Ubiquiti nanostation M2 and LocoM2, Long distance WiFi links with antennas

Ubiquiti nanostation M2 and LocoM2, Long distance WiFi links with antennas

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We recommend to buy antennas WiFi long reach 【 Ubiquiti nanostation 】 ?, for this reason…. As a general rule a WiFi connection within walking distance is always stable and fast, while, as we increase the distance, especially from 200m, the WiFi connection is difficult. In theory you can make WiFi connections long distance up to several kilometers, but only with expensive equipment and installed by professionals.

Here we will present some teams of the brand Ubiquiti professional quality as Nanostation M2 and Nanostation Loco M2 which are those that use professional installers for WiFi links 200 meters, which in addition to being cheap are simple to handel and Install by any user who follows our tips and manuals.

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➤ Ubiquiti nanostation M2

Nanostation M2 Ubiquiti’s professional WiFi antenna for long distance up to 12km

BUY NOW Ubiquiti Nanostation M2 > 104 EUR


✅ Ubiquiti nanostation M2 Technical Sheet

• 2.4 GHz Outdoor WiFi antenna, 11 dBi-2×2 MIMO station TDMA
• Atheros MIPS 24 KC processor at 400 MHz
• 32 MB SDRAM memory and ROM memory
• 630mW emission power
• 2 x 10/100 BASE-TX network interface
• Adapter with intelligent automatic PoE-included 24 V and 0.5 A.

This nanostation manages to get farther by WiFi thanks to the 2.4 GHz frequency with high power in the antenna. The new waterproof antenna design for dual-polarity 11dBi gain of 2.4 GHz allows Rmore to reach a distance of 10 km or 12 km in condition Sóptimas. The box provides a secondary Ethernet port with software-enabled POE output (power supply via the same network cable), perfect integration with IP Video.

➤ installation of Ubiquiti nanostation M2

The famous WiFI antenna Ubiquiti nanostation M2 is the best solution for its power, long range in distance and simplicity of installation.

Ubiquiti is the best brand of WiFi antennas for outdoor, most models are for professional installation, so it has been a success the design of the two versions of Nanostation M2 and LocoM2 destined to the use of the general public.

The nanostation M2 can carry a WiFi connection up to 12 km, but… Everything depends on the location and above all that there is no wall or bar on the way. For this reason it is one of the most used to take wifi from one house to another, to install on the boat SY Connect to the WiFi of the port or in the camping.

The AirOS software of the nanostation allows all kinds of configurations, but basically there are 3

  • Nanostation as a client (WiFi-cable), you can receive WiFi remotely from a station or from any router. In this mode it receives WiFi and transmits it via LAN cable to a computer or to another router that amplifies it and rtepite.
  • Nanostation as AP access point (Cable-WiFi). In this mode it receives by cable Internet and amplifies it to emit it by WiFi to long distance
  • Nanostation as a WiFi repeater (WiFi-WiFi). It works only by WiFi and receives it on one side while it emits wifi while amplifying it

The super-replaceable design of the Ubiquiti nanostation antennas allows them to be installed outdoors, as their box is completely airtight and supports the cold and water.

The possible uses for these antennas are very varied, basically they carry WiFi remotely and they can distribute it for several equipment, here we put some examples of the most frequent uses.

Practical cases of use of the antennas WiFI nanostation

  • Connect a boat to the port by WiFi. In a port that has a WiFi radio antenna on the outside you can place a nanostation on a mast to receive WiFi and transmit it to the inside of the boat where a neutral router is placed.
  • Join two House by WiFi. It takes 2 nanostations placed on the outside oriented one against another and with direct vision. One nanostation makes of customer and the other of access point.
  • Take WiFi internet to a ship or booth where there are security cameras
  • Connect to several cabins or caravans in a camping
  • Outdoor WiFi for cottages and hotels

BUY NOW  NS Loco M2 > 49 EUR


Manual Ubiquiti nanostation to unite two houses by WiFi

This type of connections is called point-to-point link or WiFi bridge.

Ubiquiti’s products have the advantage that they use a very advanced and compatible configuration software for all brand products. The AirOS Software of the nanostation allows two antennas to recognize each other, and configure one as receiver and the other as a station.

Each nanostation antenna can be powered through the PoE feeder included in the box, which has the advantage of transmitting the power through the RJ45 cable, therefore it can carry the power and connection by the same cable up to more than 60 meters dist Anchor. The Poe system also allows these antennas to feed from another router with Poe output

The Union from a house to another house B is made with an antenna M2 on each side, is what is known as PTP link or link point to point WIFI (point to Point Link)

It is also a very common use as an antenna that provides WiFi internet directly to a computer, or to a surveillance camera, to a TV or any device with RJ45 LAN input, is what is known as client mode.

Here we present a simple scheme of use we have two Ubiquiti nanostation antennas. In this graph we explain how you can give coverage from one house to another by WiFi or even from a central point to several houses using several units of antennas WiFi nanostation M2.

Ubiquiti nanostation m2

✅ Kit Ubiquiti nanostation locoM2 to join two houses

This Kit consists of two Ubiquiti LocoM2 units that can be placed on each side of the link. Loco M2 units are the most effective and easy to set up to join two houses over WIFI.

Package Contents KIT-LOCOM2
• 2 x nanostation LOCO M2 units
• 2 x 5-metre Ethernet network RJ45 extension cable units.

BUY NOW Kit Loco M2 > 101 EUR


shop to buy the Ubiquiti nanostation M2 and LocoM2

Ubiquiti introduces the product nanostation in two versions, the M2 and the LocoM2. The LocoM2 version is smaller and cheaper, does not have as much power and scope but is more than enough to cover distances up to 2km, for distances of 2km to 12km is necessary the large version M2.



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