Most powerful LED flashlights, Ranking ACEBEAM 2019

Most powerful LED flashlights, Ranking ACEBEAM 2019

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In this ranking of 2019 we will present the high power LED flashlights with more than 1000 lumens for daily use and with more than 8000 lumens for professional use.

What is the powerful torch around the world? We give a definitive answer to this question. The answer is in the ACEBEAM brand with the list below. At SILICEO ONLINE store we tested our torches ourselves and the list below is the result of these tests and reviews.

ACEBEAM has beaten all the records in 2019 and presents several models of more than 12000 real lumens measured with ANSI standard

These are the two records of ACEBEAM 2019:

LED Flashlight plus lumens: ACEBEAM X70-6000 lumen

Professional LED flashlight 1.3 km ACEBEAM X65

At SILICEO ONLINE store We know you want the best advice to buy a super powerful flashlight of the best quality and with 5 years warranty, so we propose the brand ACEBEAM, as you can check the official site of the prestigious brand ACEBEAM, we are the store Official of this brand in Spain. It is a pride to sell the brand that has the best LED flashlights for professionals. ?

This is the link for the ACEBEAM store in Spain with all models

ACEBEAM - Shop online ESPAÑA

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➤ How to know if a flashlight is powerful?

The best way to orient yourself with lumens is to follow the ANSI/plate FL 1 2016 standard which has created a technical characteristics of the portable flashlights for sale in the United States. The ANSI/PLATO system is currently widely used worldwide. The denomination is by the acronym PLATO (Portable lights American Trade Organization)

Buying a long-range LED flashlight in an online shop, a front, a bicycle light, or a spotlight can lead to confusion, especially if you look at the confusing titles and descriptions of The imitation flashlights that are sold on EBay and Amazon. We will help you to distinguish counterfeits and flashlights of poor quality of the flashlights that meet for professionals

If you look at certifications like the one created by several manufacturers with the name ANSI/PLATO We will get that buying high quality goods cheap and with warranty is made with responsibility for both buyers and manufacturers.

The ANSI/PLATO standard is developed by industry experts and focuses on specific test and review methods for flashlights that emit directional light.

ACEBEAM is a member of the PLATO organization and follows this scheme in the description of its products, therefore when we talk about lumens of a ACEBEAM flashlight, they are real measurements and contrasted by a certifying organism that we can compare with other brands of Lanterns that follow this same labelling system. The brand of professional lanterns of high quality ACEBEAM is present in Spain with its high quality products in collaboration with Silicon ONLINE store

Comprar linternas ACEBEAM ESPAÑA

➤ How many lumens do I need in a powerful LED flashlight?

Amount of light or lumen (LM): A lumen is the amount of light emitted by the primary focus in the laboratory. That is the measured LED without any type of reflector or glass. To talk about the amount of light is to use the terms of reference that the manufacturers put on the product card. Other measures related to the light emission are the LX luxes or quantity and lumens per unit of surface: 1 LX = 1 lm/m2 or the Cd candle that measures the concentration of the beam of light.

If we go to the Google search to see which flashlights have more lumens arround. The result is a little confusing as some articles talk about experiments or homemade lanterns with up to 90000 lumens. But these numbers are theoretical and experimental since the powerful flashlights 5000 lumens or more are those sold for professionals and anyone who has handled one of these lanterns over 5000Lm will realize that is something exceptional, and from that figure the Item price grows and grows, the more lumens you have.

So we found YouTube videos and reviews of an amazing LED flashlight offers 90,000 lumens, but of course it’s an experiment to make a demo video on YouTube. The results are surprising but it is not a portable flashlight by its weight and size and also the battery lasts only a few “amazing and amazing 10 minutes”.

This experimental model does not carry fans or dissipators, it is heated and not worth reproducing at home, because brands like ACEBEAM sell much better flashlights at affordable prices.

But the most powerful flashlight in the world 2018, in the story of flashlights series manufacturing and are for sale for professionals, we have to talk about ACEBEAM lanterns, if in the 2018 was the model X80 (25000 lumen) the most lumens had , in the 2019 we started with the model X70 of 60000 Lumen

Many users, who have already tried the AceBeam lanterns in Spain, have transmitted real and contrasted opinions, and are hallucinated that several of these flashlights with more than 6000 lumens that is comparable to the light of a xenon headlight of a car , but they are real and certified measurements.

➤ record ACEBEAM flashlights on 2019

✅ the X70 is the newest search lantern of Acebeam 2019

To say that the new lantern X70 of Acebeam as “powerful” or “brilliant” is like saying that a Ferrari or Bugatti is “fast”. The incredible 60.000 lumens unprecedented in a beam of 1100 meters. The lumens are served by a chip Cree XHP35 HI supported by another 12 emitters Cree XHP 70.2, powered by a rechargeable battery pack with 8 Sony VTC6 18650 Lithium-ion batteries, and focused on a reflector complex in a beam, which illuminates the objects without a doubt as Far as you can see with the direct view. The heat of these LEDs is dissipated by a centrifugal fan integrated into the carrying handle and powered by a separate rechargeable 18650 cell, allowing the X70 to maintain outputs of up to 18.000 lumens for 50 minutes and expel 25.000 lumens for 8 Minutes or 60.000 lumens for almost one minute, durations that can not only be maintained thanks to fan cooling. The X70 represents a new point of reference in portable lighting. The dark has no chance against anyone armed with this flashlight, which is especially suitable for search and rescue operations, military and marine operations, forest management and playgrounds, and much more.

Yes, the night becomes day with this flashlight ACEBEAM X70….

12 x Cree ® XHP 70.2 and 1 * Cree ® XHP35 High Intensity

60000 Lumens

Underwater 10 meters

8 * 18650 Battery (Sony VTC6)

5-YEAR Limited Warranty

In Max Turbo mode, it produces 60,000 ANSI/FL1 lumens, with a beam distance of 1115 meters and the only way Acebeam can make this useful by adding a fan and a handle. The X70 in itself warms up fast enough to hold it in your hands… Even with the fan and a battery based on 8 Li-ion High Drain 18650 batteries, it will go down from the Max Turbo mode in less than a minute. 60,000 lumen is much more than the expected figure in a flashlight, how many lumens does it have to have a good flashlight without going over the price? For sure with 6000 or 8000 lumens any professional photography or security is given by satisfied, so 60000 is the equivalent of 10 professional flashlights, so keep reading and you will understand to use this type of super powerful LED flashlights.

The world’s most powerful LED flashlight 2019 60000 LM

Acebeam X70 - Comprar


X70 Acebeam Flashlight Purchase Package

Acebeam X70 - Comprar


✅ Acebeam X65 The most distance flashlight (1.3 Km)

This is another record of ACEBEAM, the world’s largest production lantern offering the functionality and durability that professionals need for search and rescue applications. The user interface is simple and intuitive, and provides access to six levels of brightness from Ultra-Low (4 lumens) to Turbo-Max (12.000 lumens) and strobe. The X65 has a battery capacity of 1 to 450 hours, depending on the output, using a customized battery pack that can be fully charged in three hours. It is supplied in a display case with a universal charger, a strong shoulder strap and replacement seals.

5 x CREE ® XHP35 High Intensity LEDs

12.000 lumens

423.000 candelas = 1.301 meters of tyre.

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack (8 x 18650 3400mAh)

5-YEAR Limited Warranty



✅ How the Flashlight works Acebeam X65

1. To charge the battery, connect the supplied universal power supply to a power supply (110/220v AC). Unscrew the DC-lock cover on the back cover and connect the power supply cable. A red light on the back cover indicates that the load is in progress, while a green light indicates that the load is complete. A full charge will last three hours. Disconnect the power supply when the green light appears and replace the locking cap. Note that the battery can be charged independently of the head.

2. Turn the flashlight on and off by clicking on the switch.

3. Press and hold the switch to go through the low, medium, and high modes. Release the switch to memorize your preferred mode: The light will return to this mode the next time the flashlight is turned on.

4. To access Turbo mode, double-click the switch while the flashlight is on. To access Turbo-Max, double-click Turbo. Additional double clicks will toggle between Turbo and Turbo-Max, while a single click will turn the flashlight off.

5. To access the Ultra-Low mode, press and hold the switch from off for one second. From Ultra-Low, a single click will return the flashlight to the memorized mode in step 3 above.

6. To access the Strobe, triple-click the switch from the on or OFF position. A single click will return the flashlight to the memorized mode in step 3 above. Please note that the Turbo, Ultra-Low and Strobe configurations are not memorised.

7. To lock the X65 (to prevent accidental activation and battery depletion while the flashlight is not in use), press and hold the switch from the off position for two seconds. The light will blink twice to indicate a successful lock. To unlock, press and hold the switch for two seconds until the Ultra-Low mode is activated.

8. Please note that during use, the light on the switch indicates the energy remaining on the battery. Green = More than 40% reserve; Red = less than 40%. The intensity of the beam will be reduced when the reserve is less than 10%.


Acebeam X65 Purchase Package


ACEBEAM Limited Warranty at Silicon Store

1. If you experience any problems with this product within 15 days of purchase, the dealer will replace it.

2. If this flashlight does not work as indicated in this manual during normal use within a period of five years (60 months) or if the battery fails within 12 months of purchase, the dealer will repair or replace it with the same model or similar.

3. All Acebeam flashlights have a lifetime Limited warranty: After 60 months, the dealer will attempt to repair the flashlight for the cost of replacement parts and shipping (i.e., free of charge for Labor).

➤ Ranking of Professional flashlights ACEBEAM 2019

? “Flashlight more powerful 2018 is the flashlight AceBeam X80. 25000LM 

This flashlight can be described in three words: “nice, good and cheap” Acebeam X80 much sought after by photographers working with night photography. Incorporates color lights red green and blue RGB 12 LED xhp 50.2

✅ Best LED Flashlight

Do you think many lumens 25000LM?, as they are real measured and contrasted. This progresses very fast and may be one of the most powerful flashlights in the world in 2019, but it also has a multitude of functions. The new model of very powerful flashlight is the Acebeam X80. A long-range rechargeable battery powered flashlight designed to serve professionals in all sectors. It has two versions: Light Color + Cold white 5000k + 6000k daylight.

Acebeam Photography RGB x80

239.00 EUR

Comprar linterna ACEBEAM X80 ESPAÑA


? ACEBEAM X80 with 12x CREE ® LED emitters xhp 50.2-25000 lumens ✅ 50000 hours life time

2 * CREE XPE2-R2 630nm red light
2 * CREE XPE2-B4 475nm green light
2 * CREE XPE2-G3 530nm green light
1 * Nichia 233A 365nm UV light to 365nm wavelength, the LED Nichia achieves a 1030mW power. This UV LED is suitable for use in special applications. Detector Counterfeit notes and other uses UV light

4 * 18650/battery stands for: submersible up to 30 meters/diving lantern.   ACEBEAM 5-year limited warranty. No one gives more for less!

The brand Acebeam is succeeding in the market of the lanterns with exclusive models like the X80. The flashlight that many photographers were waiting for has finally come to light. The most powerful and versatile X-series flashlight is becoming popular. Weighs only 330 grams and measures long 117 mm. Twelve emitters Cree XHP 50.2 offer a flood light up to 25,000 lumens of white light at 332 meters, while the emitters Cree XPE2 and Nichia produce pure red, green, blue and ultraviolet light for specialized applications.

The X80 is powered by four rechargeable lithium batteries the high-drain Acebeam (20 A) and 3.100 MAh are recommended. With the X80 in hand, all functions are accessed from a single button to facilitate single-hand operation. Made of aeronautical quality aluminum with a premium type III hard anodized finish, also waterproof and submersible at 30 meters, and with advanced electronics.

➤ New Flashlight Version 2019 Acebeam X80-GT 32500 lumens

? * * Attention novelty Acebeam X80-GT reaches 32500 lumens

Acebeam X80-GT LED Flashlight very powerful 32500 lumens with batteries

Acebeam version 2019 X80-GT

Comprar linterna ACEBEAM X80-GT


We have already seen that the first ACEBEAM X80 has been the best LED flashlight of the 2018, but the series has evolved and now there are four versions of the X80:

In these links you can see the complete file of each one

Acebeam X80 Photo RGB 12 LED 25000LM

Acebeam X80-GT-32500LM

Acebeam X80-UV LED Nichia 365nm UV 10000LM
Acebeam X80-CRI 95 flashlight p2500 lumen CRI Red high

The Acebeam X80 series evolves in July 2019 to the X80-GT which now has an unsurpassed light shot of 32500 lumens. Guauh!!! So Acebeam achieves by putting together in Corona a total of 18 Cree xhp 50.2 LEDs in the same size frame as the original X80 model. There are 7 different lumens output configurations to ensure that you will always have the right amount of light for each situation, because the turbo mode of 325000 is not going to be used at all times, in mode 1 to the minimum and illuminates enough to walk at night. Designed for outdoor and ready to operate, the X80GT is perfect for search and rescue, military, security and hunting applications. Waterproof up to 30 meters and shockproof, this is a game change that is driving high production LED technology in the future.

the second of the list is the AceBeam X45. 18000 Lm. 

This flashlight with many more lumens than any home-made artifice, and yes, really much more than the headlights of a car.

18000 actual lumens measured by verified ANSI/plate audits. This one-handed, hand-operated flashlight emits a light bulb of 622 meters.

Acebeam X45 presents two versions of light color temperature:
-Cold White 5000k
-6500k Daylight-Sun


199.00 EUR

Comprar linterna ACEBEAM X45 ESPAÑA


Acebeam X45 includes rechargeable batteries 4 * 18650 IMR High capacity batteries (included) and 4 Cree XHP70 P2 LEDs, the super high performance reaches 18000 lumens and the distance reaches 622 meters.

Acebeam X45 presents two versions of light color temperature:

-Cold White 5000k

-6500k Daylight-Sun

? Specifications Acebeam X45:
1:4 * Cree xhp 70.2 P2 LED with a lifespan of 50.000 hours
2: Maximum output 18000 lumens
Approximate execution times in each mode:
Firefly: 10 Lumens 310 hours;
Low: 800 lumens 10 hours;
Medium: 2000 lumens 3.5 hours;
Height: 5000lumens 1.4 hours;
Turbo: 9000lumens-5000lumens, 10minutes + 72mins
Turbo Max: 18000lumens-4000lumens, 3minutes + 66mins
Strobe 5000 Lumens 3 hours

the third of the list is the AceBeam L30 with 4000 LM

This flashlight can be described in three words: “Powerful, rechargeable and light” with neutral white light rechargeable by USB with 4000 lumens, more than enough.

L30-5000k is tactical Acebeam L30 Super Dazzling 4000 lumens LED Cree XHP 70.2 and battery included in the package. There are two versions of light color temperature:

-Cold White 5000k

-6000k Daylight



125.00 EUR

Comprar linterna ACEBEAM L30 ESPAÑA

Technical characteristics ACEBEAM L30:

LED: 1 * Cree XHP 70.2 led with a lifespan of 50.000 hours

Maximum output of 4000 lumens by using the battery 1 * 20700 (included)

Firefly: 1 LM, 59 days
Bass: 200 LMS, 12 hours
Media: 1000 LMS, 2.5 hours
High: 2000 LMS, 1.1 hours
Turbo: 4000 LMS, 2 minutes + 1 hour
Strobe: 2000 LMS, 2 hours

Working voltage: 3v-8.4 V
Max. Run time: 45 days.
Maximum beam distance: 373 meters.
Maximum beam intensity: 34800CD

the fourth of the list is the AceBeam K30. 5200 LM.

The lantern Acebeam K30 stands out for the light size. It’s Acebeam super-powerful pocket flashlight. With a very affordable price it gives you 5200 lumens. With 7 working modes and 35000CD clarity. Equipped with the powerful CREE XHP 70.2 LED chip emits a wide burst of 5200 lumens. Tactical flashlight Ideal for military, police, security, adventure and emergency use.

You can’t immerse yourself with it, but if you can splash it. The truth is that the battery can last for months.

Acebeam K30

118.00 EUR



AceBeam K30 Flashlight is available in two colors in silicon online shop: black and copper. 

Technical Features:
LED: Cree XHP 70.2 led with a lifespan of 50.000 hours
Maximum brightness: 5200 lumens by using battery 3 * 18650
Firefly: 2lms, 110hours
Bass: 200lms, 25 hours
Media: 600lms, 10 hours
High: 1350lms, 4 hours
Turbo: 2500lms-2000lms, 2mins + 2.1 hours
Turbo Max: 5200lms-2000lms, 2mins + 1.8 hours
Strobe: 2500lms, 3.5 hours
Working voltage: 9v to 12.6 V
Max Runtime: 110 hours
Max Beam Distance: 374 meters
Maximum beam intensity: 35000CD
Impact Resistance: 1.2 meters.
Submersible 5 meters (model K30 is the most durable flashlight produced by Acebeam,

The fifth lantern of this ranking is the AceBeam H30. 

Acebeam H20 headlamp with headband. With 4000 lumens emitted by a single LED XHP 70.2 with 4000 lumens and high quality battery is a good flashlight for sports, Runnig, night competitions, rowing etc.

The H30 is super fast charging, PSE can charge the battery 21700 5100mAh inside the tube without removing the battery. The USB type C rechargeable function equipped with triple charging speed makes H30 much more comfortable for everyday use. Equipped with a white LED light Cree xhp 70.2 for better color reproduction, the red light Cree XPE2-R2 630nm additional and Green Cree XPE2-G3 530nm allow the ability of any mission, such as outdoor hunting, and easily protects night vision. The SOS special for an emergency can even last 72 hours without turning off the light. The H30 Compact lighthouse is ideal for demanding sports such as hunting, fishing, cycling, camping, backpacking, reading and all night activities.

Acebeam h30

Comprar  ACEBEAM H30

Using your car with the lights on to make a photograph can work for you on occasion. But if you spend enough time working at night, then you want to invest in some of the best LED flashlights in the world. In 2019, at last, compared to any other device that you can manufacture at home, we can find that there are powerful flashlights at very cheap and affordable prices.

Today we have made a ranking comparing the most powerful, best and most outstanding of the brand ACEBEAM to end this list of LED flashlights comparative.

Our goal is that you can make a good purchase decision. You can see the models that we have tested in store and really meet. In addition on the web silicon you can read opinions of buyers who have already tried and have written their vote.

Here are the top 5 ACEBEAM flashlights, one for each situation.-

  1. Acebeam X80
  2. Acebeam X45
  3. Acebeam L30
  4. Acebeam K30
  5. Acebeam H30

All these flashlights you can not buy at Amazon, much less at this price. Cheap electronic parts and components that ended up broken soon is not what a customer is looking for that needs a powerful and durable flashlight to work with.

You know that to buy quality in an online store you have to go directly to the official distributor of the brand in Spain.

The prices and the best quality for professional LED flashlights are in SILICEO online shop