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Purchases at Amazon have revolutionized electronic commerce in Spain.
Since the year 2021 are no longer the reference, so if you want to stop buying at Amazon and are looking for alternatives we will show you many tricks and tips to save money buying outside of Amazon Spain
In addition to Alibaba, Amazon is the most trying to grow foreign online store in Spain. The offer of its catalog with millions of products that are usually sold in Amazon has a trick, because they are mostly not Amazon products but small stores that guided by an exaggerated advertising insert their catalog to Amazon. The Amazon catalogue in Spanish can be very wide, but mostly they are products from many stores that offer it within the marketplace.
Amazon's competition in Spain has forever changed e-commerce in our country. Amazon disappoints its customers, purchases by Internen at Amazon seem to have offers, but then they are not real. First was the free shipping offer, which now costs more than 30 EUR with an annual subscription and the worst are the shipments from outside Spain that arrive late or never arrive.
Amazon is so big and so robotic, you can say that there is little human in the deal.
On the internet there are different tricks and tips to buy free on Amazon; So the scams within Amazon customers who do not pay their products, or who claim any defect to then return a brick and get it free are the order of the day.

Why do we say this?
On the internet is very much the idea of "Amazon Shopping for Free", which are actually small scams that buyers make within Amazondevolviendo products used or without warranty instead of new ones they have recently acquired. If you want to know how to prevent the scams suffered by stores and vendors inside Amazon,… Read a little more in the Amazon sellercentral forum

Can you avoid the scam in the returns?
…. We were sent a return request with the different order issue that was requested and a comment about that the package arrived in bad shape and that was very upset because it was for a Sunday birthday….. But what was our surprise when we received a watch from another brand, with warranty sealed by another establishment and dated the year 2016.
"… I feel what happened. Unfortunately these acts are more common every day at Amazon, not only with expensive products. Our advice is not to sell on European platforms, only in Spain, and with certified deliveries, even so you will claim things…. Keep in mind that the secret of Amazon's triumph is to accept all returns (Amazon makes money with them, we charge the logistics and you have it in logistics and a commission for reimbursement, so that Amazon is not concerned about returns, earns money) and thus cor Re of mouth in mouth that you return Consas and that you can easily deceive, Europe is all the same of corrupted and there is the game to see who the fattest lia at Amazon.