How to set up a WiFi repeater to extend WiFi coverage at home.

How to set up a WiFi repeater to extend WiFi coverage at home.

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TENDA A301 is a Wi-Fi 300Mbps coverage Extender.

It is installed Acoplándolo to a wall socket with Plug and has the advantage of having a fast Ethernet port 10/100mbps., quick configuration button with WPS and external antennas to emit more power.

It stands out for the two external wifi antennas of orientable 2dbi that make the emission of WiFi more powerful and has more scope than other relays WiFi without antennas.

It allows to extend the coverage of your Wi-Fi network to areas where you currently have no reach. The Plug and the power supply are integrated into the device, which is why no installation is required because the plug itself is the same as the support.
In addition, the device has an Ethernet pueto, so, in addition to performing the repeater function, extending the network coverage, “allows the cable connection of a device.” It can be configured as:

  1. Client Mode Tenda A301
  2. Acces point mode WIFI transmitter AP Tenda A301
  3. Router or repeater mode Tenda A301

The N300 A301 Wireless Universal Range Extender is designed to extend the reach of the current wireless network and improve coverage to eliminate the “deadlock”, giving you freedom of roaming anywhere in the house and access to the Internet. With a wireless performance of up to 300Mbps, it is ideal for streaming videos and online games. The product was specifically designed to be plugged into an outlet and combines very well with any environment. It also provides an Ethernet port for connecting wired devices such as Blu-ray player, game console, DVR and Internet TV.

Wireless speed N, data rate up to 300Mbps
Compatible with 802.11 b/g/N Devices
Built-in Ethernet port for connecting devices with cable
Supports WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encryptions
Easy installation with no need to insert CD
Wall plug design for flexible placement
2x 2.5 DBI External antennas for optimized coverage
Push & Connect — instantly expand the reach of the current wireless network to enjoy increased mobility at home by pressing the Extend button.

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1- How to configure the TENDA A301 repeater

The wireless WIFI range amplifiers are devices that act as the main router’s range amplifier. They can be configured without the need for cables as they work by WIFI.

To start using it first connect your WIFI amplifier to an outlet that is within the range of your router’s wireless network. After using any Wi-Fi compatible device, for example, laptop, tablet, mobile etc., consult the list of available networks and connect to the WIFI repeater. If you cannot see this network, you may need to reset the range repeater. To do this, simply press the reset button of the range amplifier for at least 10 seconds while the A301 router is turned on.

Start a Web browser to enter the router configuration page that in the case of the TENDA A301 is this: then enter the default password: admin and click OK. When prompted, enter your wireless network password and click OK, then wait for the settings to authenticate your password and press save to have the router restart and everything will be ready.

An alternative and faster method is to use the Extend WPS button of the router TENDA A301, first press the WPS button of the main router and then the Extender button of the router TENDA, a few seconds the two router are linked by WIFI and the route R A301 will start working as an amplifier from where it is located.

2-TENDA A301 hardware features

802.11 n/g/b, IEEE 802.3/802.3 u wireless Standards
Plug type EU, US, AU, UK
1 * 10/100m LAN interface
External antenna (2)
Extend Buttons Range button
Reset button
Power supply Input: AC: 100 ~ 240v; 50/60hz
Output: 5.0 v 0.7 A
LED Power, RE (Range extender), signal strength indicator, LAN
Dimensions (L * W * H) mm 110 mm * 55 mm * 39 mm
Wireless functions
Wireless Link rate up to 300Mbps
Frequency range (GHz) 2.412 GHz-2.472 GHz
Wireless Security access Control Wrieless
Wireless security: Enable/disable
Wireless Wireless Radio Function: Enable/disable
Transmission SSID: Enable/disable
Channel: 1-11
Domain Entry function
Software functions
Wireless Mode Range Extender mode
N300 Wireless Universal Range Extender Package Contents
Ethernet Cable
Quick Installation Guide
Resource CD
Temperature operating Temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Storage temperature:-40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
Humidity operating Humidity: 10% ~ 90% non-condensing
Storage Humidity: 5% ~ 90% non-condensing
Default settings default access:
Logon Password: admin
EC certificates; FCc; RoHS

Manual Spanish router Tenda A301 WIFI repeater

WIFI repeater Tenda A301 300Mbps Universal Extender range Amplifier

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* Tenda A301 easily amplifies WiFi wireless coverage by pressing the “Range Extender” button * Easy to configure WiFi router Tenda * Router to install on Encchufe high speed WiFi to 300Mbps * Compatible with all WiFi networks 802.11 b/g/n 2, 4Ghz.