The best flashlights for photography 2019, enjoy the light painting

The best flashlights for photography 2019, enjoy the light painting

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The most powerful LED flashlights are a complement, and sometimes replace the flash, to light up the pictures. For this reason most professional photographers are great fans of LED flashlights. A professional flashlight can be used in photography as a fill light or coloring. Some models of the most sought after by photographers carry LED lights of different colors and others use color filters as accessories.

To serve as a guide for buying LED flashlights for professionals in the image and art of photography, we will describe the most used models and give opinions on the best flashlights for night photography. A good fan of lanterns knows that it is better to value quality than price in most cases. In a good team of photographer there must be several flashlights of both cold and warm light and with different output powers, or at least one of each (cold and hot) with dimmable beams of light.

The advantage of a LED flashlight versus the flash in the use for photography is that in the flashlight the light is continuous and less homogeneous allowing a different lighting technique than the flash.

The best flashlights for photography 2019:

➤ What is light painting?

Light painting can be translated as “painting with Light”. It is one of the most creative and fun night photography modes that consists of the photographic technique that is based on the use of prolonged exposure. Photographers can use, depending on the moment or effect you want to look for, the Flash, a cold lantern or a warm one for both portrait and coloring night photography or light painting. When it comes to night photography, this technique is based on the shutter speed while the ISO value is usually left at very low values to avoid noise. There are a wide variety of models that we can use as a flashlight for light painting, but basically we will classify them in warm and cold flashlights.

Scale flashlights warm light 2700k, neutral 4000K and cold 5000K/6000k

➤ Cold or warm LED flashlights for photography

In the work of night-photography lighting, they are called warm torches that emit yellow or orange-toned light. It can be said that they are the most common type of lanterns, while the cold light emits the white-targeting tone.

The unit of measure used by the manufacturers is the degree Kelvin (K) According to the temperature that reaches an object radiates one or other colors, which in illumination is measured in degrees Kelvin. While the human brain balances the light, the sensors of the photographic cameras record them with very palpable and visible differences.

Warm led flashlights, due to the type of LED, consume more battery than the cold. Is the scale of Kelvin degrees are located between 2700k and 4500K. They stand out for giving a light beam with a yellowish tone that is usually used with a cold white balance to compensate for the dominant light. If you use warm white balance you get orange shades. When taking a photograph, lighting with flashlights is a simple work using tripods, and also the new models of powerful rechargeable flashlights will give us great versatility and possibilities when working.

The cold LED flashlights are the one that emit white light, from 5000K to 6000k or 7000K, thanks to a low consumption led, which allows the batteries to last longer. They can be used with a warm white balance, to give a relaxed atmosphere to the image. If they are combined with cold balances below 4000K, bluish and gloomy colors are obtained. The lanterns in the environment of the 3500K are considered neutral.

In this purchase guide flashlights photography 2019, we will put two examples of each. Two flashlights with cold light and two warm light with different beam powers and some accessories that make them even more interesting.

➤ Acebeam X80 Cold Light 6000k

Ideal weight and size for carrying in the backpack, illumination with up to 25000 lumens, quality finish, quality and flood light in torrents make it the preferred flashlight of OS “Linterneros” or “Linternófilos”

Acebeam X80 with 12 Cree XHP-50 LED lights, reaches up to 25.000 lumens in Turbo-Max mode!

flashlight Acebeam X80 >> 239 EUR


This Acebeam model is a professional rechargeable LED flashlight, or better than this flashlight is that it has two versions, one of 5000K and another of 6000k. In this article we deal with the coldest version of Acebeam X80 6000k offers more possibilities. This model is our recommended flashlight for night photography.

The X80 is a new multiled model of Acebeam powered by 4 rechargeable 18650 batteries. Acebeam included in package 4 are 3100Mah protected batteries. The MOSFET protection circuit ensures the maximum performance of this flood lantern.

The glareproofed tempered glass lens is surrounded by dissipating fins to facilitate thermal regulation. The head includes a handy thread for tripod as it is a professional flashlight designed for photographers.

The multiled system of the transmitter is composed of a total of 12 XHP50 led emitters with 25000Lm, in addition to the color LEDs, two of each color, red, green and blue plus an ultraviolet Nichia emitter.

The flashlight Acebeam X80 has LED lights of color very appreciated in photography. The lights give enough light to illuminate in the dark with RGB-coloured flood light.

➤ Flashlight AceBeam X45 warm version 5000K

The lantern Acebeam X45 has a version of 5000K that is spectacular for photography because it mantione the astonishing emission of 18000 lumens, but with a red LEd emitter with a warm eluz in the border of 5000K between the warm and cold light

Acebeam X45 includes the rechargeable bateías 4 * 18650 High capacity IMR batteries (included) and 4 Cree XHP70 P2 LEDs, the super high performance reaches 18000 lumens and the distance reaches 622 meters.

✅ warm light flashlight for photography X45 Acebeam

Acebeam X45 presents two versions of light color temperature:

-Warm white 5000k almost cold

-6500k very cold daylight-sun


BUY NOW Acebeam X45>> 199 EUR


Specifications Acebeam X45:
4 * Cree xhp 70.2 P2 LED with a lifespan of 50.000 hours
✅ Maximum output 18000 lumens
Approximate execution times in each mode:
Firefly: 10 Lumens 310 hours;
Low: 800 lumens 10 hours;
Medium: 2000 lumens 3.5 hours;
Height: 5000lumens 1.4 hours;
Turbo: 9000lumens-5000lumens, 10minutes + 72mins
Turbo Max: 18000lumens-4000lumens, 3minutes + 66mins
Strobe 5000 Lumens 3 hours working voltage: 12v-16.8 v light on switch indicates low reserve
Max Working time 310 hours
Beam Max 622 meters
✅ Maximum beam intensity 96569CD
✅ 1.2 meters Impact resistant
✅ waterproofing: Standard IPX8 to 2 m

➤ LED flashlight Cold light for photography: Ultrafire U-7L2 6300lm

The UltraFire U7L2 is a low-cost design to illuminate the night in cold light. It is the best China LED Flashlight made for professional work.

The light power is at the height of other models much more expensive, also has dimmer has the built-in charger.  Being a cold lantern of 5000K emits white light, with a very low consumption and great battery life. It is currently the most widespread and used flashlight as a cold light in the 2019. For its quality, finish and low consumption is the most spoken by night photographers.

Model U-7L2 carries 7 LED CREE XM-L2. The maximum bright output in turbo mode can reach to be 6300 lumen. Design with special reflector that improves the light output of intensity and distance.

COLD LIGHT  UltraFire>> 48 EUR


Brand Ultrafire/Model U-7L2/grey Color/Material aluminum/waterproof/rechargeable
Seven superpotent LED CREE XM-L2/6,300 lumens rechargeable Kit with built-in charger and plug power supply adapted from 220v to 4, 2v.

➤ Acebeam L16 Flashlight, 2000LM XHP35 6500k LED very cold white

6500k Acebeam L16 Cold Light flashlight possesses a pretty cold color temperature situating itself in the color between 6500k and 7000k

The stock switch is for switching on and switching between the one Touch Turbo mode or for a strategic brief illumination. This tactical flashlight is brighter and more powerful because it uses the LED three fold CREE XHP35, reaching a maximum of 2,000 lumens and a long distance beam up to 603 meters. But what makes it a very useful photo lantern are its accessories such as the color filters available in white, red, green and orange as well as the remote control switch.

Acebeam Pack L16

LED Cree XHP35 Hi Max 2000 lumens 4000K

FLASHLIGHT Acebeam L16>> 98 EUR


➤ Front for night photography

The head rechargeable LED flashlights are a good complement to the night photography work. In this category there are two models that are played in leadership in terms of being the best powerful LED fronts: the Imalent HR20 and the Acebeam H15. All the details of the imalent Hr20 are in this other review.

➤ Acebeam H15 2500 LM 6500k LED

Acebeam’s leading brand of flashlights stands out with the new headlamp H15 full brightness to meet multiple outputs from 10lm to 2500lm, and special modes. Acebeam H15 together with CREE xhp 70.2 LED, 6500k Orange reflector. The highly polished orange skin reflector creates a maximum range of focus. The advanced temperature regulation technology allows the light to regulate its output and adapts to the ambient environment, thus maintaining optimum performance. ACEBEAM H15 includes a removable clip and a durable headband that will satisfy your various lighting needs when searching, caving, cycling, mountaineering, hiking, camping, photography and more.


headlamp Acebeam H15 >> 97 EUR


This guide to buy flashlights for photography shows the best value for money, but if you need more information or advice before you buy contact us by message with SILICEO ONLINE store from here > >