Buy WIFI Repeater to improve wireless signal speed.

Buy WIFI Repeater to improve wireless signal speed.

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A WIFI repeater is a device that works by extending the wireless WIFI signal issued from a router that has Internet access.

The more wireless devices or that are connected by WIFI we have in a house or office, more problems of lack of speed or low coverage we will experience. But luckily in the market there are simple and effective devices, cheap and also easy to configure.

It is normal for many buyers to ask for an easy-to-install WIFI repeater that improves the problem of limiting the WIFI signal in some rooms, offices, basements or on the top floor of the house. Luckily everything has a solution and also a WIFI repeater or plug PLC can be easily installed by any user.

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How to choose and buy the best WIFI repeater:

1.   WIFI repeater plug for indoor.

The WIFI repeater is designed to give internet coverage to the corners of the house and allow several tablets and smartphone to connect simultaneously without having to be near the main router.

All Android tablet users or mobile phones have experienced that as soon as there is a wall in the way, or we are in the garden away from the router the WIFI speed of the phone is low, or even the WIFI is cut. The explanation is that Android phones and tablets in general have an internal short-range WIFI antenna and also can not be modified, or change, or put another external antenna added, so the solution is not to improve or change the WIFI antenna of the tablet, but put near where we use a router WIFI repeater, plug if home or laptop with battery if you go on a trip.

The best thing about a WIFI repeater is that it is universal, it works the same with all types of internet companies it serves for the Vodafone, Movistar or Jazztel routers. To install it the only thing that is necessary is to connect it by LAN cable Rj45 to the main router, or if we do not want cable, then put it in an outlet in an intermediate place or that currently has WIFI coverage, and the repeater will take the signal to repeat it with more force and further away.

The cheapest WIFI repeaters that work best are those of the Tenda, Eminent, Melon or ZBT brands. That’s why now we’re going to show you the basic models and their most outstanding features.

Installation of a WIFI repeater inside a building:

The method to leave installed a WIFI repeater and get to expand the internet coverage by WIFI is easy and is done in three simple steps:

1- Choose the most appropriate location. It should be at a point close to where we are going to use our computers and tablets, no more than 50 meters away and that it is also a place where we can connect by LAN cable to our router with internet, or it is a location that currently has more 60% coverage, ie more than 3 stripes or bars WIFI coverage signal, in plain language. The WIFI repeater needs power, so we need to place it in a socket.

2- Configuration of the WIFI repeater: If we connect it by cable, it must be configured in sender mode or access point. And if we connect it by WIFI, it is configured in “Repeater” mode ie it picks up by WIFI and repeats by WIFI and cable.

3- Configuration by WPS: It is the easiest way. Once the repeater is located in an electrical outlet, first press the WPS button on the router and then the repeater and they will automatically detect each other and will be configured with a completely safe and unique WPS password for that router.

Optionally you can put a new name to the WIFI network of the plug-in WIFI repeater and also a new password. Read more information about secure WIFI passwords here.

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Universal WIFI Repeater 300Mbps Amplifier Coverage AP Client LED Indicator

Reference EM4595

Easy connection via WPS button. WIFI repeater of 300Mbps very powerful. Universal LAN / WAN port and compatible with all the routers. Repeater, WIFI Client and router as AP access point.


Buy Now WIFI repeater - 19,80 EUR


WIFI repeater with antennas of Tenda A301 300Mbps. Reference A301

* Tenda A301 Easily amplifies wireless WIFI coverage by pressing the “Range Extender” button

* WIFI router easy to configure TENDA

* Router to install in high speed WIFI 300Mbps

* Compatible with all WIFI 802.11 b / g / n 2.4Ghz networks.

Buy Now WIFI  extender 19,50 EUR

2.  Outdoor WIFI repeater.

One smart idea is to compose a Pack of two compatible articles with each other. for example a WIFI PANEL 36DBI MELON N4000 antenna with an Alpha R36 USB Router compatible for USB WIFI antennas. Package ready to use and with installation manual in Spanish. The long-range antenna picks up internet from a distance and the router works as a repeater for several devices at the same time. The Melon N4000 outdoor antenna with 10 meters of USB cable Mediatek RT3070 chip and the second is a special Alfa R36 router that works as a WIFI repeater. The antenna is intended to take long distance internet (up to 1km) and then transmit the signal via USB cable to the router that has a special USB port compatible with the Wi-Fi RT3070 chip antennas and other chip.

pack Melon N4000 + router openwrt r36Buy Now Pack R36 - 79,80 EUR

3.  Portable or pocket portable wifi repeater for travel

A portable pocket wifi repeater is ideal for all those workers and students who travel a lot. When we are away from home, in a hotel or apartment, it is always very useful to have a repeater to connect via Wi-Fi with your mobile, tablet or laptop. If we are far from the WIFI access point of the hotel, the signal can get weak and also sometimes we do not have a plug nearby. For all this we recommend the portable Wi-Fi Router with battery.

This WIFI repeater router model with battery allows us to connect to the LAN cable network, which normally exists in hotels and automatically creates a new WIFI network within the room, with which we can link all the WIFI devices that we need.

The working modes of this router are WIFI repeater, WIFI sender router, bridge or client receiver and access point. WIFI. You can also add a hard drive or pendrive to the USB port to share files on the network.

The PW62 PowerBank 7800mAh is a portable travel charger perfect battery to never run out of your electronic devices powered by USB for lack of power.

Upload anywhere, quickly and safely, mobile phones, tablets, cameras, Ipads and any device with rechargeable battery. External battery for your mobile or tablet. Recharge your battery anywhere thanks to this Power Bank of 7800mAh that gives you up to three additional charges on your smartphone.

WIFI multimedia router to share battery charger

Router with portable battery Liti 7800mAh Repeater WIFI USB multimedia PW62 multifunction device:

– Power Bank – Portable battery – WIFI router – WIFI repeater – Multimedia data storage – Portable charger – 7800mah

Router with portable battery LÃtio 7800mAh Repeater WIFI USB multimedia PW62

Buy Now Router portable  WIFI - 24,30 EUR


4. Conclusion. How to amplify the WIFI at home:

  •  A wifi signal amplifier must always be located at a distance from the intermediate between the point where we want the signal to propagate and the main router that emits the internet.
  • The best location is always to place it in a high place, since the signal will be distributed naturally downwards and to the sides. It is best to place it in a central place in the room to avoid obstacles.
  • Some appliances and appliances can interfere with the signal, so it is best not to place the router near other WIFI transmitters, telephones, etc.
  • It is necessary an electrical power supply with a plug or portable battery to connect the WIFI repeater since the power supply is always done through the electric current.
  • The ideal is direct vision for a stable WIFI connection. The metallic barriers or thick walls prevent the passage of WIFI. See more information on how to improve WIFI coverage in this article.
  • Once installed and configured, the operation is bidirectional WIFI, because it communicates both with the main router and with the devices that we are going to connect to the amplified Wi-Fi signal.
  • With these cheap repeaters we will get WIFI coverage in places where previously the signal was zero or arrived weak.
  • Changing the reception channel is easy and recommended to avoid interference. It can be done from a computer by entering the router configuration page normally

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