Lora and LoraWAN wireless networks up to 20km for Internet of Things (IoT)

Lora and LoraWAN wireless networks up to 20km for Internet of Things (IoT)

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Here’s How It Works LoRaWAN

The technology LoRa of communication allows the sending and receiving of data information between multiple devices, point point. The feature most prominent of a device LoRa is his long reach with a low power consumption thanks to the use of the technique of spread spectrum, where the broadcast signal uses more bandwidth than necessary to allow a reception of several signals at the same time.

The devices LoRa serve the same function that can do WiFi networks but with one big advantage, which is the emission at long distance and the lack of interference in the frequency LoRa.

The name of LoRaWAN refers to the networks, “Low Power Wide Area Network,” whose acronym in English are LPWAN. The work that you do networks LoRaWAN is to unite different devices LoRa located at a great distance between itself and that is managed by the same channels and parameters of radiofrecuencIApara your connection.

The design and expansion of technology LoRa is the firm Semtech, which has the patent, in addition to through the foundation LoRa Alliance, works on the development of the standard and its evolution.

LoRaWAN reaches up to 20 km distance

LoRa operates in frequency bands free 433 MHz, 868 MHz and 915 MHz.The use of a frequency or another depends on each country or region, where some of these bands may be restricted, in particular in Europe do not allow the use of 915 Mhz, but from 433 Mhz to 868 Mhz.

The frequency LoRa is a technology that is really long range or “Long Range “is already reaching distances of over 20 Km in open country and in rural areas. This successful range of distance is achieved thanks to the unique frequencies of communications that LoRa uses in the ISM band located below 1 GHz. The reason for using these frequencies is that while it respects the emission values, they are completely free, so person or company can use them without the need of a license.

➤ Differences between LoRa and LoRaWAN

LoRa is a wireless technology similar to other such as WiFi, Bluetooth, or SigFox, but LoRa uses a modulation in radio frequency patented by the company Semtech named Chirp Spread Spectrum (or CSS). The use of LoRa is designed for the specific communications pair ainvestigación scientific and telecom space.

Features of LoRa

  • Low level of interference
  • High sensitivity-168dB improves reception of data
  • Low energy Consumption, the devices LoRa cope with up to 10 years of use with a battery.
  • Reaching from 2 km up to 20 km
  • Connection point-to-point 868 Mhz in Europe, 915 Mhz in America, and 433 Mhz in Asia

To establish a communication point-to-point with LoRa is relatively simple. For very short distances (less 1 KM) usually does not have much problem, but the thing is complicated for longer distances. Because they require antennas with higher gain of large size and with direct vision. That is why it has also developed the variant LoRaWAN to encrypt the data so that others do not use them.

LoRaWAN is a network protocol that uses technology LoRa, that’s eusa for networks of low-power and lorgo extent of area, LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) is used to keep in touch the devices LoRa a network. The protocol LoRaWAN consists of gateways and nodes:

The gateways LoraWAn antennas are responsible for receiving and sending information to the nodes, and the nodes LoraWAn are the end devices that send and receive information to or from the gateway.

Features of LoRaWAN

  • Connections are very secure by using encryption end-to-end.
  • Low power consumption (battery life up to 10 years)
  • Long range communication (10 – 20 km).
  • Connection of many sensors and computers to public or private networks (for up to 1 million nodes on the network).
  • Low-speed data.
  • Low frequency of transmission, mobility and location services. Interoperability of the various networks LoRaWAN in all the world,

➤ Devices MikroTik to LoRa

The european company specializes in WiFi devices MikroTik has designed several kit for LoRa of great acceptance and competitive price. In the year 2021 MikoTik has launched their first computers, LoRa

The goal is to provide the best solution LoRa, with a kit of easy mounting at the cheapest price, because LoRaWAN is a specification for networks of low and long reach that will be very interesting in such sectors as scientific research, agriculture, thermostats, sensors, irrigation, GPS positioning, management of alternative energy, fields of solar panels, urban planning and architecture.

Mikrotik has designed its products in such a way that you can use with “The Things Network” which is the new open source infrastructure for network coverage LoRaWAN free. In this way the installation is so easy that anyone can learn to do it. With the use of TTN or The Things Network you can create a professional network of communications in very little time and with little money.

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 The First devices LoRa of Mikrotik in 2021


This kit is the card mini PCIe to LoRaWAN with the chip Semtech SX1301 can turn on a computer LoRa to any product or router that has a slot mini-PCIe, and USB ports. Has 8 channels , Listen Before Talk (LBT) and functions of scanner spectral.

Tarjeta Mini PCIe LORA R11e-LoRa8 LoRaWAN Semtech SX1301 Gateway 863-870 MHz

Mini card PCIe LORA R11e-LoRa8 LoRaWAN Semtech SX1301 Gateway 863-870 MHz https://tienda.siliceo.es/tienda-mikrotik/1231-tarjeta-mini-pcie-lora-r11e-lora8-lorawan-gateway-863-870-mhz.html

 wAP LoRa8 Kit

This kit contains a UDP packet preinstalled which refers to any server LoRa public or private, an access point, wireless outdoor with a WLAN interface of 2.4 GHz and an Ethernet port that can be used as reinforcement.

Its casing and design have already been tested in many other products, MikroTik and provides excellent performance and stable in almost all weather conditions. You can use the internal antenna 2 dBi, or connect an outdoor antenna, which it is advisable to get a coverage that is optimal for example the antenna LoRa omnidirectional 6.5 dbi


Mikrotik RBwAPR-2nD&R11e-LoRa8 WAP LORA 8 KIT 863-870 MHz
RBwAPR-2nD&R11e-LoRa8 https://tienda.siliceo.es/lorawan/1232-mikrotik-rbwapr-2ndr11e-lora8-wap-lora-8-kit-863-870-mhz.html

lorawan router

LoRa antenna kit

A kit with an Omni 6.5 dBi for 824-960 MHz, a cable-SMA 1 meter in length and a mechanical support to secure it to the mast.

LORA ANTENNA KIT 6.5 dBi 824MHZ 960MHZ cable SMA TOF-0809-7V-S1
TOF-0809-7V-S1 https://tienda.siliceo.es/lorawan/1230-lora-antena-kit-65dbi-824mhz-960mhz-cable-sma-tof-0809-7v-s1.html

➤ Trackers GPS with LoRaWAN

GLOBALSAT LT-100HP is a good example of a tracker RF compatible with LoRaWAN ™ that includes the module certificate LoRaWAN ™ GlobalSat. Used frequencies are 433 MHz, 868 MHz and 915 MHz. Is pre-configured and tested in the channel 0-7, all other channels (8-63) are disabled, but can be enabled with a configuration tool.

It is designed for the tracking of assets, tracking of pets and personal monitoring of children and the elderly. Has a help button built-in to the emergency report that allows the immediate notification to the caregiver / monitor. It is also equipped with a high capacity battery which avoids the need of a charge frequent. LT-100HP is fully compatible with gateways that are compatible with LoRaWAN ™, making it the number 1 option for the follow-up of applications on the network LoRaWAN ™.

For the platform of tracking software, you can use it with the free app for tracking EZFinder.

GlobalSat LT-100HP GPS Tracker compatible with LoRaWAN notice of fall https://tienda.siliceo.es/lorawan/1161-globalsat-lt-100hp-rastreador-gps-compatible-con.html

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