Review of Tenda A301 V2 the new WiFi repeater

Review of Tenda A301 V2 the new WiFi repeater

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This is the new version of the famous Signal amplifier (( WIFI TENDA A301) ). This router that is installed in any plug is a repeater or mini-router that works by WiFi N300, ie at speed of 300Mbps of download by WiFi. It is designed to be installed in large houses, chalets or multi-storey buildings. In short it is the ideal device to solve once and for all the problem of WiFi coverage of the houses of several rooms that have 120 square meters or more, where it is proven that a normal WiFi router does not reach all corners. In addition as it has 2 WiFi antennas that blimps up or down, it can cover the top floor impede in a main floor plug.

➤ Tenda A301 V2 is easily configured with

With the Update Setup Wizard, in just 3 steps you can configure the TENDA A301 Repeater, it is very easy to use. The A301 is compatible with the WiFi router of any brand available on the market. For a WiFi coverage for the whole home, A301 is your best choice. TENDA A301 is a universal and free-use WIFI repeater. For example it works with all the Smart WiFi router.

To configure rel Tenda A301 V2 is so easy how to start the Web browser and enter the address of the router Tenda A301.

Any of these three addresses work to enter:

➤ how to use the WIFI repeater TENDA A301 V2

TENDA is a leading brand of ? smart WIFI products. TENDA manufactures powerful and economical devices that can install any user in their own home. This WiFi signal amplifier offers up to 300 Mbps of data rate in the normal band of 2, 4Ghz. The main advantage that counts, which makes it very different and surpasses other similarities is that it has 2 external omni-directional 5dbi antennas, which can be oriented up or down to give better coverage to the top floor if necessary. The new model A301 V2 increases WiFi coverage, as well as a download data rate allowing you to view videos without cuts even of 4k quality or 1080p HD. It is a very used WiFi repeater for online games with multiple players and for high speed downloads.

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✅ WIFI amplifier Tenda A301 for home and office

WIFI networks are the best way to enjoy a fast connection without cables. For this reason we all want to have the best coverage and performance, so install several extenders of WiFi reach as the Tenda A301 is the best solution to eliminate “dead zones” or without WIFI coverage.

The new design of the TENDA A301 V2 WiFi plug is even smaller to allow the TENDA A301 to be placed directly into any electrical outlet. If the house is too big or there are no covered terrace or garden areas putting these WiFi plugs at the intermediate points between the router and the area without coverage will work as a WiFi range extender solving the problem forever.

✅ WPS button of Tenda A301 V2

The fast configuration form of the Tenda A301 is to press the WPS button of the router and a few seconds later the one of the Tenda A301, then the two router connect instantly with total security. Tenda also includes the manual configuration option for cases where the WPS button is disabled. For that in the manual and also on the label on the back of the WIFI repeater is indicated how to connect to the configuration interface, through the address for the case of model Tenda A301 V2

✅ LAN Port and TENDA A301 v2 automatic WAN

At the bottom of the Tenda A301 plug is a RJ45 Ethernet type connector.
This connection works both as a LAN port and WAN. This cable can be used as a LAN output to allow a television to connect to the network via WIFI, first set the repeater to synchronize with the router and then with a cable connected to the TV will transmit the connection.

Otherwise it can also be used as a WAN connection, if you connect by cable to a router that has Internet, automatically the Repeater Tenda A301 will start and emit a new WiFi network with new name and new password that for example can be used to share WiFi with Neighbors, friends or guests

✅ function of the 2 external antennas of the Tenda A301

The two external antennas are omnidirectional and orientable. These antennas allow to have a better coverage, much broader than the repeaters that do not carry antennas. They can be tilted completely or placed upright.
With the vertical position the antennas give coverage to the whole plant of the house where the repeater is placed. With the position turned 90 º, and the antennas lying down, they will also emit towards the upper floor.

➤ thus the LEDs of the repeater TENDA A301 V2 work

It has 3 LED lights: SIGNAL/WPS/PWR
This is the meaning of each of them:
Fixed blue: The repeater has been connected to your existing WiFi router, and its position is correct.
Fixed red: The repeater has been connected to your existing Wi-Fi router, but its position is too far away from your router.
OFF: The repeater does not connect to your WiFi router.

On: A WPS connection has been established.
Flicker: A WPS connection is being established.
OFF: The WPS function is disabled.

Fixed ignition: The system has started.
Blinking: The system is starting.
OFF: The repeater is not on.

TENDA A301 LED Coverage

Synchronize WIFI repeater with LED lights

➤ How to choose the best place to place the WIFi repeater Tenda A301

This repeater is placed according to the recommendation indicating the sluces LED of the device in this way. To make the repeater perform to the maximum you have to follow these tips:
1. Plug the repeater into an outlet halfway between the home’s main router and the area without WiFi coverage. The location you choose must be within the current range of your existing WiFi network.
2. Wait for the signal LED to turn blue. If you don’t put it in a fixed blue color then you have to reposition it in another location, putting it somewhere nearer to the router and making sure the light gets blue.

WIFI repeater TENDA A301 V2

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➤ Technical Specifications TENDA A301

Speed: 802.11 b: 11 Mbps/802.11 g: 54 Mbps/802.11 n: 300 Mbps
Interface: 1 Megabit LAN Ethernet ports
Antennas: 2 external omni-Directional antennas
Buttons: 1 reset button/1 WPS button
Power. Input: 100-240v — 50/60hz, 0.3 a
Output: 9v 800mA
Indicators: 1 Signal/1 WPS/1 PWR
Dimensions: 80 x 57 x 45mm (3.1 x 2.2 x 1.7 in.)
Wireless Standard: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Basic Features:
SSID cloaking
Wireless security: WPA/WPA2-PSK (default)
Operating mode: AP access point, router and WIFI repeater
DHCP Server

Complete technical data and firmware in official Tenda

WIFI Repeater Tenda A301

Tenda A301 v2 WiFi repeater with 2 antennas RJ45 router improved and more powerfulManual in Spanish of the Tenda A301 WIFI repeater-Download >

WIFI Repeater Tenda A301

Tenda A301 v2 WiFi repeater with 2 antennas RJ45 router improved and more powerfulEnglish Manual and User Guide >

➤ Frequently asked questions TENDA A301

✅ I cannot log in to the Web interface of the TENDA repeater. What should I do?

Try the following solution:
-If a mobile device is used, make sure that the WiFi signal is in use and that the mobile device has been connected to the WiFi network device of the repeater.

If a computer is used, make sure it is connected to the “Tenda_EXT” repeater and your computer is configured to automatically obtain an IP address.

Disconnect the Ethernet cable that connects your computer to your existing router.
-If the page does not work the first time you configure the repeater, try accessing
-Restart the repeater, and try again.

✅ How to reset the TENDA A301 repeater?

With the PWR LED on continuously, press the RESET button down with a paper clip. All LEDs will flash once at the same time and then turn off. Wait about 40 seconds until the PWR LED turns on again indicating that the repeater is RHA reset correctly in the original factory state.
The repeater cannot find the WiFi network on my router/modem. What do I have to do?
Try the following solutions:
-Make sure that the WiFi network of your main router is enabled and can be detected by your WiFi device.
-Change the channel of your router and try again.
-Change the router’s encryption type to WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK, and try again.

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