Melon N519 WIFI Antenna Panel for long range up to 2km.

Melon N519 WIFI Antenna Panel for long range up to 2km.

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Years ago I made a very fun practice consisting of building a homemade WIFI antenna, which worked great and I was using it for years until I discovered that based on the same manufacturing technique we have for sale the Melon Model N519, with much better quality and better purchase price than making it at home.

If you keep reading you will see how you can install an antenna long-range Directional Panel at home without complicating much and with a spectacular performance.

Today we have to present and describe the use and installation of the Antenna Panel N519 with adapter WIFI chip MEDIATEK RT3072. This model is one of the favorites and most valued in most of the blog and forums of WIFI connections over long distance. For all this, the Model N519 is our favorite of the directional WIFI antennas ranking of  the 2019.

The design of the Melon N519 is simple, cheap and very effective to use as an outdoor directional antenna. You can reach more than 900 meters in a straight line without obstacles and you can even configure a point-to-point link with two of these antennas, facing each other and reach 2km of WIFI bridge between two houses or buildings.

Table of Contents:

1. How is it possible to reach the maximum distance with WIFI with the Melon N519?

In case you did not know, this antenna can be configured as a WIFI receiver or client as an AP transmitter or access point.

The use as a WIFI client is the normal one we make when connecting the WIFI adapter to a computer through the USB port. Windows configures it as a client and allows you to explore all networks within reach and connect to all open networks or that we have the WPA WPA password.

The Emitter or AP mode can also be done from Windows with the MEDIATEK soft-AP software that is distributed on the CD that goes in the Melon N519 antenna box. This program allows from Windows to configure any WIFI adapter RT3072 as an access point. In this way if we buy two Melon N519 antennas we can place them in two different buildings that have direct vision and link two houses up to 10km away by 2.4Ghz WIFI.

melon wifi Panel reach mass of 2km

Melon N4519 WIFI antenna panel with 10 meters of cable

Comprar Melon N519 34 EUR >>

2.    Characteristics of the N519 antenna?

Many users ask us which model is better the N4000 or N519. The truth is that comparing Melon N4000 vs Melon N519 does not make much sense, since the antenna is the same and have the same range. The only thing that changes is the maximum transmission speed that reaches 300Mbps in the case of the most modern model N519. The scope and possibilities of the two models are practically the same. In addition, the two models of external USB WIFI adapter of the Melon brand, which are the Melifon N4000 Wifislax and Melon N519 Wifislax, are compatible with WIFI key auditing programs such as Wifislax, WifiWay, Kali Linux, Beini etc.

The Melon N519 10m USB calbe carries a WIFI outdoor panel antenna 36dbi, inside the waterproof case ABS plastic is soldered the wireless USB WIFI adapter with Mediatek Ralink 3072 chipset with two plate power amplifiers with 4 PCB layers.

From the Panel antenna comes a USB cable with 10 meters in length and in the back it carries the Kit of wall supports, clamps and rotating foot for table or wall.

It is always better to buy the N519 version with 10m cable, since the price difference with 5m cable is very low, and the more cable the better to find the best location with more WIFI coverage.

The WIFI Technology is B / G / N 300 Mbps. Its innovative design and discreet size make it an important factor in your purchase decision. It is designed to be used outdoors and withstand the adversities of weather such as water, heat, cold, etc. It is completely waterproof resistant to rainwater and ice. The back is sealed by Siliceoe, which prevents condensation inside our long WIFI antenna.

Systems: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, VISTA, WIN 7, WIN 8, WINDOWS 8.1 / WINDOWS 10 and successive, LINUX, MAC Operating: Power: 2000mw Gain 36dbi

The Melon N519 chipset RT3072 like the one described in this review can not be purchased on Amazon. Melon N519 is a long-range wifi antenna at an economical price but unfortunately suffers from numerous Amazon brand mimics and WIFI Aliexpress Antenna that do not meet, and are not worth it.

The Melon N519 exceeds its competitors in duration and design is compatible with the programs of auditing WIFI networks thanks to its chipset RT3072 and also has a speed of 300 Mbps with warranty MELON WIFI Spain.

Wifislax, WiFiWay and Beini are developed to work with antennas that carry a Mediatek RT3070 chip, but the Melon N519 has an evolution of this chip that is the RT3072 giving a speed of 300 Mbps that does not reach any of its imitations and fakes.

A prominent feature of the Melon N519 is that it is a fully directional wifi antenna. Directional antennas always transmit and receive the Wifi signal much further than omnidirectional or rod antennas. In addition, its compact design and metal support allow it to be used both indoors and outdoors. You can put it on a table or inside the window, although you will always see that the best result is obtained when it is placed outside.

Are there antennas more powerful or more powerful than the N519?

With a higher size and more expensive there are other options. Look no further, it’s the Melon N519 that has more advantages. The economical price, the compact size (measures 25 cm in length), and the ease of installing it in the window or wall. But if we want even more reach, for example to reach more than 2km, then we need two things: first a larger antenna, 1 meter long parabolic type like the Alfa Network AGA-2424T, and second a location in height, like a 20 meters high tower or the roof of a building. In addition these teams cost more money and have to be installed by professionals, while the N519 can be used by anyone from a computer easily.

3.    Accessories and accessories for Melon N519

Accessories and accessories for the N519

  • 10 meter USB cable
  • OpenWRT router with USB port compatible with Melon N519
  • Melon Amplifier PW-916
  • Pack antenna N519 + RouterActive USB 2.0 extension cable 10 m gold plated type A male / female
USB 2.0 active cable to connect to a USB port and extend a distance of 10 m. If another 10 m extension cable is connected, you can extend the USB port up to 20 m. max. High quality braided cable and type A male and female connectors bathed in gold.

Openwrt Router USB MTK7620N 4 antennas WIFI Repeater 300Mbps

This Openwrt SC-WE1626 router is ideal for use as a WIFI repeater. The USB port is designed to support WIFI antennas with USB adapter. If you have a WIFI antenna that now picks up the Internet remotely, making it available on this router you can repeat the internet via WIFI and cable for several devices at the same time. Ideal to replace old Alfa Network R36 router.Wi-Fi Repeater Kit with Antenna Panel 300Mbps + Open-Wrt Router USB APBuy Now Pack Router antenna 75 EUR >>

This kit consists of a packet of a Melon N519 300Mbps powerful WIFI antenna with 10 meters of USB cable plus an Openwrt SILICEO repeater. The antenna is designed to take long distance internet (up to 2km) and then transmit the signal via USB cable to the Openwrt router. This special router is the only one that can receive the signal via USB.USB power amplifier for WIFI power cables PW-916

Buy Now USB Amplifier >> 4,30 EUR >>

USB adapter with intensifier for USB cables, WIFI antenna extensions, wireless network cards, etc. Solve any problem of lack of electrical power in the USB cables of WIFI adapters or other USB devices.

The package and presentation of the Melon N519 is simple, but it has everything you need: In addition to the Antenna and the 10-meter USB cable, a metallic rotating support is included in the box, used to place the antenna panel on a table as fastened to the wall or on the roof.

Buy Now Melon N519 34 EUR >>

The characteristics of this long range wifi antenna are the best in the environment of less than 40 EUR.  The high-power chip amplifies the Wi-Fi signal so that it is the best long-range wireless antenna to decipher Wi-Fi networks because it has the RT3072 Chipset.

So as always we recommend this link to buy in WIFI stores in Spain that distribute the WIFI MELON antennas in Spain. Always stores with a two-year warranty, fast shipping in 24 hours. by SEUR or Correos Urgente, with a 30-day deadline for returns of items that are to be returned in use of the right of withdrawal from the online store, it is not necessary to claim any reason to return one of these products within the deadline.

To buy WIFI Melon N519 in Spain – SILÍCEO TIENDA ONLINE

Review Melon N519 WIFI Antenna Panel for long range up to 2km..

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