The 3 Best Cheap Sports Cameras with WIFI

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Spring 2021 sports cameras are causing great impact in the world of lovers of action sports and aquatics. These portable cameras are the best way to capture videos and quality photos and at any time, without a doubt a good gift for your holidays.

In the market there are numerous options and models but, comparing them, it can be deduced that they all have similar basic functions that are what the buyer will demand. There are some brands and models that are for professional use only, or that have the price inflated and disproportionate because they are imports from foreign markets like those sold on Amazon at prices of scams. With a quiet search, and always fleeing from the uncontrolled markets in which the Wild West Law of Amazon and Aliexpress prevails, in most cases, we will soon see that it does not pay to pay more money for a device that basically does the same as another more expensive.

What is a “SportCam” sports camera?

The sports cameras or in English “SportCam” are video or photo cameras, very light, compact and waterproof or submersible. Most video and photographers use them to record while practicing sports. They are used in water sports, motorcycling, cycling, skiing, swimming, running, skate etc. and the best-known brands are GoPro, SJCam, Magreen, Garmin, Sony, Samsung, etc.

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Most sports cameras stand out for their small size and easy operation with one or two buttons. Most have a 2-inch screen that allows them to be used very easily, allowing them to be used while practicing a sport of action, risk or speed.

Before buying, we always advise you to take into account the capabilities and definition of the sensor and the lens as well as connectivity via WiFi. The WIFI connection is very practical because it allows you to transfer photos and videos to a mobile or tablet thanks to the Apps to which they are associated.

In this SILICEO blog article we will focus on the 3 cheapest and recommended sports cameras so you can choose the sports camera you need, with the highest quality and best suited to your needs. We present a comparison of features with the best cheap 1080P and 4k sports cameras on the market and the most interesting accessories.

Summary. What sports camera to buy?

1. Sports camera with 1080p WIFI for sports
2. 4K high definition sports camera with WIFI.
3. HD Q7 camera for spy and sports surveillance.

1. Sports camera with 1080p WIFI for sports

This 1080p sports camera is the basic option to capture all those important moments of your hobbies, excursions, motorcycle routes and much more.

Camera with WIFI to handel from the mobile. Full HD and high resolution of 14MPx surpasses all competitors on the market (such as SJ4000 and GoPro) especially for its super wide angle of 170º A, and especially for its quality with extra functions such as activation by movement and remote control by WIFI.

When you go on vacation, it is spring and you take the bike to make routes or every day you go by bike, with this cheap 1080P camera you can capture all the interesting moments and save them easily. The MELON 1080P camera is a high definition video recording device. They have a wide variety of uses from video recording, camera, audio, and webcam or PC camera, which makes it ideal for use in different environments from camera to outdoor sports and field work.

1080P sports submersible camera with WIFI

Buy Now Sport camera 1080P - 54,15 EUR


Tips for the 1080P camera:

  • The MELON1080P sports camera is of high precision, always use it in its casing, when you are outdoors, to avoid bumps or falls.
  • Remember that if you use WIFI it is better to move it away from electromagnetic fields or other powerful WIFI emitters to avoid interference in the recording.
  • Do not expose the product to direct sunlight, or direct heat sources.
  • Avoid leaving the SD memory card exposed to electromagnetic fields to prevent the recording from being erased.

Highlights of the MELON 1080P camera

  • Designed for water sports. Submersible and resistant housing up to 30 meters deep.
  • Built-in WIFI. You can connect to any mobile phone or tablet to manage it remotely.
  • High definition LTPS 2.0 LCD screen that shows and plays recorded videos
  • Removable 900Mah battery that can be replaced and prolong the life of the camera. You can carry two or more charged batteries in your pocket so you are always available to record. It allows video recording while charging connected to a micro USB cable, and also video recording with internal removable battery.
  • Angle view 170º view of fisheye.
  • It can be used as Webcam or PC camera.
  • It allows up to a maximum 32GB micro SD memory.
  • Video formats: 1920x1080p with 30fps and 1280x720p 30fps. Recording in AVI format
  • It can be charged in various ways, both on and off, either connected to a computer or via the wall charger, car charger or by removing the batteries and charging them in a specific charger like this one:

Battery charger for sports cameras 900Mah Sj4000

The pack consists of a charger + 2 lithium batteries. The charger is with USB cable and Micro USB connector compatible with all batteries of action cameras of 900Mah type SJCAM SJ400 SJ5000 Melon 1080p and the like.

Combining the different accessories you can mount the camera even bicycle or motorcycle handelbar, a bicycle helmet, skateboard or clothes.

When you finish recording, you can use a USB cable to play the files on a computer, or you can also remove the memory card so you can copy or reproduce its contents in an appropriate card reader.

Video camera controlled by WIFI. These WIFI sports camera models can be operated using a compatible mobile, tablet or laptop. There are free APP applications for both WINDOWS computer. as for Android or IOS. They connect through WiFi. After downloading the APP and connecting the camera via WIFI, you can now record video on your smartphone or capture photos remotely.

2. 4K high definition sports camera with WIFI.

The new sports camera MAG-G5 with image sensor SONY IMX179 16mega pixels CMOS records in video format compressed H.264 MOV. Camera with 4x high resolution zoom, double control screen, remote control, 170º wide angle and HDMI output

Surely this is the best option with better value for money to get a real 4K recording equipment. With the 2-inch rear screen, and the remote control you can handel it quickly on any occasion. The image quality is good in both video and photography.

The new MAGREEN CMAG-G5 camera is the recommended action camera for real 4K video. A camera that records a real 4K has to do it at a speed higher than 24Fps for the movement to be fluid. The Magreen 4k camera reaches up to 30fps in 4k mode and also gives 60fps in 1080P HD mode. Without a doubt it is interesting to record at a higher speed of 24fps to get more fluid movements or to be able to perform slow motion in video editing.

The high-quality 4K MAGREEN MAG-G5 camera is designed to be used for video, photography or audio.

4K video camera SONY

Buy Now Camera 4k WIFI - 67,50 EUR


MAG-G5 has zoom up to 4x and 2-inch color screen. The 170 ° wide-angle lens has the maximum video resolution of up to 4K 30fps, perfect for sports, biking, motorcycles, outdoor activities, car DVR, diving, surveillance, etc. With double screen to control recording at all times.

Features MAG-G5:
2.0 “16MP LCD sports camera, 4X zoom and 170 ° wide-angle lens, time-lapse shot and slow motion.
High resolution 4f 30fps / 2.7K 30fps / 1080P 60fps / 1080P 30fps / 720P 120fps / 720P 60fps / 720P 30fps.
Remote control by Wifi, USB2.0 and for the high definition output of HDMI multimedia interface.

The MAG-G5 includes an APP to be operated remotely by WIFI with Android / IOS. The remote control allows to activate both the video and the photos. Reach by WIFI reaches up to 50 meters.

With waterproof and submersible box up to 30M to capture underwater activities.

4k remote wifi camera

It is necessary to warn that to record in 4K to maximum quality it is necessary to install a card Micro SD class 10 of high quality, type memory card of high capacity 32GB SDHC like the Kingstone.

Other accessories for sports cameras:

** Submersible LED light for Gopro Hero4 / SJ4000 SJ5000 YX258 action camera 4k 1080p

Buy Now  LED camara sport - 24 EUR


GP258 is a powerful LED light with submersible light bulb up to 30 meters. Waterproof LED GP258, 3 modes of brightness with a rechargeable and removable lithium battery. Waterproof case and universal support For GoPro and other action cameras. Compatible for Gopro Hero4 Session 4 3 / cameras SJ4000 SJ5000 YX258 MAG-G5 MAG-W9 4K and 1080P cameras.

led gopro tripode

LED light for sports cameras

 3. HD Q7 camera for spy and sports surveillance.

In our list you can not miss the fabulous minicamera of sports and spy with double use model Q7. This camera of very small size, allows you to record action videos in high quality HD and also can be used by connecting it via WIFI to the internet to monitor 24h. through P2P transmission over the internet from anywhere. It works both with USB cable power and internal lithium battery.

What is the P2P technology of the Q7 video surveillance mini-camera?

With P2P you can see the WIFI Q7 camera image remotely on most smart phones, computers, tablets etc.  up to 10 cameras simultaneously by telephone. Compatible with Apple and Android devices. The Q7 HD works with the following Apple devices with iOS 4.2 or higher: the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. It also works with Android devices with version 2.2 or higher. A Wi-Fi router with an Internet connection is needed. You can record in the memory of the camera or directly in the memory of the phone. Record video with sound. You can take pictures.

P2P is the system that allows users to use the camera remotely. It works with all WIFI networks of all operators, you can watch the video remotely, even with GPRS data network, cable network, public networks, the home network, and 3G 4G wireless network, including mobiles and tables.

It is not necessary to configure the IP, it is used without a domain name and without necessary UPNP settings. Using a mobile phone WIFI connection can make it more practical for users to watch the video screen anytime and anywhere, meanwhile they can support more than one mobile phone to watch at the same time.
It allows to monitor business, car camera, monitor a store, trade etc.

Buy Now HD camera Q7 - 43 EUR


The MD81 Q7 is an HD WIFI camera that records high definition HD video, it is turned on by pressing a simple button, or also by sound activation.


  • Ultra-small size. Compact and resistant housing to be used in a variety of occasions.
  • Activation system of voice or sound recording, to facilitate the start of the video, only with the desired images. With the camera function for PC or webcam.
  • Video recording in AVI format. It is easily downloaded to the computer, and played on any device. HD HD camera
  • Rechargeable lithium battery. Under full load, the working time of.
  • The camera exceeds 1 hour of recording. Supports up to 32 GB T-flash micro SD card.

To read interesting tips to improve photography and videos, take a look at: Tips for making the best photos and videos Other Cheap products with WIFI incoporated here.

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