Batteries for LED rechargeable torches. Models and best brands.

Batteries for LED rechargeable torches. Models and best brands.

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If you are thinking of buying rechargeable batteries for a LED flashlight, you are sure to know which brand is the best and quality are those that are sold in online stores at different prices. If you have seen some in foreign stores such as Aliexpress or Amazon, you have many doubts and think that they may be fake lithium batteries or poor quality batteries that do not comply with the charge mAh they say. Do not worry, forget the imitation batteries and protect yourself from the counterfeit batteries in Amazon, as easy as following this simple guide to buy the best rechargeable batteries. You have to be very careful with the offers. Recently, cheap offers have come from second-hand laptops that are disassembled and repackaged and in some cases explode when heated.

How to choose the appropriate rechargeable lithium battery and where to buy it?

Guide to buying lithium cylindrical batteries:

1- Models and sizes of rechargeable cylindrical batteries from Lítio

Currently most of the batteries used in rechargeable torches are cylindrical or tubular and are of model 18650, this type of cylindrical battery is a rechargeable Li-ion battery, the same size as a AA battery, but that It works with 3.7 V voltage while normal AA or AAA batteries have a voltage of 1.2 V up to 1.5 V.

18650 cylindrical batteries are used in electronic devices that require high load capacity and autonomy, such as powerful LED flashlights, batteries for laptops, toys, drones, electric bicycles etc. The number 18650 for which these batteries are popularly known refers to the size in millimeters. The first two numbers (18) indicate its diameter 18 mm, while the number 650 tells us that its length is 65 mm. It should be noted, that 65 mm is the net length, total battery length with protection amounts to 66.5 mm.

18650, 14500, 26650, 16340 are the best known numbers that designate rechargeable battery models for flashlights. But these high capacity lithium ion cylinder batteries can be used in many other devices and there are also other sizes.

The commonly used designation numbers indicate the physical dimensions of the rechargeable cylindrical battery. Larger rechargeable cells are usually assigned five-digit numbers as a code in this way:

* The first 2 digits represent the width of the battery in mm
* The second 2 digits represent the length of the battery in mm

The last digit is usually – 0 – and represents the cylindrical shape equal to a zero. for example, a ‘18650’ battery is 18 mm wide and 65 mm long and is cylindrical.

10180 Lithium Ion 1/3 AAA 90 mAh Dimensions (mm): 10 × 18 1/3 AAA
10280 Lithium Ion 2/3 AAA 200 mAh Dimensions (mm): 10 × 28
10440 Lithium ion AAA 340 mAh Dimensions (mm): 10 × 44 same size as AAA battery
14250 Lithium 1/2 AA 300mAh Dimensions (mm): 14 × 25 half as AA
14430 400 mAh Dimensions (mm): 14 × 43
14500 Li-ion AA 700-800 mAh Dimensions (mm): 14 × 53 = AA.
14650 940-1600 mAh Dimensions (mm): 14 × 65 Approximately 5/4 of the length of AA
15270 450-600 mAh Dimensions (mm): 15 × 27
16340 500-1000 mAh Dimensions (mm): 16 × 34 alternative lithium CR123A
16650 1600-2700 mAh Dimensions (mm): 16 × 65 Sanyo, narrower version of 18650
17340 = RCR123A = R123, RCR123, 2/3 A, 750 mAh Dimensions (mm): 17 × 34.5
17500 at 1100 mAh Dimensions (mm): 17.3 × 50 The same size as a cell A, and 1.5 times the length of a CR123A
17670 1250 mAh Dimensions (mm): 17 × 67 Twice the length of a standard CR123A
18350 700-1200 mAh Dimensions (mm): 18 × 35
18490 800-1300 mAh Dimensions (mm): 18 × 49
18500 1400 mAh Dimensions (mm): 18.3 × 49.8 Approximately the same length as a cell A, but with a larger diameter.
18650 168A 1500-3600 mAh Dimensions (mm): 18.6 × 65.2
20700 3000-4000 mAh Dimensions (mm): 20 × 70 Introduced by Sanyo / Panasonic / AceBeam for use in portable power tools as a successor of higher power and greater capacity for 18650 cells.
21700 21-70, 2170 4200-4800 mAh Dimensions (mm): 21 × 70
25500 2500-5000 mAh Dimensions (mm): 24.3 × 49.2 Approximately the same diameter as a C.
26650 3300-5200 mAh Dimensions (mm): 26.5 × 65.4 Popular size as ANR26650
32600 3000-6000 mAh Dimensions (mm): 32 × 61.9 Approximately the same diameter as a cell D but longer.
32650 5000-6000 mAh Dimensions (mm): 32 × 67.7
75400 80-150 mAh Dimensions (mm): 7.5 × 40

Comparison of battery sizes 18650, 14500, 26650 and 16340

The most popular and best selling cylindrical lithium battery in the world is undoubtedly the 18650. Anecdotally, it is curious to note that a Tesla electric car contains 7104 18650 lithium batteries inside.

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries generally use a lithium chemistry with a nominal voltage of about 3.7 volts, or 3.6V, but some models of LiFePO produce only 3.2 volts.

2- Protected rechargeable batteries.

Many brands sell rechargeable batteries with an internal protection circuit to prevent over-discharge and short-circuit damage. This circuit usually makes them a little longer, since it increases their physical length; for example, a 18650 measures about 65 mm in length, but can have 69 mm when it has an internal protection circuit

What is the protection circuit for Lithium batteries?

Cylindrical batteries that use the lanterns of relevant brands such as AceBeam or Imalent incorporate a charge and discharge protection circuit called PCB and PCM. These circuits have the purpose of managing the charge and discharge to control when the battery is fully charged, activating to cut the output voltage and at what moment it has been charged. In the same way they also control the discharge phases to avoid values ​​that shorten the life of the battery. When the discharge approaches 2V the PCM circuit prevents the discharge.

Normally in a lithium 18650 tubular battery the voltage varies between 2.75V and 4.25V if they are discharged or overcharged outside those limits can be damaged or last fewer cycles. The PCB and PCM / BMS circuits are used in all battery models for flashlights18500, 18650, 26650, 14500 etc.
It is always advisable to use protected batteries, for the most powerful and demanding flashlights, although for models with less than 1000 lumens you can also use unprotected batteries, which are cheaper, with absolute safety.

3- The 4 best rechargeable batteries to buy

Sometimes exaggerated advertising has led to the appearance of battery ads that promise more durability or load capacity than they actually have. This problem is very common in Amazon and Aliexpress. The bad surprises are almost assured in these Chinese marketplaces. For this reason it is important to purchase rechargeable flashlight batteries safely from a vendor authorized by brands such as Imalent or Acebeam. It is also the way to make sure that the quality you need is achieved at the best price that fits your budget.

Buy batteries online, Cash on delivery is another way to make sure you buy your batteries.

At our website SILICEO Tienda Online there is a wide variety of payment options. You can pay for batteries and LED flashlights with credit card, from your own bank by transfer or even by cash on delivery when they arrive at your house.

We assure you that a brand of trusted and guaranteed batteries like AceBeam or Imalent will never fail you. Before buying a battery, therefore, you must always first decide what requirements the flashlight requires. Model, size, load capacity type of protection.

Store of rechargeable batteries for outstanding brands:

 Imalent     Acebeam   Olight      Ultrafire  TrustFire

Direct links to the best batteries according to size:

1634014500  / 2070018650  / 26650



Li-ion Batteries Store >> SILÍCEO ONLINE


3-1 Rechargeable battery ARC18650H-310A 18650 of 3100 mAh brand Acebeam

The rechargeable battery ARC18650H-310A 18650 3100mAh Li-ion 20A Acebeam. The ACEBEAM protected cells have a patented internal PCB protection against low voltage and excessive voltage. These protected cells are best used in single cell applications because the protection is based on the correct voltage of a single cell.

Our batteries ACEBEAM Type MOSFETS (metal-oxide-semiconductor-field-effect transistor), They are special to give the maximum power or turbo mode to the ACEBEAM flashlights, so the flashlight can work with the maximum performance thanks to these batteries. The other batteries may not achieve the same performance with lower quality batteries

 Rechargeable Lithium Battery type IMR MOSFETS 3100mAh 3.7v 20A (Samsung Core Cells)

ARC18650H-310A mosfets


3-2 AceBeam 26650 – 5000mAh protected rechargeable lithium battery PCB 3.7v

Battery 26650 Acebeam compatible with AceBeam EC50 and EC60. It also works for other brands of powerful LED flashlights. These batteries are protective batteries with positive plate protection, so they are a little longer 67.6 mm, and safer than unprotected batteries.

Acebeam batteries have no memory effect. Low self-discharge makes it still maintain 50% capacity after half a year of non-use.
Positive PCB batteries embedded with a positive PCB (circuit board protected technology newer than 2019 to prevent a fire accident caused by the short circuit of the nickel belt connecting the negative and negative electrode terminals.

ACEBEAM 26650 5000MAH

Siliceo online works with AceBeam, official distributor in Spain. Rechargeable battery ARC 26650 5000mAh 3.7v

Buy AceBeam Battery 5000mah >> 19.80 EUR

3-3 Acebeam ARC20700H-425A battery special size 20700 4250mAh IMR

The new evolved size battery model is larger, reaching 20,700 makes possible an increase in performance compared to small batteries type 18650.

The new AceBeam ARC20700H-425A is a rechargeable lithium ion battery model 20700 high capacity specially designed for high consumption devices. With exceptional performance, excellent reliability and compact design, it is the best choice for your devices like powerful LED flashlights.


AceBeam cylindrical battery ARC20700H-425A


3-4 The new UltraFire Micro USB 18650 3400mAh 3.7V Battery

In 2019 some novelties in cylindrical batteries have appeared with force in the market, as for example a rechargeable model of lithium Protected battery that like novelty incorporates a micro USB port in the head of the battery. This connector allows you to charge the battery anytime and anywhere with a USB cable or with the phone charger.   With an amazing capacity of 3400mAh size 18650 with high performance protected circuit designed for specific purposes: overload / over discharge / overheating, protection against short circuit DUAL, protection against overheating.

Rechargeable micro USB lithium battery

Battery rechargeable micro USB >> 18 EUR

All devices with USB interface can charge this battery. Micro USB charging port with 2 color LEDs indicating charging condition (Red: charging; Green: fully charged)

Positive PCB: Once you are sure you will need batteries with a positive PCB (protected circuit board that adheres to the newest technology of 2019) to avoid a fire accident caused by the short circuit of the nickel belt that connects the terminals of the electrode.

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