Comparison imalent DX80 vs. Acebeam X80-GT

Comparison imalent DX80 vs. Acebeam X80-GT

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This review of ((the two best LED flashlights)) ? which are the most powerful in the world in the 2019 aims to give an impression of what are its basic features, modes of use and highlights of each. We talk about the famous imalent DX80 of 32000 lumens and the AceBeam X80-GT 32500 lumens

We have chosen these two models because they are “all-light” the flashlights with the most lumens of which are manufactured in series, and the more power they are able to generate according to the specifications of the manufacturer.

These models by their design, by their power and by what they offer to the user, are generating a great expectation. In the first part of the review we will talk about the characteristics and after the final data offered by the manufacturer, power, regulation, time of use, thermal management and maximum range

DX80 vs. X80-GT

First of all it is noteworthy that Acebeam is a much better and more prestigious brand in general, all its models have more quality and finish, we can say that Acebeam is the best brand of LED flashlights of the moment and the flashlight X80 is one of the most sold in the world , but Imalent has wanted to highlight with a revolutionary model that is the Imalent DX80, which has no rival in design and performance for the most demanding

There are some Youtube videos that make the comparison of the old X80 model versus the DX80 and in terms of light spill are very similar, but the Acebeam wins in terms of action angle and light spill. But Noy to let escape that when you have the two in hand the DX80 surprises by size, better heat dissipation and user interface. In addition here we do not speak of the original version of Acebeam X80 with 25000 LM if not of the new version X80-GT of 32500 LM which beats the absolute record in July 2019 in terms of Slaida of lumens

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➤ Advantages of the imalent DX80 in front of the Acebeam X80-GT

✅ the DX80 supports 32000 lumens for a period of 5 to 8 minutes before the heating prevention system automatically lowers it to 16000 lumens mode.

The X80 heats up something else and the 325000 LM Turbo mode will only hold 3 – 4 minutes.

✅ the battery is bigger em the DX80 because it uses 8 units × 18650 against 4 units in the X80. The advantage of the Acebeam is that the batteries are removable and can be charged in an external charger, so that we can carry spare batteries always loaded in the backpack, while the imalent, the battery is specific to this model and can not be loaded apart .

The DX80 has a built-in charger with a 220v plug, while the X80-GT is sold without a charger.

✅ imalent DX80 actually has more reach in meters, while the X80-GT looks like a pure flood light with 180 º field

✅ the user interface is somewhat better in the DX80 because it allows to jump from off to directly the 32000 lumens. While the X80-GT you have to go through several inferior modes to reach the record of 32500 LM. The X80-GT has a battery charge indicator LED, optimum green/red low battery.

✅ The DX80 has a built-in OLED display that tells you the light output and battery voltage. The X80-GT has easy access button without display

✅ the size and weight is much higher in the imalent, so it is heavy and not very practical to carry in the backpack. The Acebeam is light and the size of a can of soda, it is easy to carry and put in use, in addition the new version X80-GT incorporates a very practical grip handle that prevents you from burning your hand when heated and can also be installed on a tripod.

Price Imalent DX80 = 322 EUR/ACEBEAM X80-GT = 286 EUR

Acebeam da 500 lumens more for 36 EUR less, but not everything is the price, there are also the tastes, colors or fate that we give to the flashlight…. Continue reading and you will find up to a 5% discount coupon to buy them at Silicon online shop.  ? ?

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User-guided view of DX80 vs X80-GT:

The DX80 exceeded the original X80 in number of lumens, but Acebeam has returned to beat the record and the X80-GT reaches 32500.

If you want a flashlight for photography, to put a tripod and take pictures at night or Light painting chooses the Acebeam X80 of 25000 lumens with red, green and UV colors Incorporated, if you want the same but without colors and more lumens Choose the new version Acebeam X80-GT 32 500LM

If you want a 32000 LM flashlight that is not heated with the largest lithium battery that carries a LED flashlight equivalent to 8 pieces 18650 buy the imalent DX8

presentation and revision of the DX80 32000 LM

We have carried out a test of the DX80 that comes in a box of cardboard suitcase with a plastic handle, printed in the box come all its characteristics. The box is simple and effective for protecting the flashlight and being able to carry it everywhere.

The DX80 is a model of LED flashlight with flood light, can be said brutally flooding, but also reaches a considerable distance.

Accessories imalent DX80: Charger, spare rubber gaskets, manual and braided cord lanyard. It also includes a sturdy Nylon fabric cover to carry to the belt.

The body of the lantern is of aeronautical aluminium and anodized type III finished antiabrasive. The lens is ultratransparent glass with anti-glare treatment.

The head is covered with dissipation structures almost entirely. The multiled reflector is very large with 8 sections where 8 units of LED CREE xhp 70.2.

The battery occupies the entire base of the flashlight, it is detachable and you can buy a spare battery, but a high price of 98 EUR

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Imalent DX80 Powerful Rechargeable flashlight 32000LM 800 meters 8

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Imalent DX80 32000LM Rechargeable

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Imalent DX80 32000LM Lumens

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➤ revision of the flashlight Acebeam DX80-GT 32500 LM

The series Acebeam X80 has evolved and the X80GT already reaches 32500 which shows the clear trend among the big brands competing in total lumens number achieved, and of course Acebeam has achieved and beats the record of DX80 Superándola at 500 lumens m ‘re. It now has an incredible 32500 lumens output that is achieved by squeezing a total of 18 Cree xhp 50.2 LEDs into the same size frame as the original X80 model. There are 7 different lumens output configurations to ensure that you will always have the right amount of light for your situation. This is going to be the flashlight preferred by the photographers and also by the security and rescue bodies.

Designed for outdoor and ready-to-operate night, the Acebeam X80-GT flashlight is perfect for search and rescue, military, security and hunting applications. Waterproof and submersible up to 30 meters. Shock-proof aluminium lantern. In this review the X80-GT has astonished us, works well, has a lot of lumens and is very small size, light and easy D ellevar in the hand or in the backpack.

It has a plastic handle and a thread for photographic tripod type UNC1/4 “very easy to mount the flashlight Acebeam X80-GT in a standard tripod as an auxiliary lighting source for the work of all kinds of photographs. There are 2 versions one of 5000K color temperature and another of 6000k cold light

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Acebeam X80-GT LED Flashlight very powerful 32500 lumens with batteries

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BUY NOW X80-GT >> 286 EUR


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There are many models of Acebeam and imalent flashlights very interesting, one for each profession. If you need to know more or contact write an email to SILICEO Online store > > also WhatsApp or email, buy and enjoy with the technology.