Review of the flashlight rechargeable Imalent HR20 XP-L HI

Review of the flashlight rechargeable Imalent HR20 XP-L HI

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We are going to make a Review of the main characteristics of the Imalent HR20 Flashlight. This model is not only a powerful LED front, but it is also a handheld beacon for many uses.

The HR20 model of Imalent is a rechargeable flashlight by USB very light and practical for use in nature. The new CREE XP-L HI LED delivers an impressive flood light of up to 1000 lumens. Powered by 1 lithium 18650 rechargeable battery unit or 2 CR123 lithium batteries that will provide a runtime of up to 360 hours.
The LED emitter Cree XP-L HI is perfectly centered on the reflector. The Imalent brand stands out for manufacturing the best polished reflectors for spotlights with soft light dispersion like that of the HR20. The design is futuristic with machine-style modeling and smooth stippling attachments, for firm grip. The clip is fixed very securely.
This flashlight stands out for the advantages of having a compact size, excellent construction quality with anodized coating, lens with antireflection coating. Adjustable beam of light. Easy-to-use switch button, waterproof housing. Comfortable cover with side straps and also superior to ensure safe use when active. Rechargeable with internal USB charging system at 4.19V / 5V.

Imalent HR20 submersible

Rechargeable flashlight USB 1000 lumens Imalent HR-20 CRE XPL-HI cheap

IMALENT HR20 Headlight and Frontal
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Technical characteristics of the Imalent HR20

* Flashlight made of very light aluminum.
* Powerful LED CREE XP-L HI LED with a maximum output of up to 1000 lumens
* Powered by 1 PC 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery or 2 CR123 Li-ion batteries. 360 hours execution time.
* Instant adjustable brightness.
* With the built-in USB charging port, the battery can be recharged at any time with any USB charger. The battery will never run out of power.
* The built-in thermal control module will automatically adjust the brightness output according to the working status and outside temperature.
* High efficiency constant power circuit maintains constant brightness.
* Protection against battery reversal
* Focus that combines ultra-clear hardened mineral crystal and anti-reflective coating system.
* Aerospace grade aluminum alloy body
* Type III anodized surface treatment resistant to wear and shock. 1.5m impact resistant
* IPX-8 waterproof standard (2 meters submersible)

Imalent HR20 LED XPL-HI high intensity

The new high intensity XP-L HI LED that Imalent uses

This new LED uses the english acronym  XP-L HI which means: XLamp XP-L High Intensity. Translated into English: high intensity XP-L lamp, which is the first high intensity LED manufactured. The LEd XP-L HI is the first LED that delivers more than 100,000 cd in a beam of 4 degrees with an optic of 50 mm in diameter at 10 W. 

The XP-L LEDs are available in two versions: High Density and High Intensity HI. The XLamp XP-L high intensity (HI) LED is optimized to offer the maximum of candels through the reflector optics, the LED XP-L HI delivers 120% more candelas than the high density LEDs.

How do you start the Imalent HR20?

The box includes a user manual step by step, but the manipulation is so simple that you learn intuitively within minutes of putting it into operation. All handling is done with the rotary knob located on the head. It is very easy to use and has a soft and comfortable feel. The HR20 flashlight (like the DM21T) has its user interface based on the same rotary knob to control the output. The switch on the top of the head is very easy to find to start it up. On the side it has the rotary button that allows an output adjustment from a minimum of 1 lumen to a maximum of 1000 lumens, as well as any intermediate level that we want. The button allows you to adjust the desired output level even before turning it on. The regulator has the grooved surface as a 50 euro cent coin to allow it to be easy to operate with just one hand.

HR20 with adjustable intensity system and rechargeable by USB

How are the output modes of the HR20 used?

This flashlight has 3 output modes that can be activated for different uses, which are: Strobe, SOS and Beacon that are hidden when turned on but that are easy to activate when desired. The user interface is convenient and very practical.
Strobe / SOS / Beacon: This tactical and professional flashlight has a strobe mode (Strobe), which is when the flashlight makes many flashes in a row as if it were a flash. From OFF when pressing with long press (more than 3 seconds) you can instantly access the Strobe mode. From ON we can click to turn off, or with a pressure we activate hidden Strobe and long press to switch to SOS. A long press again to activate Beacon and long press again to return to normal output At any time a single click will deactivate the emergency mode function of the HR20 and return to normal mode.
The BEACON mode makes 5 quick broadcasts and then one every 10 seconds. The SOS mode gives the SOS distress signal in international morse code.
The body of the HR20 is very easy to hold with one hand, it allows you to relax the arm hanging freely to the side to focus the light right where you need to walk in the dark. It can also be used on a table or work surface, making the light always sit above the surface to work comfortably. The size is ideal to put it in your pocket and let the light illuminate forward.
The USB charging port is located on the head of the flashlight next to the ON / OFF power button. This position allows easy access. The USB port is covered by an easy removable plug to insert the cable and when reinstalled it ensures a total waterproofing of the lantern that makes it submersible 2 meters with IPX-8 category.
The power LEDs are located between the ON / OFF button and the USB port to give an accurate indication of the status of the load and the power mode.

Practical utility of the HR20

It can be used without a battery, even with the base removed and without the battery, if we connect it to the USB cable for example from a laptop, the LED will illuminate all the time we need powered by USB.

Package content:

HR20 flashlight, head strap, pocket clip, USB charging cable, spare o-rings, and user manual.
The Imalent HR20 has two main functions, headlight and headlight.
The use as a hand light is very practical because it frees the hands. It can be placed erect on any surface and will emit a very useful light to fish, hunt or work. With the HR20 we have a modern lighthouse of quality that will be multipurpose for finite tasks and jobs. I also suppose that vice versa a modern flashlight will have more than one use.
The HR20 Imalent is a bit longer than other headlamps because it has the built-in charger in the body of the flashlight. Measures 10.6cm in length and 2.3cm in diameter, 2.6cm in the head. The weight is ultralight, 47 grams without battery and 126g with built-in 18650 battery.

It can be used with both protected and unprotected batteries. The recommended use is with a lithium battery of at least 2600mah model 18650. With this battery the charge lasts around 5 hours. The load cut occurs at 4.19 volts. During charging, the HR20 will show a red LED and once fully charged, the LED will be green.

To use it as frontal. Imalent HR20 includes an elastic headband with brackets for perfectly adjusting the flashlight.

The Imlanet HR20 also has reverse polarity protection that is essential when using CR123 batteries, which are easy to place inverted. In this case the flashlight will not turn on and no fault will occur.
The LED XP-L HI of the HR20 has a rating of 11200cd which is equivalent to a focus range of 225 meters.
The ANSI parameters with a 18650 battery.
Lowest mode: 1 lumen to 360 hours
Highest mode: 1000 lumens at 1 hour and 45 minutes

Rechargeable flashlight USB 1000 lumens Imalent HR-20 CRE XPL-HI cheap

IMALENT HR20 Headlight and Frontal
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