The top 3 LED flashlights of the 2017 for lighting and doing night sports.

The top 3 LED flashlights of the 2017 for lighting and doing night sports.

Updated in 2020 Blog - Reviews and guides to buy

The front lanterns are a very practical tool because they incorporate a light to the user’s body with an elastic tape on the head.

For all people who start to do sport or night hikes, the help of a frontal LED is essential to travel on roads or dimly lit streets.  The trail or running fronts are currently compulsory in all races and night trails.


To guide in the purchase of the best LED fronts to do sport or work, we will present several of those that give best result according to the users.

“Run Light” front runners allow you to run at night with total visibility. The powerful LED spotlights light up beyond 30 meters, enough distance for a safe activity. The front lights always in front of the runner or Walker to be incorporated to the head allow the illumination of the front of there the nickname of “Headlamps”.

The most important characteristics to choose a good Frontal LED are its lightness or low weight and above all the light power in relation to its autonomy. The advantage of a front with respect to the traditional lantern is the feeling that you don’t have your hands occupied to allow you to exercise jobs or sports. In addition a Frontal always illuminates in front of the vision of the eyes, because when turning the head the light always focuses in front of the view.

1- How to Buy a Frontal that responds to the demands of the most demanding “runners” and runners of “Trail”.

  1. Light power, lumens. The light beam intensity of the headlamp measured in lumens will determine the power and effective viewing quality. What I have to keep in mind to buy a frontal LED are the minimum luminous power characteristics measured in lumens that should never be less than 120 LM. With this light is enough to light in the situations of total darkness and allows to see up to 20 meters without problems, but if we want to have more focus amplitude there are also fronts that are located between 500 and 1000 lumens.
  2. Rechargeable battery by USB. The battery must be rechargeable and if it is with a charger built into the flashlight itself, to be able to load it with any standard charger directly into the flashlight without removing the batteries. The autonomy of the frontal is one of the key aspects. For Trail races and ultrabackground tests, you need to last the entire night so you will need a high end front. The range fronts also carry an emergency light, which is activated when the main battery is exhausted, and which is used to mark the position and be able to stop to change the batteries.
  3. Comfort of a frontal. The best front for running and for trail are those that give up to 1000 lumens with a autonomy of more than 2 hours with the same battery. In addition to this consideration, comfort and restraint must also be taken into account. The front of a single elastic and adjustable band that surrounds the head is enough. But if we are going to exercise at a very fast pace it is recommended to have a second extra band that crosses the head from the top to helmet type Frontal mode.
  4. Light beam regulator. The LED fronts for high-end running normally carry a Dimmer or Zoom that allows you to choose the type of light beam to make it longer or shorter and wider. This is an important technical aspect to determine how light power is distributed. A long beam of light will let you see up to 80 or 100 meters away; With a short and wide beam you will be able to see a larger field of vision even out of the way.
  5. Light modes and signage. Most fronts have 3 light modes and some also intermittent or red signal lights. The powerful continuous light spends more, medium and moderate light allows some fronts like the imalent HR20 to reach a life of 360 hours of continuous light in low mode.
  6. Rechargeable lithium batteries. Actualemtente is already unthinkable a flashlight with alkaline batteries, so lithium batteries are recommended for all cases, but not bad as a replacement to use normal batteries that we can buy at any gas station, for this reason the Lithium batteries size 18650 are compatible with normal AA-size batteries. The fronts with rechargeable battery guarantee an autonomy are easily rechargeable with a USB charger.
  7. Red back light. This position light is very useful feature that carry high-end running fronts like the UltraFire XQ001. The red taillight is a mandatory light in most ultrabackground tests and mandatory for competing. The function of this light is to make itself visible to all the people or vehicles that come near us from behind

To be able to compare before buying one of the best LED fronts of 2017, take a look at this comparison of products with the most outstanding features.


2- HR20 IMALENT Rechargeable USB flashlight 1000 lumens

Rechargeable USB Flashlight 1000 lumens imalent HR-20 CRE XPL-HI Cheap Reduced PRICE!

Buy Now HR20 >> 47,31

Model: Imalent HR20
Luminosity: 1000 LM
Working time: Low 360H/Medium 16 H. /high 1 hour and 45 minutes
Battery configurations: 1 x 18650/2 x CR123 Battery
Switch Type: Click
Light controller: Rotatoriao ring from 1 lm to 1000 lm
Focus Distance: 225m
Waterproof: IPX-8 2 meters
Light weight: 46g (without battery)

Easy to handel and adjust brightness, with rotary ring switch. I was able to adjust from 1 lumen to 1000 lumens. Fully waterproof and submersible water resistant up to 2 meters, category IPX-8. Range of light bulb up to 225 meters away. Very useful for reading with soft light or inspecting machinery. Rechargeable HR20.

3- UltraFire XQ001 LED headlight with activation by sound sensor …

LED Flashlight Front sensor rechargeable sound powerful zoom 800LM

New-Frontal LED high range UltraFire XQ001

Model: UltraFire XQ001
Luminosity: 800 LM
Working time: Under 8 H/High 7 H
Battery configurations: 1 x 18650/3 x AAA standard Batteries
Switch Type: Click + Automatic Sound-on/click-on System.

Light controller: Zoom with Lens
Focus Distance: 120 meters-200 meters
Waterproof: IPX-8 2 meters
Light weight: 142 g (without battery)
Auxiliary light: Front flashing function + rear red light
Rechargeable: Built-in USB charger

FREE SHIPPING!!!  Rechargeable LED headlamp with automatic sound activation sensor, rechargeable, foldable and zoomed for long range, 800 lumens.

4- UltraFire W03-S Front Torch runner..TRAIL BIKE

Front LED Flashlight W03-S rechargeable USB battery white and red light

BUY NOW!!! >> € 23

Model: UltraFire W03-S
Luminosity: 120 LM
Working time:

Low 7-8 hours
Red light 5-6 hours
Flash 5-6 Hours
Battery configurations: 1 x 14500/1 x AAA Normal battery
Switch Type: Click
Light Controller: Button
Focus Distance: 50-100m
Waterproof: IPX-8 2 meters
Light weight: 48 g (without battery)
Auxiliary light: Front flashing function
Rechargeable: Built-in USB charger

Front LED flashlight W03-S built-in rechargeable battery >>

This flashlight has a head with a 3w led emitter and two red LEDs. 120 lumens-notable for incorporating a rechargeable USB battery. Ultrafire W03 Flashlight. Modes: 4 high, Medium, red and emergency Flash.

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