R658 Melon Router designed to connect external WiFi antenna via USB

R658 Melon Router designed to connect external WiFi antenna via USB

Updated in 2021 Blog - Reviews and guides to buy

The (( Router R658N new version 2021 )) ✅ brand Melon can be purchased offer in Silicon Online Store. This router powerful WiFi is specially designed to work with a USB port compatible with antennas and WiFi adapters USB. The USB port of this router works via a firmware especially developed with openWRT and comes factory prepared including the dirvers needed to recognize the WiFi antennas of the brand Melon of the chip RT3070 RT3072, and the RTL8811AU . Is the router compatible with the antennas long distance of the Brand Melon WiFi as the N4000 and also with the model of Dual Band MELON N519D RTL8811AU AC600, and also with models from other brands such as Alfa Ubdo, Kasens, Blueway or Signal King.


** The two antennas to buy and attach to this router most recommended are these two models:

✅ Melon N4000 – chip RT3070 – WIFI Panel long range with 10 meters of cable: Buy Melon N4000 >> 36dbi antena Panel WIFI Melon N4000 cable USB 10m 2W 2000mw

✅ MELON N519D – WIFI Panel long-range DUAL-BAND 5GHZ: Buy N519D >> Melon N519D adaptador WiFi USB AC antena panel 36dBi AC600 cable

Is a router easy to handel and configure thanks to its web configuration interface from any computer, phone or Tablet connected to the router. To manage this router and connect to long distance for WiFi is not necessary to install any program on your computer, everything is handeld from the router R658N.

In this “review” of the Router, Melon R658N we will give details of their technical characteristics, instructions for use as a router repeater with external antenna WiFi and also the opinions of users and comparison with other similar models.

Summary Review Melon R658N:

➤ Special features of the router Melon R658N, ((review 2021)):

Supports the repeater function WiFi with WiFi adapter external or from the WiFi card built in. The main advantage of this model of router is compatibility through the USB port with all the adapters USB Wifi external use chipset RT3070 / 3072 and RTL8811AU 600 Mbps . The full performance with the WiFi signal classic 2.4 ghz band of this router is done with the Panel antenna Melon N4000. and receive signals of 5ghz is achieved with the Melon N519D

The Router Melon R658N supports the transmission of WiFi receive. With this router you can set up a repeater WiFi from long distance to connect wifi antenna to router neutral R658N. This repeater, Wifi long distance, can reach up to 2 km when used with the antenna panels 36dbi Melon Wifi USB such as for example Melon N4000.

The router Melon R658N supports the function of router repeater WiFi in one of two ways:

  • Repeater WiFi using the WiFi interface of the Router, as access point AP, Bidge or Repeater
  • Repeater by the installation of the WiFi antenna outside by USB to the router neutral R658N.

The main advantage of this model of router is compatibility through the USB port with all the adapters USB WiFi external use chipset RT3070 / 3072 and RTL8811AU 600 Mbps. The Router neutral Melon R658N supports the transmission of WiFi receive. With this router you can set up a repeater, WiFi long distance to connect WiFi antenna to router neutral R658N. This repeater, WiFi long distance, can reach up to 2 km when used with the antenna panels 36dbi Melon WiFi USB such as for example Melon N4000.

➤ Router R658N Melon technical data:

The Router Melon R658 have the operation of what is popularly called a Router Rompemuros. This router powerful is a wireless station with WiFi High Power. R658 is one of the routers that are more powerful and efficient on the market, in order to provide services and support of a stable multiple users and connected computers at the same time. Additionally, it supports features of the high deer as a WiFi Bridge, Bridge, Gateway, Client or Repeater, and access point AP. It is a flexible device that adapts to the needs of the user, very useful to repeat within the home and an internet signal catching from a distance.

Technical Data Melon R658:

Models WIFi antennas Dual-band compatible with this router by USB:

  • MELON N519D
  • Alfa Network AWUS036ACS

WiFi Router Melon R658N with USB connection for receiver Wireless USB Melon
Chipset MT7628N
Memory DDR2 64MB
Wireless standards IEEE 802.11 n,IEEE 802.11 g,IEEE 802.11 b

Power transmission
802.11 b 18dBm±2dBm;
802.11 g 15dBm±2dBm;
802.11 n 15dBm±2dBm;

Frequency 2.4 GHz
2 Antennas 5dBi omni-directional

1 * 10 / 100M WAN port, adaptive
LAN port adaptive 4 * 10 / 100M
Reset Button

DHCP server DHCP Server / Scan of available WiFi networks / security Settings MAC Filter
DDNS / Support bandwidth control

WiFi cards supported USB Ralink 3070/3072 and Realtek 8188RU

The Router Melon R658 is designed to repeat the WiFi signal of the antennas of long range used by the Chip RT3070 / RT3072 and RTL8811AU 600 Mbps as they are mainly models Melon N4000 and Melon N519D in this way you can repeat a WiFi connection to the Internet.


R658 firmware OpenwrT repeater for USB

Compare Router R658N >> 38 EUR

The Router Melon R658N you can buy at a cheap price and very content 38,25 EUR that is within a range of router cheap considering the possibilities that it offers as a repeater WiFi 2.4 Ghz.

➤ Instructions and manual configuration of the router Melon R658N:

In this example setup the WiFi signal source is connected to the long distance for the Panel antenna 36dbi Melon N4000, which is connected with the R658N by USB cable and the R658N redistribute the Internet connection to multiple users or WiFi clients (desktop Computers, laptops, tablets, tv, cameras or WiFi).

In this example to connect to an access point of up to 2 kilometers of distance, we use a high gain external antenna N4000 with WiFi adapter RT3070. The antenna mounted on the WiFi adapter is placed on the outside of the window and connects with a USB cable to the device R658N installed in the interior of the home or inside of a plastic box to protect it from the rain.
The R36 is a local access point wireless that repeats the desired signal to the house. In this manner, any wireless capable computer or tablet under any operating system will be able to take advantage of the external antenna of high gain. And all this without the need to install any software (driver or utility) on your computer or tablet.

Router Melon R658 repetidor WIFI por USB OpenWRT para antenas User Manual printable PDF Format router MELON R658 WIFI + USB user Manual in Spanish-Download >>

With this router it is not necessary to install anything on your computer, to configure and to repeat a signal from an access point that is within the reach of the WiFi antenna USB outdoor:

Instructions and technical information: Router-melon_r658N

Instructions R658N step-by-step:

✅ Use the USB cable to connect the antenna Melon N4000 to R658N

It is only necessary to connect the main antenna cable, the USB cable side of the antenna it is not necessary to connect it since it is a support power supply in sorts but the router R658 has enough power, and only connect the USB cable to large or principal of the Melon N4000 or Melon N519D

✅ Establish a connection to the router R658N

Either by WiFi or by connecting the end of an Ethernet cable into the LAN port of the R658N and the other to the Ethernet port of your computer
Enter the following digits in the address bar of your browser: (this is the default IP address for the R658). The access password is USER: root / Password: admin.
It is configured using Easy Setup (Quick Guide) → click on “Guide Next step”
The WAN setup is left in auto WAN (dhcp) and click on “Guide Next step”

✅ We entered in the settings of WiFi of the router

Provided that the WiFi antenna is connected to the router then we will see an interface called “External USB WiFi (radio 0)
press the “scan” button to view the WiFi networks available, we chose the our and press button “Join Network”
WPA password we wrote down the WiFi password of the network to which we want to connect. Then it is necessary to save all changes by pressing “Submit” and Apply it: “Save & Apply”

Now the router is already connected to the internet and you will see the interface WIFI antenna USB Client mode , the channel, and the speed of the connection.

✅ Change of WiFi network in the Melon R658

The router only memorizes a password of a WiFi network, if at any time we want to change WiFi network to connect to the internet you have to delete the Radio interface 0 by pressing “Remove” after the scan again and turn to connect.

✅ Reset router R658:

When the router is powered on you can press the reset button for 5 seconds to clear the settings. The router rearrancará with the original factory status.

** Note firmware OpenWrt R658N: This router is compatible with all versions of Openwrt, but it is recommended to never change the original firmware that comes from factory as the router would stop working as a repeater. There is an updated version or different of the one supplied from the factory for the R658N.

The USB port is compatible with WIFI antenna and USB adapter. Chipset Mediatek MT7620 RAM 64mB

Compare Router R658N >> 38 EUR

This pack of the image can be shared all together prepared and ready to be used. It consists of an antenna Kit WIFI USB powerful 36dbi and the router Melon R658N with installed drivers for WiFi antenna USB. The router complies with the repeat feature by cable and by WiFi own the internet signal received by the antenna 36dbi Melon.

Compare Pack antenna + router R658 >>

The firmware OpenWRT Barrier Braker router’s Melon R658N comes from the factory ready for use with driver for RT3070 that takes the Melon N40000 and also for the chip RTL811AU. The USB port of this new router R658N is compatible with antennas WiFi dual ban 2.4 ghz and 5ghz bands that use the chip Realtek RTL8811 or RTL811AU

The improved antenna compatible for the router Melon R658N is the Melon N519D. It is the perfect combination. For a very cheap price you get a perfect package of WiFi antenna that connects to long distance and then use the router R658N to spread and repeat the internet within the home.

Pack N519D + R658N >> https://tienda.siliceo.es/en/router-openwrt-repetidor-wifi/1242-pack-router-r658n-antena-n519d-doble-banda.html

This new router R658 is completely stable and gives no problems of compatibility.

– Power supply: 1 x Converter, AC / DC 240V – 12V 1A –

( as it works at 12V it is compatible with connections to car batteries or caravans 12v.)

➤ Other Router similar to the R658N

In the market there are two other router similar to the R658N that meet the same function with very few differences in terms of power and compatibility. Here are some of the opinions on the two router repeaters more prominent and its advantages in relation to the R658N.

✅ Router R36 Alfa Network

This router in its original version gave problems from cuts and falls of speed in the connection that the Melon R658 do not have. But Alfa has greatly improved the firmware in 2021 with the new Alfa R36 2.32 that allows it to be compatible with WiFi antenna chip RTL8187, that will not work with the R658. The model ALFA is a little more expensive than the Melon, and in our opinion as a repeater, it is better the Melon R658, but the ALFA has other very interesting features as a repeater Modem 3G.

Page of the router Alfa R36 >>

✅ Router OpenWRT SC-WE1626

This router Openwrt SC-WE1626 is ideal for use as a repeater WIFI. Your firmware improvement to the R658 in that it is also in Spanish language in addition to English, and it is easier to configure than the r658. Also has drivers for some models of WiFi antennas that does not include the Melon as MEDIATEK RALINK RT3070 RT3072 RT73xx RT5370 rtl8187 rtl8188.

The main advantage of the model SC-WE1626, is that it comes with the enhanced version of firmware LEDE Openwrt and that the emission power WiFi has more coverage with its four antennas.


The router SC-WE1626 has two advantages:

1 – Uses firmware OpenWRT LEDE 2021, last moldelo and version – very complete and with more options, in addition to this, in Spanish, English, French, German, and Portuguese

2 – Leads adapter 9V but is also compatible to 12 V and can be attached to car batteries or caravan 12v.

➤ Conclusion: WiFi router powerful rompemuros Melon R658N with firmware OpenWRT preloaded

The Melon R658N is very easy to handel and use. In the web of SILICEO Store is disponilbe the manual in English for quick set-up R658N in four simple steps.

Is handeld from the web interface of settings, from a computer, Smartphone or Tablet that s epuede to connect by cable or by WiFi to the router Melon R658

Here is the link to download the manual of the Melon R-658.

The Router Melon R658 brand Melon comes from the factory ready to work by the USB port compatible with antennas and WiFi adapters USB. The firmware OpenWRT is special and has a built-in all the necessary drivers loaded to recognize immediately all of the WiFi antennas of the brand Melon Chips RT3070-RT3072 and the RTL8811AU 600 Mbps . the antenna that works better with this router is the model Melon N519D dual-band since it is long range and allows you to scan WiFi networks very distant up to 1 km.

*** Recently Melon has designed a new version of antenna Melon N519D yes that it is compatible with the router, as this new antenna is dual band 5ghz and it is better than the Melon N4000 classic.

✅ Melon N519D – -: 37 EUR Buy Melon N519D >> 36dbi antena Panel WIFI Melon N4000 cable USB 10m 2W 2000mw

This router works like any router-neutral, with function of WiFi Bridge, Bridge, Gateway, Client or Repeater, and access point AP, but also supports the reception of WiFi is also transmitted,. It can be configured as a repeater for long distance when you connect it to a WiFi antenna,

✅ Router similar to the Melon R658N

In SILICEO store online are sold 2 routers similar to the Melon R658N that are the model SC-WE1626 and the Alfa R36, any of them will give you good performance. Definitely buy the Router Melon R658 is a great option to expand and experiment with the WiFi for long distance and enjoy the famous firmwares openWRT, Lede or DD-WRT

So you have to do is your decision to evaluate this product and a thorough comparison with the potential candidates that may have specifications and similar benefits. Us from here we don’t hesitate to pre-empt their decision and from now I recommend the purchase of the Router Melon R658N.

Siliceo Online Store Router Openwrt >>