WIFI antennas for long distance, ranging from 100 meters to 30 km

WIFI antennas for long distance, ranging from 100 meters to 30 km

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Numerous studies related to the preferences of technology users say that most households want to have a good quality WIFI signal that reaches the last corner. So now we are no longer conformed with having WiFi in the living room, we want to reach the whole house, the garden, the bedroom, the floor above, the basement and even want to have wifi in the store located across the street, across the patio or garden. For these reasons the purchase of long-range WiFi antennas for outdoor has become popular among all users who have several devices from those who access the Internet and want to connect via WiFi. At the same time it multiplies the need for WiFi connectivity Internet providers still install basic low-reach router which needs to replace or add WiFi repeaters to cover the entire house. If in addition to extend the WiFi coverage you want to take it further even to the maximum distance of alcnace WiFi from 30km Continue reading and resolve many questions about what is the long-range WiFi

The doubts and questions that arise when trying to extend the WIFI coverage of a router are numerous:

What is the maximum distance of a WIFI router? What distance does a WIFI repeater reach? Which WIFI antenna is best for long distance?

What WIFI antennas are powerful?

To solve all these doubts first of all it is necessary to emphasize that the technicians installers of WiFi antennas never determine the distance of a product WiFi before installing it. The distances specified by the manufacturers are theoretical, measured in the laboratory in optimal conditions. That is to say the distance of reach of a WIFI antenna will always be in relation to the environment where it is located and to external factors like the climate or the interferences.

So the simplification of tell me how far my WIFI signal arrives with a certain antenna has no exact answer since besides the technology depends on the location and orientation. The location at sufficient height on the ground, orientation and above all the shape and size of the antenna are determinant in the maximum range of the antenna. For this reason currently mount a long-range WiFi antenna home will not solve the problems of scope and coverage of the router in most cases, since to carry WiFi long distance with a WiFi antenna that reaches 200 meters or more we need a computer Professional with powerful WIFI antennas and made of sturdy materials.

As a pre-orientation and to serve as a guide to buying WiFi antennas we can orient with this table of WiFi antennas and maximum range. The links lead to the technical sheet of the product where all the information is and you can buy cheaper with fast shipping.

Comparison of long-range WIFI antennas for outdoor and distance reaching:

Model:Meon N4000

WIFI antennas for long distance, ranging from 100 meters to 30 km

WiFi antenna Kit up to 5km with 2 dishes 24dbi

WiFi antenna Kit up to 5km with 2 dishes 24DBI + bridge +

Antenna Kit Wi-Fi Alfa Yagi AYA-2410

Kit Antenna Wi-Fi Alfa Yagi AYA-2410 + Wi-Fi adapter USB RT3070

Ubiquiti nanostation Loco M2

Ubiquiti nanostation Loco M2 WISP CPE antenna wifi repeater

Reach in meters
 1km 1.5 km   5 km2 km/3km2km/3km
Type Panel 36 º Opening
Parabolica 10th ApertureYagi 5th AperturePanel 30 º Opening
Cable10-metre USB expandable up to 20 meters2 m Ethernet PoE extendable cable up to 60 meters3 meter Coaxial cable + 1 meter USB expandableUp to 60 meters RJ45 PoE Cable
Chip RT3070Configuration as RouterRT3070Configuration as Router
Price 32 EUR250 EUR65 EUR49 EUR
AdvantagesThe best 2021 long-range WiFi antenna

Very easy to install and use, connect by USB and ready. Melon N4000 in any location will catch 50 or 60 networks available without having to orient accurately

The WiFi antenna that goes fartherVery easy to install3 possible configuration modes, such as router, WiFi transmitter or WiFi client receiver
DisadvantagesNone, it is the best quality priceYou have to install on the roof an antenna in each house and oriented accuratelyYou need to orient yourself accuratelyNot compatible with WiFislax
Where to buy:Https://tienda.siliceo.es/inicio/117-36dbi-antena-panel-wifi-melon-n4000-cable-usb-10m.htmlHttps://tienda.siliceo.es/kit-antenas-wifi/881-kit-wifi-antenas-hasta-5km-con-2-parabolicas.htmlHttps://tienda.siliceo.es/antena-yagi-wifi/235-kit-antena-wi-fi-alfa-yagi-aya-2410-adaptador.htmlHttps://tienda.siliceo.es/nanostation/219-ubiquiti-nanostation-loco-m2-wisp-cpe-antena-wifi.html


Melon N4000 - 32 EUR

> WiFi antenna reach 100 meters-> ALFA AWUS036NEH antenna WiFi indoor Panel

To reach more than 50 meters in iterirores or external ALFA network has designed the antenna Panel APA-M04 that has connection SMA. This KIT is sold with a powerful WiFi USB adapter model AWUS036NEH which is a USB WiFi adapter from Alfa Network with RT3070 chip. The antenna panel is portable and ideal for carrying everywhere. The Antennas WiFi Alfa Network give the best quality of connection for interiors and even with this kit you will be able to connect to WiFi networks located outside of the building, like nearby bars, public WiFi of the city hall etc.

The AWUS036NEH WiFi USB antenna offers an excellent transmission power of over 20 dBm, plus the 7 dbi high-sensitivity directional panel antenna. Alfa includes a WiFi network scanning CD with the included ALFA WiFi Scaner software to view and save all the data from the nearby WiFi networks. The main advantage of this long range WiFi antenna model for outdoor is that it can be connected by WiFi even when there is no direct view, as it has great penetration and crosses walls with ease. It is also completely portable and allows hot swappable connection, which is the ability to be able to plug in perfectly, or unplugged to the computer, without turning it off or restarting it.

Alfa AWUS036NEH antenna WiFi USB RT3070 with directional panel 7dbi

BUY NOW Panel WIFI >> 32 EUR

> WiFi antenna reach 500 meters-> ALFA UBDO-NT antenna wifi outdoor Panel

Antenna wifi Alfa ubdo-nt8 Exterior 2000 MW 12DBI is a WiFi antenna that reaches up to 500 meters designed for outdoor. The USB WIFI adapter with outdoor-resistant antenna has a 150 Mbps 802.11 n wireless receiver built into an outdoor weatherproof enclosure. It contains two mounting rings of the mast-O ring and 8 meters of USB cable with a special dual-purpose USB connection so you can use 2 USB ports on your computer to provide maximum power to the device without needing an ex power supply Terna.

The Alfa UBDO NT model is easy to assemble and dismantle so you can take it on a trip to have WIFI in the car, truck or caravan. The RT3070 WiFi chip is integrated into the outer shell, along with the antenna.

As shown in this graph the Alfa UBDO is ideal for installing WIFI in a caravan, boat, truck or house up to 200 or 500 meters away


External Panel antenna UBDO RT3030 powerful 2w USB AP CPE Waterproof

> WiFi antenna reach 1 KM-> Melon N519 antenna WiFi Outdoor Panel

The long-range WiFi antenna Melon N519 has a 1km WiFi range and can even reach up to 2 km with completely stable connection.  Fully waterproof housing for outdoors or indoor.  The reception area reaches several kilometres of distance in direct viewing conditions with the router.  It is ideal for those who live in rural areas, where it is difficult to connect to the Internet. With this N519 antenna installed in the window in a space without many buildings such as rural environments can connect to any public network available. Notable for carrying a 36 DBI WiFi antenna with 10 meters of high quality active USB cable and waterproof + a wall anchor and swivel bar. This model, as well as the high power UBDO, has double USB cable so that the power supply is not cut when used at maximum power.

Https://tienda.siliceo.es/img/cms/4k-MAG-G5-CAMARA/melonN519-siliceo-panel-36dbi.jpgComprar MELON N519 >>

> WiFi antenna reach 3 KM-> nanostation locoM2 Ubiquiti antenna wifi Outdoor Panel

From 1 kilometer It is about distances that require professional solutions, these antennas need a configuration and above all it is very important a correct orientation and alignment of the antennas, but do not worry also can be installed by the Own user following a few simple tutorials like this on orientation of WIFI antennas.

To reach up to 3km with WiFi antennas is a distance that can not be covered only with a good WiFi receiver even if it is long range. is needed, then put two directional antennas facing point to point. For example when you want to connect two buildings separated from each other, and you have on the way a large free space like a patio, park, recreational estate etc. The best long range WIFI antennas for these cases are the Ubiquiti. With a pack of 2 LocoM2 antennas you can cover that distance, configuring one as access point and the other as a WIFI client. The Ubiquiti nanostation Loco M2 is a directional Panel antenna that is also fully prepared to be installed outdoors

Ubiquiti nanostation locoM2 KIT 2 units connect WIFI 2 houses

Kit composed by two Ubiquiti LocoM2 units.

BUY NOW KIT Ubiquiti Loco M2 >>

The WIFI connection KIT between two local Ubiquiti Nanostation LocoM2 is designed to use an antenna on either side. The Ubiquiti LocoM2 operate as much as WiFi receiving antennas as access point or WiFi repeater router. With its 8dBi directional Panel antennas, they reach up to 3 km with direct view of each other. This complete Kit of 2 nanostation Ubiquiti LocoM2 has everything you need to bring Internet from one house to another, with direct vision. No matter the distance as long as there is direct vision between these two CPE stations.

Applications of this kit are:
• Communicate the WIFI network of a business place with a private home.
• Interconnect two private houses, two local WIFI networks or buildings of the same owner.

At the end of the installation you will have a system that allows you to share WIFI at home from the connection of another house or local.  Once you receive the Internet connection, it is possible to easily install a WIFI repeater router that creates a new network with new password, to connect with various IP cameras, computers, mobiles, tablets or other devices that support the technology Wifi. To learn more about the history of Ubiquiti read here.

> WiFi antenna reach 10 KM-> AGA2424T satellite dish antenna WiFi Outdoor Grille

This long-range WIFI antenna is mainly used to connect to a network with a distance of 4 to 6 Km. But putting two confronted equals you can get to create a network from point to point up to 10km away or even 15km if installed in towers more than 20 meters from the ground. This Alfa network Alfa Network 24dBi Antenna Kit is composed of a professional parabolic antenna + HIGH POWER USB Adapter + 3m Coaxial cable. This grid grid antenna is designed for 2.4 GHz frequency giving excellent performance within the IEEE 802.11 b/g WiFi standards.

Kit Parabolica Alfa 5km USB

Alfa Network Alfa Network 24dBi AWUS036NEH antenna Kit

buy now KIT Parabólica WIFI >> 76,95 EUR

> WiFi antenna reach 30 KM-> technology 5GHz > WiFi long range antenna LiteBeam LBE-5AC-23 5GHz AC

Ubiquiti LBE-5AC-23 satellite type WIFI 5GHz antenna is a high quality device with 23 dBi gain in the 5GHz AC band. The solution of this Ubiquiti WiFi antenna is a high performance device that is also characterized by a wide range that surpasses almost everything known in long distance WiFi connections. The combination of excellent parameters and the use of the latest solutions, have allowed to achieve a high quality device that meets the expectations of the most demanding users.
LBE-5AC-23 5GHz AC is capable of operating without interference to the outside by withstanding temperatures between-40 and 70 degrees centigrade. With a 3-axis alignment capability, the LiteBeam WIFI AC is fully assembled in just a few seconds without tools. Only one spanner is required in the case of the mast anchorage.

Ubiquiti’s long-range WiFi antennas can reach up to 50 km in optimal conditions, provided that s ecumpla with a professional or homemade installation of quality, good orientation, and environmental conditions of open field where there is no interference from Other WiFi networks.

AirMAX Integrated Technology. Unlike the standard Wi-Fi protocol, Ubiquiti Networks (R) ‘s exclusive AirMAX time and division Multiple Access Protocol (TDMA) enables each client to send and receive data using previously designated managed time intervals by an AP driver. This time-interval method eliminates hidden node collisions and maximizes air-time efficiency. Compared to other WiFi systems, LiteBeam products offer superior performance in latency, performance and maximum range in WiFi.

High gain antenna, 2×2 MIMO-the LiteBeam AC has a gain of 23dBi, for long distance PTP links thanks to its directional antenna, which increases the immunity to noise. Frequency 5 GHz gain 23 dBi Size 362 x 273 x 203 mm 2×2 MIMO

BUY NOW LiteBeam AC >> 59,80 EUR

In addition in this summary box you can see the types and maximum range of each WiFi antenna. Entering the links you can see the complete technical information, prices and how to buy dirently in the store Silicon WiFi.

WiFi ReachAntenna modelDBi gain
Up to 100 metersALFA WUS036NEH 7Dbi 7 DBI
Up to 500 metersAlfa UBDO-NT12dbi
Up to 1 kmMelon N51936 DBi
Up to 3kmUbiquiti nanostation Loco M28.5 DBi x 2
Up to 10 kmAlfa AGA2424T24 DBI x 2
Up to 30kmUbiquiti LBE-5AC-2323DBI x 2

The use and installation of all these WiFi antennas is usually simple, do not need to be any expert but if you need more information or contact a WiFi expert send a message to  SILICEO ONLINE WiFi from here > >