Review of the KUMA Wireless WiFi Hotspot Kit

Review of the KUMA Wireless WiFi Hotspot Kit

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This is a product designed for travelers who use a vehicle such as a caravan or van for your vacation and that when they reach the site of camping need to be connected to the internet. In other post we have thoroughly reviewed many other ways to connect to the internet when you are traveling in a car or caravan.

The Kit for having WiFi in a vehicle

This is a summary of the most common forms of connect when you are outside the house are divided in two categories:

  1. A common way to connect is to use the mobile network 3G or 4G, repeating it from the mobile phone or with a repeater MIFI portable.
  2. The other system, a lot more practical and cheap works by receiving a Free WiFi network in the hotel or campsite and repeated inside of the vehicle for which we need one of these Kit WiFi repeaters KUMA


In this picture we see the two main components of the kit KUMA WiFi Hotspot, which play an important role to make this kit very useful.

  • In the first place, the WiFi antenna directional KUMA, has the advantage that it is installed outside of the vehicle, so that any available signal will not be slowed down by the walls and it is also a WiFi antenna powerful and directional, which allows you to receive signals that normally you will never see from the internal antenna of your mobile phone or tablet.
  • In the second place the router repeater KUMA. It is installed within the caravan and is connected to the antenna through a USB cable. The Router that uses KUMA is the WL-USBWIFIRPT-300A which is designed to create its own WiFi signal allowing multiple devices to connect through it, sharing effectively a connection. This is particularly useful for devices that do not have a connection to a normal USB such as the iphone, iPad and smartphone.


In the kit KUMA would provide a number of accessories necessary to install it in the caravan, a fixed or detachable which include metal braces to install on a mast for TV antenna or similar, connection cables and a power adapter socket 12v to the cigarette lighter of the car, which allows you to connect the router in any vehicle. In the interior of the vehicle will need to install the router to the electrical current and also by USB cable to the WiFi antenna outside

In the box of the KIT KUMA WiFi for caravans are provided complete instructions in English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish on how to configure the router through any web browser, and this can be done in any mobile telephone with WiFi in a computer by cable or WiFi, easily and intuitively.

Advantages of the KIT KUMA WiFi:

The WiFi antenna powerful KUMA can receive WiFi from far a lot more effective than the antenna of a laptop computer. From any plot away from the campsite surely the Wifi network is only available in the reception area. Or perhaps you don’t have WiFi at that site, but you can get a connection from a bar or town hall, with free access.

The WiFi router allows multiple devices to connect to a connection. Sometimes the agreement of the campsite is limited to a single device, either by a password or a code system. In this case, it would be only the router which is connected to and will only be counted as a connected device even if you later connect several through the router. With this system you can save a lot of money.

In the last campsite that I was, my laptop had difficulties to catch the WiFi signal is stable by itself, but through the antenna KUMA that I’ve tried I’ve even been able to upload videos to youtube without problems, whenever you travel to a camping I will go with one of these kit WiFi KUMA.

The KIT configuration KUMA

These are the steps that describes the manual of KUMA to install the kit WiFi for caravans.

  1. Connecting the router to the power outlet and the USB cable of the WiFI antenna external
  2. Look for the WiFi network that is called USBWIFIRPT-3000A, no password is required to connect the first time.
  3. Access the router configuration screen through any Web browser such as Firefox or Chrome. Is entered through the web d it IP of the router
  4. Locate an available WiFi network (for example, the free network of a campsite) and connect to it.
  5. You can customize the new WiFi access point internal router with a proper name and a password.

Now, it can all seem a little complex. It seems more complicated than it is, and if you configured your router at home, will not have any problem with this guide. Steps 1, 2, and 5 should only be performed once. When you go to another site, simply go through the stage 4 to find available networks and connect to a new one.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to us or leave a comment on this blog.

The kit KUMA Hotspot is available at around 199 EUROS, including delivery direct from SILICEO ONLINE STORE in Spain HERE where they also sell many other accessories such as WiFi antenna, router, repeaters, cables and brackets.