Router Alfa R36A more than WIFI and 4g

Router Alfa R36A more than WIFI and 4g

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The multifunction router ((Alfa R36A)) ? is the most special and curious WiFi router of the prestigious Alfa Network brand.

The router R36A is not a normal router, is a neutral router with WiFi faster, but also with a very special USB port, has much more possibilities than the high-end router, the price is much cheaper and gives more WiFi to the environment when it comes to connect to much dis Importance since it is an all in one, can provide a free internet house by taking WiFi several kilometers and you can also install a 4g modem so that when the Wifi fails to continue having connection.

It is a high speed WiFi router 300Mbps and with a USB port that allows you to share the WiFi connection both from WiFi USB antennas that work with Chip MEDIATEK RT3070, and from a USB modem 3g/4g.

The R36A is the improved and advanced successor of the earlier generation of the model Alfa R36. Alfa R36A presents a complete and improved internal redesign with stronger and stronger parts that give you much faster performance compared to R36.

We must remember that the previous version of this router could be slow as it worked to 150mbps but this new version has no fault and is the definitive router to repeat Internet WiFi, however the R36A da 300Mbps, is faster not hang , it doesn’t go slow, it doesn’t stop, it has all the previous bugs fixed.

Alfa R36A with improved performance speed compared to the R36 model, this is the new router designed to dock high power USB WiFi antennas that use the RT3070 chip or Rt3072 as are the antennas WiFi Alfa AWUS036NH, AWUS036NEH, Tube-(U) N and the panel larg O Reach UBDo-nt8 and Melon N4000

➤ Use the R36A Router to share connection of the antennas WiFi Alfa AWUS036NH / AWUS036NEH to give WiFi to the whole house with several devices at the same time.

This R36A is a high performance WiFi router that allows single router that allows you to use the long range WiFi receivers AWUS036NH or AWUS036NEH or Melon N4000 as a source of internet and transmit it to the router. That’s right, instead of having to connect the router to a broadband cable or DSL modem in your home, you can simply connect a compatible WiFi receiver to USB and then use a Web browser to access the WiFi signal scanner on the router. The router will connect to the WiFi signal you choose via the external USB WiFi antenna, and then transmit it as a new local WiFi signal so that all your devices can use it.

This is the method to connect phones, tablet and TV, WiFi to WiFi networks outside the house to a distance of several kilometers.

How to configure the R36A Router

To use this device to share a Wi-Fi signal, you will also need a WiFi adapter that carries RT3070 model chip such as UBDO NT8, AWUS036NH or AWUS036NEH Alfa, Melon N4000 or any other. Then simply connect your computer to the R36 via the Ethernet cable for the first time configuration.

If you want to replace an old ALFA R36 by one of these new R36A note that R36A is not compatible with the RTL8187 ALFA AWUS036H chip or RTL8188 AWUS036NHR, and cannot load the previous ALFA R36 firmware on the R36A router. (If you use one of these old chip you have to use a router of the type SILICEO OPENWRT > >)

When you connect the WiFi USB adapter to the ALFA router to the R36 by using the WiFi scanning software integrated into the R36A, you can search and connect to the wireless networks available in the environment up to several kilometres. Once the R36A has been connected to a network, you will be asked to set the name and password of your own local WiFi network, offering any home device a strong Wi-Fi connection.

This is an ALFA Network operating system and can be used with any computer or tablet with Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS or IPad/tablet.

Router R36A ALFA Network USB Wi-Fi 300Mb repeater and 4g Extender


contents of the Alfa R36A Router package:

-Router R36A
-12 V power supply (compatible with 100-240 v)
-5 dBi RP-SMA WiFi swivel and detachable antenna.
-Ethernet Cable for LAN/WAN connection

Related optional accessories (not included in the sale):

-R36 car Power adapter/vehicle (not included in the sale)

Technical data of the Alfa R36A:

802.11 n standard with maximum speeds of 300 Mbps
Universal compatibility: Works with Windows, Mac, Android, IPhone, IPad
The retail box includes power supply, 5 dBi external antenna, Ethernet cable
Supports USB Wi-Fi adapter AWUS036NH/NEH
Repeater function
Compatible with all modern encryption standards, including WEP, WPA, WPA2
WAN Port 1 x 10/100mbps
2 x 10/100mbps LAN/PoE/WAN LAN ports
1 x 5dBi detachable external antenna
1 x 2.0 USB port for 3g/4g Modem/WiFI USB antennas supported

Buttons: 1 x RESET/1x WiFi On/Off

WiFI frequency 2, 4Ghz up to 300Mbps


Basic Manual of the R36A router with WIFI antenna by USB

✅ connect the compatible USB WiFi adapter to the USB port of the R36A router with the USB cable.

✅ turn on the R36A router and go to the Configuration Web page:

To be able to see the configuration options of the router you enter from a Web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc)
The first thing the router asks is that you set up an 8-character user password. By default the user name is “admin” but for passwords it is obligatory to write one the first time and it cannot be 2admin “because it asks 8 characters. (example 12345678). You should always remember this password for successive accesses, if you forget to press RESET button to delete it.
The router’s web page can be accessed from or indiscriminately or by capturing the router’s BIDI code from a mobile phone or tablet.

The first step is to enter the Easy Setup option where the four possible connection types for the router appear.

-Select the wireless USB adapter. (USB Wireless Adapter)
-click on the Site Survey box. The SSIDs (WiFi Networks) will appear available from Site Survey.
Of all the SSIDs that appear on the screen select the desired one and we click on the button Select
The SSID and BSSID of the WiFI adapter to be connected will be displayed.
Then we click on Next. The next screen will show saving…
We choose the name of SSID (the WiFi network of the R36) and the security of the router R36.
-click Done and the settings will be saved.
-will display the following message as being rebooted… Then the status is displayed as “connected” and the information of the wireless USB adapter connected

Tip: It is necessary to choose the channels of the external WiFi network and that of the R36A that emits as much as possible, for example one by Channel 1 and the other by Channel 10.


directional WiFi USB antennas compatible with Router R36A

✅ antenna WiFi PAnel UBDO with RT3070 chip

UBDO-NT USB LED chip MEDIATEK Ralink rt3070 compatible with 2w R36 ALFA router and high gain antenna 12dBi

is an outdoor USB adapter with 8 meters USB cable

  • High quality Cable with 2 USB connections for more power. Supports USB cable extensions up to 20 meters.
  • It serves you if you have low-intensity network signals.
  • It has a compact design and easy to install in all kinds of places, can be installed indoors and outdoors (preferably), waterproof surface that supports all kinds of climates, besides that can be painted to customize the design, includes two Mounting brackets and protective cover of your USB cable that protects you from the weather.
  • This adapter incorporates the Ralink 3070 chipset.
  • Get up to 1 Km. of scope in ideal conditions.
  • Compatible with Beini, Wifislax and Wifiway and with the router R36A


✅ antenna WiFi Parabolica AGA + AWUS036NEH with RT3070 chip

This super directional antenna kit from Alfa Network Alfa Network 24dBi, is composed of a professional parabolic antenna + HIGH POWER USB Adapter + 3m Coaxial cable. This grid grid antenna is designed for 2.4 GHz frequency giving excellent performance including mounting bracket to fit the 3 meter antenna cable and the WIFI USB adapter to a mast to be able to connect to the R36A Router.


R36A has 3 configuration options.

Ethernet Router

If you are subscribed to ADSL line or optical friba with XDSL PPPoE, fixed IP, dynamic IP, PPTP, L2TP Internet access from ISP (Internet service provider), with this router you can share the Internet with local devices computers, smartphones or Other network peripherals.

✅ Extender Wireless access point

Gain access to the Internet from a wireless Internet service provider (WISP) wirelessly, and share internet with local computers, smartphones or
Other network peripherals.

3g/4g USB Router

Connect your 3g/4g USB modem to R36A, and share the Internet with local computers, smartphones or other peripheral networks


BUY NOW Router Alfa R36A

Other configuration options of this router is to use it to provide the Internet to caravans, boats or moving vehicles. In this case it is installed next to an omni-directional antenna so that it can receive WiFi connection from any direction and the R36A router inside the vehicle is dealt with WiFi for several devices. It can even be coupled to a 12 volt car cigarette lighter adapter that has round Jack output of 2.1 mm/5.5 mm

Alfa R36 Router Caravan

WiFi Long range Universal WiFi Kit for Caravan, motorhome, mobile home, truck and boat very easy to use-Router with antenna WiFi outdoor Alfa is the WiFi CAMP PRO 2 > >

Easy installation and handling is the best WiFi Hotspot signal Extensior for homes, vehicles and boats. The best WiFi kit to share the wireless Internet access point, with protection against vehicle surges, special design to avoid accidental damage caused by the peaks of vehicles during startup.

WiFi Caravan r36a Alfa Camp Pro 2


If you need more information about this fantastic router R36A to tner more and better WiFi connection, you can enter the web of the store WiFi silicon, or contact by phone or Email. We have many tricks to improve the WiFi and connect to a lot of distance. Write an email to SILICEO Online store > > also WhatsApp or email, buy and enjoy with our kit WiFi Alfa Network Spain. ?

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