Tips to fix your home Wi-Fi problems. Routers, PLC and WiFi repeaters are the solution

Tips to fix your home Wi-Fi problems. Routers, PLC and WiFi repeaters are the solution

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Today we will address the most common problems with the WiFi network at home and give simple tips and tricks for a quick and cheap solution.

If you have reached the 2021 with a WiFi network at home that was stable and smooth, but suddenly, no apparent reason your WiFi is getting weaker and at some points of the house no longer arrives or is cut, do not worry , everything has a solution. You want to know how to fix WiFi problems at home, read on and learn how to use a neutral router, buy the best PLC and WiFi repeaters, prices and installation tips.

It is normal that with the proliferation of WiFi router more and more numerous or powerful, in a building where with an old system everything worked well, now there are cuts and problems, the explanation is that there is too much interference, too many WiFi router very close Broadcasting on the same channel and frequency. In most cases it is not necessary to call a technician, or network installer, because in the market there are cheap devices and very easy to install at home that will improve the speed of the WiFi.

As we do not want you to miss anything, we have divided this guide in the following sections to know how to solve problems of WiFi at home, and also which are the best PLC 2021 or what repeater WiFi buy. ?

1-How to place a WiFi router and orient the antennas

If your case is that you have the router in a corner of the room and that prevents the WiFi coverage to the farthest parts of the house, sometimes with just change the router WiFi site is solved.

The basic tricks for locating a WiFi router are.

  • Center position on the devices to be connected.
  • Away from furniture and appliances.
  • Do not place it behind thick walls and especially away from metal barriers, a simple sheet metal will cause a mirror or reflector effect that makes the WiFi never go to the other side,
  • The best high-level router, if you’re on the floor, yes on top of a table is an ideal location
  • Orienting the router’s antennas. The vertically placed router antennas distribute the WiFi sideways, horizontally. The router’s antennas, lying or horizontal, Viaran the WiFi to the floor below and upwards. To learn more about router location and antenna placement continue reading in this other article.

When we have placed the WiFi router in central position and WiFi antennas are well oriented but still do not work the WiFi router, could be that the router is broken or have configuration problems of router

2-Repair a WiFi router that emits weak. WiFi Channel Change

Sometimes fixing the WiFi router is very simple when it comes to configuration problems. Change the channel of your router, usually does not solve any problem but if we have a powerful WiFi network near emitting by a certain channel, it is best to use a different one, for example if channel 6 is saturated try with the 10 or 11.

Fortunately, currently the new router can broadcast by two different frequencies the old 2, 4Ghz and the new 5GHz. When a router emits on the two WIFI frequencies it is called “dual band or Duaal band” router. If we don’t care too much the download speed we can continue using the band of 2, 4GHz that has the advantage that it goes further and allows up to 300Mbps of speed, if we have devices that need more speed we can enable the frequency of 5GHz and We will reach 600MBps or even 1200 Mbps, but bear in mind that the frequency of 5GHz does not go as far as the 2, 4Ghz.

If the router does not emit any WiFi network can be a configuration problem, it is best to reset it, but remember that in many models when the router is reset the WiFi network is off and it is necessary to configure it again. A query as simple as: I reset the router and now the WiFi does not work, can be solved from the configuration page, in the section “Activate WiFi or wireless”

If it is the configuration that gives us problems, it is best to restore rel router to factory defaults. Normally there are two methods to reset the router’s factory settings

  • Pressing the reset button: With the Router on, the reset button is pressed for more than 10 seconds until the LED light flashes.
  • Using the router’s web Interface Administration page. From the configuration we look for the “factory defaults” option.

Change the WiFi channel and restore settings are simple tricks, but may not solve much if the problem is the low power of the router, in that case will have to change or add a neutral WiFi router.

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3-Install a neutral WiFi router

If the house is very large or has several floors, or we want to take the WiFi signal to a nearby building, the garden etc. Then with a single router is going to be impossible and you need to install WiFi or PLC relays. The router that install Vodafone, Orange or Movistar deliver are, in general, are not intended to give a large WiFi coverage. To forget about these router you can attach a high quality neutral router that will soon give a much more efficient coverage and even more download speed.

For example there are router that install Internet operators that do not have external antennas, therefore not reach much more than 30 0 40 meters and as long as there are no walls. It passes from the router without external antennas and installs a last generation router that has at least 2 or 4 external antennas and you will see immediately the improvement

If you want to know which is the best neutral WiFi router look at this link.

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To set up a neutral WiFi router, first connect it via RJ45 cable to your modem or main router, configure it and then turn off the WiFi router of your provider, so the new powerful WiFi router will receive the signal directly by the cable without loss It will create a new Wi-Fi network of much more scope and quality. Modern neutral routers can manage the connection of multiple devices at the same time without cutting or lowering speed.

 What is better a WiFi repeater or a PLC?

Read on and we will explain the advantages of each device and which is better in each case. Do not miss it! ?

4-WiFi Repeater, or PLC, how do they work?

Both WiFi and PLC relays are cheap and easy to install. The PLC’s are used to extend the local networks through the electrical network. The PLC has the virtue that you can take the Internet connection far away without having to install cables. Sold in two-piece kit, one connects to the main router via LAN cable and at the same time is placed in a plug. The other part will receive the remote signal from another socket, even several receivers can be placed in different outlets.

The PLC can be of two types, the simple or plc Ethernet that collects the Internet signal and distributes it by the electrical wiring to make it the receiver that takes LAN output and the PLC WiFi, which work the same, but besides the cable emit WiFi.


The PLC allow to carry internet to different points of the house without cables but before buying them we must consider these disadvantages D the PLC in front of the relays WIFI:

  • The electrical installation has to be modern and quality, you need to have grounding on all the plugs, and also be sure that all the plugs that we are going to use are in the same phase. If two plugs are not in the same phase, they cannot be connected by PLC.
  • PLC’s cannot be connected to terminal strips, thieves or plug duplicators. If the PLC is connected to a terminal strip, it will probably work but with a noticeable loss of speed.

Tenda P1001P Pack of 2 Powerline adapters Gigabit. It is easily configured with Emparejameiento button. HOMPLUG regulations.

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4-1 which PLC model is best?

There is a wide variety of PLC in the market but basically to buy a good plc we must notice that the transmission speed is more than 300 Mbps and if it is Gigabit better, other details are that the PLC has built-in AC plug to be able to continue using the Plug and Tam It is also interesting if it incorporates WIFI.

If we need the plug for other uses, it is necessary that the PLC model be with integrated AC plug, in this way if we connect the PLC the plug can be Segrui used for example to give electricity to the router or to the television.

The PowerLine PLC Tenda P1001P Gigabit, carries the modern Broadcom chip to provide a transmission speed of up to 1 gigabit > 1000Mbps<, por lo que es una gran opción para crear una red de entretenimiento multimedia fácilmente. por=”” lo=”” que=”” es=”” una=”” gran=”” opción=”” para=”” crear=”” una=”” red=”” de=”” entretenimiento=”” multimedia=””></, por lo que es una gran opción para crear una red de entretenimiento multimedia fácilmente.> With an easy setup button, it’s set up instantly.

1 x Gigabit LAN Port — Gigabit Cable (1000Mbps) ports can accelerate 10 times LAN data transmission to share the network with other devices.
With built-in AC outlet with built-in noise filter It also allows the Tenda P1001P to suppress the noise of all connected electronic equipment to improve network quality for multimedia transmission.

4-2 the standard HomePlug AV2

The new advanced Home Plug AV2 Technology ensures compatibility with previous versions of Home plug AV and products based on IEEE 1901, PLC with Homeplug can sser compatible with Powerline adapters from another brand with different speeds.

Since December 2011, the HomePlug specification has managed to elevate the standard for sustained high performance performance and interoperability for multi-track networks using the existing power line wiring in the home.  HomePlug AV2 Technology supports next-generation broadband speeds, making it ideal for Internet video, multi-room IPTV, online gaming and other applications of high-demand networks, particularly when using multiple devices 4k Ultra HD simultaneously. MIMO Support (multiple input and multiple output).

4-3 PLC with WIFI

To know which plc to buy must be considered that in the case of needing to connect a single PC or TV surely is enough with a plc Ethernet cheap and easy to configure. But, if you need to connect in the same location, besides the various mobile PC, game console Tv etc. It will be better a PLC with WiFi.

The PLC WiFi Gigabit are very versatile devices, allowing the connection of multiple terminals by WiFi and LAN cable at the same time.

The PLC WiFi is sold in two-piece kit consisting of a PLC emitter that is connected to the main router and another PLC receiver that is responsible for sharing the signal through the WiFi.

4-4 Gigabit PLC with WIFI

Gigabit PLC with built-in WIFI is the most advisable we can buy in 2021. It should be remembered that the European Commission, with the WiFi4EU project and the Gigabit Society, is preparing a technological revolution aimed at extending the 1-Gigabit connection in all households and administrations. The Tenda PH5 is a good example of Powerline PLC Gigabit, power line Adapter 1000m + WiFi repeater. Where there are plugs there is the Internet. The PH5 model helps to eliminate areas without WiFi and or with weak signal, just plug it into an outlet to enjoy a high quality WiFi connection.

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4-3 WIFI Repeaters

What’s better? A WiFi repeater or a WiFi PLC?

Not always a WiFi PLC is better than a WiFi repeater, because you have to remember that on many occasions the electrical network does not allow the connection everywhere. Nor does a PLC serve when we want to take the connection to separate buildings. For example, in a multi-storey house, or several blocks, it is very common that the electrical installation of the upper floor is of different phase or is not well insulated, so a PLC may have a loss of speed. In these cases a WiFi repeater can take the connection anywhere, even to buildings separated by a garden or patio.

The WiFi relays are very efficient when it comes to extending a WiFi network without cables, in addition the WiFi reptidores are much cheaper than the PLC and can be placed several creating WiFi bridges. If we are not very sure how is installed the electrical connection of our house one several WiFi repeaters will take the connection to the last corner.

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The installation of PLC and WiFi relays is very simple, do not have to be expert, but if you need more information or contact by email SILICEO ONLINE WiFI here > >