Best brands of LED flashlights

Best brands of LED flashlights

Updated in 2020 Blog - Reviews and guides to buy

The best LED flashlights of the market by great Power, the reach in meters and the duration of the batteries at this moment are those of the marks Imalent and Acebeam.

The rankimg of the best lanterns has it in the 2019 ACEBEAM (read more)

Other brands such as Olight, Fenix or Maglite have remained a little behind, since the 2019, especially Acebeam has climbed in the ranking and surpasses all others.

So that it can be compared, if in the 2018 Imalent surpassed other brands with the model DX80 of 320000 Lumen, in 2019, ACEBEAM has launched the X70 with no less than 60000 lumen.

Of course, when we talk about these two top quality brands, the LEDs are from the American led brand CREE. The best LED bulbs in the world are from Cree, the American design is from Cree manufacturer and the manufacture and assembly of the rest of the lantern is made in the famous city of Shenzen in China, which is where currently the factories of the highest techno products are located. Including all the smartphones of Huawei, Aple and Samsung. Shenzhen, capital of technology in southern China, has gone from 60,000 inhabitants in 1980 to 12 million today, is the paradise of hardware and that is where it manufactures its components the brand ACEBEAM.

Acebeam Shop Spain 

Shop Imalent Spain

UltraFire Shop Spain

➤ Comparative more powerful LED flashlights

Now that we know that the best LED flashlights, the Chinese and the rest of the world, are made in Shenzhen, it is important to choose the store well to buy.

First of all we should know where we never buy LED flashlights, which is at AMAZON.

Once we have already ruled out Amazon, which is the natural habitat of counterfeits, delays in shipping and where, besides, everything is more expensive than in other online stores, we will talk about the cheap LED flashlight stores in Spain.

We recommend SILICEO ONLINE shop, wich is the official distributor of this two brands ACEBEAM-Imalent in Spain, plus clear selling other brands of cheap LED flashlights like, UltraFire. If you are thinking of buying at Amazon this is not the site, but we recommend, anyway you read more why not buy at Amazon in this article.

To make it clear to those who recommend on their official website these brands as official seller in Spain enters these links: and in the section where to buy, (Wheere to Buy) you will see that the two brands recommend the store SILICEO.

SILICEO Online-recommended in Spain by the official site ACEBEAM

SILICEO ONLINE-recommended in Spain by the official website imalent

➤ Best LED Tactical Flashlight

What is a tactical flashlight? It is called a flashlight tactical flashlight that can give us a strategic advantage over an adversary. The world of lighting and in particular LED flashlights has evolved a lot in recent years. Prices have been cheaper and consumption

There are now flashlights of 12000 lumen  32500 lumen and 60000 lumens as sold by the brand Acebeam.

If we want a tactical flashlight that provides us with strategic superiority for security or defense, this must be powerful, light and manageable. If a tactical flashlight is of small size, with a lot of battery life, and also carries a turbo mode of maximum power that exceeds the 10000 lumens, then we can talk about a real modern tactical flashlight. In addition, tactical flashlights carry various modes of use for police tactics and defense such as mode, burst or Strobe, SOS and flashing light.

➤ the best rechargeable LED flashlights from the 2019

When your work, hobby or sport demands the daily use of a powerful flashlight, then it is best to make you with a rechargeable battery. Currently there are several models that can be loaded even with USB cable, micro USB or USB C as mobiles and tablet.

Shop online LED Recargable flaslight

The best option is the one that can recharge the batteries inside the flashlight without having to extract them. They cost a little more expensive but saves time and work on recharging, and can be recharged in the car when we go or return from work.

Currently all carry lithium batteries that once loaded last days and months without losing their capacity, are light and give the possibility of constant drainage to keep the LEDs at maximum power

➤ Best LED Flashlight 2019-ACEBEAM X70

The X70 model of Acebeam is one of the most powerful LED flashlights of the 2019

It has everything, it is a professional rechargeable flashlight, very powerful tactic and very practical for search and rescue work. Reflector Acebeam X70-60,000 lumens



➤ ACEBEAM EC65 Rechargeable LED Flashlight

In the review of the rechargeable flashlight for military and professional use ACEBEAM EC65, which we have done at Silicon store, we have tested the high performance of this rechargeable USB flashlight. It recharges like a mobile with a micro USB cable or USB C, light and easy to use in the car or at home. It can be loaded in the car on the return trip to work. Police, vigilantes and military, search and rescue, photography, are the professionals who use this flashlight most ACEBEAM EC65 although they have more applications.

Direct load design by the type C USB Port integrated in the head. Suitable for your phone charging adapter, car charger, PC USB port, Power Bank.

LED Flashlight with 4000 lumens, use 4 led CREE XHP35 bulbs, maximum output of 4000 lumens. Flashlight light up to 258 meters. The most powerful and small flashlight in pocket size and rechargeable ACEBEAM.

ACEBEAM presents in the Shop of Spain SILICEO online shop professional flashlights for police, military, daily use, photo lighting, flood light chamber.


brightness modes and operating time.

Rechargeable flashlight by USB ACEBEAM EC65 4000 lumens CREE


Ec65 Acebeam


➤ AceBeam Versus Imalent-The best brands of LED flashlights

These are the two examples of the most prominent brands and best LED manufacturers in the world. Maybe for some users the best flashlight in the world is the Imalent DX80 and for others the best is the ACEBEAM X70 or ACEBEAM X80, of course in addition to the lumens, you have to take into account the batteries, the range in distance or the system of recharging. Here you Ponemosuna table of the purchase of the four best models Actualemtne Acebeam vs Imalent

Model:AceBeam X70Imalent MS12Imalent DX80Acebeam X80
LED Emitter: 12 X LED CREE xhp 70.212 pcs Cree XHP70 LED8 LED units – CREE XHP70 P212 CREE xhp 50.21 x UV/2x red/2x Green/2x Blue
Luminous Flux: 60,000 lumens-RECORD 201953000 lumens16500 lumens25000 lumens
Focus Distance 1115 meters913 meters806 meters332 meters
Color temperature: 6500 K 6000 K6000 K6000 K
Battery:8 x 18650 Sony VTC6Built-in 92.2 WH large-capacity rechargeable battery8 × 186504 × 18650
Internal charger:Yes/charger for cigarette lighter includedYes/fast chargeYes/micro USB connectorNo
Waterproof:Submersible 10 metersIPX-8 Submersible 2 metersIPX-8 Submersible 2 metersSubmersible 30 meters
Where to buy:Https://

If you want to buy powerful and cheap LED flashlights, enter the links and Pidelas online. Check out this link from the Online Shop of LED flashlights SILICEO or ask us for WhatsApp or Email ? we love listening and attending to our customers.