The three best WiFi antennas to receive internet in a camping, caravan or boat.

The three best WiFi antennas to receive internet in a camping, caravan or boat.

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When we go on a trip we want to have WiFi, it is a basic need and more and more necessary. We also want to use it on several devices at once, such as tablet, mobile, laptop etc .; Of course, we also want to connect inside the caravan, cabin or camping tent. We no longer have to go out with the laptop and move around the campsite to find a corner with WiFi coverage.

If your boat wants to improve the WiFi coverage, so that they stop producing cuts, you can also install one of these WiFi Kit since the antenna is completely waterproof and is prepared to withstand water and any atmospheric situation on the outside.

This summer, as long as the campsite where you are going to spend your holidays, have a good Wi-Fi hotspot at your disposal, you will enjoy WiFi coverage inside your caravan. You just have to install any of the 3 simple solutions for WiFi connection in the campsites that we propose below.

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The system that we offer you consists of outdoor WiFi antenna plus WiFi router inside the caravan allows you to share a Wi-Fi Hotspot between several devices, such as an iPad, a tablet, a mobile phone and several laptops simultaneously .

Why does not the Wi-Fi signal arrive at a campsite on a plot far from the center?

If you travel a lot through different campsites, you will have verified that sometimes you are parked near the main building of the campsite and the Wi-Fi reception works well. But if you choose a comfortable and quiet plot in the lower part of the campsite, next to the river and you have some trees in between, it turns out that the WiFi signal is weak. In this situation it is normal that you connect well with your laptop to the outside of the caravan, but it is impossible to connect the mobile and inside does not work any WiFi device.

Omnidirectional WiFi antenna for camping caravan

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There are three factors that generally cause the loss of WiFi signal in a campsite:

  • The distance: The further away from the WiFi access point of the campsite, the weaker the signal. It can be solved by installing a powerful and directional antenna, directed towards the emitting point.
  • Obstacle barriers like trees or vehicles. It is solved by placing the WiFi receiver on the roof of the caravan, in this way the WiFi antenna will be higher than the trees and cars that previously interfered braking the WiFi reception.
  • The walls of the caravan or hut: Inside the caravan the WiFi enters with difficulty due to the walls, which if they are made of metal, can completely prevent them from passing through them. It is solved by placing the WiFi receiver antenna outside the caravan.

There are two types of WiFi antennas that we can mount in our caravan depending on the use that we are going to give you, we can choose a directional or an omnidirectional WiFi antenna. The choice of one type of antenna or another always depends on whether we are going to connect to a single point whose position we know well, then we chose a directional antenna and we oriented it to that point. If on the contrary we are going to connect to different WiFi networks, we will move a lot and we do not know exactly where the WiFi signal comes from, so we will mount an omnidirectional antenna with 360º coverage.

Omnidirectional WiFi antenna rocket type, “Rocket”, installed in a motorhome.

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1- Omnidirectional antenna pack + Open-Wrt router

This is the easiest and easiest solution to install. The recommendation is to first mount the omnidirectional 13dbi antenna prepared for long range on the roof of the caravan. Installation is simple as it comes with bracket and mounting screws. If we do not want to leave it fixed, it can also be used from the inside and then remove it through the window and attach it with a suction cup on the wall when we are standing.

Our recommendation is to mount the antenna first and test it with any Windows computer. These powerful WiFi antennas work with all operating systems up to Windows 10. Then you can add the Open-WRT repeater router to cover several devices at once. The Omnidirectional Rocket WiFi antenna of 13dbi uses the RT3070 Chip that is compatible with the Open-WRT router

Omnidirectional antenna for camping caravan

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This OpenWRT SILICEO router can be coupled inside the caravan to the outdoor omnidirectional WiFi antenna. The router will provide WiFi coverage for the laptop, tablet, several phones and everything we need.

Openwrt Router USB MTK7620N 4 antennas WIFI Repeater 300MbpsWiFi repeater router with USB OpenWRT Router SILICEO
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The firmware of these OpenWrt router is compatible with all Wi-Fi cards with Chip RT3070 and RTL8187 like the ALFA AWUS036H. Take the drivers for Realtek and Ralink factory installed

2- WiFi complete repeater kit for Camping, caravan and motorhome.

This Kit consists of a long-range Directional antenna. It is a very complete kit that works at 300Mbps. The antenna is directional to reach a farther. In a campsite or any other open space without buildings on the road you can reach a distance between 600 and 1km easily.

The only thing to do is to orient the antenna well to the point that emits WiFi. The router is placed inside the caravan to repeat the Internet both via WiFi and with Rj45 LAN cables. The only necessary configuration is to name and password the WiFi network that will create our Open-WRT repeater router.

Spanish Openwrt repeater USB pack + wifi antenna 36dbiDirectional WiFi conantena repeater kit for camping caravan

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3- CPE Ubiquiti LocoM2 with directional antenna. WiFi repeater for camping.

This Ubiquiti professional device can be used in a camping or boat in the port and will give us a great result. All the equipment is waterproof and is inside a sealed box. The antenna is directional and has a range of 200 to 500 meters. If we install this device we will have internet by cable for any computer. In addition, it can also be configured as a repeater, so that it receives and broadcasts WiFi at the same time. It is powered by PoE RJ45 cable and is ideal for use both inside the caravan and fixed on the roof. every time we install in one place it will be enough to turn it and orient it towards the emitting point. To learn more about WiFi antenna guidance read this article >>.

www.siliceo.esCPE Ubiquiti LOCOM2 for camping caravan

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Of course these WiFi receiver and repeater kits are not just for camping, or travelers, we can also use them anywhere, on a boat, at home, in an apart-hotel, in our beach apartment, in the van, in the car, etc.

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