Revision of the Imalent DT70 16000LM Rechargeable Flashlight

Revision of the Imalent DT70 16000LM Rechargeable Flashlight

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The new Imalent DT70 Flashlight is named by Imalent “Flood King”, which means the King of flood light. This name is correct since it is according to all experts the best lantern with flood light of 2017.

This model stands out as a very powerful LED flashlight thanks to the very latest LED CREE model Xlamp XHP70 that gives an incredibly intense light output. XLamp XHP70 is an LED equipped with Cree’s SC5 Technology ™ platform, the XLamp® XHP70 LED is an Extreme High Power LED (XHP). With its maximum current, the XHP70 LED provides twice the output of the brightest LED XL-MK-R in the sector, with a similar lumen per watt, also has a longer life at high operating temperatures.

SC5 Technology ™ by Cree, the XLamp® XHP70 LED


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The quality of this flashlight is demonstrated by giving an amazing light output of 16,000 lumens with a compact size and barely warm up as the new LED XHP is the least heated by the emitted lumen. The 4 emitting spotlights have an LED chip from the prestigious American brand CREE XHP70. The emitting LEDs are powered by 4 18650 model batteries. It supports batteries of all types with the form 18650, but the recommended is 4 lithium batteries protected from at least 2600Mah, or 3000Mah. The DT70 model has a digital OLED screen, which shows at all times the battery charge and the LED temperature. The screen is backlit so that it can be seen even in the dark.

4 LED emitters XHP70 16000 lumens

A great advantage of the DT70, which Imalent incorporates in all its new models is the charging port by micro USB. Lithium batteries can be recharged with the USB cable just like a telephone. The case is made of very resistant textile material and has a practical D-ring to hang on.


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Technical specifications Imalent model DT70 16000LM:
• Uses the latest CREE XHP70 LEDs, with a service life of up to 50000 hours with a maximum power of 16000 lumens. Includes a USB charging interface integrated into the body.
• The OLED screen can show various parameters such as battery charging and output.
• Battery anti-inversion protection
• The built-in thermal control module will automatically adjust the light output according to the working status and outside temperature
• Combination of ultra clear mineral hardened and anti-reflective glass
• Spotlights with aluminum OP reflector.
• Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body, wear resistant Type III hard-anodized surface. Submersible IPX-8 range 2 meters.


• Product size: 146 (length) * 70 (diameter of the head) * 50 (diameter) mm
• Net weight: 427g
• 1.5 m impact resistant

Rechargeable LED flashlight Imalent DT70 4 LED XHP70 16000 LM 700mPowerful torch Iamlent DT70 16.000LM
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The new DT70 flashlight comes in a practical cardboard box with very good appearance and presentation. The box includes a practical sanity case, spare rubber washers and the micro USB cable to charge the batteries. The charger is incorporated in the body of the flashlight, so that it is always comfortable and fast to load.

The LED emitters are incorporated in 4 OP reflectors cast in a single beam of light, under a glass treated with anti-glare. The DT70 is operated with 2 electronic buttons, an OLED screen and the micro USB port for charging. The 2 switches are large and easy to find and handel even with gloves on. They are solid and resistant buttons and are easily pressed. In the back cover the contact points are bathed in gold, they are metal pieces bent for a better contact.

To start it, insert the four batteries type 18650 and close the body by turning the thread. When the flashlight detects the charged battery, the screen turns on as a check and switches off after two seconds. With the mode button you can change the intensity level, and the display will show the number of lumens. Press the right button the light always turns on in the last mode used. There are 4 different modes among which you can choose: Low (80 lumens), Medium (1000 lumens), High (8000 lumens) and Turbo mode (16000 lumens).

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It can also be activated with a momentary ignition (keeping the left button pressed), or with the constant mode (pressing the left switch for 2 seconds).  If you press the left switch once, the display will indicate the battery output volts. It also shows the charge level when the USB cable is connected to charge. Normally the charged batteries will give a voltage of 4.2V and then lower a bit to 4V with normal use.

Powerful LED flashlight rechargeable by micro USB Imalent DT70

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The DT70 is a super powerful LED flashlight. Although the new LED does not give much heat, in Turbo mode it is normal to warm up a little. Imalent incorporates an intelligent anti-heating system that includes a screen warning.  In the turbo mode, once the internal temperature exceeds 50 ° centigrade, the word OVERHEAT appears on the screen, it will flash and shortly afterwards it will automatically turn off. This Imalent temperature control system is indispensable for these very powerful LED Flashlights like the DT70 or the DT35.

Imalent called the DT70 lantern as the King of the flood, or “FLOOD KING” because its beam of light produces a very broad and homogeneous spill. This is achieved with deep focus emitters and partially fused reflectors. The spill is broad and almost begins at the user’s feet, but the brightness of the spill increases as the distance increases. Such a powerful flashlight is much more effective with these four bulbs so that it prevents heating and gives a much larger flood.

The finish of the DT70 The light is well built and finished, the user interface is very well thought out with direct access to turbo mode or to the lowest output. The screen is very easy to read in the dark. The micro USB port is covered by a rubber protector that is comfortable to use. It can be used with any mobile phone charger or with the computer, a PowerBank or even in the car cigarette lighter.

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