How can I see the saved Wi-Fi passwords on my Android mobile without root privileges?

How can I see the saved Wi-Fi passwords on my Android mobile without root privileges?

20 December, 2020 Updated in 2021 Blog - Reviews and guides to buy

Take Out ((WiFi keys)) with a Root mobile is easy. The mobile rooted or with root access to the root of the Android system have many advantages. One of the accesses that are allowed to an Android mobile that has Root, is to see the passwords WiFi that are stored in the memory of the mobile.

In other articles on the web we have already discussed in depth these methods of recovering WiFi passwords  in both Windows and Android.

On any Android phone Root install the free App known as Wifi Password Recovery, but this is not access to the majority and there are many web readers who ask us how to do without being Root.

But the question of the million is how to know the passwords WiFi Android mobile without Root? In this case it is somewhat more complicated, but there are some tricks that work and we will detail below. Continue reading and learn more about Android and WiFi ✅

➤ trick to take WiFi passwords from the folder WPA supplicant in Android

Another way to see all the passwords and pasword of WiFi that contain in the memory an Android phone is to locate and to explore the folder of files that contains them. The following method works without installing new applications and can be tested on both root and non root phones, although access to this file is normally denied on non-root mobiles.

With an Android file explorer such as Explorer or Root Explorer, Sep invisio access the data folders through the/data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf path where the file is Locoliza with the names of all passwords and WiFi SSID.

➤ 1200mbps WiFi amplifier device for mobile phones and Android tablet

Another usual problem is the lack of WiFi coverage when we connect via mobile in a room away from the main router D ELA home. In these cases the solution is to install a WiFi amplifier devolo that widens the power of WiFi and also gives fast speed WiFi AC 1200Mbps

This repeater of WiFi brand Devolo allows to increase the power of the signal WiFi of any router to create a more stable connection, avoiding the cuts and the delay by WiFi.

The installation is very easy, simply place the AC WiFi repeater in the room that has little coverage or in an intermediate point and with the WPS button integrated, or through an Internet browser is set in a few steps to have instantly a WiFi reception oo a New Internet access point for WiFi.

Devolo AC WiFi Amplifier

WiFi Amplifier



➤ trick to see WiFi passwords without being Root on the phone

Honestly you can not see all the passwords WIFI in Andorid with the factory version without Root. Something that in Windows is very simple, because Windows lets you see all the WIFI keys stored without any restriction as you can read here. But Android does not allow it in any of its versions, either for security or for other reasons all current versions of Android from Jelly Bean 4.1, KitKat 4.4, Lollipop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0, Nougat 7.0, Oreo 8.0, up to foot 9.0, none can read WiFi keys That have been used ever and are stored in memory without being Root.

But in some cases there are tricks to remember the key to the WiFi network that you are connected at that time. When you are connected to a WiFi network with your mobile, you do it through a router and you can access the router configuration to see the WiFi key and even change it.

A practical example is when we access the WiFi network of our favorite cafeteria but do not remember the key to be able to decírsela to a friend. In that case it follows this advice:

1-Connect to via WiFi from the Android phone, from a tablet or laptop.

2-From the Web browser enter the address  or

3-The router will ask you user and password which is normally admin/admin. If the admin password does not work try with 1234

4-Once inside the web of the router on the WiFi tab you can see the security WiFi and Password, which now you can share with other people or change to make it easier to remember.

If you do not work the standard admin/admin passwords you may need to find the specific if you know the brand of the router, for example in this link you can see default passwords of the router D-Link and others: Database of passwords of router by brand

With these four simple steps you access the router to remember the password using public information as long as there is no specific security measure such as the recommendation of Eambiar the router’s default access keys and puts custom runes that No one can know how to manipulate the router settings

So you know if you are the owner of a bar, store or establishment that shares the WiFi network perhaps it is a good idea to change the passwords of the router before giving the pasword WiFi to customers and friends

We all use a WiFi router and often feel that, in many places in our home, the signal is quite weak and WiFi does not work! So, to address this problem, we have with us the new range extender WiFi Tenda A301 V2

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Surely on occasion, in many places of our house, the signal is quite weak and WiFi does not work! Especially with mobile phones. The explanation is that the WiFI antenna built into the mobile is internal, very small and with little scope. The ideal would be to solder or attach a long-range WiFI antenna to the mobile, but can not because it would fall or be awful with the antenna protruding. But there is an easy and cheap solution that is to place a Tenda WiFi repeater near the mobile. It’s put in a Plug and ready. The WiFi repeater takes the signal from afar thanks to its two large and powerful external antennas and repeats it for the phone. It’s that simple, plug in and ready.

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