GPS antennas for Android devices. In addition we will need an app application that allows the Tablet to read the NMEA data that the GPS transmits always by serial port.
Remember that some Android devices have the hidden Developer Options menu, so you need to enable Android developer options correctly. It is usually done from the “About device” configuration menu by pressing 7 times on the “Constructor number”. Here you can see an example for a developer menu or developer Samsung Galaxy that also works with other devices.
USB GPS Use a chip that converts the USB port into TTL series which is the Prolific PL2303 chip. Globalsat has designed an App called PL2303 GPSInfo that is available for download on Google Play. This application of Globalsat works in Android because this operating system is based on Linux. Android has the USB drivers for Globalsat GPS receivers built into the Linux kernel (PL2303), so this App works with all Android 3.1 up to Android 6.0 and above.

* * Tip: It is very important to connect the USB GPS before turning on the tablet to recognize it. In the newer tablets that have a USB port type OTG can be installed in hot, with the tablet on since this type of USB OTG ports do recognize the device to connect

To use your USB GPS receiver on Android, you will need the GPSInfo application to have your Android device use the external GPS instead of the internal GPS. You can download the application Globalsat GPSInfo from here > >

The APP GPSInfo has all the options we need, is basic but very functional, basically performs this work:

  • Transmits NMEA data as simulated location or mock location to Android system
  • Reads NMEA data on the screen
  • Saves NMEA data as paths.
  • Shows on the screen the satellites, coordinates, speed, altitude, etc.
The Globalsat GPSInfo application displays NMEA data reading, exact position and location D e satellites.

The GPSInfo application is necessary for Android to recognize the device and then transmit the GPS data to the operating system, for this purpose it is important to enable the option to replace the internal GPS from the application itself.

Then you just need to connect the GPS, and you must get a pop-up that the GPS was detected, then click Start GPS to transmit the data to the maps. With this same option you can turn on or pay the GPS whenever you need.

One method to verify that GPS has been recognized by Android is to open NMEA data and verify that data streams are being received. With the option of GPS data we can see the satellites to which it connects and the exact data of location, altitude, coordinates, etc.

Here are the application options:

A-Baud rate: are the bauds to which the USB port of the GPS transmits. You have to configure it with the exact number of each model. It’s usually 4800 baud.

B-Start/Stop GPS: Allows you to turn the GPS on and off every time you need to use it.

C-NMEA data: When entering we will see a sequence of data in Hexadecimal code of numbers and letters. Are the data that receives the GPS read by the Ssitema.

D-Location provider options: Used to replace the internal GPS of the tablet, if any, in any case this option must be enabled.

E-GPS Data: Displays position, time, time of use, satellites, coordinates etc.

D-Enable NMEA log: Activating this option will save the path or track of the entire route. The path is saved with a. nmea file that will be located in the Nmea folder of the Android device.
The BU-353 has 1.5-metre cable and external magnet antenna, ideal for gluing on the roof of the car or boat and navigating with the utmost precision
Image result of Globalsat nd-105c
The ND-105C model is small and lightweight, ideal for small, mobile tablets or for outdoor city surfing.

Any map application that requires GPS will begin to use the external GPS for GPS data. Meanwhile the internal GPS if you have it will be deactivated.

With the GPSInfo application you can make the same configurations with other similar applications that are used to handle the serial ports in Android. Applications like for example USB GPS, USB terminal, Serial USB terminal etc.
When running PL2303 GPSInfo the GPS will begin to see the NMEA phrases that appear successively in the terminal. The application does not have a lot of adjustment options, only the “Baud rate” or baud rate used by each GPS model. If you don’t see data reading on the screen, you can try different baud rates until you get the right one. Most GPS of Globalsat as the models ND-105C and BU-353 run at 4800 Baud Rate, so it is necessary to choose this option in the application. In this link is the Globalsat support page for model ND105 to expand more data about this model.

It is not advisable to install other applications that use the PL2303 USB port of the GPS as they can cause the official application of GLobalsat GPSInfo not work. If we have other applications for PL2303 it is better to uninstall and restart the GPSInfo.

Sometimes when you first install the GPSInfo application does not start or do not recognize the GPS. In these cases you have to restart Android, uninstall the other applications of GPS and verify that all the parameters of the configuration are correct. Once you start the first time it will work smoothly.

In order for the GPS to work for hours without shutting down the temporary closing system of the screen and put the tablet connected to a charging cable, obviously the GPS consumes enough battery and to navigate without problems must be connected to a port of Load.

This application is used to configure the GPS, but once we check that you read the NMEA sequences of GPs, we can use the GPS with our favorite GPS applications like Google MAPS, Earth, Sygic, HERE, TomTom or any other.

In old versions of Android 2.3, 3.0 and 4.0 can also install another simple application UsbGPS4Honeycomb that emulates the position of any GPS that is transmitting data to the Android tablet, both USB and Bluetooth. In this case you have to know the internal folder of the device where the GPS data is stored. This folder is usually/sys/dev/ttyUSB0. Here is the download link of this interesting application. USBGPS4Droid version Alpha 5

4-Navigate with Sygic GPS maps with an external USB GPS antenna on Android.

Once our GPSInfo application is transmitting the GPS data to the Android system we can navigate with any GPS navigator program. For example if we open Google Maps without having any internet connection on, then it will give us the exact position through GPS.

If we also want to navigate with indications of voice, traffic, roads etc. We can better use an application that saves the maps on the tablet as it does Sygic.

The truth is that it works great and never loses position. We tested the model BU-353 with a 10 inch tablet Android 5.1 and with the maps of the Sygic GPS Navigator and it is a marvel to display the maps and the easy to record routes with the App Globalsat GPSInfo PL2303.

Certainly Sygic is the best application of maps for Android that we recommend to use with these external USB GPS. The GPS Navigator and Sygic maps offers real-time traffic alerts and speed radars or police will allow you to find the fastest route and avoid delays. There are also suggestions for parking spaces with information on availability and price. Full-screen, real-time navigation with all Android tablets allows you to share the route you have planned, the estimated time of arrival and your current location on a map.  The GPS navigator and Sygic maps is the solution to get around and enjoy the GPS on all the roads in the world.

Top 5 solutions to share 3g/4g mobile Internet with a WiFi router


We all love working with WiFi connection, it's free, fast and all our devices have WiFi connection to surf the Internet. But the WiFi has left a great competitor in speed and coverage, but not yet in price. Fortunately in this year 2017 we finally have router to repeat 3g and 4g Internet powerful and very good price.

In this article we will show you how to share the 3g/4g WiFi connection at home and also the best WiFi router with USB and SIM slot of 2017.

1.  Mini WiFi router with USB port for 3g/4g Modem
2. USB Modem with 3g WiFi.
3. Neutral WiFi Router with ports and USB input compatible with all USB 3g/4g modems
4. 4g router with WiFi AC and MT7620A + MT7612EN 2.4 ghz-5GHz WiFi router 2T2R 100mw
5. Portable WiFi Router with 4g compatible mobile battery Movistar, Orange, Vodafone etc.

It is very common to be in situations where we only have 3g or 4g connection to access the Internet even at home, sometimes the ADSL is cut by breakdowns or saturation of the telephone network. Today, the global coverage of 3g networks far surpasses WiFi coverage in the world, especially in the street and in rural areas.
If you are one of those who need to be always connected to the Internet you want to have always available 3g/4g mobile Internet connection. When we travel or are away from home it is also a great idea to take with us a 3g/4g connection for the tablet and laptop.

If you are looking for a free portable wifi, you can use to extend coverage of portable WiFi Movistar, Vodafone or Orange, then one of these portable devices may interest you.

1-Mini WiFi router with USB port for 3g/4g modem.

It is the cheapest option because to be able to share the 3g connection/4G you need to connect a compatible USB modem. Once connected you will create a WiFi network in the environment so you can connect all your devices. This WiFi network is compatible with IPad, IPhone, tablet and mobile Android, Blackberry, Linux computers, Windows 10, and other devices with WiFi.

If you have bought any USB modem with SIM card and you have tried it on a computer at home and it works well, surely connecting it to this router in the same location will also work, will give you internet cable LAN to the computer and also by WiFi to mobile phones s that you have on the table, that simple.

Here is a model in the online store of mini portable router that is the size of a pendrive and Fucniona of great to share 3g or 4g Internet in an office table. It feeds the typical USB to micro USB cable that is included in the package. The manufacturer has tested and certified with more than 400 types of 3g and 4g USB modem. It has led operation, button reset micro USB port and automatic recognition ADSL WAN/LAN DHCP. Mini USB Router hotspot WIFI repeater AP16,50 $ free Shipping

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2-USB Modem with 3g WiFi.

This MIFI device is a 2 in 1 device, at the same time 3g modem WiFi SIM USB and Internet mobile Hotspot APN MT6280 OMEGA OWLHM2W. It can be used to establish Internet connection APN, such as 3g 4g modem, as data memory, MicroSD card reader and WiFi router.
The OWLHM2W OMEGA Modem is a portable device that connects via USB. 3g Modem wifi SIM USB Hotspot internet mobile APN MT6280
€38 Free Shipping

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Features of the OMEGA OWLHM2W portable router with 3 basic functions:

1-as 3g free USB modem You can insert the SIM card of any 3g or 4g company. With the data SIM it connects to the Internet like a USB modem but it has the advantage that you do not have to connect it physically to your computer, because it emits the connection signal wirelessly allowing you to connect to the Internet through it with any Wireless (WiFi)-connected device.
2-MIFI or WiFi router, deal mobile internet running as Hotspot or WiFi access point.
3-memory storage with MicroSD card reader. It can function as a pendrive or external disk of data storage.
With this device you can solve the problem of all the iPad that have no 3g connection getting Internet at last at all sites. You can also take it on the backpack and feed it with a Power Bank or from the tablet with USB cable.

3. Neutral WiFi Router with ports and USB input compatible with all USB 3g/4g modems

This WiFi N 3g/4g wireless router allows you to share a 3g/4g connection for the whole house or office. It's a router with a front USB port. This USB port can be used for modem devices with 4g and 3g SIM card to repeat telephony Internet, it also works with Android mobile phones. With a pendrive or hard drive can be used to share files in network, music, videos, etc. With SAMBA. The firmware is ZBT7620 for various uses such as WIFI Repeater and Multiwan.

Free Router USB 4g/3g 300 Mbps Repeater WIFI AP39 $ free Shipping

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The router has a USB port ready to be compatible with the USB modem. Connecting a modem of any telephone company will convert the mobile Internet connection into a WiFi network type N super fast 300Mbps. The UMTS/HSPA/EVDO/LTE connection is instantly activated when connecting the USB modem to the router. It's a free and completely unlocked router, so all the Internet companies work. It automatically detects the most used ones but also allows the manual configuration with the APN data of any internet company in the world.
With one of these router you can share a 3g/4g connection via Ethernet network cable and also with a network for multiple devices at once: mobiles, tablets, computers, TV, hard disks etc.

4-router 4g with WiFi AC and MT7620A + MT7612EN 2.4 ghz-5GHz WiFi router 2T2R 100mw

Router ZBT WE1826 Linux free open WRT router with high capacity memory 16MB FLASH 128MB RAM supports open-WRT

WE1826AC comes with the standard Wi-Fi 11ac Next generation, with wireless 866Mbps speeds over 5GHz channel and 300Mbps over 2.4 GHz channel. Ultra-Fast CPU function as a large kernel for fast, stable and responsive performance with Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB devices. To cover the entire house with an excellent Gigabit WiFi is ideal for bandwidth-intensive applications such as high-definition streaming video and online gaming, allowing you to enjoy a home with super-fast connection.
This router amplifies WiFi coverage with faster and more reliable Wi-Fi. Thanks to the 4 WE1826AC dual-band Antennas (2T2R) with high-power signal amplifiers, they ensure continuous Wi-Fi speeds for all your devices while increasing Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home.
3g and 4g Router with WiFi AC Gigabit repeater

WE1826AC's beam forming technology locates the connected devices and increase the intensity of the wireless signal in those directions, offering a more specific and highly efficient wireless connection.

Buy for 75 EUROS with urgent shipment free WiFi AC WE1826AC Router with USB port for 4g > >

It is notable for having on the front of a USB port and a micro SD card slot.

The USB port can be used for modem devices with 4g and 3g SIM card to repeat telephony Internet, it also works with Android mobile phones. The Micro SD card can be used to share network files, music, videos, etc. With SAMBA.

The WE1826 uses the new 802.11 ac protocol, the 5GHz max transmission reaches 866Mbps, the transmission speed of 2.4 GHz Max could be 300Mbps. Both support the WIFI 2.4 G IEE 802.11 n and the Wireless 5g IEEE 802.11 AC transmission technology, which decreases channel interference, and will get better transmission performance. The MAX RT power is 100mw, the coverage range is 1-2 times more than normal routers. In addition with the MicroSD slot and the USB 2.0 interface, we make it easier to add more functions to the router.

Less interference with WIFI AC 5GHz

The WIFI AC system is optimized for the 5 GHz frequency, which is faster because it is a wider band with fewer users and therefore much less interference, to enjoy a better quality of free Wi-Fi. AC means you can play movies without having to wait and it doesn't slow down in your favorite online game.

5-Portable WiFi Router with 4g compatible mobile battery Movistar, Orange, Vodafone etc.

The WiFi mobile 4g router with battery is a free model, therefore it is compatible with all operators such as Jazztel, Orange, Vodafone, Movistar.

Router with free Modem USB 4g/3g LTE LT10 hotspot repeater WIFI AP75,30 $ free Shipping

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The mobile 4g Router Melon LT10 is a super compact, portable and powerful device. It has an internal rechargeable lithium battery that allows it to operate anywhere without being connected to electricity. It is designed to repeat the Internet connection via 4g SIM card emitting a WiFi network that shares the connection with several devices at the same time.
It works very well with the IPhone, IPad or any Android tablet. When you travel you can take it to connect and create your own WiFi network and automatically connect your iPad or tablet to have Internet and browse, watch videos or share work documents. With a single 3g or 4g connection several devices will connect to the same WiFi network.

This modem router WiFi is designed to travel, if you plan to buy a SIM card prepaid country of destination, with a single local rate all your devices can have Internet with this to the Router WiFi mobile 4g LTE. In addition you can buy online and you will receive in less than 24h with the option of sending urgent Premium.
When you insert a 4g SIM card into the Melon LT10 router and you will have WiFi mobile up to 10 devices at a time. You can also insert a MicroSD data card to convert it to a portable hard drive with WiFi connection. With the internal flash memory you will be able to share between your tablet, IPad, mobile and computer files easily and access the data online from any of the devices on the network. It also has color display with coverage indicator, battery etc.

With long-life lithium battery 2400 has sufficient autonomy to operate for 10 hours, it will also operate 24h a day if we leave it connected to the electric current by the USB cable.

Solution to problems of WiFi connection of mobile, tablet and laptops. WiFi USB antennas for Android tablets.

If you are a user who prefers mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, to connect to Internet via WiFi, surely more than once you have had problems of WiFi coverage and the connection has been cut.

When we have problems of WiFi reach on our computer we can solve it easily by connecting a powerful external antenna by USB. At SILICEO ONLINE store there is a long repertoire of the best powerful USB antennas for long range. But, in general, the WiFi antennas of the mobiles are internal and of very little scope, for this reason it is almost impossible to connect to a WiFi network that is outside the building, even on many occasions we cannot connect to the router that is in the ground floor.

1.   WiFi Antennas for Android tablet, such as improving the WiFi reception of the mobile phone or tablet by USB.
2.  Effective solution to the problem of WiFi coverage of the mobile or tablet.
3. Solution to problems of WiFi coverage in hotels or holiday apartments.
4. Conclusion. WiFi coverage is essential throughout our environment

1. WiFi Antennas for Android tablet, such as improving the WiFi reception of the mobile phone or tablet by USB.

If you are in one of these situations in which you try to connect to a WiFi network but the signal arrives very weak to your mobile or Android Tablet, sure you have thought of installing a more powerful WiFi antenna by the USB input of the phone.

The phones have a micro USB connector, so we need an antenna that can plug in there, but the truth is that in the market, for now, do not exist.

Some Android tablets carry a normal USB 2.0 plug, but most often they use micro USB connector, so to connect any peripheral such as a mouse, keyboard, or WiFi USB antenna is required a micro USB to USB cable adapter.

It should be taken into account that some tablets carry the load connector different to the micro USB Host OTG, but others are loaded by the same micro USB so if we connect any peripheral only we can use it while the tablet does not need to reload.

If we need a micro-USB to USB Adapter cable we can buy online this which is very cheap with free shipping.

USB connector Cable to micro USB tablet.

1.40 EUR Free Shipping

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As we have explained Yes you can connect any long-range WiFi USB antenna to an Android Tablet or mobile, but there is a difficult technical problem solution in relation to the WiFi antenna drivers for USB OTG for Android. As Andorid is a closed system that lelva all the drivers compiled from the factory and does not allow to add new software or drivers it is necessary that the compatibility drivers for WiFi chip are installed in the factory tablet. All the tablets that carry a WiFi chip installed also carry the module or driver to work on Android. So if the Tablet manufacturer tells us that chip WiFi leads we can install a more powerful antenna that takes that same WiFi chip.

For example we have tried many Tablet that carry chip RT3070 or chip RTL8188, so if we know for sure that ours takes one of those chip can put a more powerful external WiFi antenna and a more gain antenna that gets our Tablet ll Long distance egue to connect via WiFi.

There are many other USB WiFi antenna chip for mobile, so if luckily yours has a WiFi chip that you know for sure which is you can find that chip in this browser chip WiFi antennas and if you find you can install one with that chip that will be recognized by the TA Bleta and it will work.

But the truth is that, although it can be done, and the restless users who like to experiment have succeeded, if the problem of WiFi connection is only presented to us at home there are much simpler solutions that work in 100% of the cases.

2. Effective solution to the problem of WiFi coverage of the mobile or tablet.

In another article we have explained widely how to improve the WiFi coverage of a house or office, changing the location of the router, improving the antennas, etc.

It is also highly recommended to use WiFi plug-in relays like these. These economic devices act by extending the coverage of the WiFi of the house and allowing to connect phones, televisions and computers in rooms that previously did not reach WiFi coverage.
300Mbps plug-in WiFi repeater

But there is a device that is even more effective. Suppose we have a house with a router in the central living room that gives good coverage to the whole house, but on the other side of the garden, at 40 meters we have an office we use to watch TV, use the laptop to work and mobile. If you do not get WiFi coverage or cut frequently we can install a CPE WiFi with long-range antenna.

There are several very strong and powerful CPE models, which can be placed both indoors and in the street, as they are waterproof and water resistant. The best known are the Nanostation Ubiquiti, and the CPE 300Mbps of Melon N801 and N828

The price is very affordable for the high quality of 14dbi planar antenna and the scope it has. Each unit can be purchased at 48 EUROS

MELON N828 CPE PoE 300mb WIFI AP Router external repeater

Antenna CPE MELON N801 300mBPS
48 EUR Free Shipping

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This panel antenna is directional so we can orientate it towards the router of the house. Once connected the CPE will give us cable Internet directly to the computer and also repeat for WiFi for mobile and television. No doubt this is the definitive solution to problems of WiFi coverage to parts of the house remote and frequently used Internet.

WISP CPE antenna wifi repeater client Ubiquiti nanostation m2 CPE LocoM2 Ubiquiti Router WiFi Repeater
58 EUR Free Shipping

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We also recommend this type of CPE with long-range panel antenna to use as receiving antennas on the roof and transmit cable to the house.

3. Solution to problems of WiFi coverage in hotels or holiday apartments.

If we travel a lot and usually work in a hotel, then we can take a portable router with rechargeable battery. This router functions as a WiFi repeater to extend the signal.

Portable ROUTER Battery

If you turn it on and put it in an area of the room with a bit of Cebertura WiFi, what it does is amplify the WiFi signal you receive so you can connect to the Internet with several devices at once. It also has function of Power Bank and Multimedia share to share files from a pendrive or hard drive with several users of the network.

Here you can buy this Melon PW62 Multifunction portable Router:

Router with portable battery lithium 7800mAh USB WIFI Repeater

24.30 EUR-Free Shipping

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Features of portable router WiFI Melon PW62:

  • Power Bank 7800mAh. High capacity rechargeable lithium battery.
  • WiFI Router – Wan Port (DHCP, ADSL, static IP, LAN port) WAN and LAN automatic.
  • Multimedia Share
  • Wireless Storage
WiFi Router Pw62 to give WiFi coverage to tablet and mobile.

Using this PW62 portable multi-function router with rechargeable battery will work for hours, and if we plug it into the charger it’ll do 24h a day. From now on, in a hotel or in the office of work that before you had little WiFi signal for the laptop or tablet now you will be able to navigate normally. If you are left with an Ethernet cable office, connect the portable Router by the WAN/LAN automatic DHCP connection and instantly have a new WiFi that shares with your mobile and tablet Internet connection LAN cable.

In extreme cases where there is no WiFi coverage and we want to repeat the Internet from a 4g or 4g SIMde card There is also a router model with portable battery that carries slot SIM slot for Telefoniía 4g/LTE and 3g cards

Router with free Modem USB 4g/3g LTE LT10 hotspot repeater WIFI AP

75.30 EUR Free Shipping

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Features of the portable router with SIM Slot Melon LT10. 

The portable Wi-Fi router for 4g that goes wherever you go. Free 4g Modem MELON LT10.
CPU: Qualcomm MDM9615
Battery: 2400mAh
Ports: 1 * Micro USB, 1 * USIM standard, 1 * Micro SD
Buttons: 1 * power, 1 * WPS on/OFF, 1 * Reset
T-Flash: Up to 32g
Users: Up to 10
Display: 1.44 inch LED Display
1 * MicroUSB
1 * USIM Standard
1 * MicroSD

4. Conclusion. WiFi coverage is essential throughout our environment

We are accustomed to work connected to a WiFi network, and sometimes it is essential to establish WiFi networks for several users in order to share files or work in network. The powerful WiFi antennas are the best solution to work with PC and Windows computers and for tablet and mobile Android we can use all kinds of WiFi repeaters and portable router. Now we can take WiFi internet everywhere

For technical queries, budgets or product data you can contact Siliceo Online shop contact >>.