Outdoor WiFi antenna, How to buy directional or omnidirectional antennas

Outdoor WiFi antenna, How to buy directional or omnidirectional antennas

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To guide you on the ((purchase of WiFi outdoor antenna)) ? We have made this tutorial and basic guide with a comparison of the best teams, brands, prices and tips for use. In the market there are many WiFi equipment with very different characteristics in terms of frequency of 2, 4Ghz or 5GHz, type of antennas, omnidirectional or directional and brands, so it is possible that you spend a lot of money on an expensive equipment that is not suitable for the US Or concrete you’re going to give him. Here you are going to give all the keys and if you have doubts or need a tip you can contact directly with our WiFi consultants. ?

➤ What frequency do I choose to install a long-range outdoor WiFi antenna

To be able to answer this frequent question in relation to the two WiFi frequencies that are used at the present time we consulted to the main manufacturers of WiFi antennas like TP-Link Ubiquiti and Alfa Network.

All manufacturers agree that it is better to buy antennas of 2, 4ghz par longer distance, but in middel distances, if there is a real problem of saturation of WiFi networks and interferences, it may be more useful the frequency of 5GHz.

This is the specific answer to the frequently asked question about the two WiFi frequency bands that the manufacturer TP-Link gives:

“The main difference between the wireless frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5GHz is the range since the frequency of 2.4 GHz is able to reach farther than the frequency of 5GHz. This is the result of the basic characteristics that the waves attenuate much faster at higher frequencies. So if you’re most concerned about coverage, you should select 2.4 GHz instead of 5GHz. ”

The frequency of 2, 4Ghz has few channels and with a very small range, so they overlap, in theory a router that transmits by Channel 1, and another that transmits by Channel 2 if they are close, suppose to less than 50 meters, cause partial interferences by channel are successive and total if they are by the same channel. The frequency of 5GHz has 23 channels which do not overlap therefore the interferences disappear. Nearby WiFi equipment adds noise to the device that can slow down the transmission speed on the WiFi network.

An unknown aspect of the frequency of 5GHz is that the radar of military use is commonly of 5ghz all over the world, and in addition with very high transmitting powers, therefore all wireless networks of 5GHz could have some interference in the vicinity of Military barracks or bases. In fact many countries require that the 5GHZ teams should always transmit to a low and controlled power.

Ultimately the 5GHz frequency has a shorter range compared to 2.4 GHz. The old of 2, 4ghz have more equipment more transmitting and more interferences, but being short wave arrives much farther. There are millions of equipment transmitting to 2, 4Gz so in urban areas is saturated, but in rural areas or open field, 2, 4ghz is the frequency that farthest arrives. The use of 5GHz, is novel and still in 2021 there are very few computers transmitting to 5GHz.

➤ Outdoor WiFi antenna 2, 4Ghz

Here we will put a selection of the best equipment, and prices, to transmit WiFi long distance on the outside.

All of them are recommended for rural open-country areas with direct vision, without buildings or mountains along the way.

✅ antenna Panel USB UBDo-UV-T directional 12dBi

The UBDO-UV-T is a great WiFi adapter with USB connector and external antenna. It is the most basic device if you want to detect all the WiFi networks that are near your house to connect with good quality. It is compatible with the IEEE 802.11 b/g/n network standard. It includes a utility for Windows, Mac and Linux, with which you can scan the available wireless networks and save in Profiles your favorites, to reconnect them more easily.

Chipset: Realtek RTL8188EUS/standards: IEEE 802.11 b/g/N/Voltage: 5v/12dbi directional antenna WIFI panel outdoor reach up to 2km/USB Cable 5 meters length

UBDO-UV-T WIFI directional antenna USB CPE Realtek RTL8188EUS



BUY NOW router R658 >> 38,40 EUR


If you want a router that is compatible with the antennas WiFi panels UBDO by USB Here you have the router Melon R658 with USB connection for WiFi antennas that supports the WiFi antennas that work with the chip Ralink 3070 and Realtek 8188RU.

✅ complete Kit for long distance WiFI connection. -Easy and very powerful configuration.

To not get lost in technical explanations here we will talk directly about a kit WiFi 2, 4ghz, with a spectacular power of a brand of high quality, Alfa Network, and for a very reasonable price of 250 EUR, has everything. This WiFi bridge system designed by silicon is really long-range. We talk about that it is seriously and really a team of 2, 4Ghz to connect two buildings to the same network wirelessly up to 5 kilometers away, without losing or lowering speed. This system is very easy to set up.

The kit has all included to install two antennas equal one on each side, so that one works as a transmitter and the other as a WiFi receiver. It is easy to install, first you put a connected to an Ethernet cable router to emit, while the other goes to the other side as a receiver, at a distance of up to 5km will receive WiFI connection to transmit it directly to a PC or another relay router.

The work of Puente is through an ALFA Tube, model Alfa TUBE2H that connects to the satellite dish AGA2424T that is placed on the wall or roof. The connection cables are also included in the kit. Simply connect the antennas to each side of the bridge, in each location, and connect them to the TUBE2H jumper with the coaxial cable of the antenna included.

In this kit are used the largest WiFi available in the market, each satellite dish is more than 1 meter long and are grid to withstand better wind. 2, 4gz which is the frequency that reaches the most distance and AGA2424T models are the best WiFi dishes for sale, to install at home and get point-to-point connections of long distances.

This kit is recommended for distances greater than 300 meters and up to 5km, all that is required is a direct line of sight between two points, and mount the two heights on a roof or wall more than 5 meters from the ground and if possible at the same height both.  These equipment can be extended with RJ45 cable up to 60 meters without loss of signal.

Antenna Kit-5km to 10 km
This kit is designed to connect to a router configured using the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), which is the standard factory setting for most routers. An Internet connection is also required.

Kit WIFI 2 grid antennas >> 250 EUR


The 2-Parabolic satellite kit AGA up to 5km includes everything: 2 AGA2424T antennas + 2 TUBE2H Bridges + 2 POE with plug + 2 1m Ethernet Cable

➤ Outdoor WiFi Antenna 5GHz

In this selection are shown some of the best cheap equipment to broadcast long distance WiFi on the outside with the frequency of 5GHz, or double band.

All of these 5ghz equipment and antennas are recommended for urban areas, but obviously always with direct vision, without buildings or thick walls along the way.

✅ Kit WiFi antenna wifi UBDO-25T 2, 4Ghz 5GHz + router Reptidor Alfa Network

As we have explained it is not easy to take a WiFi signal from 5GHz remote and Rpetirla inside home with a router, but if you dare with the 5GHz here we propose a pack of antenna WiFi external ALFA Network dual band (2, 4Ghz and 5 Ghz) that also carries a router for R Epetir indoors.

The pack is composed of WiFi antenna UBDO-25T + a ROUTER WiFi Alfa Network that are compatible with each other.

The first is a powerful WiFi antenna UBDO-25T chip MEDIATEK RALINK RALINK RT3572 Dual Band with 5 meters USB cable and the second is a special router Alfa AIP-W525HU with USB port that works as a WIFI repeater. The antenna is destined to take long distance Internet (up to 2km) and then transmit the signal via USB cable to the router that has a special USB port compatible with this dual band WiFI antenna

The WiFI antenna UBDO-25T receives by the two bands of 2, 4Ghz and 5GHz is Dual band and transmits internet to the router that can distribute it throughout the house for various computers and smartphones at the same time.

This Pack can operate up to 300 Mbps of WiFI speed both to receive and to emit, guaranteeing maximum speed.

kit WIFI UBDO-25T -- 109 EUR >


Alfa Networks is a prestigious brand, for very powerful WiFi antennas, and a router with a compatible USB input. The WiFi amplifier Pack has 5 meters of USB cable + integrated 12 dBi panel antenna + relay router with USB. It is easy to assemble and you can turn the antenna to the desired direction in a caravan or boat.

✅ Antenna WiFi External Ubiquiti

Ubiquiti is a brand of WiFi antennas that only manufactures very high quality components, and also stands out for including in all their devices a patented AirMAx software that converts all your WiFi antennas and router into sophisticated devices, with a multitude of options Powerful, high-priced configuration. For these reasons Ubiquiti is the brand used by professional installers to create outdoor WiFi networks. But it also has cheap and easy-to-install teams that give extraordinary performance.

An example of Ubiquiti model that works as an antenna to catch more WiFi signal is the Ubiquiti nanostation M2 of 2.4 GHz.

In Silicon online shop we have made a review of this model Nanostation M2 that stands out for its high power and 2×2 MIMO system

> > WiFi antenna 2.4 GHz, 11 dBi/Atheros MIPS 24 KC processor to 400 MHz/32 MB SDRAM/Power WiFi 630mW/Intelligent PoE Adapter 24 V and 0.5 a

Nanostation M2 11dBi 2.4 GHz 2x2 MIMO Outdoor CPE BUY NOW NanoStation M2 >> 104 EUR


The recommended use of Ubiquiti nanostation M2 is to join two houses or buildings with a WiFi connection 2, 4ghz point to Point, at a distance of more than 500 meters and up to 15km. It is necessary to remember that this maximum distance of 15km is relative and always in optimal conditions without obstacles or interferences.

In connections up to 4 km it is placed one on each side directed against each other and oriented with the maximum precision possible. If you want to reach 15km or 20km you have to put a reflector D ETIPO disc or parabolic as this of ALFA that is compatible with Nanostation M2.

To carry even further the WiFi signal of the nanostation M2, is achieved by reflecting all the waves and dirigiendolas to a point or direction. This dish-n reflector parabolic antenna WIFI 22 DBi Alfa Network dish-N gets it with the teams of the brands Ubiquiti or Alfa.

Parabolica Reflector WiFi Alfa CPE

BUY NOW directional WIFI  antenna 22 dBi >> 39 EUR


This parabolic reflective WiFi disc is specially designed for the CPE WiFi external brands Alfa and Ubiquiti models N2, N5, Ubiquiti Nano, Ubiquiti Loco

Adapter to convert into parabolic any WiFi USB adapter, WiFi RJ45 receiver or CPE nanostation etc.

Alfa Network Dish-N will increase its distance from outdoor WIFI to 20km and special step-by-step design for N2, N5, Ubiquiti Nano, Ubiquiti Loco

The 22 dBi antenna reflector antenna is specially designed to be used with the nanostation or with an AP/CPE with integrated antenna to reflect the WiFi and thus extend its reach to several kilometers. Made of galvanized steel that adapts perfectly in the context of its use outdoors.

✅ Antenna WiFi Outdoor omni-directional

There are omni-directional WiFi equipment that are recommended for moving vehicles. The explanation is that a directional antenna goes further, but you have to orient it accurately, but if we have a boat, or a caravan that moves frequently is better an omni-directional outdoor antenna, par seize detect nets in all directions without Need to orient it. In these cases, external antennas of 10 dbi or 15dbi of the ALFA mark are recommended that are very resistant to water and humidity and that last years of use without deteriorating or losing effectiveness.

15DBI antenna WiFi Outdoor Alfa Network Omni 2.4 GHz AOA-2415

WIFI 15dbi omnidirectional >> 51 EUR


This 15 dbi Alfa AOA-2415 outdoor omni-directional antenna is very large and rugged, measuring 1.5 meters in length, reaching the longest possible distance in omni-directional antenna
The best antenna to connect to an external USB WiFi adapter, compatible with all bridges WiFi Tube Alfa, to distribute the WiFi signal in all directions.

With 15DBI is an antenna prepared to reach 3km in good conditions of visibility.

✅ Pack Alfa Network WiFI 10dbi + Tube-U

This is another special Pack for homes, caravans or boats. The external ALFA WiFi antenna can be connected to networks at a distance of more than 1km.

Pack Alfa Network WiFI Outdoor antenna 10dbi + Tube-U USB CPE

If you are interested in buying some of these outdoor WiFi antennas you can enter the web of the WiFi store silicon, or contact by phone or Email. We know many useful tricks to improve the WiFi and also to put free wifi in a house picking up the signal from another. To contact write an email to Siliceo Online store > > also WhatsApp or email, buy and enjoy with our WiFi kit. ?

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