IP How to set up a router connected to the computer from the

IP How to set up a router connected to the computer from the

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If you want ((Configure a fast router)), from the computer ?, first we must know the IP address. For most users they do not know which IP address the router has. But it is easy to find out, on most domestic router is the IP address Here we give tips and tricks on how to use this private-range IP address that starts with 192.

➤ How to connect a computer to the home router

Here you will learn how to set up the router at home easily and easily. First we will see how to connect a computer to the router using a RJ45 cable. To connect a computer to a router, the easiest and fastest way is with a cable with RJ45 connectors.

✅ 1-Connect the RJ45 LAN cable to the router

The first thing to do is to search in the router box the cable that should be Category 5 (Cat 5e) or higher, for example Cat 6 which are the cables that carry four pairs of braided fibers.

Thanks to this type of UTP cables, with RJ45 connectors, we will be able to connect our computer to a router, through one of the LAN ports on the back of the router.

✅ 2-Find the router’s IP

Normally the IP that comes from the factory in the router is the

The explanation is that it is a private-range IP address that is usually reserved for home networks that always start with 192. All the domestic routers have an IP that starts with 192.

The IP serves as a gateway between the router and the other devices that connect to the home network. In addition this IP is usually also the web address of the router’s configuration interface.

✅ 3-Enter the IP

To access the IP You have to write that number in the Web browser, for example Chrome or Firefox and press search or enter. In this way the browser will open an Access screen where you can ask for user and password of access that normally is “admin” and “admin”

Sometimes it happens that someone changed the factory access data by other custom, this change is highly recommended for security as you can read on this other tip, but what if we have forgotten the password of access, then can be solved easily By pressing the small “Reset” button on the back of the router. Then the router will return to the factory status password.

If for any reason the IP address is a different number you can search Windows with the executable “ipconfig”. When we enter the router interface

3 things that can be changed from a home WiFi router

Change Password Router

With minimal knowledge there are many things that can be touched and improved on a router, for example the WiFi password is something that everyone does. Changing the WiFi password of the router is very advisable to read more. You know that by changing the WiFi name or password of your WiFi network, you will also have to modify the configuration of all the devices that connect to the network. Many router have the configuration in English, so we will have to explore the different menus of the router until we reach the section WiFi password where is written the password or key wifi of the router.

to see who connects to the router by WiFi and block it

From the configuration interface you can see who is making use of your network. In the memory of the router you can see the list of all the connected devices and usually shows the IP address, we will also see the unique MAC that identifies the device. Thanks to the MAC you can block a filtering device and prevent it from being reconnected by WiFi. So we can definitely block all those who see that they want to hackerar WiFi by the face.

Open or close ports.

Each IP of a router has associated different ports that are like communication channels to send and receive data on the Internet. For security, the ports are closed, except those that are open by default for email or Skype, but some programs or games ask you to open some ports.

Update the firmware.

From the configuration panel you can always update the router’s signature. Like any other software, some brands of router, they take out updates par amejorar security or previous failures.

Now you have seen that the famous IP address allows the configuration of the domestic router. Knowing how to configure and improve your own router is essential for security, and to increase the download speed if you need to bloquenado intruders or opening ports. You can see more tricks and possibilities in the portal precisely called 19216811. wiki although it is written in English you will see enough useful information.

If you like WiFi security, you need to ask something or leave a contribution or extension escribeló here. ???

Perhaps the easiest router to configure are the new models of router Tenda which are so advanced, they carry a mobile application to configure them by WiFi, from the smartphone or tablet.