Cash on delivery shopping online store at SILICEO

Cash on delivery shopping online store at SILICEO

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To begin to analyze the importance of the payment system for reimbursement today we can perform a simple search on Google that returns this result of approximately 4,330,000

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When we explore the results of Google soon we realize that only stores that want to give confidence to customers accept this system of payment, while others, which spend thousands of euros in advertising, do not accept this payment by showing little confidence in the Customer.

Next we will describe the peculiarities of this payment system so used in Spain to buy physical objects, both new and second hand, paying remotely.


1-What is the cash on delivery?

The cash on delivery is a secure payment method used in those online stores that give the buyers more confidence. Online purchase by Payment “cash on delivery” or “send-to-refund” is a sure way to pay for your purchases.

For all those who do not uséis credit cards, or simply at the time of purchase you have no balance or you do not want to use a Mastercard, Visa or American Express; Online stores that are trustworthy will allow you to use the payment against reimbursement as payment method.  Without a doubt, the mere announcement, that a store with quality products and fast service also offers this possibility of payment, is a proof of confidence in the sale online.

You may not use the payment in hand, you do not have cash that day, or you prefer to pay by PayPal or bank transfer. But if when choosing a provider on the Internet you see that the store accepts payment against reimbursement, it is an unequivocal proof that it is a trusted provider. It is normal for a buyer to suspect or not trust of the service that will be given to a supplier who only accepts his own subscription payment by very large or famous as it may seem.

Numerous surveys to buyers have shown that stores that only accept subscriptions or advance payments will not give customer satisfaction and a prominent percentage will give a bad service, delays, cancellations of orders, extra charges without explanation, Returns, non-stock products, product model changes etc. etc.

The payment against reimbursement system is simple and well known for years in Spain. The buyer makes a purchase on the website of the online store, the purchase is registered and the supplier sends the package with the product by urgent shipment 24h. The package arrives to the client the next day and this pay in hand the product bought to the dealer of the shipping agency.

It is usually paid in cash, but there are transportation agencies that are incorporating the use of a portable TPV to allow the customer to pay by credit card at the door of their home.


2-which stores accept payment on delivery.

Payment for the refund method is always very advantageous to the customer since it has no risk to the buyer, any consumer can open the box at home and so check that it corresponds with the requested and then pay in cash. Undoubtedly the payment for reimbursement is the method that allows to have the same experience of a traditional purchase, but requesting goods that are sold exclusively, or much cheaper on the internet than in a physical store.

All the Online stores that are trusted in Spain and want to give a quick and comfortable service to the customer accept payment against reimbursement.  In the current trend based on serving the customer and giving total confidence to buy, it is necessary to accept the counter refund as payment for online purchases. It is a reality that large online stores that allow cash on delivery stand out as prestigious sellers like Zalando in the fashion sector, or examples of big chains such as Fnac or Kiabi. Another website that allows you to buy WiFi antennas cash is Siliceo Online store, Spanish supplier dedicated to the sale in the electronics sector that sends for Spain and Portugal for a refund for 5 years.

Normally the payment against reimbursement of an online purchase is subject to a fixed commission for each package. This Commission is not a direct payment to the store, but it is a surcharge charged by the carrier originated by manipulating the money and taking it to the store.

* * Advice to buy cash on delivery: the lowest commissions in this type of transport are currently between 1.90 EUR and 3.90 EUR per package. A highly recommended practice is to group the purchase of several products in a single order in order to pay the transport Commission once and save expenses.

As long as we make a purchase by selecting the payment payable against reimbursement, the online store has the obligation to send it to our home. Because there is a risk that the buyer will repent or decide to change his mind it is necessary to give all confidence to the store, providing reliable data to serve the seller of truthful proof that the person who buys will pick up the package. The most common thing is to provide a mobile phone number in the address and if we also call the store before and say the day and time we can pick up the package, much better. With this data the store will be able to make a faster and safer shipment of the merchandise you need and will pay the buyer at home.

Refunding is also known worldwide as COD, by the acronym in English of Cash on delivery.

The best known benefits of the payment against reimbursement (COD) for online businesses are:

  1. * Buyer does not need a credit card to buy because it can pay in money to delivery
  2. * Purchases are faster and more confidence is given to the buyer since payment is not necessary at the time of ordering.
  3. * The possibility of scam disappears because the consumer only has to pay when he receives the item.

Drawbacks of payment against reimbursement:

  • Most carriers put a limit on the amount of money they can transfer by this method usually the limit is 1000 EUROS for cash payment of a cash-on-delivery package.

3. Popularity of payment against reimbursement:

It is true that the trend of use for payment against reimbursement is downward, if in 2014 reached 13.6% according to the latest study a payment media study published in 2015 by * remains in a 11.2% losing 2.4 percentage points , but staying in third position. This data is a study of percentages distributed on the total of Internet buyers. (year 2015)

  • 67.2% use credit card for online payment.
  • 22.9% prefer PayPal.
  • 11.2% use against reimbursement;
  • 2.1% uses bank transfer or other methods.
  • 0.5% pay per mobile.

Payment against Reimbursement survey in Spain Red.Es

One of the reasons that users contribute to prefer this type of payment is usually a bad shopping experience on multinational platforms.  In these platforms that work as Internet giants the benefit is prioritized and not the quality of the product and the service. It is often that these marketplaces do not deliver the product demanded or deliver a different one generating a bad opinion of the user.

Buying cash on Amazon is impossible. Some of the methods of payment not accepted in foreign marketplaces like Amazon and AliExpress are:

  • PayPal
  • Cash payments
  • Payments against reimbursement
  • Bank transfers

The marketplace located outside the Spanish market as Amazon or aliexpress, in addition to make the product more expensive and delay shipments, leave off their platform the preference of more than 36% of Spanish consumers, without a doubt a lack of confidence towards the consumer and Your needs that hinder the expansion of online sales by not providing payment facilities. Both Amazon and AliExpress only admit their own way of payment making it difficult to refund and returns the product in case of withdrawal right, while making it more expensive to send with subscriptions and payment services that most customers are not going to Need.

4-Conclusion: Trusted online stores maintain the trend of accepting payment on delivery in Spain.

All studies and consumer surveys maintain a high percentage of buyers who usually use the payment against reimbursement. It is very common for shoppers to use the most convenient way they find them at any time, depending on the price of the service or the amount to pay. In addition, platforms that do not accept, or stick to, cash payments and the bank, are usually located outside the country and have a lot of small print in their contracts.

Obviously the quality of the service always depends on the work of the transport and courier companies that deposit the package in hand and receive the payment of the customer in cash. Allow to pay in hand the purchase must be deposited to leading companies in transport. One of the companies that is best managing the shipment against reimbursement is currently SEUR with a cheap and safe shipping against refund-delivery in 24h. The excellent service of SEUR against reimbursement has been very successful in Spain having the advantage that it is an insured shipment against loss or deterioration in the transport that gives full confidence to the online purchase. Also emails Express CEX, offers this service currently with the advantage that the payment of the amounts charged is made by CEX every day quickly and insured.

Without a doubt, it is possible that, once accustomed to buy the products that we need in the day to day, we prefer the form of payment by credit card or by PayPal.   But, find a store near and located in Spain, with which we can have direct contact to resolve any questions and accept several ways of payment, including the counter refund, it will make it very easy to have a trusted provider to buy Online.

The protection to the buyer is the same regardelss of the method of payment, because, it is the store that gives all the guarantees according to the obligation to comply with the European and Spanish legislation in matters of online commerce.