Guide to buy WiFi amplifier 2021 Best Brands and Models

Guide to buy WiFi amplifier 2021 Best Brands and Models

Updated in 2021 Blog - Reviews and guides to buy

Sure you want to buy a ((WiFi signal amplifier)) ?because lately you have had problems with the WiFi connection. This is the place where we are going to explain that it is a WiFi amplifier, as it works, which is best to buy and why it is better to have powerful WiFi antennas of the brands Alfa, Ubiquiti or Tenda.

Keep reading and if you see something you like happens to buy it in the links.

The best WiFi amplifiers to buy at 2021

To buy a good WIFI amplifier in 2021 that is powerful and easy to configure, you have to take into account the location where we will install. It is not the same a WiFi amplifier for the interior of Home, that one for travel in hotels, or other for the caravan or the boat. So in this definitive guide on how to buy and install a WiFi amplifier we will talk about the different types depending on the location and power

WiFi amplifiers are devices that work to improve WiFi connection within a building or abroad. They are very powerful and versatile technology that has even served many users to have free WiFi at home.

Free WiFi, how to connect your home free with WiFi

✅ the 4 Most outstanding brands of WiFi amplifiers

There are four brands, which stand out for making the best WiFi amplifiers. In this comparative table of WiFi amplifiers, we put you 4 outstanding examples of each brand. Then we will give you more examples of WiFi amplifiers for different indoor or outdoor uses, there are all prices, cheap or professional.

WiFi Amplifier
Tenda A301 v2 WiFi repeater with 2 antennas RJ45 router Enhanced

[Tenda A301 V2“]

25 EUR-This extraordinary WiFi amplifier provides greater WiFi coverage as well as an extremely fast, 300Mbps data rate.

WiFi Amplifier Devolo 1200 Gigabit Ethernet

[ Devolo AC1200” ]

76 EUR-Devolo WIFI AC 1200Mbps transfer rate (m): 867 Mbit/S, + 300 MIMO. DUAL Band Frequency: 2.4 GHz/5GHz BModulación: DSSS, OFDM, Mimo

 WiFi Camp-Pro 2 ALFA Network WiFi repeater Kit for

[Alfa Camp Pro 2 ]

164 EUR-

The best WiFi kit to share the wireless Internet access point
Outdoor antenna
WiFi Camp-Pro KIT contains all this in the package.

Router Base + 2 Mesh points WIFI Ubiquiti AFi-HD AmpliFi er


340 EUR-Router + WIFI MESH technology repeaters. The AmpliFi ER routers and the

Indoor/Outdoor Scope Indoor 200 m
Interior 300 mOutside Range 2 kmhouses 500 m2 up to 2000 m2
 Technology WiFi N 300MbpsWiFi AC Dual Band 1200mbpsWiFi N 300 MbpsWiFi MESH and BeamForming
Link to buy
Https:// Https://

FAQ Frequently Asked questions about WiFi amplifiers

A WiFi amplifier is a network extender that is installed in areas where you need to improve WiFi signal coverage. The WiFi amplifiers establish a bridge between the main transmitter router of the WiFi signal, and the device or computer that connects to the WiFi network. Normally the amplifiers are placed in an intermediate place between both points to extend or extend the signal. With these simple devices is sought to eliminate cuts or drops of WiFi signal, problems with WiFi or also bring the WiFi connection to another building in the case of outdoor WiFi amplifiers.

A WiFi Booster is also a system to amplify the WiFi signal using a technique that consists of adding electrical intensity to the WiFi antenna cable. The WiFi Booster Alfa network APA05 extends up to 800mW, thus extending the signal range to double the range of these wireless devices.

which device is used to increase the WiFi signal?

WiFi extenders, WiFi amplifiers, repeaters and PLC are the devices with which you can increase the WiFi signal. The name extender WiFi or WiFi amplifier refers to the same type of devices that serve to increase WiFi coverage. They are mini-router for plugs that are plugged into the electrical grid at intermediate point between the main router of the house and the area that you want to improve. The main advantage of these amplifiers is the ease of configuration by pressing a button and with LED lights that indicate if the signal is optimal. Therefore WiFi repeaters, WiFi amplifiers and range extenders are devices that fulfill this function of boosting WiFi signal.

How do I use a WiFi signal amplifier?

WiFi signal amplifiers are used to increase the WiFi coverage of a router.

All WiFi signal amplifiers that function as plug repeaters look the same. A standard WiFI amplifier resembles a square or rounded white box from which the connection plug is protruding, on the front is the WPS Sync button and the look syndicators and the lower RJ45 WAN/LAN connection cable.

It is configured by connecting it to the power supply and pressing the WPS button at the same time on the amplifier and on the router. The LED lights will indicate proper operation.

It is possible to configure them also through the Web interface that can be or

How much does a WiFi signal repeater cost?

The prices one of these devices to increase the WiFi signal of home depend almost always on the maximum speed of connection that they offer. A WiFi repeater with higher data transfer rate will be more expensive, but also more efficient and we will have more connection quality while it will last longer without needing to update it in the future

The cheapest are the normal 300 Mbps WiFI repeaters that can be purchased from about 15 EUR. Then there are the dual AC band up to 600mbps or 1200 Mbps which are a little more expensive, but they are worth it if you are going to use devices at 5GHz frequency.

Finally the most expensive are the PLC WiFi that transmit the signal at the same time by the electrical wiring and by WiFi from one floor to the other of the house. which can be purchased for 70 EUR or more.

A novelty in 2021 are the WiFi amplifiers with MESH technology and Beamforming designed for very large houses with several plants that offer speeds superior to 900Mbps and completely eliminate interference and dead areas of coverage although There are many thick walls and walls. The price of WiFi Mesh equipment is always above 100 EUR

We hope that this guide will help you understand why the Oscilaciónde prices between each other and helps you decide the election of the most appropriate according to the need.

➤ How does a WiFi signal amplifier work?

A WiFi amplifier establishes a bridge between the router, which is where the WiFi signal is emitted, and the receiver device, which can be our mobile or a computer. The amplifier is located between both to “lengthen” the signal and that this arrives more forcefully to the receiving device, and more strongly means that it arrives in a more stable way, without those annoying cuts that we suffer in the connection when the WiFi signal is weak.

A WiFi amplifier allows the router to send a signal through another router or WiFi antenna that acts as a repeater and is placed in an intermediate place. You can say that a WiFi amplifier doubles a WiFi signal to extend throughout the house and eliminate problems with the WiFi.

WiFi amplifier, WiFi repeater, Range Extender, what are they?

There is no difference, they are different ways to call the same devices. We can say WiFi signal amplifier, WiFi repeater or extender, to call the same. All these devices are bought and installed to improve WiFi coverage, in the use are pretty much the same, but their features are not the same as there are many differences between which are designed for indoor and outdoor or CPE WiFi outdoor.

Indoor WiFi amplifiers or relays have the advantage of being extremely easy to set up, and will always work well because they are installed near the main router. On the other side the amplifiers or CPE for outdoor are a little more difficult to install, because they need to orientate with precision and because of the distance always there is the possibility that there is a decrease in speed, loss of data packets or cut of The signal.

One of the most popular and cheap models is the Tenda A301 WiFi amplifier, which is on offer at Silicon online shop

TENDA A301 LED Coverage

Offer 25 EUR Tenda A301 v2 > >  ↪ Tenda A301 V2

The brand of Tenda WiFi amplifiers is well known for its good value for money. The Tenda A301 version 2 is a very powerful and functional device that has all the expected uses D eun good WiFi amplifier. It can function as a WiFi receiver, as a transmitter or as a WiFi repeater. It is ideal for amplifying the WiFi signal of a house without spending a lot of money. You can put several, one on each floor or large room. Finding the best location to place it is easy, as it is installed in an electrical outlet and the LED lights tell you if the site is good and is amplifying well: blue = good connection, red: Low connection (Find another site)

You can connect any network device either via RJ45 LAN cable or WiFi and in turn, the PA6 you can connect with cable to another Router or UnPLC Powerline to amplify the signal via WiFi.

In these images below you can see how it would be installed and configured:


Devolo 1200 ‘s AC WiFi repeater allows you to increase and amplify the WiFi signal coverage of any router to create a stable connection. It can be placed even in those corners of the home where the reception was null and then amplified the WiFi up to speeds that reach the range of 1200 Mbps. From now on, get ready to enjoy your HD or 4k video streaming, make calls, watch NETFLIX movies, listen to music and surf the internet without interruption, without annoying delays or those endelss buffer load bars.

Devolo AC WiFi Amplifier

BUY NOWDevolo AC1200

tips to buy WiFi amplifier

To buy the best WiFi amplifier, the cheapest or most adapted to a specific need, we will give four tips and opinions of purchase.

✅ plc or WIFI repeater: The PLC’s are similar and some also carry WiFi, if you prefer to carry the connection through d them electrical cables, for example inside a house or from one floor to another, then you need a PLC. Look at this other guide on PLC, there are also models with WiFi.

✅ maximum distance from WiFi. How much a WiFi repeater reaches. We always want to know the distance, and that is the hardest question to answer, because it depends more on the location and the walls than the device itself. But if you notice that carrying external antennas will always go farther than those who do not have antennas in sight. Also the outdoor WiFi antennas that are directional or panel go farther.

✅ WiFi speed. Maximum transmission speed. There are 150mbps repeaters WiFi, 300Mbps, 600Mbps and thus up to 1900MPBS. It is necessary to clarify that they are theoretical maximum speeds and that those of 300Mbps are the most sold and still the most functional.

If you are a user of WiFi AC, and surely also want amplifiers compatible with WiFi AC, which are more expensive but will give you the maximum benefits

✅ WiFi amplifier with WPS. For a simple installation without stress, buy a WiFi amplifier that can be synchronized with the router via WPS

brands of the best WiFi amplifiers

Currently Alfa Network is the best brand in price and quality of antennas WiFi USB and amplifiers WiFi, but it has left competitors with very good alternatives like TP-Link, Devolo, Ubiquiti and Tenda Technology

In our opinion the best WiFi amplifiers are those that carry external antennas to be able to go further and avoid the interferences better. It is also a very useful detail that lead to the incorporation of the WPS button to be able to configure it faster and efficiently and safely.

Recently some more advanced models incorporate Beamforming WiFi Mesh or Gigabit Ethernet ports. Gigabit High-speed LAN ports allow the amplifier to be connected also by cable.

The price of all the models shown in this guide is moderate and therefore we consider that they can be acquired and installed by any user in their own home getting a great result.

Prices are between 9 and 85 EUROS. In SILICEO online shop there are WiFi amplifiers of all the molds, the best brands and for both indoor and outdoor.

Here we put the direct links for brands, models bestsellers and qualities.

WiFi TP Link repeater

  • The best example of Reptidor WiFi TP Link is the model TL-WPA8630P. This WiFi amplifier device is also a PLC, therefore it is a complete kit that offers all the possibilities, it carries the Internet by the electric cable while increasing the WiFi coverage. This HomePlug AV2 Kit provides a speed of up to 1300Mbps, by Eun Sub’s brains little price when it comes to buying.
  • Powerline WiFi PLC, which carries the data transmission through the existing electrical wiring of a house adds to the WiFi AC dual-band 450Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band and 867Mbps on the 5GHz band
  • Multiple Gigabit Ports-three Gigabit Ethernet ports for game consoles, smart TVs, or media receivers.
  • Expansive coverage: uses any domestic power circuit to deliver data at distances up to 300 meters.
  • Ease of Use: HomePlug AV2 provides a speed of up to 1300Mbps of data transmission through the existing electrical wiring of a house.
  • WIFI AC Standard Wireless: Speeds Wi-Fi dual band 450Mbps in 2.4 GHz band and 867Mbps at 5GHz.

WiFi TP Link Repeater

WiFi TP-Link repeater TL-WPA8630P PLC Powerline AV1200 Gigabit plug 1200Mbps


✅ Amplifier WiFi Alfa Network

The best amplifiers of the Alfa brand are those that manufactures for outdoors. For example the WiFi Camp Pro designed for caravans or boats and also UBDO models.

Wifi CAMP-PRO is the long-range wireless 802.11 b/g/n Solution for Boats/motorhomes/buses, etc. To create an IEEE 802.11 n wireless network at 300 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz frequency.

Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 is your solution to amplify WiFi on the outside.

It is an all-in-one Kit to help you connect to a distant Wi-Fi signal and extend it (repeat) as your own personal WiFi access point to which all your devices can connect.

Alfa Wi-Fi Camp Pro 2 includes an Alfa R36A USB router/repeater, free Alfa Tube-U (N) Outdoor Wi-Fi receiver with a glass fiber 9dbi outdoor Wi-Fi antenna model AOA-2409-TF. This is a special kit designed to capture a weak WiFi signal and repeat it as your own personal access point. This is ideal for use in caravans, camping, boats, transport vehicles or country houses.

Once Camp Pro 2 has been set up to amplify a WiFi network, any device with WiFi can connect to your WiFi network as a normal router. We recommend making the actual configuration using a laptop or PC with Ethernet cable (included).

Once the router R36A located inside the caravan, you have connected to a network, you will be asked to protect the name and password of your own local Wi-Fi network, offering any device inside, or up to 100 meters from the caravan the possibility of us Ar the same Wi-Fi signal.

Brand Alfa Network. The best WiFi Amplifiers

WiFi Camp-Pro 2 ALFA Network WiFi repeater Kit for

Amplifier WiFi Alfa Camp Pro 2 WiFi Long range Universal WiFi Kit for caravan, 175.42 EUR

↪ Camp Pro 2 WiFi caravana- 164 EUR

Pack WIFI USB antenna UBdo + Router Alfa R36

↪ Pack Ubdo + R36

This Alfa pack performs the same function as the Camp Pro Kit but with a directional antenna. It is ideal to leave it fixed oriented towards a point that emits WiFi. It is also can’t ellevar, but it is necessary to orient it as well as possible towards the emitter point.

Pack wifi USB antenna UBdo + Router Alfa R336 is a long distance WiFi connection Kit. The antenna wifi panel UBDO can receive Internet as desire to the outside, attached to a wall or roof and the router repeats it by WiFi and cable for several devices. Very useful in camping, caravan, hotel, vacation, boat, truck etc…

What is a booster type WiFi amplifier?

The WiFi ALFA network APA05 signal amplifier is an example of “pure WiFi amplifier”. This device does not repeat D Eun site to another and does not extend the ramno, what it does is only amplify the signal power WiFi up to 800mW.

For example the router WiFi normally work at 100 MW of power, suficient Epara The interior of a house, but if you want to take this signal hast aagain far away house, with this WiFi booster Coenctado to the cable D ELA antenna increase the power up to 800MW (8 times more) Allowing the router to emit a WiFi signal up to several kilometres away.   This highly efficient and compact unit designed to increase the performance and reach of any 2.4 GHz wireless device. This includes Bluetooth, P2P, P2MP, WiFi b/g/N and all wireless access points and routers. The APA05 is a WiFI mplificador that extends the reach of the signal, and under certain conditions, can duplicate the scope of these wireless devices.

* * Note: The use of this type of amplifiers WiFi Booster, is exclusive for professional installers, its use is regulated by laws of electromagnetic emission and it can be illegal in some countries.

Amplifier Wifi Booster Alfa Network Apa05-800MW 2.4 GHz

WiFi Booster Alfa - 57 EUR

✅ WiFi Amplifier Ubiquiti

WiFi Ubiquiti Amplifi ER signal amplifier

Ubiquiti is now highlighting by developing innovative systems for WiFi signal amplification. Most of the WiFi is the AmpliFi er system, which certainly few people have at home because it exceeds 300 EUR. There is no doubt that Ubiquiti AmpliFi er assures to 100% the total WiFi coverage of the house, however big it is, or even if it has a very strange design, more than 4 plants, gives the same Amplifi er covers everything.

Amplifi ER is a mesh system i.e. WiFi mesh, the pack includes an Amplifi er and two MeshPoints. It combines the flexibility of deployment and maximum Wi-Fi coverage for your home. Plus you can buy more Ubiquiti Mesh points apart if you need to.

✅ Amplifier WiFi Tenda

You know the router Tenda AC6, because I tell you that for only 33 Euros is a complete router with WiFi amplification because it has 4 high gain external antennas and also, attention!!, WiFi AC 1200 Mbps speed router Tenda AC6, there is no other faster at this price.


Router Tenda AC6 with 4 antennas WiFi amplifiers

Comprar Router Tenda AC6

Shop in Spain of all products Tenda WiFi. siliceo online > >

✅ Outdoor WiFi Amplifier

For outdoor the designs of WiFi amplifiers are very varied, there are antennas that reach 500 meters, another 2 km and others up to 30 km, so I recommend that you enter this link where they detail all products of outdoor WiFi antennas with amplifiers Wifi

WiFi Amplifier >>

✅ Indoor WiFi Amplifier

The star and cheap product is the Tenda A301, but there are many more, for example now is getting much the amplifier WiFi Tenda with 1200MBps speed, which gives you an extraordinary speed and also allows the SSID cloak for maximum security

Amplifier WiFi 1200MBPS 11AC Tenda A18 HD Repeater

WiFi Amplifier Tenda A18

 WiFi Network Repeater/Extender
Wireless N (1200Mbps). RJ45 1000Mbps
2 external Antennas
Cloaking SSID

WiFi Tenda AC1200>>

✅ Dual band WiFi AC amplifier

In this link you can enter and see all the WiFi amplifiers with Gigabit connection and dual-band WiFi AC

WiFi Amplifiers>>

Here comes a basic guide to how the amplifiers or WiFi relays work. There is a solution for everything, so if your WiFi connection weakens or you are going crazy and do not know what happens, try to put one of these amplifiers. To contact a commercial write an email to SILICEO Online store > > from the website of the store you can contact by phone WhatsApp or Email, buy and enjoy the technology. ?