The SSL Certificate allows you to buy safely in online stores

The SSL Certificate allows you to buy safely in online stores

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In this article we will see the relationship of SSL certificates with security on the Internet, to try to answer the main questions of customers of the online store in relation to the security and protection of data at the time of buying and paying online . In particular, we will deal with the critical moment of security in online payments when using public or free WIFI connections. We will also give advice and technical information to further improve the security of our WIFI networks.

Like so many new features and successes of the Internet, it has again been Google that has managed to implement the SSL certificate on all websites that are safe and successful on the Internet. The widespread use of the SSL certificate began in 2014 when Google decided to definitely promote the use of the https website with SSL certificate.

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1.  How was the SSL certificate implemented thanks to Google?

Very easy: made an official statement “HTTPS as a ranking signal” where it reported that the https would begin to take influence on its positioning algorithm. So it is clear now Google gives priority and SEO positioning to searches to web and online stores that have SSL certificate (more information).  Even developers of Google Developers communicated it in a video explaining the use of SSL in detail

The priority of all online businesses is to create a safer Internet, so it is a good idea that search engines reward with a better SEO positioning to websites that worry about keeping their connection with customers secure and includes the https as a ranking signal.

Since the beginning of 2021, it can even be said that any online store that does not show that SSL certificate will remain irrelevant, for the simple fact that all those that are secure show it.

2.  What is an SSL certificate for an online store?

The acronym SSL comes from the English term “Secure Socket Layer”, in Spanish “Safe Connection Zone”.  Currently there is also another more recent technology called “Transport Layer Security” or TLS. SSL / TLS are protocol used to secure and protect transactions between different destinations in a network.

It is simply a test of all the information traveling between the client’s computer or phone until the store is encrypted and it is impossible to copy or steal. The SSL certificate provides security to users, in addition these certificates confirm that a website is reliable and safe both for browsing and for the purchase and payment by Credit Card.

For example Siliceo Online Store uses the SSL certificate Comodo Ca ltd. with the highest security signature available of 2048 bits / 256-bit encryption. The certificate of informs that it is a legal, certified, safe company, located in Spain with the highest encryption available.



The SSL / TLS certificate is installed at the domain level and applies to all website activity, including queries, message submissions, credit card payments, etc.

In addition, an SSL / TLS certificate informs the user of the legality of the company, company name, location, country, period of validity of the certificate, details of the certifier issuing the certificate, etc.


3.  What is an SSL security certificate?

Online stores with an SSL certificate use encryption to perform private transactions. In this way all transmitted messages must pass an internal control for the integrity of the data. Good web examples with millions of daily users that use SSL certificate are Google, Facebook, YouTube or PayPal that went to the SHA-256 algorithm in October 2016. The encryption used by SSL / TLS prevents any spy from intercepting transactions or personal data.


4.  How is a secure store with SSL different?

When any web site has an SSL certificate, a closed green padlock appears in the navigational navigation bar and the web URL also starts with “https”, that is, an S is added to the old “http” address.

The SSL certificate is the main passive security element of a website. All customers can browse the store’s website, register without any fear of having their information stolen or lost.

If someone tries to trace the communication between the two parties, you can not decipher what data is being exchanged because the keys for decryption are unique and private, and only the user and the server have them.

This security advantage is especially noticeable when users use public Wi-Fi connections to buy from an online store. As is known, all the data transmitted by a WIFI network travels through the air. All you need is a powerful USB WIFI antenna and knowledge to be able to hack into the WIFI network or to spy on those who use it.

5.  The SSL certificate prevents espionage of credit cards or banks in WIFI networks.

But although the Wi-Fi network you use is vulnerable, it is not in any case if you are connecting to a website with an SSL certificate, as this encryption can not be violated because it is unique for that web.

Anyway, if you want to improve the security of your Wi-Fi connection and make all your online payments safe, read these BBVA Bank’s advice regarding SSL and WIFI security.

It is evident that all web explorations through the HTTP protocol are susceptible to being copied, read or manipulated by hackers or spies. On the contrary, the HTTPS protocol increases security by using an SSL certificate integrated in the web. When an online store uses SSL certificate all sent email is encrypted and can not be read or manipulated by users other than the recipient.

All WIFI security protocols such as WEP, WPA and WPA2 have some recognized vulnerabilities. WIFI hackers can only attack if they are close to the target, for this reason, if you connect to a public or free Wi-Fi network that is not password protected it is possible that it is a simulated or fake network and when entering without a password, it is It is possible that you will intercept any information you send or receive.

If you connect by WIFI through your own wireless router, it is safest to perform a MAC filtering to prevent other unauthorized devices from connecting easily. More information in this article >>

In conclusion, it is necessary to know that any connection by WIFI is insecure, but if we are buying from an online store that uses a website with an SSL certificate, it is impossible for anyone to spy on our personal data, credit cards or emails received.

In an online store like SILICEO in which thousands of customers trust to order electronic items, an SSL certificate of maximum security is essential, basically because it generates confidence and prevents attacks on the web. As it is a security indicator that is very visible with a green padlock symbol that all users already know, buyers are very confident at the time of payment.

The SSL certificate is undoubtedly the surest way to remove the reluctance of some buyers in relation to the use of confidential information. Before the SSL certificate people feared that other users of the WIFI network could intercept or steal data from their bank account. With an SSL certificate like those granted by COMODO CA Ltd. all data is safe.

In addition, a website with SSL is more protected against other cyber attacks, such as denial of service attacks DDos (more information) that try to saturate the web until it blocks blocking public access.

It is very interesting that some SSL certification companies even offer free SSL certificate, such as: Comodo Free Certificate SSL Certificate, which is a fully functional Digital Certificate, valid for 90 days. It is achieved online with a few minutes processing with the highest signature of 2048 bits / 256-bit encryption.