ACEBEAM X80, The Secret of Night photography, how to put a tripod to the lantern

ACEBEAM X80, The Secret of Night photography, how to put a tripod to the lantern

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The flashlights are the best ally of the photographers who work at night. This is a tip from our photographer friends, in addition to the hundreds of tips you can see on the photographer’s Blog, when it comes to making good night photography, it’s always a good idea to help yourself with a powerful LED flashlight.

Using the flash of the mobile phone can serve even trouble, but the battery is spent soon and is not very effective. The right thing is to help yourself with a flashlight to focus. When it’s night and we want to frame or focus on infinity, using a flashlight placed on a tripod we can light an object in the foreground and focus it. By gently moving the flashlight we can also glimpse the limits of the framing.

Highlighting elements in night photography with LED flashlight, can be done with a powerful flashlight, with which we can give light to highlight buildings, plants or rocks to give a touch of light while we have the camera with an exhibition of several minutes.

To facilitate the use of these flashlights with professional lighting tripods, the Acebeam brand that is the world leader in the manufacture of LED flashlights has thought of everything and has included a tripod stand in the Modleo X80.

Flashlight with tripod ACEBEAM X80

The weight and size of this flashlight are ideal for carrying in the night photographer’s backpack.

The Acebeam X80 led Spotlight with 12 lLEDs of Cree XHP-50 led has an exorbitant light output of up to 25.000 lumens. But do not worry that the light intensity is adjustable from less to more and you can use it to 100 lumens 80LM, 5000Lm or whatever you need.

This Acebeam model with 6000k light version offers many possibilities. It is the model is more recommended by professional photographers especially because it has a good threaded tripod support.

In these pictures of our photographer friends it shows how the Acebeam X80 flashlight can be assembled with a photo tripod



The LED photo flashlight with tripod support 1/4 UNC

The most common screw threads on photo camera tripods are regulated by ISO 1222:2010. The most commonly used and common tripod screw thread standard for connecting the camera has a 1/4-20 UNC or 3/8-16 UNC thread.  Most modern digital cameras use 1/4-20 UNC supports. Older or more professional and large cameras can carry 3/8-16 UNC threads, plus a removable 1/4-20 UNC adapter, allowing them to be mounted on either of the two standards. This support is usually used as a tripod for YouTubers

This special support and its technical features turn this flashlight into a veritable lighting kit for video, widely used by professionals and fans of photography and videos such as YouTubers.

The Acebeam X80 Flashlight has a professional design designed for photographers, so it has 1/4-20 UNC screw support for tripod.
12 * CREE XHP 50.2
2 * CREE XPE2-R2 630nm
2 * CREE XPE2-B4 475 NM
2 * CREE XPE2-G3 530nm
1 * Nichia 276A 365nm

Max. 25000 lumens output using 4 * 18650 Lithium batteries included

The 6 modes of regulating the flashlight. According to the user manual of the flashlight Acebeam X80 can be regulated with up to 6 output modes from 80 lumens to 25,000 lúmnes

Ultra Low: 80lms, 52horas;
Low: 800lms, 8.5 hours;
Media: 2500lms, 3 hours;
High: 5000lms-4000lms, 20 minutes + 1 hour;
Turbo: 11000lms-4000lms, 3 minutes + 1.5 hours;
Turbo-Max: 25000lms-4000lms, 1 minute + 1.3 hours;
Strobe Light: 5000lms, 3 hours;
Red: 270lms, 9 hours; Green: 350lms, 10 hours;
Blue: 170lms, 6.7 hours; UV: 2lms, 17 hours;
12 * CREE xhp 50.2:27480CD, 332 meters;
2 * CREE XPE2-R2 Red 630nm: 237CD, 30 meters;
2 * CREE XPE2-B4 Blue 475nm: 150CD, 25 meters;
2 * CREE XPE2-G3 Green 530nm: 261CD, 32 meters;
1 * Nichia 276A 365nm UV: 129CD, 15 meters;

LED Flashlight with tripod 1/4 UNC

Buy Now Acebeam X80 - 239 EUR


➤ Advantages of the special design of the lantern Acebeam X80

This flashlight is one of the best in the Ranking with flashlights of many lumens (read more)

  • Here are some of their advantages that make it so special:
  • Size: 117.7 mm (length) x 65 mm (head diameter) x 49 mm (tube diameter).
  • Very light weight: 330g without battery; and the shape and size of a can of soda.
  • Super-resistant aluminium body structure with Premium type III hard anodized antiabrasive finish.
  • Ultra clear tempered glass lens with reflective coating, which achieves a light transmission of 98.3%.
  • SOS and strobe flash mode for tactical or emergency use.
  • Soft Reflector for maximum light output.
  • Make it highly focused to achieve a maximum range distance of up to 332 meters.
  • Tactical knurling for a firm grip.
  • Aerodynamic design of the body.
  • Highly efficient intelligent circuit board design for maximum performance and long run time;
  • Light output with intelligent circuit-controlled temperature to prevent heat.
  • Specially designed for photographers, hunting, search and rescue, scuba diving and outdoor activities.