Guide to Getting Internet Wi-Fi in Your Motorhome

Guide to Getting Internet Wi-Fi in Your Motorhome

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➤ This a extract of the Brico input for antenna WIFI of KUN foro webcampista

“It is a very practical brico I have done to have wifi in my Caravan”

… Which also includes a WiFi router. Eye that you are not going to receive Internet by magic, only serves to connect to WiFi signals around, but to do so must be open or have the password, either payment or for you to give it free. The same thing you can do with your mobile, tablet or PC, but with the difference that the antenna I have captures WiFi networks much farther than with the devices alone. In very favorable conditions without obstacles I have come to connect to Wifis more than 1 km away.

I have this antenna. Your connection is via USB port, so you could connect it to a device that has that port.


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I have also purchased this router, which is already configured and with a USB input to specifically connect this antenna. With it you can create your own WiFi subnet with password for your caravan and plot, to which you can connect all the devices you want and receive the signal of the WiFi network to which you have previously connected.


I’ll give you some practical examples of its use in various campsites:
-When I have put in a far parcel of the WiFi transmitter of the campsite, where your devices do not receive the signal on their own, the antenna solves the problem in most cases.
-When you arrive to a camping with WiFi of payment, whose rate only allows you to connect a device simultaneously. Once you get the key to pay, you connect to the WiFi of the campsite, but through the router and the antenna of the caravan. Once done this step and you can distribute the signal to as many devices as you pay only for one through your own Wifi subnet
-I also happened to get even camping in which your WiFi network is also paid, but before hiring anything I do a scan with my antenna through my router to see that more networks are caught and I managed to connect to an open network that was outside the campsite to About 700 feet and my devices didn’t pick up. So I could enjoy free wifi throughout the stay.
-and in the event that the WiFi of the camping is paid, or do not exist or go wrong, you can also try to find WiFi networks of a nearby public establishment such as a bar or cafeteria, which usually give you the key if you take something and then you can connect to that Same network from your plot.

The reasons you put the WiFi antenna on the caravan mast are two. The first is obvious, the better height and less obstacles, which are the Achilles heel of the WiFi signals. And the second is that since I travel a lot and my caravan is very small I do not want junk out there clogging. This way I’m always ready to use the antenna. I’m wearing the Router inside the closet. This way is to get to a campsite, connect the light and I have only to search and connect to the available networks if there are very fast in a matter of a minute. All of this can be done quickly through your mobile phone.

The only one but to put the WiFi antenna in the mast of the caravan is that both the data cable of this antenna and the coaxial cable of the TV antenna fall together inside the mast, which sometimes generates some interference in the TV. It is not something very recorded or continued, only occasional, more than anything when you use a lot of data to hit to see some Youtube video. It makes up for me because I travel a lot, if I was always fixed on a camping site I would probably put it somewhere else.

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➤ other automatic WiFi equipment for motorhomes


The Alfa Camp Pro 2 Kit is a professional team pair ainstalar WiFi in a caravan or motorhome. It is also used for boat or yacht.  It stands out for its easy installation and handling. The router’s configuration Web page for mobile devices supports QR code scanning to enter an easy setup and enjoy Internet access in minutes.