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Here you can read more about buying cheap PLC or Powerline. PLC's are a good way to have excellent Internet coverage throughout your home without getting complicated. This type of devices are the best solution to enjoy Internet everywhere, both cable and WiFi with PLC with WiFi.
The TP-Link PLC works with the HomePlug AV standard, high speed data transfer rate up to 500Mbps with AV500 and up to 1200MBps with AV1200, ideal for HD video streaming and 4k in high definition or 3d video videos and online games
-PLC do not require new cables, use existing electrical wiring
-range of up to 300 meters in the electrical circuit of the home between several floors
-Plug and Play (connect and use), does not require new cables or configuration
-Energy Saving mode
-AES encryption of 128-bit that ensures that the network is secure and not epuede to pirate an encrypted PLC.
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