Mount a long-range home WiFi antenna with router

Mount a long-range home WiFi antenna with router

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Alfa Network ? has presented its new KIT, all inclusive of antenna WiFi long-range Alfa AGA2424 + AWUSNHR + AIP525HU designed by the specialist in WiFi web SILICEO ONLINE store.

According to the opinions of the customers of the silicon ONLINE store, this powerful antenna is the best that can be mounted on the roof making a very simple home installation to achieve a spectacular result.

Also the price is quite cheap for a team of these characteristics, the 132 EUR will be very well used if you manage to have free internet at home in a definitive and stable way.

The Alfa Network AGA2424T antenna provides a 24 dBi gain for long distance WiFi connection work possible. In addition, it uses a beam of waves WiFi directional so that the signal of antenna allows to improve the immunity to the noise and the interferences, with which the receiving devices will have better quality and obtain a greater distance by WiFi 2, 4Ghz.




➤ The GRID dish Antenna WiFi

It is important to note that this antenna is compatible with WifiSlax. The Alfa AWUS036NHR Card version 2 carries the famous Realtek 8188RU Chip with which you can use Multiattack which is the tool that allows you to discover the WiFi networks with WiFiSlax. These attacks as they say the hacker can only be launched against a routert that has not modified the WiFi password that comes from the factory with the Movistar and Vodafone router.

Honestly we have not tried these software to decrypt passwords WiFi, and also consider that it is not necessary to steal WiFi to the neighbor, so it is better to use this technology and this powerful antenna parabolic home WiFi to link WiFi networks open Bars or restaurant so to connect free to a network of a friend or relative.

Also if this kit can link 5km away, won’t it be more legal and smart to find an open WiFi network? That’s why we recommend leaving the router quiet neighbors and use this powerful technology to make in any case an ethical or professional hacker work. The intent of an ethical hacker is to solve or find serious computer security failures and to make it known to the international community to never take advantage or steal anything.

For ease of home installation, ALFA Network engineers have sought a professional-type design that is very simple to assemble, and has achieved. In the box, the aluminum grille antenna comes in two pieces that are assembled to form the 1 metre-long parabolic dish.

The AGA2424T long-range antenna is a grating dish that can be mounted in a matter of minutes without the need for special tools, with a simple spanner can be fixed to a metal mast with the included clamps. Another of the virtues of the AGA2424T antenna is its compact size, and the grid design that allows to pass the wind so that it never lay down nor the strongest gale.

With dimensions of 600 x 900mm has connector: N (female) and clamps for mast or pole of 30-50 mm and only weighs 2, 8kg

The Alfa AWUS036NHR V2 card carries a REALTEK RTL8188RU compatible CHIPSET WiFislax and WiFi audit. The high power of this WiFi USB adapter (+ 2000MW) and RP-Sma Connector for external WiFi antennas makes it compatible with IEEE 802.11 n wireless standards, 802.11 b/g/N in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, MIMO (multiple input multiple output)

High-speed transmission data transfer rate up to 150 Mbps

And it allows WEP, WPA, WPA2, TKIP, AES encryption and is compatible with all Windows including Windows 8 and 10 in addition to MAC (10.4. x/10.5. x/10.6. x/10.7/10.8) P

But the choice of this card is because it is compatible with the following kit element that is the AIP525HU router that carries a USB port compatible with this high power card.

Grid antenna WIFI - 132 EUR

➤ WiFi grid antenna compatible with a USB router

What makes this long-range WiFi Antenna Kit Special is the AIP-525HU router  is a branded Alfa Network router with USB port. The router is special because it has a USB port to repeat the Internet of antennas and high power WiFi adapters. The USB port of this router has built-in driver for WiFi USB adapters like Alfa Network AWUS036NHR

The router stands out for its 300 Mbps 802.11 b/g/n WiFi MIMO Hotspot capability. It is a new model of Alfa Network router that works just like the USB router Alfa R36 but compatible with the new WiFi USB adapters that carry Realtek chip RTL8812AU, RTL8188EUS, RTL8188RU, Ralink RT3572.

The WiFi frequency of this kit is the 2, 4Ghz (2,400 ~ 2.483 GHz) This frequency is much better than the 5GHz as it allows links to much more distance. With a WiFi USB adapter type dual band or WiFi AC would be much more difficult to get to 5km.

➤ long-range WiFi antenna 5 km

The total scope of the kit exceeds 5 kilometres, while the atmospheric conditions that can withstand operating temperatures of between-40 and + 75 degrees and capable of withstanding wind hurricane up to 200 km/h.

As soon as you feed the new long-range antenna you do it all through the router. With the only consumption the router feeds all the equipment. The AIP525HU router is powered by DC 12v DC Jack with 220/240v adapter included or also allows 12v passive PoE power.

Alfa Parabolica WiFi Router

buy now WIFI - 132 EUR

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