The three 5G USB WiFi adapters of the best quality / price ratio

The three 5G USB WiFi adapters of the best quality / price ratio

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Do you want to connect by WiFi speeds up to 600 Mbps using the new frequency of 5ghz ? Do you need a new WiFi adapter USB that is dual to operate at 5ghz and 2.4 gz ? …. Here we will present 3 of the best WiFi adapters USB work with WiFi 5g, are fast and cheap that you will not find neither in the Mediamart nor in Amazon.

This is the buying guide in which we compare the top 3 WiFi adapters USb to 5Ghz, taking into account its price and the advantages of each one.
Melon M15D€12Melon M15D adapter WiFi AC 600Mbps dual 5G 2.4 G win10


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Archer T2U€19TP-LINK Archer T2U adapter USB Wireless WiFi WLAN IEEE 802.11 ac 600 Mbit/s


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AWUS036ACS€26Antenna USB WiFi powerful dual-band AC AWUS036ACS AC600


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Is the WiFi 5G

The first detail that needs to be clarified is that it is commonly called WiFi 5G to the new WiFi which uses the frequency 5Gz. You may have noticed that all new router that is installed in homes to carry dual-band 2.4 Ghz and 5Ghz and that is precisely the 5Ghz band is the faster. Are called networks WiFi 5G to the new networks, the 5Ghz but have nothing to do with the networks 5G phones . This type of WiFi connection is so named because it operates in a frequency band of 5 Ghz, but the most appropriate would be to call it WiFi AC or WiFi 5.

Melon M15D WiFi dual 5G and 2.4 G

This spectacular wireless WiFi adapter brand Melon is the best relationship quality and price features. Works up to a speed of 600Mbps is a real-WiFi-AC600 dual band designed for laptops or desktop computers

Buy now! WiFi adapter Melon M15D >> 12 EUR

The MElon M15D works with the famous chip Realtek RTL8811 that operates at double frequency type 11AC. The port by which you are connecting to is USB 2.0, and can also connect the new USB 3.0

wifi rapido casa

Buy Now! WiFi adapter Melon M15D >> 12 EUR

MELON M15D is ideal to improve the speed of your Internet connection with the protocol of the AC that includes the new WiFi 5 and 5Ghz. It is compatible with all the computers in P C and laptop to connections AC, and connect to high-speed new Routers dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac both of Movistar who use Portal Alejandra , as for Vodafone, Orange, Jaztell etc
The 5ghz band and smás quick and in addition reduces the interference to get a better WiFi connection. The reduced design that looks like a stick or Skewer WiFi serves to make more easy the transport and the installation.

Advantages of the Model MD15D

  1. High quality, lower price than their competitors. It is the cheapest.
  2. Size super small and flat, takes up no space and is great for both, PC as for travel with a laptop or tablet.

Technical specifications of the Melon N515D

Chipset RTL8811 WiFi AC600

Standard IEEE 802.11 AC/A/B/G/N
Omnidirectional antenna 2dBi internal
Speed transmission up to 600Mbps (2.4 G:150Mbps/5.8 G:430Mbps)
Output power 15dBm
Compatible with Windows operating systems XP, 7, 8, 8.1, Windows 10. And most Linux distributions and MAC
Wireless frequency 2.4 G/5.8 G

TP-LINK Archer T2U

The Wireless adapter brand TP-Link is a USB antenna WiFi ideal for 5G. It also works up to 600 Mbpsy tirene the advantage of being designed by the prestigious brand TP-Link which also produces the best Router, PLC and Repeaters WiFi

The ARCHER T2U uses wireless connectivity technology Wifi Standard: IEEE 802.11 ac. The new generation WiFi is dual-band and, therefore, the Archer T2U comes with the standard new Wifi 802.11 ac, which is 3 times faster wireless speeds than N. Without a doubt, the Archer T2U is the best choice for HD streaming, no cuts, online games and other jobs that require intensive use of broadband.
The 5 GHz band reaches up to 433Mbpsde down and up and is perfect for streaming HD video and games . The Archer T2U TP-LINK guarantee at the same time also be able to access wireless networks in the 2.4 GHz band. The security of encryption is advanced with WPA / WPA2

With its WPS button, the T2U is very easy and safe to set up even for users without experience.

Buy Now! ARCHER T2U >> 19 EUR

With a small size has the maximum WiFi security with encryption type WPA2-PSK Enterprise, with both TKIP as AES. The housing features a WPS button (Wifi Protected Setup) to connect to very quickly access point or router. It also supports the Ad-hoc mode

Advantages of the Model Archer T2U

  1. High quality of a brand as prestigious as TP-Link. Materials and avcabados resistant and durable.
  2. Includes the WPS button that is used for a quick setup just press the WPS button on the router and the Archer T2U

Tab technique of the Archer T2U

Wireless speed ultra-fast 600 (433 + 150) Mbps with 802.11 ac
A small way to get Wifi connections fast new generation
Connections dual-band for the transmission of high-definition video without delays and games
Advanced security: Supports 64/128 WEP, WPA, WPA2/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK (TKIP/AES)
Supports Windows 10 8/7/XP, Linux and MAC

Interfaces USB 2.0
Dimensions 1.6×0.7×0.3 in. (41×19.5×8.7 mm)
Antenna type Omni-directional
Frequency 5GHz and 2.4 GHz


The adapter WiFi 5G of the brand ALFA NERWORK model AWUS036ACS is a new WiFi adapter USB high calaidad. With the new technology 802.11 ac high-speed with an external antenna port RP-SMA at a low cost. It is a USB WiFi adapter dual band is compatible with all Windows including Windows 10.

The Chipset RTL8811AU with an integrated antenna USB WiFi powerful dual-band AC600 makes the AWUS036ACS in a adapter USB WiFi with long-range antenna for indoor. It is able to receive and transmit in the bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 Ghz. This product is also compatible with the antenna WiFi panel dual band Alfa APA-M25, with this accessory s epued econvertir in a WiFi adapter 5Ghz directional WiFI router AC will always work best when all your computers are in the standard WiFi AC, so this is a great way to buy a WiFi antenna powerful and cheap for dual-band.

AWUS036ACS is capable of receiving and transmitting in the bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 Ghz. With the routers 802.11 ac can reach processing speeds of up to 433 Mbps, to keep up with the current demands of bandwidth. This adapter is compatible with networks 802.11 g and 802.11 n. It requires a WiFi Router or nrutador 802.11 ac Gigabit for maximum performance.

Buy Now! ALFA AWUS036ACS >> 26 EUR

Advantages of the Alfa WiFi 5G AWUS036ACS

This WiFi adapter USB for the 5ghz outperforms its competitors by two characteristics that make them unique.

  1. The package includes a stand type Dock to USB cable extension cable that can be used to put it on top of the work table and thus have a better vision of the WiFi coverage.
  2. The antenna is tilting 2bi gain that outperforms the models that carry internal antenna that does not rotate. In addition, it is detachable with SMA connector, and can be replaced by another of larger size if necessary.

Technical data sheet of the Alfa AWUS036ACS

– Encryption-type enterprise 64/128 WEP, WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA2, 802.1 X support
– Dual band: 433 mbps transfer as well in 5 Ghz 802.11 ac and (combined 600 mbps)
– Realtek RTL8811AU 802.11 ac chipset
– Includes crib/cradel, USB and antenna, dual-band, 2 dbi

Standard IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Frequency 2.412-2.472 Ghz 5.15 Ghz – 5.825 Ghz
Antenna: External detachable dual band
Antenna connector: RP-SMA female
Band width: 20/40/80Mhz
Indicators leds: Power / WLAN

Security: 64/128bit WEP
WPA (TKP with IEEE 802.1 x)
WPA2 (AES with IEEE 802.1 x)
WPA Mixed