Netis E1 + WiFi repeater that replaces by

Netis E1 + WiFi repeater that replaces by

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In the past many users were unable to properly configure their WiFi repeater because they did not locate the Web page of the router in, it was very normal that the Web browser when trying to locate this address in the navigation bar respond with ” Page not Found “

Problems with WiFi connection at home? Forget the problems of old repeaters, install one new Netis E1 +

The problem was presented because these old WiFI repeaters needed a fixed-IP configuration on the computer’s Ethernet network card.

To solve these problems the new WiFi Netis E1 + repeater no longer uses the IP address nor the Web address the engineers of Netis want to make it easy for the user and allow quick and easy configuration. ?

Netis is the new brand of professional WiFi equipment such as repeaters, USB adapters or Gigabit Router

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➤ Configure WiFi Model Netis E1 + amplifier

The modern Wireless range extender version 2021 Netis E1 PLUS is designed so that the WiFi coverage of the house is definitely amplified. This WiFi amplifier or range extender is highly efficient with wide and easy-to-configure coverage.

Netis E1 + functions as a “range extender” by default, this means that at the same time it is connected to a plug it will capture the wireless signal from the main router and expand it to places where it did not arrive.

In addition, E1 + can support the router to configure a secure internal network from a DSL or cable modem. With a portable design, it is a perfect choice for travelers, to use in hotels, students or anyone else to work or play.



✅ Advantages of WiFi Netis E1 + repeater

Netis E1 + Range Extender extends its existing wireless coverage to eliminate dead zones from Wi-Fi

The travel router mode for a secure internal network configuration from a DSL or cable modem

The smart signal LED helps locate the range extender in a proper location

WPS button for quick set-up of the Extender to connect your main router in seconds

Ethernet LAN/WAN Port provides additional connection to wired devices for Internet access

Stylish portable design with built-in power adaptor, ideal for travel and home use

IEEE 802.11 b, IEEE 802.11 g, IEEE 802.11 n standards

Signal speed up to 300Mbps

Frequency range 2.4 GHz

20dBm Transmission Power (MAX)

Configure standalone WiFi repeater with WPS

This is the Spanish manual of WiFi netis E1 + repeater

With this outstanding model of the Netis brand, it can receive cable or WiFi signal, and it works by creating in both cases a new WiFi network from the plug in which it is installed and covering a coverage radius of more than 100 meters around.

When you receive WiFi signal (repeater mode) You must be sure to install it in a place where you currently receive some WiFi signal, for example in a Ùn intermediate point between the main router and the area you want to cover with the repeater.

When the cable repeater is connected to the main router (AP router mode) It is possible to install the E1 + repeater in a remote area where the WiFi signal is not now quality and thus amplify it.

We can also directly connect the Netis E1 + repeater with an RJ45 Ethernet cable to the PC work in client mode, receiving the signal by WiFi and transmission to the computer by cable, while giving WiFi to the mobile and tablet nearby.

Configure WiFi Netis E1 + amplifier with WPS button

It is as simple as first pressing the WPS button on the main router and then the WPS button of the Netis E1 + repeater. So the two WiFi networks are synchronized and you can surf the Internet through the Netis device E1 + both WiFi and LAN cable

Configure WiFi Netis E1 + amplifier with web address

With this new model of WiFi Netis E1 + repeater designed in the year 2021, you no longer need to look for the IP Netis makes it easy with a simple and quick Web page address that is

First we look for the WiFi networks from our computer or from our smartphone with Internet access and we connect to the open network created by the repeater that has the name “Netis”

Then we search in Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox the Web and when it enters the configuration press the START button, the WiFi network of our house, for example WLAN_XX or whatever and write the password wifi that we know. And it’s ready, you can navigate through the Reptidor Netis E1 +



➤ Netis E1 + Reset, reset the WiFi repeater

If at any time the connection is cut off or the configuration fails to the Netis E1 + Repeater, then the Netis E1 + can be reset in two ways:

  • By pressing the RESET button/WPS on the front of the repeater for more than 5 seconds, the LED lights will flash and restart with the factory setting
  • From the configuration web you enter into the “Advanced” option and click on “Restore Factory defaults” to return to the original clean settings.

can I set up the WiFi repeater in one place and then take it to another?

Of course, once configured, you can turn off the repeater and take it to another place to install it in the desired area. This Wi-Fi repeater carries an internal memory where the configuration is always stored, which is not lost when it is disconnected from the current.

Netis E1 + is a good example of cheap WiFi repeater, powerful and simple to install, but there are many more. Check out this link from the SILICEO Online store or consult a WiFi specialist via WhatsApp or Email ?