TP-LINK PLC, the best Powerline you can buy

TP-LINK PLC, the best Powerline you can buy

Updated in 2020 Blog - Reviews and guides to buy

? in this review we will show ((the best 7 products of TP-LINK PLC)). Here you will see a review with the basic data of each model, the best price to buy, and a link to the complete file of each product where you can buy them with discount. For this comparison of the 8 best plc with plug we have noticed the brand TP-link simply because it is the manufacturer that develops the best plc both AV500 and AV600 and AV1200, plus some have WiFi and others come with Gigabit ports.

Keep reading and do not miss details of updated prices and where to buy them with discount, and delivery in 24h. In addition there is payment against reimbursement available.

This is the new logo of TP-Link, represents the “braided cable” with a T and a P interlaced. Click here to go to The TP-LINK PLC store > >

➤ TP-Link PLC The network extenders for plug

TP-LINK is the world’s most outstanding brand of all kinds of network products. The famous TP-Link router and PLC to amplify and extend the internet signal are well known in the market. TP-Link was founded in 1996 by the Jiànjūn brothers, to produce and market a network card they had developed. The company’s name was based on the concept of  “twisted pair link”, a kind of electromagnetic wiring, hence the “TP” in the company name.

Since 2007, the company produces in the facilities of Shenzhen Industrial park. TP-Link products include WiFi router, mobile phones, ADSL products, WiFi and PLC repeaters, switch, IP cameras, print servers, WiFi USB adapters, OnHub for Google. In 2016, the company launched the new Neffos brand for smartphones. TP-Link also manufactures intelligent home devices under its Kasa product line. Currently TP-Link is one of the manufacturers that is developing the new WiFi 6

TP-Link products are sold online and are the favorite of Spanish customers in the year 2019 mainly for its good value for money. In this review and comparison of the best TP-Link PLC We will show the products of more quality and also the cheapest that you can buy now online to receive them in your house in less than 24h.

In the product surveys conducted at Amazon and Mediamart, TP-Link is always the most valued brand for network products such as PLC and Wi-Fi router. But it also happens that Amazon sells the PLC WiFi TP-Link of average 20% more expensive than the price of sale in the Spanish online stores, since Amazon has to send these products from warehouses outside Spain and the costs and tempo of shipping are very high , the same thing happens in Carrefour.

But don’t worry, that all these TP-Link PLC that we show you here you can buy them outside of Amazon, they are the cheapest and you will arrive in 24h home with cheap shipping costs or free in all of them.

✅ What is a PLC-Power Line Communications?

PLC stands for power Line communications, in English means power line Communications (PLC) and refers to the technology used by the electrical network to transmit signals for communication purposes. PLC technology is put in the electrical network to convert it into a digital line, allowing, for example, broadband Internet access.

The PLC WiFi are elmejor device that you can buy to solve WiFi problems at home

Different estándaderes and speeds are:

  • HomePlug AV500:500 Mbps Cable
  • HomePlug AV600:600 Mbps Cable
  • HomePlug AV2 AV1000:1000 Mbps cable, is 1Gbps or Gigabit PLC
  • HomePlug AV2 AV1200:1200 Mbps cable, is 1.2 Gbps or Gigabit PLC
  • HomePlug AV2 AV1300:1200 Mbps cable, is 1.2 Gbps or Gigabit PLC

The order chosen for this purchase of the top 8 PLCTP-LINK is cheaper to more expensive. We began to take a look at the reviews of these 7 wonders to install at home. ?



➤ TP-LINK TL-WA860RE Extender Wi-Fi coverage at 300 Mbps with built-in plug

No, this is not a Powerline PLC, because it does not work through the electrical network, it only works through WiFi, but we can not resist placing it in this list, as it is the cheapest and most powerful device of TP-LINK to extend WiFi coverage. The TL-WA860RE is a WiFi range extender, or WiFi repeater, is designed with a built-in socket, ensuring that no electrical outlet is wasted.

This repeater takes by WiFi and emits by WiFi, does not use the electrical network. But it is very useful if you already have a plc installed at home, since it added to a plc wired LAN, then emits WiFi in the place where you put it. This TL-WA860RE is the ideal complement for Ethernet PLC that do not have WiFi.



Plug-in WiFi repeater

This TP-LINK extender amplifies the wireless signal seamlessly to areas where it never arrived or is difficult to wire.  Its miniature-size wall-mount design facilitates installation and allows for flexible transfer. The extra Plug and Suna great idea of TP-Link ensures that you don’t lose any electrical outlets. With the 2 fixed external antennas, they provide long-range WiFi coverage.
Easily expand wireless coverage by simply pressing the Range Extender button

* * Advantages of TL-WA860RE

  • Last wireless speed: Wireless speed up to 300 Mbps.
  • Fast Ethernet Port: acts as a wireless adapter for connecting wired devices.
  • Reliable connection-external antennas for optimal Wi-Fi connection and reliable wireless connections.
  • Universal compatibility-works with any Wi-Fi router features.
  • Intuitive Web user interface — ensures quick and easy installation without hassle.
  • Fast encryption: WPA wireless security encryption with a single touch with the WPS button.
  • Smooth management with the Tether-Red application. The management is easy with the TP-Link Tether application, available on any Android device or IOS. Ease of Use TP-Link




With HomePlug AV technology.  It is necessary to explain what és HomPlug AV is the standard of the family of various specifications of electrical line communications. There are several specifications under the name of HomePlug, such as AV500 and AV600, each one offering different speed capabilities, but all are compatible with each other. Any HomPlug plc will be compatible with another HomePlug plc.

This PLC does not carry WiFi, but you can add a WiFi repeater as the model we have seen before TL-WA860RE to have wifi.

It is one of the best TP-LINK PLC in terms of performance. This TL-PA4010P-KIT employs the standard Homeplug AV500, with a maximum theoretical speed of 500Mbps in an Ethernet interface. In practice, this model has proven to be one of the most useful PLC’s through Ethernet. The best this PLC kit is that it has lowered much its price, and is currently a very cheap product, with quality TP-Link and HomePlug compatibility with an extraordinary value for money.

The TL-PA4010P-Kit is a basic PLC kit with HomepLug AV500 technology that allows speeds up to 500Mbps at a distance of up to 300 meters above the building’s electrical wiring. This PLC TP LINK Kit has two units, one can be placed next to the router and the other in the place away from the house where connection is needed. You can also buy several PLC TP LINK kit to give connection to several points of the house.

Data transmission rates up to 500Mbps on electrical cabling, ideal for HD video streaming
Built-in plug to ensure that no electrical outlet is wasted.
Plug and play design and simple encryption with a single press of the pairing button
Energy-saving mode that automatically reduces consumption by up to 85%




* * Advantages of TL-PA4010P-KIT

  • With built-in plug, not to waste any shot.
  • Up to 500 Mbps and 300 meters.
  • Current filter for best performance.
  • Pairing button for simple network security.
  • Reduction in electricity consumption up to 85%



➤ PLC WiFi TP-Link-TL-WPA4220KIT AV500 with WiFi 300 Mbps

Here comes the super coverage extension by pressing a button – the Wi-Fi clone button simplifies your Wi-Fi configuration and helps you build a unified, uncut home network.
The HomePlug AV standard provides high-speed data transmission up to 500Mbps on existing electrical wiring in the home, ideal for HD or 3d streaming without delays and network games, as well as a PLC that has built-in WiFi, also extends Wireless connections to 300Mbps to previously inaccessible areas of your home and office.

TL-WPA4220KIT - 79 EUR


✅ PLC Wi-Fi cloned for wireless roaming at home.

With a Wi-Fi clone button that enables the Super coverage extension, the TL-WPA4220KIT can automatically copy the name of the wireless network (SSID) and password or password of your router just by pressing a button. After pressing the button, you can locate the PLC adapter where you want wired or wireless access and enjoy the Internet without cuts throughout the house or office.

* * Advantages TL-WPA4220KIT

  • Wi-Fi roaming without cuts-Web configuration-a button for Powerline network configuration-very easy to use
  • The standard HomePlug AV500-200Mbps cable and WiFi to 300Mbps.
  • Two Ethernet ports that allow Internet confi aectarse your TVs, game consoles, or computers.



The TP-Link AV500 WiFi Powerline Extender is a powerline adapters network startup kit that offers 300Mbps speeds for that second Wi-Fi signal and 500Mbps for its network Ethernet extension. The two adapters in this starter kit are quite different. The smallest base unit adapter and is the one that connects to a power outlet near the main router and connects to either of the two Ethernet cables supplied in the Kit. The second adapter is a bit larger, and is installed goes into the second room where you want to connect devices such as Smart TV, game consoles, Apple TV set-top boxes, etc… They can be connected using the other Ethernet cable or via the new Hospot Wi-Fi connection that creates new.

First we must clarify that even though all manufacturers of powerline speak of AV500 when they are obtained in lab speeds of 500 Mbps, these are theoretical maxima, and you will never see those speeds through powerline normal. In fact, the 10/100 Ethernet port limits the maximum speed to 100 Mbps. Normal is to have 100mbps speeds of a Powerline of 500Mbps, but do not worry, as this is fast enough for most needs, and much faster than the standard home WiFi.

To overcome the speeds of 100mbps that gives a normal Ethernet port you have to pass to the Gigabit PLC that give 1,000 Mbps per cable. As is the case of the following from the list.

➤ Tp-Link AV1000 PLC with 2 Gigabit ports and built-in plug

TL-PA7020P-KIT yes that is super fast with 1000Mbps! Ideal for fluent streaming and fast downloads. With the advanced HomePlug AV2 technology, the TL-PA7020P KIT provides high transfer speeds of up to 1000Mbps users, this is perfect for applications that demand high bandwidth as HD/3k/4k video streaming, online videogames and Large file transfers.

With the advanced HomePlug AV2 technology, the TL-PA7020P KIT provides high transfer speeds of up to 1000Mbps users, this is perfect for applications that demand high bandwidth as HD/3k/4k video streaming, online videogames and Large file transfers.

It should be noted that it is not a PLC with WiFi, but can be combined with WiFi AC repeaters as the TP LINK repeater WiFi AC750 RE200 extender to broadcast WiFi.

* * Advantages of TL-PA7020P-KIT

  • Compatible with HomePlug AV2 standard, high-speed data transfer with transfer rates up to 1000MBPS1, supports all your online needs.
  • 2 Gigabit ports that allow you to create secure wired networks for desktops or IPTV systems.
  • The built-in socket ensures that no electrical outlets are wasted.
  • Plug and play, no configuration required.
  • Patented energy saving mode reduces energy consumption by up to 85%.
  • 1000Mbps!-Ideal for streaming fluid and fast downloads

TL-PA7020P KIT - 93 EUR


TL-PA7020P KIT - 93 EUR


➤ PLC TP LINK Gigabit AV1300 TL-PA8010P KIT

This TP-Link PLC goes one step further and incorporates the new standard HomePlug AV2. This technology allows high-speed data transfer rates up to 1200 Mbps or 1300Mbps in new upgrades, more than enough to support all new online connection trends. MIMO support * 2×2 with beamforming, perfect for activities that demand bandwidth like Ultra HD and 4k video streaming, for multiple devices simultaneously, smart TV, online videogames and large file transfers.

* * Advantages of TL-PA8010P KIT

  • Gigabit Port provides secure wired network for computers, smart TVs or game consoles
  • HomePlug AV2 up to 1200Mbps
  • Built-in extra plug to not waste plug.
  • Plug and Play, no configuration required.
  • Patented power-saving mode that automatically reduces power consumption by up to 85%.



MIMO technology with Beamforming maximizes the performance of independent transmissions, which improve coverage throughout your home, particularly to avoid reaching hard-to-reach outlets. MIMO technology makes the TL-PA8030P KIT able to use the 3 wires, including the live, neutral and ground to create multiple routes, which means it allows faster data throughput and more stable connections.

TL-PA8010 KIT - 109 EUR


➤ PLC TP LINK AV2 Powerline with 3 Gigabit ports

Up to 1300Mbps! And with 3 Gigabit ports. The advanced technology HomePlug AV2 makes the TL-PA8030P KIT also support MIMO * 2×2 with beamforming, therefore users benefit from ultra-fast data transfer speeds of up to 1300Mbps. But also with “3 Gigabit ports available” to be able to connect 3 devices at the same time in a single PLC.

TL-PA8030P KIT -159 EUR


This PLC does not carry WiFi, but cable is super fast with Gigabit speed.

* * Advantages of TL-PA8030P KIT

  • 3 Gigabit Ports (1Gbps), creates a secure wired network for desktops, smart TVs or game consoles.
  • Compatible with HomePlug AV2 standard, high-speed data transfer with HASTA1200MBPS1 transfer rates, supports all your online needs
  • MIMO 2 × 2 with Beamforming that ensures a wider range, greater transmission capacity and more stable connections.
  • Built-in outlet that ensures no plug is wasted.
  • Plug and Play, no additional configuration needed.
  • Patented energy-saving mode that reduces power consumption up to 85%
    TL-PA8030P KIT -159 EUR


TL-PA8030P KIT -159 EUR


➤ TP-Link TL-WPA8630P PLC Powerline AV1200 Gigabit plug 1200Mbps

This is the best, and the most expensive TP-link Kit that you can put at home. It has 3 Gigabit ports and WiFi 1350MBps, Incredible!

With a Kit HomePlug AV2 you will have speed up to 1300Mbps both cable and WiFi, there is nothing better in the world of PLC. Transmission of data through the existing electrical wiring of a house. Standard WiFi 5 AC speeds Wi-Fi dual band 450Mbps in 2.4 GHz band and 867Mbps at 5GHz.

It can be configured and managed with app TpPLC for Android and Apple.

WPA8630P - 175 EUR


* * Advantages of TL-PA8030P KIT

  • Multiple Gigabit Ports-three Gigabit Ethernet ports for game consoles, smart TVs, or media receivers.
  • Expansive coverage: uses any domestic power circuit to deliver data at distances up to 300 meters.
  • Ease of Use: HomePlug AV2 provides a speed of up to 1300Mbps of data transmission through the existing electrical wiring of a house.
  • WIFI AC Standard Wireless: Speeds Wi-Fi dual band 450Mbps in 2.4 GHz band and 867Mbps at 5GHz.
  • Wi-Fi range reliability.  2×2 MIMO-establishes simultaneous connections, providing more stable and expansive connections.
  • Mains filter: The Integrated network filter reduces the electrical voltage without noise interference and improves communication by electric line.
  • Wi-Fi Clone: Wi-Fi Cloning button – automatically copies the network name (SSID) and password of your main router simply by pressing a button, it allows the power line extenders to copy Network name (SSID) and password from your router with a simple touch .
  • Wi-Fi Move: Automatically adopts the Wi-Fi configuration of
    Your existing powerline network
  • TP-Link TpPLC-Easily manage your network using app for Android application and Aplle, intuitive TpPLC or TpPLC utility · Connect, match, and play.
  • Auto Sync – Add additional extenders to your powerline network by using the pair button, uniform synchronization of the settings for all network devices such as SSID, password, Wi-Fi programming and LEDAC1350 programming – dual-band Wi-Fi With combined speeds of up to 1350Mbps
  • HomePlug AV2 – Offers ultra-fast powerline speed transfers up to 1300Mbps 
  • 2×2 MIMO – Establishes multiple simultaneous connections to enjoy higher powerline speeds and more stability
  • Extra Power Plug – you can simultaneously power other devices through the built-in plug.

➤ How to configure a PLC WiFi TP-LINK

To install PLC TP-Link or Pwerline with Home Plug technology AV500 WiFi/AV600/AV1200 you have to follow this basic and secure procedure with 3 steps that we will explain with this manual or user guide in Spanish:

  1. Pairing PLC by Ethernet cable
  2. Clone WiFi Network
  3. Add FM PLC TP-Link to a previous installation.

Once the installation is done we may also want to add new PLC units later to extend coverage with the same name and WiFi password anywhere in your home. According to all the opinions keep the same name of network WiFi is the most recommended to always use the same password and that the devices that already have configured are always connected automatically. The basic PLC start Kit TP-Link, as for example the TP-Link TL-PA4010KIT need a installation that consists of two adapters, one that will be connected next to the main router, while another is located in a room where there is no connection.

It should be clarified, that although the kit comes with 2 units, you can install as many PLC adapters as necessary, for example one on each floor or in each room of a hotel or in a very large house



✅ matching PLC by Ethernet cable

The PLC connection to the router is first connected to a power plug and connected with an Ethernet cable to the router’s LAN port. Then connect the PLC adapter to another socket in the area where there is no connection, or where you want to extend the WiFi coverage. The TP-link PLC can be linked to a distance of up to 300 meters by power cable from the main router.

It is important to note that the PLC must be within the same domestic electrical installation, it cannot be done with two neighboring houses, if they are of different owner and have different networks with different electrical switchboards. It is not advisable to put the PLC in strips or thieves, yaque work worse and the speed of connection lowered much, it is better to use wall plugs that are all in the same phase.

After the PLC’s are powered and have connection can be matched so that one can send the data up to the other through the power cord. Pairing is done by pressing the “Power” button on the two Powerline adapters, it is sufficient that less than two minutes elapse between pressing one button and the other. This procedure works like this because the information is transmitted encrypted, and only two plc paired can communicate and after 2 minutes if nobody presses the button in the second PLC they cannot communicate, thus it is avoided that nobody unauthorized can connect a PLC.

Once the two upper lights have been rigged on each adaptor they will flash indicating that they are synchronized and transmitting.

✅ Clone WiFi Network

For WiFI cloning, the WPS system is used. First you press the WPS of your router, then you press the WiFi cloning button on the PLC, again both buttons must be pressed in an interval of less than 2 minutes for security reasons. When the WiFi LEDs on the PLC adapter flash, it means that the WiFi network has been successfully cloned.

TL-PA4010P KIT - 57 EUR


✅ Add FM PLC TP-Link to a previous installation.

Once you have configured a basic kit of two PLC units you can add more compatible units. For that it is necessary that they are of the same modleo or that at least have the same standard of HomePlug, for example that all are normative HomePlug AV500 AV600 or AV1200

The pairing is also very easy, it is done by repeating the steps indicated above, taking into account that it is done one by one. The WiFi network can also be cloned with new PLC units by pressing the WPS button on the router and the WiFi cloning button on the other PLC adapter.

I ➨ that happens when in a TP Link AV500 there is no connection to the Internet. Most often they are not well matched, then you have to check that they are connected to the same electrical network and with the same phase as another PLC compatible AV500 and then press the two pairing buttons in less than 2 minutes one after another. If the connection is impossible it will be necessary to check the mains, connect them to other plugs or link them via WiFi.

➤ Conclusion TP-Link offers the best range of PLC and WiFi repeaters.

The TP-link range allows you to put cheap WiFi repeaters (TL-WA860RE) to increase WiFi coverage in a room away from the router but where there is some coverage. But if this seems little you can put PLC or Powerline adapters to carry the connection through the power cord. The simplest only carry it by cable, at a speed of 500Mbps Av500 (TL-PA4010P-kit) or 600 Mbps, but the most advanced have built-in Gigabit ports of 1000Mnbps (TL-PA7020P-Kit) and others in addition WiFi AC of up to 1350 Mbps.

TL-WPA8630P is the PLC with definitive WiFi-3 Gigabit ports + wifi AC 1350Mbps-

TL-WPA8630P - 175 EUR


Now you eleiges. Which TP-Link PLC do you want to buy?

Powerline PLC is a powerful and easy to install device, but there are many more. Check out this link of the SILICEO Online store  consult a technician in WiFi by WhatsApp or Email ?