Facebook WiFi Configure with TP-Link EC50 Router to attract customers to a business.

Facebook WiFi Configure with TP-Link EC50 Router to attract customers to a business.

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Facebook offers ((Free WiFi)) in a lot of sites. Now you can find free WiFi near your home with the help of Facebook. If you are traveling or you move a lot and want to be connected you can do it with the Facebook WiFi zones.

If you have a trade, shop, bar business and want to make a good gift to your customers, offer Free WiFi, but not in any way, with the help of Facebook the customer will get free Internet connection and the store will get visits to your Facebook page where The name of the trade will appear, schedules, products for sale etc.

When a Facebook user walks down the street and opens the Find WiFifeature right away you will be shown a map of the city with all the locals that offer Facebook WiFi connection. But for a business to appear as a Facebook WiFi zone needs install and configures Runo of the router compatible with this function, it is not worth any router, it is necessary a router verified by Facebook, one of the ones of this list.

➤ Search for Facebook WiFi, as it is done.

Give with LAA function search WiFi Facebook The first time costs a little. Within the Facebook APP, entering the side menu you have to press click See All and then find WiFi.

Last year, Facebook launched a new feature called Find Wi-Fi on IPhone and Android, but it was only available in a handful of countries. The new functionality would allow Facebook users who travel to find nearby Wi-Fi hotspots.

Since the summer of 2017 Facebook extended the feature search Wi-Fi worldwide on all Android and IOS platforms. Users use the Facebook APP on their smartphones they will be able to locate WiFi hotspots available all over the world.

If you want to offer free WiFi in your local or store, but not in any way, if not controlled, limited by time and par users who will give you like your fanpage or Facebook page, there is Facebook and SILICEO store to help you. All businesses that want to adhere to the new Facebook WiFi platform will soon see how thousands of people with a Facebook account can go to their local, or to the outside of the local to connect to their router. It is as simple as placing the router and configure the function WiFi Facebook to start coming new customers attracted by the free WiFi from the map that spreads Facebook on their social network.

In addition customers can set up Facebook to receive a message when they are close to a trade that offers free Facebook Internet access

➤ TP-Link EC50 Router for Facebok WiFi

Installing a Facebook WiFi router in a local is a good idea to attract new customers to the business, as Facebook broadcasts a map and sends a beeping notice to the phone of the usariso every time they pass in front of a local with WiFi Facebook.

If you have a shop or business on the street and want to install access to your WiFi via Facebook, you will need a compatible router and configure it are these instructions. You will also need to have a page of your business on the social network.

This TP-LINK ARCHER C50 router is best for configuring Facebook WiFi

Router for Facebook WiFI with TP-Link Archer C50

Cheap Router for Facebook WiFI with TP-Link Archer C50, easy to set up. Offer!! 49 EUR

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✅ Router configuration Archer C50 for Facebook Wi-Fi

Facebook WiFi is a free authentication portal system. When this feature is enabled on your router, customers who connected to the guest Wi-Fi will be redirected to their Facebook page, and will not have free Internet access before they go through authentication. This type of function is very practical in businesses like shops, bars, cafes, restaurants and supermarkets to get publicity, collect comments and new like of Facebook.

Configuring Facebook Wi-Fi in Archer C50 is very simple following these steps.

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  1. Log in to the Archer C50 Web management interface.
  2. Go to Guest Network, enable and configure other parameters according to your requirements. Typically, security is set to disable wireless security in this scenario, because we don’t want to limit the client through password connections but Facebook authentication.
  3. Activate Facebook Wi-Fi and click on Configure on Facebook.
  4. Log in to your Facebook account or you can create a new one.
  5. After logging in, choose a local business page or create a new one.
  6. (The next is to have a Facebook page, if you do not create it already)
  7. Then choose the Facebook page and set the required parameters according to the Help information on the page. For example, select the Facebook page as TP-Link SOHO, set the Bypass mode as requiring WiFi code and set the session duration in five hours or in another number of hours to limit the connection time per user. Click Save Settings.
  8. Once the Facebook page is set up correctly, the name of your Facebook page will be displayed in the Facebook posting location.

how it proves that the Facebook WiFi portal works well.

To verify that the Facebook WiFi Portal works normally follow these steps:

  1. Enable the Wi-Fi function of your mobile phone.
  2. Search and connect to the SSID of the guest network.
  3. The default Web browser will appear on your mobile phone and the Facebook authentication page appears.
  4. To pass authentication, log in with a Facebook account or choose to use Wi-Fi code instead. For example, you can choose to use Wi-Fi code instead.
  5. Enter the WiFi code and click Use Code.
  6. Once authenticated, you will be redirected to the authentication results page, and you can stay on this page or continue browsing.
  7. If all the steps are completed, it shows that the Facebook WiFi works normally.

What WiFi routers are compatible with WiFi-Facebook

Currently in the 2021 the WiFi function of Facebook is only available on these high end router, so we recommend as the best D etodos the TP-LINK Archer EC50 for its extraordinary relationship warm price (49 EUR).

Facebook WiFi router Store


Other interesting Router for Facebook WiFi are these:

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