Router recommended for WISP WiFi Internet, how it works and which to buy.

Router recommended for WISP WiFi Internet, how it works and which to buy.

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A router that includes among its features ((WISP Mode)) is one that has the ability to connect to another WiFi network to assign a single IP address of the Internet and then route the traffic to your local NAT network (domestic or private)

The WISP router can be any wireless WAN capable router.

Here we will tell you a little more the secrets of the Wisp networks, how they are installed, which antennas and WIFI router can work for WISP, where to buy them at cheap price and how to start in the world of wisp companies in Spain. Read on and comment on your own experience in the comments ✒

WiFi Router with auto aprovisionamientio TP-Link

Router WISP TP-Link

TP-Link  Archer C1200 - 87 EUR

➤ Router with WISP mode

The TP-LINK Archer C1200 rouuter, is a high-performance device for WISP, as router offers a dual-band WiFi speed AC up to 1200 Mbps (300 Mbps for 2.4 GHz and 861 Mbps for 5GHz), and carries Gigabit LAN 1000Mbps ports. 1200 Mbps Wireless Dual-band Gigabit WiFi Router creates a reliable and ultra-fast WiFi network using powerful Wi-Fi 802.11 ac technology. This router incorporates technical features that make it very useful for WISP networks such as auto provisioning, DHCP66 and double-track reset, both by pressing button and Web.

✅ DHCP 66 Remote management and Auto provisioning

The DHCP66 (auto provisioning) function allows the operator to automatically set up and at one time all computers. To do this, just set up a computer with the common configuration to all the end customers and then save the configuration file. This file can be uploaded to a TFTP server and, once the router is connected to the network, the router configuration is automatically downloaded and installed.

To function as a router for high-performance wisps, TP-Link incorporates some interesting features such as self provisioning for wisp. With this function the installer can upload to a TFTP server, the configuration files of the WISP router, so the operator can automatically configure and manage the computers that he has to send to the final client.

Thanks to the new router system auto Provisioning DHCP66, you can have on a single TFTP server multiple files for each router, increasing the possibility of differentiated configuration.

In addition, this type of router has double via DHCP66 reset. This configuration can be recorded on the computer, which allows that, in the face of some error in the configuration you can recover the original configuration and apply it again simply Reseteandolo via Web. The operator can access the computer remotely using port 8888, enabled by default.

➤ What is WISP?

Wisp is a provider of Internet services through WiFi or wireless networks (wireless Internet service provider, WISP). A WISP operator can be any access point or WiFi hotspot, a telephony company with a WiFi or WiMAX infrastructure a Hotel that supplies WiFi, previous payment or anyone in your home that mounts a WISP router with WiFi.

Developing a WISP operator or supplier requires certain technical know-how. Actualemte There are many people interested in knowing how to operate a WISP business, to bring internet to several customers using the WiFi network of a house. At the technical level a WISP business implies having a telecommunications infrastructure of its own, where there is a main router is connected by cable (or by WIMAX) to a supplier named carrier. Once connected, several WiFi hotspots can be set up with antennas or base stations as telecommunication towers. Then in each guest house you install a WiFi client antenna or WiFi CPE receiver that can connect to the Internet via the WiFi hotspots of the WISP network.

The case studies where more wisp networks are being installed in Spain are the rural WISP networks where for a small town of less than 5000 inhabitants you can install 3 or 4 WIFII access points for Internet wisp.

➤ WISP operators

This solution of installing a WISP network by WiFi allows you to create from the beginning a telecom operator. And if you encourage s epuede you get to create a real WISP company. But of course the fundamental thing in any business is to get new subscribed customers. If you already know how a WISP business works here we will propose several easy-to-install router and WiFi antennas to start your own wisp network with cheap and easy to install products.

✅ How do you mount a free WISP?

Imagine that you have some friends with whom you have ever talked about sharing WiFi in the village and want to supply WiFi connection to your neighbors and the people next door, for that you need to mount a small WISP. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to start with, you can simply divide the costs between several contributors while reaching more users. Putting free internet at home is possible as Contamanos in this other tutorial (read more)

To start with having close an ISP or ADSL line with 30 or 50 Mbps is enough. The idea is to put the WiFi antennas distributed so that they reach the whole area to cover and as not all users use the connection at the same time you can share the download speed perfectly.

Installing a shared WISP is not free as it carries antenna installation costs and WiFi router. The expenses can be shared or can be billed to each client for the services rendered, in which case it is necessary to know well d them legal requirements to comply with the current regulations.

✅ Access a WiFi connection to 5km to mount a WISP

That happens when the place where we want to establish a shared WISP does not have near any type of ADSL or cable connection. In these cases you can mount a WiFi bridge  at a distance of several kilometers, between 5 and 30 Km is possible as long as you count with two elevated points for the connection

Antenna Kit-5km to 10 km



This 2-way WiFi antenna Kit can be used at distances greater than 10 Km, depending on ambient conditions and interference. Up to 60 meters of low-cost cat-5e or cat-6 Ethernet cable (not included) can be used to mount the antenna even further at the top of a tree or tower. It is important to remember that the 24DBI parabolic antennas are always recommended and are often 2, 4Ghz. It is possible to use antennas of other type or less dBi but the maximum distance would be much lower.

This kit is designed to connect to a WISP router that has Internet connection.

The WiFi satellite kit for 5km includes:

  • 2 24DBI AGA2424T PARABOLIC antennas Guaranteed
  • 2 Bridges WiFi Bridge TUBE2H
  • 2 POE feeders with 220v plug
  • 2 1m Ethernet Cable

✅ Alternative Cheap WISP router

This Gigabit Neti router is very powerful and cheap, so the Netis WF2780 is an ideal router to start mounting a WISP network. With dual band 1200-Netis WF2780 offers state-of-the-art Wi-Fi at Gigabit speeds. In addition to WiFI 1200, the WF2780 provides Gigabit cable connectivity. With this router you can configure the Internet using WISP by adding other wireless routers of Netis or another brand.

The configuration steps of a Neti router for WISP are these:

After logging into the configuration web go to Red-> WAN, choose Wireless Access and click AP Scan, choose the SSID of the main Hotspot or WISP access point on the pop-up page, then click the Connect button.

If the primary access point or access point or WISP has been configured, the WISP router must configure or another, which means that the two routers cannot remain in the same network segment. You can check the IP LAN of the router in state-> LAN to see if it is different from the main access point or access point or WISP. You can change the LAN IP in Network-> LAN.

The WIFI key C must match the main access point or access point or WISP, which means it must be the same as the main device key.  Stra on the next page. You can then access the Internet wirelessly.

NETIS WF2780 - 54 EUR


Recommended Routet specifications for WISP Netis
Ethernet: Gigabit
Ethernet Ports: 4 LAN + 1 WAN
WiFi 1200 Mbps AC

➤ CPE WiFi for Accder as client WISP

The antenna WiFi nanostation Loco M2 e suna solution to install CPE Client for WISP.

It is a multi-function antenna for outdoor installation designed for small businesses, offices and homes that connect to a WiFi provider located to the outside.

It supports the most extreme environments, including intense heat, rain, and even lightning. Built with an outdoor weatherproof plastic box and high-temperature durability material inside, including an aluminum antenna and high-quality components, the CPE can be used in various climatic conditions both In dry, humid climates.
Ubiquiti Nanostaion has an integrated ESD protection circuit that guarantees reliable and lightning-resistant operation and electric shock with 4000V lightning protection to prevent storms.

The device has high power, with built-in WiFi amplifier par cleaveth further. The high-sensitivity antenna ensures that signals can go further and achieve higher speeds at the same distance as normal antennas. The Ubiquiti WiFi CPE contains a powerful 12dBi dual-polarization antenna located inside the enclosure to provide maximum transmission distances. The dual-polarization antenna can be configured with both vertical and horizontal polarization to support a large number of wisps.



We hope you are encouraged to mount private or shared WiFi networks, and we hope you helped resolve some doubts, here below the article I propose to leave all your questions or comments or you can also read other articles related to WiFi or Wisp. ?