Review of Melon N4000 2000mW WiFi antenna 36dBi panel with 10 meters of USB cable

Review of Melon N4000 2000mW WiFi antenna 36dBi panel with 10 meters of USB cable

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In this review we will talk about the qualities of the Melon N4000 model. This antenna of 36dbi stands out against other similar models for its good price quality ratio and above all the power and range of WiFi connections it is able to achieve.

Melon N4000

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This WiFi adapter was born as an improvement of the previous Model N810 maintaining the quality of the chip Ralink RT3070 and the integration of the entire WiFi card inside a watertight case of the panel antenna sealed perfectly with Siliceoe. Being a model of WiFi N 2.4ghz at 150Mbps has a sufficient quality to connect to all types of router even to the modern Dual Band router. The download speed is sufficient to establish a quality connection, taking into account that most ADSL or fiber optic internet connections are still below 200Mbps.

Melon N4000

The best powerful USB WiFi antenna for long range

Melon N4000 with active 10-meter USB cable.

The Melon N4000 USB WiFi adapter comes with a 10-meter USB cable. The long cable is the most outstanding quality to choose this model, at the same price does not compensate the 5 meter cable since in most cases we will not be able to install it in an appropriate place. The long cable makes the difference, since the greater reach of a WiFi antenna for outdoor versus an indoor one, is in the location. If we place the antenna on the roof, in a high location, or on the outside wall of the house we will first eliminate all kinds of interference and get rid of the wall barrier of the building. For the same price it does not pay to buy the model with 5 meters cable.

If we look at the USB cable of the Melon N4000 we will see that it is the difference that stands out against its competitors. It is a braided cable of maximum quality of blue color and with magnetic ring. The cable is blue and transparent to see the quality of the braid, but if we need to install it on a facade of the house that is white, for example, it can be painted without problems. The end of the cable has 2 USB connectors. One is the main and the other is supportive to give more power. As it is a high power WiFi antenna, in most cases it is enough to connect the main cable, but if we add the support we will never turn it off even if the computer has many more USB devices connected. In some laptops or computers with little electrical power in the USB ports it is normal for the antenna to turn off or disconnect at times. To solve the problem of turning off the Melon N4000 and other similar antennas, this inexpensive Melon PW-916 USB power amplifier can be attached.

Melon N4000 antenna with 10 meters of active USB cable

Antenna Large panel 20 cm by 17 cm

Antenna WiFi panel, the bigger the better. Melon N4000

We have already talked about the 10 meter cable whose length makes the difference, since it allows us to place our antenna in the best location outside the street. Now we have to talk about the size of the antenna panel. Again we have to say that size does matter. The planar or panel antennas have more gain the wider the antenna. But of course, a very large size makes the antenna heavy and very difficult to handel. The Melon N4000 has the ideal size with more than 20 cm high and 17 wide, has a manageable proportions and gives us a larger antenna and with more gain than similar models.

This size is what makes it better than other smaller ones, it is also included in a fully sealed plastic resistant box that prevents water from entering. This way the antenna will always work without wearing down or corroding.

The finish of the waterproof case of the antenna panel of the Melon N4000 is of more quality than that of the models that mimic it. In addition, the RT3070 chip at 2000mw gives it enough power to use it with all kinds of WiFi audit programs such as Beini, WiFislax or Kali Linux.
Directional or directional WiFi panel antenna allows the range to be greater. The directional 36dbi antenna of the Melon N4000 model makes it the best long-range USB WiFi antenna. With 10 meters of cable you can work at maximum power in the best location. The RT3070 chip works very well with all Windows including Windows 7 / Win 8 / and Windows 10. If you have had any problem installing the RT3070 WiFi chip driver of this type of powerful antennas in Windows 10 in this tutorial you have the solution: Install Driver RT3070 in Windows 10.
Keep in mind that powerful WiFi antennas with cables of more than 5 meters need stable power supply, so it is better to connect it to free USB ports on the back of the PC, which are powered directly from the power supply of the board base.

The famous RT3070 WiFi chipset that carries the Melon N4000, is also in other imitators but do not have the same cable finish, watertight antenna box and do not reach the same distance and stability

Melon N4000 antenna oriented for long range

Why is the N4000 melon considered the best powerful USB WiFi antenna?

In the market there are other more expensive models with similar qualities as the Alfa Ubdo-nt8, but its antenna does not reach the size of the Melon or the length of the cable and it does not have the adjustable metal supports.
Yagi and parabolic antennas have much more range, but are more difficult to install, it is also necessary to guide them perfectly point to point, while the Melon N4000 is more versatile. The Melon N4000 can see Wi-Fi networks located on its front at a fairly wide angle and with quality. It is normal that when connecting it to the computer you can see more than 30 or 40 WiFi networks available with quality. For outdoor use, at a distance between 50 and 600 meters, the N4000 is the best choice.

Outstanding features of the Melon N4000 model.
• Active 10-meter USB cable with two USB 2.0 connectors
• Chip RT3070 at maximum power 2000mW
• The WiFi chip board is integrated inside the antenna panel. There is no antenna cable and it has no signal loss.
• Compatible with all Windows, Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 8.1 / Win 10
• Compatible with all Linux, and variants such as Kali Linux, WiFiSlax, Beini, Backtrack, WiFiWay.
• High speed of discharge WiFI N 150Mbps
• Standard 802.11 b / g / n
• 36dBi panel
• Transfer speed: 150 Mbps
• Metallic support for adjustable wall and flange for mast.
• Security of encrypted keys WEP (64/128 bits) – WPA – TKIP – WPA2 – AES.
This model also has the advantage that it can be coupled to a USB WiFI router to repeat the internet. Some users have managed to couple it to the Alfa R36 router, but this router is not the one we recommend since R36 is an old model with a slow processor that clogs and stops or cuts the transmission on numerous occasions. It is much more practical to connect the Melon N4000 to the OpenWrt SILICEO router. This router also has a good power supply in the power supply, so just plugging in the main USB cable of the N4000 antenna will work perfectly.

Here is a link where you can buy the complete pack of Antenna Melon N400 + router Openwrt USB repeater.

Supports for wall, wall, window and roof mast Melon N4000 antenna

Presentation of the Melon N4000 package:

Color box with handel to transport. Supports for window. The support is metallic and fully adjustable. Clamp for mast. CD with drivers. Manual.

Presentation of the package Antenna WIFi Melon N4000 best price

Evolution at 300 Mbps of the Melon N4000 the new Melon N519

The new Melon N519 300Mbps has all the advantages and features of the Melon N4000, with the same power and range. It only differs in the WiFI RT3072 chip that works the same as the RT3070 but with 300Mbps of maximum speed.

Melon N519 36dbi chip RT3072 300Mbps Antenna WIFI panel for outdoor

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*** There is also the option to buy the Panel antenna without any USB adapter. Melon has a product that carries the same 36dbi panel antenna but with SMA antenna cable. This way you can connect to any powerful USB WiFi adapter that we have and we will achieve the same result as a long-range panel antenna. In addition this antenna will last us forever and we will be able to couple it to different WiFi cards in the future. See here the Melon panel antenna product with 10 meter SMA WiFi cable.

Antenna Panel 36dBi WIFI Directional outdoor SMA with cable 10 metersPANEL ANTENNA MELON 36DBI
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