How to Change Wi-Fi Name and Password to increase Wifi security

How to Change Wi-Fi Name and Password to increase Wifi security

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To get a stable and fast WiFi connection we have given numerous tips in relation to the best powerful WiFi antennas, but we must bear in mind that it is also very important to have a good router and configure it properly to have the best possible WiFi coverage.
Currently in the market there are many WiFi router very easy to configure and also at a cheap price. For this reason it is necessary to know basic aspects of the WiFi configuration of the router to be able to always make the best combination of router + powerful WiFi antenna.

Tips to change the WiFi password of the router?

Changing the password of the WiFi network is one of the most recommended and priority tasks that must be done each time we buy a new router. But not only the password, the most practical thing is to change the name of the network and the password before starting to use the router.
Every time we change telephone company, or we increase the speed of our ADSL or fiber optics, it is normal for the supplier company to change the router for the latest model that allows more speed and theoretically more security. But even though they are always advertised as a more secure router with WPA, WPA2, WPS security etc. Etc … the reality is that the security failures of standard routers supplied free when you register your internet line almost always have the same security flaw. The most common failure is that the name of the default network is associated with a mathematical algorithm to the WiFi key of the router. That is, since the name of the network is public, anyone who knows the mathematical formula or algorithm will get the password in a matter of seconds.

For this reason it is a highly recommended practice to change the name and password of our WiFi network. If we add WPA2 security to the new WiFi key and disable the WPS of the router, we can rest assured that no unauthorized person will access our router via WiFi. If you are concerned about the security of the password you can create an undecipherable WiFi password following the practices recommended by experts in password security.

Why is a long password safer than a short one?

There is no password that is undecipherable, but passwords that last us a long, long time … The answer to the most secure Wi-Fi password in the world is that WiFi password hackers use mathematical and probability calculations to get passwords. These calculations make them fast and powerful computers, but because a short password, you can find out in minutes a long one needs more time to be deciphered, and a complex and long one will need so much time, … so much, that it would take hundreds of years with the computer on doing calculations to remove it. That is, by logic, if our password needs hundreds of years of mathematical calculations to decipher it, we can say that: It will last us a lifetime!
A hacker can find out any eight-character password in just two hours, but it will take years for one of 11 and thousands of years for a 12-character one.

How to create a superpassword for a WiFi router?

The latest studies ensure that any password of less than 8 characters is relatively insecure, as they can be deciphered in about 2 hours. It is necessary to clarify that this speed of deciphering would be realized by an attack with a super-computer. For everyday use, a 9-digit password with capital letters and symbols is never accessible to a common user, or our neighbor, for example.
What we can be sure, for now, is that a password of 11 characters that combines letters, numbers and symbols, would take 180 years and one of 12 characters over 18,000 years.

How do I change the WiFi password of a home router?

All WiFi routers have a configuration web page. To access the web page of the router it is recommended to connect it by Ethernet network cable to our computer, but if this is not possible it can also be done by connecting via WiFi from our Tablet or mobile.

Find out the IP and router configuration web page.

The web page of the router always matches the router’s IP address or LAN interface. This IP is usually written on a sticker on the back of the router or in the configuration manual. If we do not remember it, it is very likely that it is one of these three, which are what most manufacturers use: / /
Most of the Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Jazztel routers use this type of IP, besides the WiFi keys are of low security, for this reason it is advisable to change them for a secure password as we will see below.

In this way if the IP is the web page that we must write in our web browser, for example Firefox will be
An infallible trick to find out the IP of our router that is connected to a Windows computer by cable or by WiFi is to use the Windows console tool. The Windows console opens by running the Windows SYSTEM SYMBOL program or typing “cmd” in the taskbar browser. Once the console is opened by typing “ipconfig” + intro, it will read all the information on the network. Our IP will be the number that appears as “Default gateway”.
If you use Android, we recommend using the Fing application.

Download Fing – Network Scanner >>

This application is used to see which devices are connected to any WiFi network. Fing is a very complete App for Android that in addition to telling you the IP of the router provides numerous data of the configuration of the Network, and even warns of possible intruders or users connected without authorization.

Fing includes:
• Wi-Fi / LAN scanner: discover all devices connected to any network.
• Details of all connected devices: IP address, MAC, manufacturer. Etc.
• ISP analysis and location.
• Port scanner.
• Ping and intrusion detection with warnings.

Access as router user to change password and WiFi network name

In this example we are going to follow the steps to configure a simple and simple router like the new WiFi router Tenda N-301.
All the routers have a security system to access as a user. In the router manual it will tell you what the default username and password is. If at any time you changed it and you do not remember it, the simplest thing is to reset the router and re-login with the factory user. Normally the user is “admin” or “root” and the password “admin” or “1234”
Once we access the router configuration, you must access the WiFi security section and first change the name of the network or SSID. Normally this section is in “Wireless” or “Wireless Security” WAP-PSK / WPA2-PSK. Since the SSID is the public name of our network, that everyone who is nearby will see, it is recommended to put a neutral name that does not identify us as a company or person to avoid giving information, for example “RedWIFI-5” Change the name of the SSID (Extended Service Set ID) is the public name of the network, it is very important, because as we explained at the beginning of the article the factory name as for example WLAN_XX or Jazztel_XXXX gives all the information to the hacker to find out the password easily. On the other hand, the BSSID (Mean Basic Service Set Identifier) ​​or MAC address of the network card, can not be changed since it is configured at the factory and is unique and irreplaceable for each network device.
Once the name of the WiFi network has been changed, the WiFi password must be changed. First we choose the type of security, the most advanced is WPA2 and of course we should never use WEP encryption.
As we have commented a password between 8 and 12 characters combining letters numbers and symbols will give us maximum security.

How to deactivate the WPS PIN of the router?

An extra change to give more security is to disable the WPS system, because if we do not use it, it is the most practical and we will avoid attacks by the WPS authentication method. The WPS is a mechanism that incorporate most modern router, thought to facilitate the connection of new devices by WiFi. The WPS system is based on an exchange of 8-digit PIN, the new WiFi device that wants to connect to the network must transmit a numerical code to the router and in return the latter sends the encrypted password to connect. The weakness of this system is that a hacker can easily find out the 8-digit Pin and thus connect whenever he wants. For this reason, it is better to disable the WPS security method and always use the WPA2 key.

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