Free WiFi, how to connect your home free with WiFi

Free WiFi, how to connect your home free with WiFi

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The ((Free WiFi networks)) ? are everywhere. Bars, hotels and restaurants usually give the WiFi keys free to all their customers. For this reason the use of mobile data 4g payment is still a non-permanent system that is used mainly in emergencies, at home we prefer to have WiFi because it is free, and is not consumed or spent before the end of the month. There are currently WiFi hotspots almost everywhere. City halls, bars, hotels, universities, have built a network that in 2021 reaches most of the urbanized areas, both in cities and towns and middel municipalities. One of the most ambitious objectives of the European Union is to have free WiFi access points in all European municipalities in the 2021 known as Wifi4EU project.

Currently we can find free WiFi and open in a multitude of places. From large train or bus stations to restaurants and hotels, through squares and parks. However, accessing this type of network can sometimes be complicated and at the same time unsafe. That is why it is important to make the precaution more extreme and also to take into account some more aspects.

In this article we are going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages that we will find when using WiFi at home, and there are also tips and tricks to install WiFi amplifiers with antennas, WiFi adapters and last generation router that will allow you have free WiFi to connect to the Internet at home

➤ Free WiFi at home.

The possibility of having free WiFi, in the homes, is a matter of luck and ability to capture it from afar. We say luck because all radio wave connections, such as WiFi travel very well in open spaces, without walls, but are slowed down or weakened when crossing the walls of buildings. That’s why it’s lucky that our house has no other building on the road to a public or open WiFi network. Once we know that there is an open WiFi network that is in a straight line and without walls on the way it is already a matter of ability to link it with a good long distance WiFi antenna.

Once linked you can add a neutral router to distribute the signal throughout the house and so have free WiFi.

This is an example of a Pack with WiFi amplifier to have free WiFi throughout the house via a router:

Pack router WIFI + antenna directional


The best antenna to connect to a free WiFi from afar is the antenna wifi melon N4000, plus is compatible for the router melon R658…… This is the perfect combination, for a very cheap price you get a perfect pack of WiFi antenna that you can connect to long distance and so the router will create a new and free WiFi network at home.

(Factory installed firmware is Open-WRT barrier braker for R658. This Openwrt router is free and unlocked for upgrades. It can be easily updated with your own version of Open-WRT)

This WiFi antenna pack + Repeater router, is a good example to solve how to have free Internet at home, in the countryside or in town, if you are lucky that there is a bar nearby that gives you the password, or you know the key WiFi City Hall , or Tien Sopción to get free WiFi from the neighbor, because it is very friendly and altruistic, then ponesl to antenna WiFi Melon N4000 in the window, and the router inside of home to have your own router with free internet. This is the way to have free WiFi without applications, or special computer programs, if you know a WiFi network open, but this far, if there are no houses or blocks of large buildings on the road, then you can link them with these antennas long range WiFi. Free internet is possible both in the countryside and in very populated cities.

1) Take free WiFi from the city Council

There are municipalities that offer free WiFi zones in order to enable Internet in open to anyone who has a WiFi device on your laptop, PDA, mobile, etc that allows you to connect to the Internet for free, as does the city of Miranda de Ebro with its free WiFi

✅ free internet home WiFi antenna

If the WiFi that we have linked is of the type that use many public networks that is called with “web captive” ie that there is a Web page or browser of the company that supplies the free WiFi where it is obligatory to enter the username and password , and that can also be limited by time of connection, then it will be impossible to repeat that signal from a router.

But, if it is a normal WiFi network, for example the bars and restaurants, which is usually open or with a known password, then we can repeat the signal from our own WiFi router inside the house, creating a WiFi network with free internet at home via WiFi. The best thing is to use the long range antenna Pack + WiFi router.

➤ 2) Where there is free WiFi

For Android there are numerous app with maps to discover the best sites with free WiFi, but the truth is that they serve very little. The best way to know that WiFi networks are within reach is this:

  1. Install the long range WiFi antenna Melon N4000 outside the window, so we avoid the barrier of the walls of our house.
  2. Connect by USB WiFi antenna to computer and explore networks, sure to detect between 50 or 100 WiFi networks, and some open or with known password of bars and cafes.
Melon N4000 antenna WiFi panel 36DBI with 10 meter USB cable +

Melon N4000-free WiFi with antenna and amplifier

Melon N4000 - 37 EUR

Surely we have once used a free WiFi network, the bar or cafeteria to which we go daily, it is as easy as having a coffee and ask kindly for the password available to customers. Many times we will have seen that it is even faster than the one we use at home, also at night closes and stays the router on running and wasted. You have to know that with the same password you can connect from home as long as you see the cafeteria from the window without buildings along the way.

In the same way that happens with our own wireless connections, also with 4g, the free WiFi connections, obviously, is not 100% secure. That’s why some hackers and WiFi security experts don’t advise them. But as in all there are factors against and favor.

✅ advantages of having free WiFi at home:

The main one obviously is that it has no cost, you do not pay anything.

Another advantage is that it poses a learning challenge, if you can install once in a house, sure you will be interested to try also, in the vacation home, on trips, in the caravan, on the boat or also install free WiFi to a friend to hallucinate what easiest Il which is to have free Internet with WiFi, in almost any place.

In addition these same antennas and relays of WiFi router can serve to share a community Internet between several neighbors through WiFi, as explained in this other article.

✅ Disadvantages of free WiFi:

Security may not be the biggest drawback. Since taking a minimum of precautions is as safe as any other WiFi network.

* * The connection speed will be reduced in relation to distance and interference.

Also if there are many users connected at the same time, the bandwidth is split and the speed decays. But you can fix it by looking for two or more networks available and changing when one of them is too slow. There is also router with 4g access available that when you cut the main connection, open the 4g network installed with a SIM card on the router and thus never cut the connection.

✅ Tips Surf safe with free WiFi at home

This is the ABC of security when we navigate through a WiFi network that is outside our home.

  • A) having the operating system, Windows or other, always updated, also the most secure and recommended Web browser is Firefox, which must also be updated. An antivirus is not necessary, but there are users who prefer it. Also help the Windows Firewall
  • B. Using a WiFi network with WPA2 encryption, the safest networks we can connect to are those that have a WPA or WPA2 security level.
  • C. Browse for purchases, email and connections that require the use of passwords or personal data, through web pages that have SSL encryption certificate, IE with URL that starts with HTTPS.

➤ 3) Free WiFi Internet is legal

There are numerous examples of networks of users that share their WiFi connection with others in an altruistic and voluntary way, there are even associations and cooperatives that promote it. You can also share the Internet for an entire communication via WiFi in a completely legal way. The only cost is to buy the WiFi antenna needed to connect. For example one like this.

Sharing a WiFi connection without paying anything, from one person’s home to another’s is completmanete legal. Also the WiFi connection does not necessarily imply Internet access, you can also share WiFi to send messages, workgroups, transfer files or share information network. According to existing telecommunications laws, anyone can install a long-range WiFi antenna or a WiFi amplifier on the roof or inside the house without asking for any permission.

➤ 4) Decrypt WiFi keys

To finish this guide we leave links to tips and tricks on how to remove the keys WiFi from any router, so you can learn more and experience whether the password of your router or your neighbor is easy to find out.

And you, do you know other ways or tricks to have Internet with free WiFi? Share them with us and write your comment. ?

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