Flashlight with light LEP Acebeam W30 reaches up to 2400 metres

Flashlight with light LEP Acebeam W30 reaches up to 2400 metres

17 January, 2021 Updated in 2021 Blog - Reviews and guides to buy

If you’ve ever tried to illuminate an object up to 1km of distance with a flashlight conventional, a car headlight, or even an LED flashlight cheap insurance that you’ve never achieved. But with the new AceBeam W30 that is not LED but LEP can reach to 1km to 2km and up to 2.4 Kilometres away and the light will be just as powerful and bright as when it leaves the emitter.

The flashlight technology with more modern and advanced is the new W30 LEP Acebeam, This model is the larger version and functional of the W10 which was the first flashlight LEP exit the market in 2021 that will now be renewed in 2021.

Launched in 2021, the new version of the Acebeam W30 LEP is the best of the best in portable lighting. The technology of light LEP exceeds in all aspects to the LED light, but let us enter a little more in depth about light bulbs LEP Acebeam.


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LEP Phosphor excited with laser advantages compared to the LED classic

LEP is the abbreviation for Laser Excited Phosphor”. That is to say: Phosphor excited with laser. To better explain the light-emitting LEP is in reality a laser power of high-performance (mainly with short wavelength in the blue spectrum) that when it is deflected by a reflecting mirror on a phosphor layer emits laser light blue very high density. When the laser beam of these new flashlights hits the phosphor layer, is excited, that is, emits white light which is then focused by a convex lens to achieve a maximum intensity (= range high).

The advantages in comparison with the LED flashlights normal to carry a reflector is that the LEP emit a beam much more focused which can reach distances of length amazing of more than 2 kilometres in flashlights much smaller than before.

Flashlight LEP more scope of the world to 2400 metres. Acebeam W30.

How does an issuer LEP lantern

The technology LEP is based on the emission of laser light against a board of phosphorus. The process begins by emitting the laser beams of blue color against a layer of fluorescence. This emits a fluorescent light yellow that is combined with part of the blue light to create a laser beam white. Taking into account that yellow light of fluorescence is a light of wide spectrum, laser-white created by LEP is also a full-spectrum light.

The flashlight ACEBEAM W30 has come to the market in January 2021 and is intended to be the best flashlight technology LEP for everyday use. To be the first lighting tool LEP this innovative flashlight has had to solve completely the problems of cooling the temperature of the plate fluorescence, making fluorescence resist completely the activation of high frequency and emits continuously bright light. The AceBeam W30 uses a beam focused by a lens to activate the fluorescence. In this way all the light will focus on a small point of origin-getting a lamp life of over 15,000 hours.

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Instructions and recommendations for AceBeam W30

With this flashlight is super-powerful, the normal security precautions are always appropriate.

➤The W30 Acebeam is classified of the following way:

  • Maximum output power: less than 1 miliwatt
  • Wave length: 400 nm – 700 nm within the visible light
  • Class warning laser: Class 2 . Not allowed to cast this light on vehicles or appliances in flight.

The flashlight Acebeam W30 has the interface completely simplified the rear button of stainless steel allows for 2 positions: ON ON / OFF OFF. When you press the back power switch is turned on or off, simple as that. The light heats up a bit during long periods of use, however much less than any LED flashlight, and the heat never gets to bother the hand.


Advantages of the new flashlights LEP Acebeam W30 and W10

If you want to get the lantern pitcher best on the market, here are your options, W30 and the small W10. The management and quality of the W30 with output cool white 6500K is the best flashlight long-range for use during off-hours that are hot and with low energy consumption, less than the similar LED technology. The price is not very high for what you delivery ACEBEAM in the environment d them € 260 your new technology, and the limited units that are manufactured the make a flashlight exceptional and difficult to get compared to the competitor Weltool W3, the Acebeam the wins handsomely in terms of quality, performance and price.

With a brightness of 500 lumens, but very concentrated thanks to the laser, the extent of the throw of light from this flashlight is amazing, because it reaches out to more than 2400 meters / 7900 feet. Supporting a working time of almost 2 hours, in addition is a flashlight ideal for scuba diving since it supports dives up to 100 meters and resistant to falls up to 10 meters.

What makes it unique to the Acebeam W30 is the reflector BLOS (Beyond-Line-of-Sight) of broad-spectrum transforms the energy of the blue laser into white light. This reflector is similar to that used by the headlights of cars of BMW which incorporate headlamps laser in their vehicles. The light output of a high concentration of 500 lumens allows you to reach the desired 2408 meters of distance.


➤ Flashlight LEP W30 to dive 100 meters water-resistant

Tocebeam W30 is also a flashlight diving professional with the ability to dive to 100 meters under the water. The surface has passed the test of Salt Spray corrosion resistance. But it is necessary to clean the light with fresh water after each use.


Package contents New W30 version 2021:

There are more variants of the W30, But it’s more recommended is the output 6500K. The flashlight is made of aluminum which is very durable and soft to the touch . Composed of three fundamental parts can be taken apart in three pieces: head, tube and battery cap back. The battery is a cylindrical rechargeable lithium-model 21700 of 5100mAh [IMR21700NP-510A] in addition, it is protected against accidental discharge during transport.

The head carries a thread to install a regular tripod to be able to be used as an accessory to photograph or to leave it fixed while you are working. The battery charge is shown with an indicator light that glows green when the battery has sufficient voltage, and red when the battery needs to be recharged.

The glass lens is resistant and comes attached to a steel ring with a thread to use the filter of white color also comes in the package. Optionally there are available filters red and green color.

If you look in the front of the flashlight we see the internal structure of the technology LEP CEBEAM, you can see the convex lens, the drive of the mirror plate and the phosphor yellow.

The battery Acebeam 21700 microUSB that comes with this flashlight is the rechargeable battery most advanced of the moment. Takes a microUSB port and a small LED next to the positive pole to indicate charging, glows red when charging and green when fully charged. In the package, W30 cable included USB to microUSB to allow charging from any outlet adapter, the computer or in the car.


What is included in the box Acebeam W30 LEP

  • Flashlight W30
  • Filter cap white
  • A 21700 battery [IMR21700NP-510A]
  • Cable two-way micro-USB / USB
  • Ring tactical
  • Metallic Clip for belt
  • Adapter 18650 battery
  • 2 x rubber gaskets
  • Cord for hanging
  • user manual and warranty


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