The LED flashlights with more lumens, Ranking ACEBEAM 2018

The LED flashlights with more lumens, Ranking ACEBEAM 2018

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In this ranking of 2018 we will present the 5 high power LED flashlights with more than 1000 lumens for daily use and with more than 8000 lumens for professional use.

Table of Contents:


1.    How to know if a flashlight is powerful?

The best way to orient yourself with the lumens is to follow the ANSI / PLATO FL 1 2016 Standard that has created a comparator of technical characteristics of portable flashlights for sale in the United States. The ANSI / PLATO system is currently widely used throughout the world. The denomination is by the abbreviations in English PLATO (Portable Lights American Trade Organization)

Buying a long-range LED flashlight, a headlight, a bicycle light, or a light bulb in an online store can be confusing, especially if you look at the confusing titles and descriptions of the imitation flashlights sold on eBay and Amazon. . We will help you to distinguish fakes and flashlights of poor quality from the flashlights that meet for professionals

If we look at certifications such as the one created by several manufacturers with the denomination ANSI / PLATO, we will achieve that the purchase of high quality, cheap and guaranteed items is done responsibly for both buyers and manufacturers.

The ANSI / PLATO standard is developed by industry experts, and focuses on specific test and revision methods for flashlights that emit directional light.

ACEBEAM is a member of the PLATO organization and follows this scheme in the description of its products, therefore when we talk about ACEBEAM flashlight lumens, they are real measurements and contrasted by a certifying body that we can compare with other brands of flashlights that follow this same labeling system. The brand of high quality professional lanterns ACEBEAM is present in Spain with its high quality products in collaboration with SILÍCEO TIENDA ONLINE

Comprar linternas ACEBEAM ESPAÑA



2.    How many lumens do I need in a powerful LED flashlight?

Amount of light or Lumen (lm): A lumen is the amount of light emitted by the primary focus in the laboratory. In other words, the LED measured without any type of reflector or crystal. To talk about the quantity of light is to use the terms of reference that the manufacturers put in the product file. Other measures related to the emission of light are the Luxes lx or quantity e lumens per unit area: 1 Lx = 1 lm / m2 or the Candela Cd that measures the concentration of the light beam.

If we go to the Google search engine to see which flashlights have more lumens the result is a bit confusing as some articles talk about experiments or homemade flashlights with up to 90000 lumens

So we have found youtube videos and reviews of an amazing LED flashlight offers 90,000 lumens, but of course it is an experiment to make a demonstration video on Youtube. The results are surprising but it is not a portable flashlight because of its weight and size and also the battery lasts only a "amazing and amazing 10 minutes".

This experimental model does not have fans or dissipators, it gets hot and is not worth playing at home, because brands like ACEBEAM sell much better lanterns at an affordable price.

Many users, who have already tried the AceBeam flashlights in Spain, have given us real and contrasted opinions, and are amazed that several of these flashlights can give more than 6000 lumens that is comparable to the light of a car xenon headlight, but they are real and certified measurements.


3.    Ranking of ACEBEAM 2018 flashlights

3.1- "The first of the class" is the AceBeam X80 Flashlight. 25000LM 

This Lantern can be described in three words: "Pretty, Good and Cheap" Acebeam X80 very sought after by photographers working with night photography. It incorporates lights of colors red green and blue RGB 12 LED XHP50.2

Do you think many 25000LM lumens ?, They are real measured and contrasted. The new model of very powerful flashlight is the Acebeam X80. A flashlight powered by long-range rechargeable batteries designed to serve professionals of all sectors. It has two versions: Light Color + 5000k Cold White and + 6000K Daylight.

acebeam photography rgb x80


EUR 239.00

Comprar linterna ACEBEAM X80 ESPAÑA


ACEBEAM X80 with 12x LED emitters CREE® XHP50.2 50000 hours of life time

2 * CREE XPE2-R2 630nm Red Light
2 * CREE XPE2-B4 475nm Green Light
2 * CREE XPE2-G3 530nm Green Light
1 * Nichia 233A 365nm Ultraviolet LIGHT UV At 365nm wavelength, the Nichia LED reaches a power of 1030mW. This UV LED is suitable for use in special applications. Fake banknote detector and other uses UV light

Battery 4 * 18650 / notable for: submersible up to 30 meters / diving lantern.   ACEBEAM 5 year limited warranty. Nobody gives more for less !!

The Acebeam brand is triumphing in the lantern market with exclusive models such as the X80. The flashlight that many photographers were waiting for has finally come to light. The most powerful and versatile flashlight in the X series is becoming popular. It weighs only 330 grams and measures 117 mm long. Twelve CREE XHP50.2 emitters offer a flood light of up to 25,000 lumens of white light at 332 meters, while the CREE XPE2 and Nichia emitters produce pure red, green, blue and ultraviolet light for specialized applications.

The X80 is powered by four rechargeable lithium batteries, the high drain Acebeam (20 A) and 3,100 mAh are recommended. With the X80 in your hand you can access all functions from a single button to facilitate operation with one hand. Manufactured in aeronautical grade aluminum with premium hard anodized finish type III, also waterproof and submersible at 30 meters, and with advanced electronics.


3.2- The second one on the list is the AceBeam X45. 18000 Lm. 

This Flashlight with many more lumens than any device manufactured at home, and yes, really much more than the headlights of a car.

18000 real lumens measured by audits verified ANSI / PLATO. This handy flashlight with only one hand emits a light source of 622 meters.

Acebeam X45 presents two versions of light color temperature:
– 5000k Cold White
– 6500K Daylight – Sun



199.00 EUR

Comprar linterna ACEBEAM X45 ESPAÑA


Acebeam X45 includes rechargeable batteries 4 * 18650 high capacity IMR batteries (included) and 4 Cree XHP70 P2 LEDs, the super high performance reaches 18000 lumens and the distance reaches 622 meters.

Acebeam X45 presents two versions of light color temperature:

– 5000k Cold White

– 6500K Daylight – Sun

Specifications Acebeam X45:
1: 4 * Create XHP70.2 P2 LED with a lifetime of 50,000 hours
2: maximum output 18000 lumens
Approximate execution times in each mode:
Firefly: 10 lumens 310 hours;
Low: 800 lumens 10 hours;
Medium: 2000 lumens 3.5 hours;
High: 5000lumens 1.4 hours;
Turbo: 9000lumens-5000lumens, 10minutes + 72mins
Turbo Max: 18000lumens-4000lumens, 3minutes + 66mins
Strobe 5000 lumens 3 hours


3.3- The third of the list is the AceBeam L30. 4000 LM 

This Flashlight can be described in three words: "Powerful, rechargeable and light" with neutral white light rechargeable by USB with 4000 lumens, more than enough.

Reference L30-5000k is Tactical Acebeam L30 super dazzling 4000 lumens LED Cree XHP 70.2 and Battery included in the package. There are two versions of light color temperature:

– 5000k Cold White

– 6000K Daylight



EUR 125.00

Comprar linterna ACEBEAM L30 ESPAÑA



LED: 1 * Create XHP70.2 LED with a lifetime of 50,000 hours

Maximum output of 4000 lumens by using the 1 * 20700 battery (included)

Firefly: 1 lm, 59 days
Low: 200 lms, 12 hours
Average: 1000 lms, 2.5 hours
High: 2000 lms, 1.1 hours
Turbo: 4000 lms, 2 minutes + 1 hour
Stroboscope: 2000 lms, 2 hours

Working voltage: 3V – 8.4V
Max. Execution time: 45 days.
Maximum beam distance: 373 meters.
Maximum beam intensity: 34800cd


3.4- The fourth of the list is the AceBeam K30. 5200 LM.

The Acebeam K30 flashlight stands out for its light size. It's Acebeam's super powerful pocket torch. With a very affordable price it gives you 5200 lumens. With 7 work modes and 35000cd clarity. Equipped with the powerful CREE XHP70.2 LED chip it emits a wide burst of 5200 lumens. Tactical flashlight ideal for military, police, security, adventure and emergency use.

You can not submerge with it but you can splash it. The truth is that the battery can last for months.


acebeam k30

118.00 EUR

Comprar linterna ACEBEAM K30 ESPAÑA


AceBeam K30 flashlight is available in two colors in Siliceous Online store: Black and copper. 

LED: Create XHP 70.2 LED with a lifetime of 50,000 hours
Maximum brightness: 5200 lumens by using the 3 * 18650 battery
Firefly: 2lms, 110hours
Low: 200lms, 25 hours
Average: 600lms, 10 hours
High: 1350lms, 4 hours
Turbo: 2500lms – 2000lms, 2mins + 2.1hours
Turbo Max: 5200lms – 2000lms, 2mins + 1.8hours
Strobe: 2500lms, 3.5 hours
Working voltage: 9V to 12.6V
Maximum execution time: 110 hours
Maximum beam distance: 374 meters
Maximum beam intensity: 35000cd
Resistance to impacts: 1.2 meters.
Submersible 5 meters (Model K30 is the most durable flashlight produced by Acebeam,

3.5- The fifth flashlight of this ranking is the AceBeam H20. 

Acebeam H20 headlight with headband. With 1000 lumens emitted by a single LED XPL-HI U6-4C.  Warmth of neutral light 4000K to warm white tint. With 1000 lumens and high quality battery is a good flashlight for sports, runnig, night competitions, rowing etc.

Lens: Coated AR; Ultra-tempered glass lens

Reflector: orange peel

Beam intensity: 1600cd

Maximum beam distance: 80 meters

Maximum output: 1000lumens

Maximum execution time: 1200 hours

Water resistance: IPX6

Impact resistance: 1.2 meters

Operating voltage: 2.7V – 9V

Batteries: 1 × 18650 or 2xCR123

ACCESSORIES included in the package: Pocket clip. Headband with adjustable headband with central strap fastened improves the headlight to the head.

Comprar ACEBEAM H20


Using your car with the lights on to take a picture can work for you on occasion. But if you spend a lot of time working at night, then you'll want to invest in some of the best LED flashlights in the world. In 2018, finally, compared to any other device that you can make at home, we can find that there are powerful flashlights at very cheap and affordable prices.

Today we have made a ranking comparing the most powerful, best and most outstanding of the ACEBEAM brand to finish with this comparative list of LED flashlights.

Our goal is that you can make a good purchase decision. You can see the models that we have tried in the store and they really comply. Also on the website Silíceo you can read opinions of buyers who have already tried and written their vote.

Here you have the 5 best ACEBEAM flashlights, one for each situation.

  1. Acebeam X80
  2. Acebeam X45
  3. Acebeam L30
  4. Acebeam k30
  5. Acebeam H20

You can not buy all these flashlights on Amazon, much less at this price. Cheap electronic parts and components that end up broken in a short time is not what a customer looking for a powerful and long-lasting flashlight to work with.

You already know that to buy quality in an online store you have to go directly to the official distributor of the brand in Spain.

The prices and the best quality for LED flashlights for professional use are in SILICE ONLINE STORE

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